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Award Category: Best Novelette (Analog Award)

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1 Fireship Joan D. Vinge
2 Mikal's Songbird Orson Scott Card
3 Starships in Whose Future? Sam Nicholson
4 Hunter's Moon Poul Anderson
5 To Bring in the Steel Donald Kingsbury
1 A Portrait of My Grandfather Doug Larsen
2 Capra's Keyhole Stephen L. Burns
3 Unfinished Symphony Rick Cook and Peter L. Manly
4 Down Under Crater Billy Stephen L. Burns
5 The Good Rat Allen Steele
1 The Three Labors of Bubba Bud Webster
2 Amateurs Tom Ligon
3 Gerry Boomers A. J. Austin and Daniel Hatch
4 Martian Valkyrie G. David Nordley
5 Alexandrian Librarians Stephen L. Burns
1 Trial by Ordeal Grey Rollins
2 Ask Arlen Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
3 Easter Egg Hunt: A Christmas Story Jeffery D. Kooistra
4 Gideon Michael F. Flynn
4 Variations in Dreampaint Marc Stiegler
1 Zwarte Piet's Tale Allen Steele
2 Olympus Mons! Bud Sparhawk
3 Trade Warriors F. Alexander Brejcha
4 The Question Ben Bova
5 A Life on Mars G. David Nordley
1 The Giftie James Gunn
2 As Time Goes By Amy Bechtel
3 Emperor Penguins Joseph Manzione
4 Vultures Stephen L. Burns
5 McAndrew and the Fifth Commandment Charles Sheffield
1 Stones of Significance David Brin
2 The Taranth Stone Ron Collins
3 The Quantum Teleporter Michael A. Burstein
4 Debunking the Faith Healer Michael A. Burstein and Lawrence D. Weinberg
4 His Hands Passed Like Clouds Rajnar Vajra
1 Tower of Wings Sean McMullen
2 The Upgrade Brian Plante
3 First Contact National Monument Rick Shelley
4 The Return of Spring Shane Tourtellotte
4 The Rise and Fall of Paco Cohen and the Mariachis of Mars Ernest Hogan
1 Look Away Stephen L. Burns
2 Mammoth Dawn Kevin J. Anderson and Gregory Benford
3 Truck Stop Walter F. Cuirle
4 The Great Prayer Wheel Rajnar Vajra
5 Slow Life Michael Swanwick
1 Tiny Berries Richard A. Lovett
2 Paying It Forward Michael A. Burstein
3 The Immortality Plague Steven Bratman
4 Afterburn Rajnar Vajra
5 Still Coming Ashore Michael F. Flynn
1 Short Line Loco Stephen L. Burns
2 The Clapping Hands of God Michael F. Flynn
3 Viewschool Rajnar Vajra
4 PeriAndry's Quest Stephen Baxter
5 Moreau˛ Allen Steele
1 NetPuppets Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross
2 Mars Opposition David Brin
3 Do Neanderthals Know? Robert J. Howe
3 In the Loop Brian Plante
3 Of Kings, Queens, and Angels Rajnar Vajra
1 Lady Be Good John G. Hemry
2 Dinosaur Blood Richard A. Lovett
3 Takes Two to Tangle Ben Bova
4 From Wayfield, From Malagasy Robert J. Howe
4 Original Sin Richard A. Lovett
4 String of Pearls Shane Tourtellotte
1 Quaestiones Super Caelo et Mundo Michael F. Flynn
2 The Hangingstone Rat Barry B. Longyear
3 El Dorado Tom Ligon
4 A Time for Lawsuits Amy Bechtel
5 Kukulkan Sarah K. Castle
1 The Man in the Mirror Geoffrey A. Landis
2 The Night of the RFIDs Edward M. Lerner
3 The Purloined Labradoodle Barry B. Longyear
4 Moby Digital Joe Schembrie
5 The Late Sam Boone Bud Sparhawk
1 Chain Stephen L. Burns
2 But It Does Move Harry Turtledove
2 Cold Words Juliette Wade
4 Zheng He and the Dragon Dave Creek
5 The Last Resort Alec Nevala-Lee
1 Outbound Brad R. Torgersen
2 Pupa David D. Levine
3 Fly Me to the Moon Marianne J. Dyson
4 The Robots' Girl (variant of The Robot's Girl) Brenda Cooper
5 The Man from Downstream Shane Tourtellotte
1 Betty Knox and Dictionary Jones in the Mystery of the Missing Teenage Anachronisms John G. Hemry
1 Jak and the Beanstalk Richard A. Lovett
3 At Cross Purposes Juliette Wade
3 Stay Stephen L. Burns
5 Ray of Light Brad R. Torgersen
1 Ninety Thousand Horses Sean McMullen
2 Elmira, 1895 Michael F. Flynn
2 The Journeyman: On the Short-Grass Prairie Michael F. Flynn
3 The Liars Juliette Wade
4 Nahiku West Linda Nagata
1 Buddha Nature Amy Thomson
2 Not Close Enough Martin L. Shoemaker
3 Sixteen Million Leagues from Versailles Allen M. Steele
3 The Exchange Officers Brad R. Torgersen
4 Following Jules Ron Collins
1 Life Flight Brad R. Torgersen
2 Persephone Descending
Derek Künsken?Derek Kunsken
Derek Kuensken
3 The Journeyman: In the Stone House Michael F. Flynn
4 Mind Locker Juliette Wade
5 Plastic Thingy Mark Niemann-Ross
1 Racing to Mars Martin L. Shoemaker
2 Karma Among the Cloud Kings Brian Trent
3 The Audience Sean McMullen
4 A Case of Identity Edward M. Lerner
4 The Wormhole War Richard A. Lovett
1 Detroit Hammersmith, Zero-Gravity Toilet Repairman (Retired) Suzanne Palmer
2 Dreams of the Rocket Men C. Stuart Hardwick
3 Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs Rosemary Claire Smith
4 Playthings Stephen L. Burns
5 Prodigal Gord Sellar
1 For All Mankind C. Stuart Hardwick
2 Europa's Survivors Marianne J. Dyson
3 My Fifth and Most Exotic Voyage Edward M. Lerner
4 Galleon Brian Trent
5 The Old Man Rich Larson
1 Ashes of Exploding Suns, Monuments to Dust Christopher McKitterick
2 Empress of Starlight G. David Nordley
3 Left to Take the Lead Marissa Lingen
4 Lab B-15 Nick Wolven
5 Endless City David Gerrold
1 Bonehunters Harry Turtledove
2 The Slipway Greg Egan
3 Ring Wave Tom Jolly
4 A Mate Not a Meal Sarina Dorie
4 At the Fall Alec Nevala-Lee
1 Minerva Girls James Van Pelt
2 The Quest for the Great Gray Mossy Harry Turtledove
3 The Offending Eye Robert R. Chase
4 Sticks and Stones Tom Jolly
5 I, Bigfoot Sarina Dorie
1 A Shot in the Dark Deborah L. Davitt
2 Sample Return C. Stuart Hardwick
3 No Stranger to Native Shores Matt McHugh
4 The Hunger Marco Frassetto
4 The Next Frontier Rosemary Claire Smith
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