Publisher Listing for New Ace SF Special

New Ace SF Special: The third Ace Science Fiction Special Series was begun by Terry Carr in 1984, when Carr came back to Ace as a freelance editor. This series focused on first novels.

0-441-30274-2 Green Eyes [$2.95, pb, xii+275pp] Lucius Shepard 0-441-56956-0 Neuromancer [$3.95, pb, 368pp] William Gibson 0-441-65065-1 Palimpsests [$2.95, pb, 258pp] Carter Scholz and Glenn Harcourt 0-441-80557-4 Them Bones [$2.95, pb, 225pp] Howard Waldrop 0-441-88870-4 The Wild Shore [$2.95, pb, 371pp, cvr: Andrea Baruffi] Kim Stanley Robinson 1985
0-441-35869-1 In the Drift [$2.95, pb, 195pp] Michael Swanwick 1986
0-441-37367-4 The Hercules Text [$3.50, pb, 307pp, cvr: Earl Keleny] Jack McDevitt 1987
0-441-56941-2 The Net [$2.95, pb, 225pp] Loren J. MacGregor 1988
0-441-52813-9 Metrophage [$2.95, pb, 240pp] Richard Kadrey 1989
0-441-80894-8 The Tides of God [$3.50, pb, 245pp] Ted Reynolds 1990
0-441-06689-5 Black Snow Days [$3.95, pb, 344pp, cvr: Kevin Jankauski] Claudia O'Keefe 0-441-64571-2 The Oxygen Barons [$3.95, pb, 264pp] Gregory Feeley
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