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Award Category: Best Poem (Asimov's Readers' Poll)

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1 The Famous Hospitality of Dao'I J. J. Hunt
2 The Gift Joe Haldeman
3 Nazca Lines Roger Dutcher and Robert Frazier
4 Science Fiction Jane Yolen
5 Curse of the Demon's Wife Bruce Boston
1 Old Robots Are the Worst Bruce Boston
2 When I See Rigel's Light Sleeting Through the Side of Heinlein Station Lawrence Watt-Evans
3 The Curse of the Sasquatch's Wife Bruce Boston
3 Three Evocations of the Mutant Rain Forest Bruce Boston
3 Toads Jane Yolen
4 First Contact Roger Dutcher
5 Afterlife James Patrick Kelly
6 The Curse of the Ghost's Wife Bruce Boston
7 Balances Scales Jack C. Haldeman II
8 Galileo's Blindness Mary A. Turzillo
9 Life as Candyland Scott Edelman
10 Turning into Animals James Patrick Kelly
1 A Dragon's Yuletide Shopping List James Patrick Kelly and Robert Frazier
2 The Dragon in the Garden Sandra J. Lindow
3 Cosmotology: A User's Manual John M. Ford
3 Tintagel Morning: Song Jane Yolen
4 A Missionary of the Mutant Rain Forest Bruce Boston
4 Astrology Column Joe Haldeman
4 For the Killed Astronauts Tony Daniel
5 Curse of the Alien's Wife Bruce Boston
6 Reading Lesson John Kessel
6 The Star: From and for Arthur C. Clarke Joe Haldeman
7 Night Roger Dutcher
8 Suddenly Vivian Vande Velde
9 Jekyll Reflects Jessica Amanda Salmonson
10 Eighteen Years Old, October Eleventh Joe Haldeman
10 The Cepheid Variable Joe Haldeman
1 Angels Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly Jane Yolen
2 Extinction Michael Bishop
3 The SF Editor's Lament Joe Haldeman
4 A Child's Garden of Grammar: Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, If/Then, Maybe Thomas M. Disch
4 Christmas Father Robert Frazier and James Patrick Kelly
5 Entropy Ad E. R. Stewart
6 The Watcher David Lunde
7 Carbon Star Joe Haldeman
8 Verbs Thomas M. Disch
9 Consider the Amoeba Arthur E. Stamps III
9 The Number of the Man Joe Haldeman
10 1967 NFC Championship Game Remembered After Awakening from Cryogenic Sleep Roger Dutcher
1 A Robot's Farewell to the Master Ace G. Pilkington
2 The Last Nightfall Ashley J. Hastings
3 Amazon Roger Dutcher
4 Planet: For Sale Amy Cubellis
5 The Witch's Declaration of Love for Dorothy Lawrence Person
6 The Two Cultures: for John Swope James Patrick Kelly
7 In Praise of Timelessness Bruce Boston
8 Christmas Day, Give or Take a Week Lawrence Schimel
9 Au Terry McGarry
10 Head Steve Rasnic Tem
10 Not Thomas M. Disch
1 Curse of the Shapeshifter's Wife Bruce Boston
2 Curse of the Telepath's Wife Bruce Boston
3 If Angels Ate Apples Geoffrey A. Landis
4 If You Loved Me Mary A. Turzillo
5 The Time Tour Stops at My House After Lunch William John Watkins
6 Curse of the Angel's Wife Bruce Boston
7 Solo Joe Haldeman
8 Some Personal Pronouns Thomas M. Disch
9 Downtime on Digger's World William John Watkins
10 The Dusts of Palamon Are Bliss William John Watkins
1 when the voices W. Gregory Stewart
2 Big Boom Joe Haldeman
2 Love's Labours Glossed Lawrence Schimel
3 On Wanderer's Day William John Watkins
3 Waiting to Explode Joe Haldeman
4 Changing Wendy Rathbone
4 Dinosaur Highway Scott E. Green
5 On the Theory of Everything Lawrence Schimel
5 The Sleeping with the Dinosaurs: To Jack Horner Sandra J. Lindow
6 Einstein's Brain Keith Allen Daniels
7 Lullaby for Recent Settlers on Starfall Five William John Watkins
8 Gingko Howard V. Hendrix
9 The Wonders of Interstellar Free Trade Thomas M. Disch
10 Endlessness Thomas M. Disch
10 Flight 063 Brian W. Aldiss
10 Not a Dick Novel Lawrence Person
10 Piloting Alone Out There Robert Frazier
1 Curse of Bruce Boston's Wife Scott L. Towner
2 Son, Dead on the Solstice William John Watkins
3 Port City Lament David Lunde
4 The Old Astronaut Sings to the Mourning Star William John Watkins
5 In Kafkaville the Funerals Run on Time William John Watkins
6 Brownies at Work Ruth Berman
6 Kitchen Witch William John Watkins
7 Curse of the Clone's Wife Bruce Boston
7 Future Present: A Lesson in Expectation Bruce Boston
8 Curse of the Cyborg's Wife Bruce Boston
8 Postcard From a Time Traveler Robert Frazier
9 Curse of the Time Traveler's Wife Bruce Boston
10 cleaning out the attic W. Gregory Stewart
1 Curse of the Science Fiction Writer's Wife Bruce Boston
2 Star-Rigger David Lunde
2 The Year of the Dragon Karawynn Long
2 This Neat Sheet James Tiptree, Jr.
3 Pendragon William John Watkins
3 This Is Just to Say Mary A. Turzillo
4 Dinosaurs May Be Ancestors of More than Birds Mary A. Turzillo
4 The Robots' Wasteland William John Watkins
4 time Danny Daniels
5 Astronaut Boneyard Wendy Rathbone
5 Love Song of the Holo-Celebs Bruce Boston
6 Day Omega W. Gregory Stewart
7 Dragon Skin W. Gregory Stewart
8 Dodoes Steven Utley
9 In Memoriam: For a Colleague, Departed Thomas M. Disch
10 Pteranodon Steven Utley
1 why goldfish shouldn't use power tools Laurel Winter
2 Report to Moctezuma Steven Utley
3 In the Star's Mouth William John Watkins
4 A Reflection on the Apollo Moon Missions Robert Frazier
5 System Crash Peg Healy
6 Curse of Medusa's Husband Bruce Boston
7 Our Brave Terranaut Steven Utley
8 17 Questions the Judges at Nuremberg Forgot to Ask William John Watkins
9 On Distance Sandra J. Lindow
10 Why the Mummy Kills William John Watkins
1 egg horror poem Laurel Winter
2 The Hunter's Mothers Mary A. Turzillo
3 Curse of the SF Editor's Wife Bruce Boston
4 Willy in the Nano-Lab Geoffrey A. Landis
5 Black Hole, Black Hole W. Gregory Stewart
5 Curse of the Super-Hero's Wife Bruce Boston
5 Gravity Drives the Blood and Bends the Light Bruce Boston
5 The Genetic Engineer Throws a Cocktail Party and Drinks Too Much Andy Duncan
6 Recipe for a Planck Sandwich W. Gregory Stewart
7 Human/Technological Dimensions on the Eve of the Bimillennium Bruce Boston
7 November Wendy Rathbone
8 Particle Resonance David Lunde
9 Colonists William John Watkins
10 Eating the Mystery Robert Frazier and James Patrick Kelly
1 Christmas (after we all get time machines) Geoffrey A. Landis
2 Beware the Werecanary! Bruce Boston
3 When an Alien Is Inhabiting Your Body Laurel Winter
4 Curse of the Fantasy Writer's Wife Bruce Boston
5 Atlantis Judith Moffett
6 Butterside Down William John Watkins
6 Down in Your Bones Only You Alone Know Bruce Boston
7 Another Short Story Bruce Boston
7 Mathematical Limericks Bruce Boston
8 Curse of the Incubus' Wife Bruce Boston
9 Eisenberg Haiku Timons Esaias
10 Dog Star Joe Haldeman
1 10 Things You Can't Do Inside a Space Helmet G. O. Clark
2 Dying Live on CNN Joe Haldeman
3 My Wife Returns As She Would Have It Bruce Boston
4 A Question of Time Jack Williamson
5 Fire on Ice Joe Haldeman
5 I Must Admit Timons Esaias
6 Iggy Guards Her Secrets Keith Allen Daniels
7 The Last Word Timons Esaias
8 Dog Stars Ace G. Pilkington
9 The Morning After Leslie What
10 God's Breath Keith Allen Daniels
1 January Fires Joe Haldeman
2 Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is a Space Alien Geoffrey A. Landis
3 Ten Things Not to Say When You Meet a Famous SF Writer Bruce Boston
4 All I Want for Christmas Robert Frazier and James Patrick Kelly
5 The Reluctant Astronaut Linda Addison
6 Gulliver's Boots Geoffrey A. Landis
6 We Die As Angels William John Watkins
7 More Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is a Space Alien Mary A. Turzillo
8 How to Detect a Ghost G. O. Clark
9 Bacchanal Tim Pratt
9 Unreal Messages? Ian Watson
10 Incident Tim Pratt
1 Eight Things Not to Do or Say When a Mad Scientist Moves Into Your Neighborhood Bruce Boston
2 Television Isn't Heaven Keith Allen Daniels
3 Curse of the Immortal's Husband Bruce Boston
4 Anachronism Keith Allen Daniels
5 Arbitrary Night in the University Lab Bruce Boston
5 Red Giantess Steven Utley
6 Eight Things Not to Say When You Meet the Devil in Hell Bruce Boston
6 Mars Terraformed Terry A. Garey
7 No More Prisons: A Memoir of the New Millennium Thomas M. Disch
7 The Intergalactic Host Program Laurel Winter
8 A Glimpse of Splendor Geoffrey A. Landis
8 Before We Hit Bottom Alex Irvine
8 Song and Dance Steven Utley
9 A Record High Thomas M. Disch
9 Corn Snake Mary A. Turzillo
9 Crustaceans Mary A. Turzillo
9 The Werewife Wonders About Genetics William John Watkins
10 LaGrange Point Alex Irvine
1 Alternate History Maureen McHugh
2 Etiquette with Your Robot Wife Bruce Boston
3 The Dark Man Joe Haldeman
4 Eight Things Not to Do When the Alien Steps Out of Its Saucer Bruce Boston
4 My Night with Aphrodite Tim Pratt
5 Memory Man Ian Watson
6 When Burning Off Fingerprints Is No Longer Enough Cathy Tacinelli
7 Moonbase Alpha's Wish List G. O. Clark
8 Illusion's Lure Geoffrey A. Landis
8 Still Life, with Frog Tim Pratt
8 When the Aliens Ask of Breakfast Amy Miller
9 Old Robots Calculate Their Options Bruce Boston
9 The First Living Skyscraper Copes with an Earthquake Mario Milosevic
10 The Man Who Lives in the Attic Bruce Boston
1 Heavy Weather Bruce Boston
2 On Princesses Laurel Winter
3 Advice on Dealing with Your New Alien Pet Bruce Boston
3 Science Fiction Moon G. O. Clark
5 Etiquette with Your Robot Husband Karina Fabian and Robert Fabian
5 The Alien Liked to Cook Mario Milosevic
1 Newton's Mass Timons Esaias
2 Our Robot President: The First Hundred Days Bruce Boston
3 The Physicist's Warning Sandra Lindow
4 Destination Tim Pratt
5 How to Keep an Aging Werewolf Happy Bruce Boston
2 Copyright Notice, 2525 David Livingstone Clink
3 An Eccentric in Orbit Laurel Winter
4 It's Not Easy Being Dead Bruce Boston
5 Chaos Theory William John Watkins
1 The Dimensional Rush of Relative Primes Bruce Boston
2 The Wings of Icarus John Morressy
3 Rainstorm Debbie Ouellet
4 Cendrillon at Sunrise Jo Walton
5 Classics of Fantasy: "A Christmas Carol" Jack O'Brien
1 Deaths on Other Planets Joanne Merriam
2 Classics of Science Fiction: "The Cold Equations" Jack O'Brien
3 Cat Math Ruth Berman
4 Landscapes Geoffrey A. Landis
5 Gargoyle People Bruce Boston
1 Edgar Allan Poe Bryan D. Dietrich
2 First Beer on Mars David Lunde
3 They Believed in Fairies During World War One Darrell Schweitzer
4 The Last Alchemist Bruce Boston
5 Small Conquerors Geoffrey A. Landis
1 Welcome Home (The Nebulas Song) Janis Ian
2 Our Canine Defense Team Vincent Miskell
3 Foxwife Jane Yolen
4 Roadside Stand Mark Rich
5 The Now We Almost Inhabit Roger Dutcher and Robert Frazier
1 Five Pounds of Sunlight Geoffrey A. Landis
2 Gene's Dreams Joe Haldeman
3 Ballad of the Warbots Jack O'Brien
4 E R. M. Kaye
5 The Spirit Rover Longs to Bask in Sunshine Geoffrey A. Landis
1 Future History Joe Haldeman
2 Care and Feeding Mary A. Turzillo
3 Apocalyptic Love Song Megan Arkenberg
4 Objectifying Faerie Jane Yolen
5 Discoveries in the Annals of Poetry C. W. Johnson
5 The Music of Particle Physics Bruce Boston
5 Tornado Warning Danny Adams
1 Rivers Geoffrey Landis
2 Ponies and Rocketships Leslie Anderson
3 Marie Antoinette, 2125 Bruce Boston
4 Three Charms for Recovering Lost Data Peter Chiykowski
5 Indefensible Disclosures William John Watkins
1 In the Quiet Hour Bruce Boston
2 Gold Ring Ruth Berman
3 Picnic at the Trinity Test Site Danny Adams
3 Scifaiku Geoffrey A. Landis
5 An Answer, At Last Greg Beatty
6 Stellar Recycling Peter Payack
1 1,230 Grams of Einstein Robert Frazier
2 Love & the Moon Geoffrey A. Landis
2 The Circulatory Man James Valvis
3 Basement Refrigerator Joshua Gage
3 October Leaves Suzanne Palmer
1 After Herb Kauderer
2 The Robot Grows Old Geoffrey A. Landis
3 Nice Touch Jane Yolen
4 Long Argument, the Longest Jane Yolen
5 Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman Ron Koertge
5 Old Women of the Wood Jane Yolen
5 The Ambassador's Daughter Megan Arkenberg
5 Your Clone Excels at You Robert Frazier
1 Titan's Magic Islands: Transient Features in the Hydrocarbon Seas Geoffrey A. Landis
2 How to Die on a Faraway Planet H. Mellas
3 Hubble's Constant Marian Moore
4 Invasion Bruce McAllister
5 Challenger: A Sedoka Jane Yolen
1 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Suzanne Palmer
--- Finalists -------
* Palate of the Babel Fish Todd Dillard
* Room with a View G. O. Clark
* Synethesia Bruce Boston
* When Time-Travelers from the Future Finally Reach Us Darrell Schweitzer
1 A Street Away Jane Yolen
2 The Other SETI David Barber
3 Nine Hypotheses Concerning a Mysterious Lump Under the Rug on the Foyer Floor Jenny Blackford
3 The Ruined Library Bruce Boston
4 The Dogs of the Soviet Space Program Christopher Cokinos
1 Ode to Cassini Jane Yolen
2 The Hot New Collectible Suzanne Palmer
3 Incomplete Adaptation Bruce Boston
4 After a Year of Solitude Lora Gray
4 Relic Jane Yolen
4 Unlooping Marie Vibbert
--- Finalists -------
* Chalk and Carbon Marissa Lingen
* In the Library Annex Bruce Boston
* Mars Rover, Curiosity Jane Yolen
* When I'm Thirty I Receive a Box Full of Your Steel Bones Avra Margariti
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