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Award Category: Best Novella (Hugo Award)

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1 Riders of the Purple Wage Philip Jos Farmer
1 Weyr Search Anne McCaffrey
3 Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny
--- Finalists -------
* Hawksbill Station Robert Silverberg
* The Star Pit Samuel R. Delany
1 Nightwings Robert Silverberg
2 Dragonrider Anne McCaffrey
--- Finalists -------
* Hawk Among the Sparrows Dean McLaughlin
* Lines of Power Samuel R. Delany
1 Ship of Shadows Fritz Leiber
2 A Boy and His Dog Harlan Ellison
3 We All Die Naked James Blish
4 Dramatic Mission Anne McCaffrey
5 To Jorslem Robert Silverberg
1 Ill Met in Lankhmar Fritz Leiber
2 The Thing in the Stone Clifford D. Simak
3 The Region Between Harlan Ellison
4 The World Outside Robert Silverberg
5 Beastchild Dean R. Koontz
--- Withdrawn -------
* The Snow Women Fritz Leiber
1 The Queen of Air and Darkness Poul Anderson
2 A Meeting with Medusa Arthur C. Clarke
3 The Fourth Profession Larry Niven
4 Dread Empire John Brunner
5 A Special Kind of Morning Gardner Dozois
1 The Word for World Is Forest Ursula K. Le Guin
2 The Gold at the Starbow's End Frederik Pohl
3 The Fifth Head of Cerberus Gene Wolfe
--- Finalists -------
* Hero Joe Haldeman
* The Mercenary Jerry Pournelle
1 The Girl Who Was Plugged In James Tiptree, Jr.
2 The Death of Dr. Island Gene Wolfe
3 Death and Designation Among the Asadi Michael Bishop
--- Finalists -------
* Chains of the Sea Gardner Dozois
* The White Otters of Childhood Michael Bishop
1 A Song for Lya George R. R. Martin
--- Finalists -------
* Assault on a City Jack Vance
* Born with the Dead Robert Silverberg
* Riding the Torch Norman Spinrad
* Strangers Gardner Dozois
1 Home Is the Hangman Roger Zelazny
2 The Storms of Windhaven George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle
3 ARM Larry Niven
4 The Silent Eyes of Time Algis Budrys
5 The Custodians Richard Cowper
1 By Any Other Name Spider Robinson
1 Houston, Houston, Do You Read? James Tiptree, Jr.
--- Finalists -------
* Piper at the Gates of Dawn Richard Cowper
* The Samurai and the Willows Michael Bishop
1 Stardance Jeanne Robinson and Spider Robinson
2 In the Hall of the Martian Kings John Varley
3 Aztecs Vonda N. McIntyre
--- Finalists -------
* A Snark in the Night Gregory Benford
* The Wonderful Secret Keith Laumer
1 The Persistence of Vision John Varley
2 Fireship Joan D. Vinge
3 The Watched Christopher Priest
--- Finalists -------
* Enemies of the System Brian W. Aldiss
* Seven American Nights Gene Wolfe
1 Enemy Mine Barry B. Longyear
2 Songhouse Orson Scott Card
3 The Moon Goddess and the Son Donald Kingsbury
4 Ker-Plop Ted Reynolds
5 The Battle of the Abaco Reefs Hilbert Schenck
1 Lost Dorsai Gordon R. Dickson
2 One-Wing George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle
3 Nightflyers George R. R. Martin
4 The Brave Little Toaster Thomas M. Disch
5 All the Lies That Are My Life Harlan Ellison
1 The Saturn Game Poul Anderson
2 In the Western Tradition Phyllis Eisenstein
3 Blue Champagne John Varley
4 With Thimbles, with Forks, and Hope Kate Wilhelm
5 True Names Vernor Vinge
6 Emergence David R. Palmer
1 Souls Joanna Russ
2 The Postman David Brin
3 Unsound Variations George R. R. Martin
4 Brainchild Joseph H. Delaney
5 To Leave a Mark Kim Stanley Robinson
6 Another Orphan John Kessel
1 Cascade Point Timothy Zahn
2 Hardfought Greg Bear
3 In the Face of My Enemy Joseph H. Delaney
4 Seeking David R. Palmer
5 Hurricane Claude Hilbert Schenck
Press Enter ▮?Press Enter []
John Varley
2 Cyclops David Brin
3 Valentina Joseph H. Delaney and Marc Stiegler
4 Summer Solstice Charles L. Harness
5 Elemental Geoffrey A. Landis
1 24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai Roger Zelazny
2 Sailing to Byzantium Robert Silverberg
3 The Only Neat Thing to Do James Tiptree, Jr.
4 Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson
5 The Scapegoat C. J. Cherryh
1 Gilgamesh in the Outback Robert Silverberg
2 Escape from Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson
3 R & R Lucius Shepard
4 Spice Pogrom Connie Willis
5 Eifelheim Michael F. Flynn
1 Eye for Eye Orson Scott Card
2 The Secret Sharer Robert Silverberg
3 The Blind Geometer Kim Stanley Robinson
4 Mother Goddess of the World Kim Stanley Robinson
5 The Forest of Time Michael F. Flynn
1 The Last of the Winnebagos Connie Willis
2 The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter Lucius Shepard
3 Journals of the Plague Years Norman Spinrad
4 The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians Bradley Denton
5 Surfacing Walter Jon Williams
1 The Mountains of Mourning Lois McMaster Bujold
2 The Father of Stones Lucius Shepard
3 A Touch of Lavender Megan Lindholm
4 Time Out Connie Willis
5 Tiny Tango Judith Moffett
--- Withdrawn -- Nomination Declined -------
* Mard Changes His Mind George Alec Effinger
1 The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman
2 Bully! Mike Resnick
3 A Short, Sharp Shock Kim Stanley Robinson
4 Bones Pat Murphy
5 Fool to Believe Pat Cadigan
--- Withdrawn -- Nomination Declined -------
* Weatherman Lois McMaster Bujold
1 Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress
2 The Gallery of His Dreams Kristine Kathryn Rusch
3 Jack Connie Willis
4 Griffin's Egg Michael Swanwick
5 And Wild for to Hold Nancy Kress
1 Barnacle Bill the Spacer Lucius Shepard
2 Stopping at Slowyear Frederik Pohl
3 Protection Maureen F. McHugh
4 Uh-Oh City Jonathan Carroll
5 The Territory Bradley Denton
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Blood Relations Julia Ecklar
* Cleon the Emperor Isaac Asimov
* Crux Gammata J. R. Dunn
* Damnbanna Nancy Springer
* Death of Reason Tony Daniel
* Deus X Norman Spinrad
* Griffin's Egg Michael Swanwick
* Grownups Ian R. MacLeod
* Mark on the World Dean McLaughlin
* Naming the Flowers Kate Wilhelm
* Resurrection Katharine Kerr
* Silver or Gold Emma Bull
* Synthesis Mary Rosenblum
* The Virgin and the Dinosaur R. Garcia y Robertson
* Thebes of the Hundred Gates Robert Silverberg
1 Down in the Bottomlands Harry Turtledove
2 Wall, Stone, Craft Walter Jon Williams
3 Into the Miranda Rift G. David Nordley
4 The Night We Buried Road Dog Jack Cady
5 An American Childhood Pat Murphy
6 Mefisto in Onyx Harlan Ellison
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Far Countrie Avram Davidson
* Cold Iron Michael Swanwick
* Sister Alice Robert Reed
* The Beauty Addict Ray Aldridge
* The Immediate Family Spider Robinson
* The Skeleton Key Nina Kiriki Hoffman
1 Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge Mike Resnick
2 Les Fleurs Du Mal Brian Stableford
3 Forgiveness Day Ursula K. Le Guin
4 Cri de Coeur Michael Bishop
5 Melodies of the Heart Michael F. Flynn
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Fall of Angels, or On the Possibility of Life Under Extreme Conditions Geoff Ryman
* Fan Geoff Ryman
* Hard Target Charles D. Eckert
* Haunted Humans Nina Kiriki Hoffman
* Last Summer at Mars Hill Elizabeth Hand
* Remains of Adam A. A. Attanasio
* Sam's War Ben Bova
* Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone Ian McDonald
* Song from a Broken Instrument Stephen L. Burns
* Soon Comes Night Gregory Benford
* Symphony for Skyfall Rick Cook and Peter L. Manly
* The Last Plague Gregory Bennett
* The Last Time Lucius Shepard
* The Madonna of Futurity Brian W. Aldiss
* The Mermaid's Comb Mary Rosenblum
* The Tetrahedron Charles L. Harness
* Up the Rainbow Susan Casper
* Via Roma Robert Silverberg
1 The Death of Captain Future Allen Steele
2 A Woman's Liberation Ursula K. Le Guin
3 Bibi Mike Resnick and Susan Shwartz
4 A Man of the People Ursula K. Le Guin
5 Fault Lines Nancy Kress
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* At the Eschaton Charles Sheffield
* De Secretis Mulierum L. Timmel Duchamp
* Final Review G. David Nordley
* Harvest the Fire Poul Anderson
* Hot Times in Magma City Robert Silverberg
* Hypocaust & Bathysphere Rebecca Ore
* In Forests Afloat Upon the Sea Daniel Hatch
* Inherit the Earth Brian Stableford
* Mortimer Gray's "History of Death" Brian Stableford
* The Ziggurat Gene Wolfe
* We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy David Marusek
1 Blood of the Dragon George R. R. Martin
2 Time Travelers Never Die Jack McDevitt
3 Immersion Gregory Benford
4 Abandon in Place Jerry Oltion
5 Gas Fish Mary Rosenblum
6 The Cost to Be Wise Maureen F. McHugh
--- Withdrawn -- Ineligible -------
* Bellwether Connie Willis
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Airborn Nina Kiriki Hoffman
* Chrysalis Robert Reed
* Fugue on a Sunken Continent G. David Nordley
* Human History Lucius Shepard
* Kilroy Was Here Jack Cady
* Primrose and Thorn Bud Sparhawk
* Saddle Point Dreamtime Stephen Baxter
* Saddle Point Sequence Stephen Baxter
* The City of God Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
* The Littlest Jackal Bruce Sterling
* The Tree That Grew from the Sky Robert Silverberg
* The Unicorn Sonata Peter S. Beagle
* Verglas Ian R. MacLeod
1 "... Where Angels Fear to Tread" Allen Steele
2 The Funeral March of the Marionettes Adam-Troy Castro
3 Ecopoiesis Geoffrey A. Landis
4 Loose Ends Paul Levinson
5 Marrow Robert Reed
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* In the Furnace of the Night James Sarafin
* Quinn's Deal L. Timmel Duchamp
* The Golden Keeper Ian R. MacLeod
1 Oceanic Greg Egan
2 Aurora in Four Voices Catherine Asaro
3 Story of Your Life Ted Chiang
4 Get Me to the Church on Time Terry Bisson
5 The Summer Isles Ian R. MacLeod
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Princess of Helium R. Garcia y Robertson
* Ancestral Voices Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
* The Days of Solomon Gursky Ian McDonald
1 The Winds of Marble Arch Connie Willis
2 Forty, Counting Down Harry Turtledove
3 The Astronaut from Wyoming Adam-Troy Castro and Jerry Oltion
4 Hunting the Snark Mike Resnick
5 Son Observe the Time Kage Baker
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Argonautica Walter Jon Williams
* Baby's Fire Robert Reed
* Crocodile Rock Lucius Shepard
* Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance Eleanor Arnason
* Epiphany Connie Willis
* Living Trust L. Timmel Duchamp
* Old Music and the Slave Women Ursula K. Le Guin
* Orphans of the Helix Dan Simmons
* Reality Check Michael A. Burstein
* The Actors Eleanor Arnason
* The Executioners' Guild Andy Duncan
* The Exile of Evening Star Allen Steele
* The Wedding Album David Marusek
* Twenty-One, Counting Up Harry Turtledove
1 The Ultimate Earth Jack Williamson
2 A Roll of the Dice Catherine Asaro
3 The Retrieval Artist Kristine Kathryn Rusch
4 Oracle Greg Egan
5 Seventy-Two Letters Ted Chiang
6 Radiant Green Star Lucius Shepard
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Identity Crisis Kevin J. Anderson
* Under Hal Clement
1 Fast Times at Fairmont High Vernor Vinge
2 Stealing Alabama Allen Steele
3 May Be Some Time Brenda W. Clough
4 The Chief Designer Andy Duncan
5 The Diamond Pit Jack Dann
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Bug Out! Michael A. Burstein and Shane Tourtellotte
* deck.halls@boughs/holly Connie Willis
* Eternity and Afterward Lucius Shepard
* Great Wall of Mars Alastair Reynolds
* New Light on the Drake Equation Ian R. MacLeod
* Shady Lady R. Garcia y Robertson
* Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's Adam-Troy Castro
* The Caravan from Troon Kage Baker
* The Finder Ursula K. Le Guin
* The Last Hero Terry Pratchett
* Viewpoint Gene Wolfe
* Yesterday's Tomorrows Kate Wilhelm
1 Coraline Neil Gaiman
2 Bronte's Egg Richard Chwedyk
3 Breathmoss Ian R. MacLeod
4 A Year in the Linear City Paul Di Filippo
5 The Political Officer Charles Coleman Finlay
6 In Spirit Pat Forde
1 The Cookie Monster Vernor Vinge
2 The Empress of Mars Kage Baker
3 Just Like the Ones We Used to Know Connie Willis
4 The Green Leopard Plague Walter Jon Williams
5 Walk in Silence Catherine Asaro
1 The Concrete Jungle Charles Stross
2 Sergeant Chip Bradley Denton
3 Elector Charles Stross
4 Winterfair Gifts Lois McMaster Bujold
5 Time Ablaze Michael A. Burstein
1 Inside Job Connie Willis
2 Magic for Beginners Kelly Link
4 The Little Goddess Ian McDonald
5 Identity Theft Robert J. Sawyer
9 Burn James Patrick Kelly
1 A Billion Eves Robert Reed
2 Lord Weary's Empire Michael Swanwick
3 Julian: A Christmas Story Robert Charles Wilson
4 The Walls of the Universe Paul Melko
9 Inclination William Shunn
1 All Seated on the Ground Connie Willis
2 Recovering Apollo 8 Kristine Kathryn Rusch
3 Fountain of Age Nancy Kress
4 Memorare Gene Wolfe
5 Stars Seen Through Stone Lucius Shepard
1 The Erdmann Nexus Nancy Kress
2 Truth Robert Reed
3 The Tear Ian McDonald
4 True Names Cory Doctorow and Benjamin Rosenbaum
5 The Political Prisoner Charles Coleman Finlay
1 Palimpsest Charles Stross
2 The God Engines John Scalzi
3 The Women of Nell Gwynne's Kage Baker
4 Act One Nancy Kress
5 Vishnu at the Cat Circus Ian McDonald
6 Shambling Towards Hiroshima James Morrow
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Broken Windchimes Kristine Kathryn Rusch
* Crimes and Glory Paul J. McAuley
* Earth II Stephen Baxter
* Halloween Town Lucius Shepard
* Horn Peter M. Ball
* Hot Rock Greg Egan
* Paradiso Lost Albert E. Cowdrey
* Sea-Hearts Margo Lanagan
* Shaka II Mike Resnick
* Sublimation Angels Jason Sanford
* Sugar Leah Bobet
* The Far End of History John C. Wright
* The Spires of Denon Kristine Kathryn Rusch
* Where the Winds Are All Asleep Michael F. Flynn
* Wives Paul Haines
1 The Lifecycle of Software Objects Ted Chiang
2 Troika Alastair Reynolds
3 The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath the Queen's Window Rachel Swirsky
4 The Sultan of the Clouds Geoffrey A. Landis
5 The Maiden Flight of McCauley's Bellerophon Elizabeth Hand
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Glimpse of the Marvellous Structure (and the Threat It Entails) Sean Williams
* A History of Terraforming Robert Reed
* Bone and Jewel Creatures Elizabeth Bear
* Chicken Little Cory Doctorow
* Dead Man's Run Robert Reed
* Earth III Stephen Baxter
* Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance Paul Park
* Iron Shoes J. Kathleen Cheney
* Jackie's-Boy Steven Popkes
* Orfy Richard Chwedyk
* Seven Cities of Gold David Moles
* Several Items of Interest Rick Wilber
* Six Blind Men and an Alien Mike Resnick
* The Alchemist Paolo Bacigalupi
* The Mystery Knight: A Tale of the Seven Kingdoms George R. R. Martin
* The Rift John G. Hemry
* The Taborin Scale Lucius Shepard
1 The Man Who Bridged the Mist Kij Johnson
2 Kiss Me Twice Mary Robinette Kowal
3 Silently and Very Fast Catherynne M. Valente
4 The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary Ken Liu
5 Countdown Mira Grant
6 The Ice Owl Carolyn Ives Gilman
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Angel of Europa Allen Steele
* Gravity Dreams Stephen Baxter
* Lord John and the Plague of Zombies Diana Gabaldon
* Martian Chronicles Cory Doctorow
* The Adakian Eagle Bradley Denton
* The Alchemist Paolo Bacigalupi
* The Ants of Flanders Robert Reed
* The Rat Race Cherie Priest
* With Unclean Hands Adam-Troy Castro
1 The Emperor's Soul Brandon Sanderson
2 After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall Nancy Kress
3 The Stars Do Not Lie Jay Lake
4 On a Red Station, Drifting Aliette de Bodard
5 San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats Mira Grant
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* All the Flavors Ken Liu
* Gods of Risk Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck
* In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns Elizabeth Bear
* Legion Brandon Sanderson
* Let Maps to Others K. J. Parker
* Murder Born Robert Reed
* The Boolean Gate Walter Jon Williams
* The Last Judgment James Patrick Kelly
* Twenty Lights to "The Land of Snow" Michael Bishop
1 Equoid Charles Stross
2 Six-Gun Snow White Catherynne M. Valente
3 Wakulla Springs Andy Duncan and Ellen Klages
4 The Chaplain's Legacy Brad R. Torgersen
5 The Butcher of Khardov Dan Wells
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Burning Girls Veronica Schanoes
* Hook Agonistes Jay Lake and Seanan McGuire
* How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea Mira Grant
* Iseul's Lexicon Yoon Ha Lee
* Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden Wen Spencer
* Precious Mental Robert Reed
* Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Brandon Sanderson
* Spin Nina Allan
* The Princess and the Queen, or, The Blacks and the Greens George R. R. Martin
* The Weight of the Sunrise Vylar Kaftan
* We Both Go Down Together Seanan McGuire
1 No Award
2 Flow Arlan Andrews, Sr.
3 Big Boys Don't Cry Tom Kratman
4 One Bright Star to Guide Them John C. Wright
5 The Plural of Helen of Troy John C. Wright
6 Pale Realms of Shade John C. Wright
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Dream Houses Genevieve Valentine
* Grand Jet (The Great Leap) Rachel Swirsky
* Legion: Skin Deep Brandon Sanderson
* The Mothers of Voorhisville Mary Rickert
* The Regular Ken Liu
* The Slow Regard of Silent Things Patrick Rothfuss
* Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome John Scalzi
* We Are All Completely Fine Daryl Gregory
* Where the Trains Turn
Pasi Ilmari Jskelinen?Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen
* Yesterday's Kin Nancy Kress
1 Binti Nnedi Okorafor
2 Penric's Demon Lois McMaster Bujold
3 Slow Bullets Alastair Reynolds
4 Perfect State Brandon Sanderson
5 The Builders Daniel Polansky
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Fear of the Unknown and Self-Loathing in Hollywood Nick Cole
* Rolling in the Deep Mira Grant
* The Bone Swans of Amandale C. S. E. Cooney
* The Citadel of Weeping Pearls Aliette de Bodard
* The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred Greg Egan
* The New Mother Eugene Fischer
* The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn Usman T. Malik
* The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps Kai Ashante Wilson
* Waters of Versailles Kelly Robson
* Witches of Lychford Paul Cornell
1 Every Heart a Doorway Seanan McGuire
2 The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe Kij Johnson
3 Penric and the Shaman Lois McMaster Bujold
4 The Ballad of Black Tom Victor LaValle
5 A Taste of Honey Kai Ashante Wilson
6 This Census-Taker
China Miville?China Mieville
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Chimera (translation of
嵌合体?Qin htǐ
Qian heti
Gu Shi?顾适
G Sh
* Cold-Forged Flame Marie Brennan
* Forest of Memory Mary Robinette Kowal
* Hammers on Bone Cassandra Khaw
* Penric's Mission Lois McMaster Bujold
* Runtime S. B. Divya
* The Dispatcher John Scalzi
* The Last Days of New Paris
China Miville?China Mieville
* The Lost Child of Lychford Paul Cornell
* The Vanishing Kind Lavie Tidhar
1 All Systems Red Martha Wells
2 And Then There Were (N One) Sarah Pinsker
3 Down Among the Sticks and Bones Seanan McGuire
4 Binti: Home Nnedi Okorafor
5 The Black Tides of Heaven JY Yang
6 River of Teeth Sarah Gailey
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* 17776 Jon Bois
* Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day Seanan McGuire
* In Calabria Peter S. Beagle
* Mira's Last Dance Lois McMaster Bujold
* Passing Strange Ellen Klages
* The Furthest Station Ben Aaronovitch
* The Prisoner of Limnos Lois McMaster Bujold
* The Red Threads of Fortune JY Yang
* The Refrigerator Monologues Catherynne M. Valente
1 Artificial Condition Martha Wells
2 The Tea Master and the Detective Aliette de Bodard
3 Beneath the Sugar Sky Seanan McGuire
4 The Black God's Drums
P. Djl Clark?P. Djeli Clark
5 Binti: The Night Masquerade Nnedi Okorafor
6 Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach Kelly Robson
--- Withdrawn -- Nomination Declined -------
* Exit Strategy Martha Wells
* Rogue Protocol Martha Wells
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Alice Payne Arrives Kate Heartfield
* Kingdom of Needle and Bone Mira Grant
* The Descent of Monsters JY Yang
* The Expert System's Brother Adrian Tchaikovsky
* The Flowers of Vashnoi Lois McMaster Bujold
* The Freeze-Frame Revolution Peter Watts
* Time Was Ian McDonald
* Umbernight Carolyn Ives Gilman
1 This Is How You Lose the Time War Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone
2 In an Absent Dream Seanan McGuire
3 To Be Taught, If Fortunate Becky Chambers
4 The Haunting of Tram Car 015
P. Djl Clark?P. Djeli Clark
5 Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom Ted Chiang
6 The Deep Rivers Solomon
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Desdemona and the Deep C. S. E. Cooney
* Glass Cannon Yoon Ha Lee
* Permafrost Alastair Reynolds
* Silver in the Wood Emily Tesh
* Sisters of the Vast Black Lina Rather
* The Ascent to Godhood JY Yang
* The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday Saad Z. Hossain
* The October Man Ben Aaronovitch
* The Orphans of Raspay Lois McMaster Bujold
* Unauthorized Bread Cory Doctorow
--- Finalists -------
* Come Tumbling Down Seanan McGuire
* Finna Nino Cipri
* Ring Shout; or, Hunting Ku Kluxes in the End Times
P. Djl Clark?P. Djeli Clark
* Riot Baby Tochi Onyebuchi
* The Empress of Salt and Fortune Nghi Vo
* Upright Women Wanted Sarah Gailey
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