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Award Category: Best Novella (Asimov's Readers' Poll)

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1 Spice Pogrom Connie Willis
2 R & R Lucius Shepard
3 Voice in the Dark Jack McDevitt
4 Escape from Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson
5 Gilgamesh in the Outback Robert Silverberg
1 Mother Goddess of the World Kim Stanley Robinson
2 Eye for Eye Orson Scott Card
3 The Secret Sharer Robert Silverberg
4 The Blind Geometer Kim Stanley Robinson
5 Carthage City Orson Scott Card
1 The Last of the Winnebagos Connie Willis
2 The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter Lucius Shepard
3 Surfacing Walter Jon Williams
4 The Limit of Vision John Barnes
5 At Winter's End Robert Silverberg
6 Trapping Run Harry Turtledove
7 Waiting for the Olympians Frederik Pohl
8 The Madonna of the Wolves S. P. Somtow
9 Gilgamesh in Uruk Robert Silverberg
10 We Are for the Dark Robert Silverberg
1 A Touch of Lavender Megan Lindholm
2 Pageant Wagon Orson Scott Card
3 Tiny Tango Judith Moffett
4 The True Nature of Shangri-La Kim Stanley Robinson
5 The Father of Stones Lucius Shepard
6 Red Planet Blues Allen M. Steele
7 The Egg Steven Popkes
8 Time Out Connie Willis
9 In Another Country Robert Silverberg
10 Destroyer of Worlds Charles Sheffield
1 Mr. Boy James Patrick Kelly
2 Bwana Mike Resnick
3 Not Fade Away R. Garcia y Robertson
4 Skull City Lucius Shepard
5 The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman
5 Trembling Earth Allen Steele
6 The Ragged Rock Judith Moffett
7 A Short, Sharp Shock Kim Stanley Robinson
8 Bones Pat Murphy
9 Lion Time in Timbuctoo Robert Silverberg
10 Elegy for Angels and Dogs Walter Jon Williams
1 Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress
2 Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov
2 Frankenswine Janet Kagan
3 Raising Cane Janet Kagan
4 Jack Connie Willis
5 And Wild for to Hold Nancy Kress
6 The Gallery of His Dreams Kristine Kathryn Rusch
7 By the Time We Got to Gaugamela R. Garcia y Robertson
8 Bully! Mike Resnick
9 The Fourth Intercometary Phillip C. Jennings
10 Candle Tony Daniel
1 Barnacle Bill the Spacer Lucius Shepard
1 Cleon the Emperor Isaac Asimov
2 Synthesis Mary Rosenblum
3 Outnumbering the Dead Frederik Pohl
4 Grownups Ian R. MacLeod
5 Griffin's Egg Michael Swanwick
6 Her Girl Friday John Varley
7 Crux Gammata J. R. Dunn
8 Protection Maureen F. McHugh
9 Gypsy Trade R. Garcia y Robertson
10 The Virgin and the Dinosaur R. Garcia y Robertson
1 Dancing on Air Nancy Kress
2 Cold Iron Michael Swanwick
3 The Consort Isaac Asimov
4 Down the River R. Garcia y Robertson
5 Kamehameha's Bones Kathleen Ann Goonan
6 Sister Alice Robert Reed
7 An American Childhood Pat Murphy
8 Ice Atlantis Valerie J. Freireich
9 Stairway Mary Rosenblum
10 The Last Castle of Christmas Alexander Jablokov
1 Forgiveness Day Ursula K. Le Guin
2 Les Fleurs Du Mal Brian Stableford
3 Remains of Adam A. A. Attanasio
4 Werewolves of Luna R. Garcia y Robertson
5 Cri de Coeur Michael Bishop
6 Up the Rainbow Susan Casper
7 A Martian Childhood Kim Stanley Robinson
7 The Mermaid's Comb Mary Rosenblum
8 Soon Comes Night Gregory Benford
9 Via Roma Robert Silverberg
10 Syrtis Alexander Jablokov
1 A Woman's Liberation Ursula K. Le Guin
2 Mortimer Gray's "History of Death" Brian Stableford
3 We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy David Marusek
4 A Man of the People Ursula K. Le Guin
5 Da Vinci Rising Jack Dann
5 The Doryman Mary Rosenblum
6 Fault Lines Nancy Kress
7 The Death of Captain Future Allen Steele
8 Yaguara Nicola Griffith
9 Bibi Mike Resnick and Susan Shwartz
10 Hypocaust & Bathysphere Rebecca Ore
1 Gas Fish Mary Rosenblum
2 Time Travelers Never Die Jack McDevitt
3 Blood of the Dragon George R. R. Martin
4 Chrysalis Robert Reed
5 The Robot's Twilight Companion Tony Daniel
6 The City of God Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
7 Human History Lucius Shepard
8 Swimmers Beneath the Skin Ian R. MacLeod
9 The Road to Reality Phillip C. Jennings
1 "... Where Angels Fear to Tread" Allen Steele
2 Messengers of Chaos G. David Nordley
3 In the Furnace of the Night James Sarafin
4 Quinn's Deal L. Timmel Duchamp
5 The Golden Keeper Ian R. MacLeod
6 Izzy and the Father of Terror Eliot Fintushel
1 Oceanic Greg Egan
2 The Summer Isles Ian R. MacLeod
3 Sea Change, with Monsters Paul J. McAuley
4 Ancestral Voices Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
5 A Question of Grammar L. Timmel Duchamp
5 The Days of Solomon Gursky Ian McDonald
6 Grist Tony Daniel
7 Get Me to the Church on Time Terry Bisson
8 Mother Death Robert Reed
1 Hunting the Snark Mike Resnick
2 The Executioners' Guild Andy Duncan
3 Forty, Counting Down Harry Turtledove
4 Argonautica Walter Jon Williams
5 The Winds of Marble Arch Connie Willis
6 The Wedding Album David Marusek
7 Son Observe the Time Kage Baker
8 The Exile of Evening Star Allen Steele
9 Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance Eleanor Arnason
10 Baby's Fire Robert Reed
1 Oracle Greg Egan
2 Radiant Green Star Lucius Shepard
3 Fly-By-Night Larry Niven
4 Path of the Dragon George R. R. Martin
5 One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings R. Garcia y Robertson
5 Savior Nancy Kress
6 The Forest Between the Worlds G. David Nordley
7 Tauromaquia Daniel Abraham and Michaela Roessner and Sage Walker and Walter Jon Williams
8 Green Fire Andy Duncan and Eileen Gunn and Pat Murphy and Michael Swanwick
9 Father to the Man Robert Reed
10 Heart of Glass William Barton
1 Stealing Alabama Allen Steele
2 deck.halls@boughs/holly Connie Willis
3 The Caravan from Troon Kage Baker
4 The Chief Designer Andy Duncan
5 Coming to Coyote Allen Steele
6 Moby Quilt Eleanor Arnason
7 Shady Lady R. Garcia y Robertson
8 The Mystery of Laura Molson L. Timmel Duchamp
9 Female Action Eliot Fintushel
1 Breathmoss Ian R. MacLeod
2 Glorious Destiny Allen Steele
3 With Caesar in the Underworld Robert Silverberg
4 The Potter of Bones Eleanor Arnason
5 Stories for Men John Kessel
6 Router Charles Stross
7 Across the Eastern Divide Allen Steele
8 A Speaker for the Wooden Sea Ian Watson
9 Veritas Robert Reed
10 Ring Rats R. Garcia y Robertson
1 Ariel Lucius Shepard
2 The Empress of Mars Kage Baker
3 Just Like the Ones We Used to Know Connie Willis
4 Benjamin the Unbeliever Allen M. Steele
5 The Green Leopard Plague Walter Jon Williams
6 Off on a Starship William Barton
7 Looking Through Lace Ruth Nestvold
8 Curator Charles Stross
9 Margaux Walter Jon Williams
10 Welcome to Olympus, Mr. Hearst Kage Baker
1 Liberation Day Allen M. Steele
2 Elector Charles Stross
3 Incident at Goat Kill Creek Allen M. Steele
4 Long Voyage Home R. Garcia y Robertson
4 Under the Flag of Night Ian McDowell
1 Diving Into the Wreck Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Inside Job Connie Willis
2 The Little Goddess Ian McDonald
4 Shadow Twin Daniel Abraham and Gardner Dozois and George R. R. Martin
5 Solidarity Walter Jon Williams
1 The Walls of the Universe Paul Melko
2 A Billion Eves Robert Reed
3 Lord Weary's Empire Michael Swanwick
4 Inclination William Shunn
5 Down to the Earth Below William Barton
1 Recovering Apollo 8 Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Fountain of Age Nancy Kress
3 All Seated on the Ground Connie Willis
4 Dead Money Lucius Shepard
5 Alien Archaeology Neal Asher
1 The Room of Lost Souls Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Truth Robert Reed
3 The Hob Carpet Ian R. MacLeod
4 The Erdmann Nexus Nancy Kress
5 The Philosopher's Stone Brian Stableford
1 Broken Windchimes Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Act One Nancy Kress
3 The Spires of Denon Kristine Kathryn Rusch
4 Earth II Stephen Baxter
5 Pelago Judith Berman
1 Becoming One with the Ghosts Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Jackie's-Boy Steven Popkes
3 The Sultan of the Clouds Geoffrey A. Landis
4 Several Items of Interest Rick Wilber
5 The Ice Line Stephen Baxter
1 The Man Who Bridged the Mist Kij Johnson
2 Kiss Me Twice Mary Robinette Kowal
3 Stealth Kristine Kathryn Rusch
4 Killer Advice Kristine Kathryn Rusch
5 The Choice Paul J. McAuley
1 Murder Born Robert Reed
2 Sudden, Broken, and Unexpected Steven Popkes
3 The Last Judgment James Patrick Kelly
4 In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns Elizabeth Bear
5 The Mongolian Book of the Dead Alan Smale
1 The Application of Hope Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 The Weight of the Sunrise Vylar Kaftan
3 Precious Mental Robert Reed
4 The Other Gun Neal Asher
5 Feral Moon Alexander Jablokov
1 The Legion of Tomorrow Allen M. Steele
2 Of All Possible Worlds Jay O'Connell
3 Anomaly Station Tim Sullivan
4 The Prodigal Son Allen M. Steele
5 Each In His Prison, Thinking of the Key William Preston
1 Inhuman Garbage Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 The Long Wait Allen M. Steele
3 The New Mother Eugene Fischer
4 A Thousand Nights Till Morning Will McIntosh
5 On the Night of the Robo-Bulls and Zombie Dancers Nick Wolven
5 The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred Greg Egan
1 Lazy Dog Out Suzanne Palmer
2 Einstein's Shadow Allen M. Steele
3 Where There Is Nothing, There Is God David Erik Nelson
4 What We Hold Onto Jay O'Connell
5 Choose Poison, Choose Life Michael Blumlein
1 I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land Connie Willis
2 The Runabout Kristine Kathryn Rusch
3 The Girl Who Stole Herself R. Garcia y Robertson
4 The Speed of Belief Robert Reed
5 How Sere Picked Up Her Laundry Alexander Jablokov
1 Bubble and Squeak Ctein and David Gerrold
--- Finalists -------
* 3-adica Greg Egan
* Bury Me in the Rainbow Bill Johnson
* In the Lost City of Leng Paul Di Filippo and Rudy Rucker
* Joyride Kristine Kathryn Rusch
* The Rescue of the Renegat Kristine Kathryn Rusch
1 Waterlines Suzanne Palmer
2 Gremlin Carrie Vaughn
3 The Work of Wolves Tegan Moore
4 Winter Wheat Gord Sellar
5 Surfers at the End of Time Marc Laidlaw and Rudy Rucker
1 Take a Look at the Five and Ten Connie Willis
2 Semper Augustus Nancy Kress
3 Tool Use by the Humans of Danzhai County
Derek Künsken?Derek Kunsken
Derek Kuensken
4 Maelstrom Kristine Kathryn Rusch
5 Nic and Viv's Compulsory Courtship Will McIntosh
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