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Award Category: Best Fact Article (Analog Award)

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1 This Space for Rent Joe Haldeman
2 Salute to Salyut James Oberg
3 The Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Space: Will It Ever Be Feasible? Michael McCollum
1 Build Your Own A-Bomb and Wake Up the Neighborhood George W. Harper
2 The Spaceport Roger Arnold and Donald Kingsbury
3 Funding the Future M. David Stone
4 Future Food David Ritchie
5 American Enthusiasm for Spaceflight William Sims Bainbridge and Richard Wyckoff
1 Demythologizing the Black Hole Richard Matzner and Tsvi Piran and Tony Rothman
2 A Taste of Dragon's Egg Robert L. Forward
2 Death Risk Milton A. Rothman
3 Man's Biological Future L. Sprague de Camp
4 Steamer Time (Again?) Wallace West
1 Extraterrestrial Zoology Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
2 Base Eight Arithmetic, Meteors, and Man John Gribbin
3 Mars in 1995! Bob Parkinson and David Hardy
4 Mercury's Missing Divot J. E. Enever
1 New Communications Technologies and the Developing World Arthur C. Clarke
2 Exploring the Asteroids Joel A. Davis
3 Alien Sex Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
4 Space Transportation: You Can Get There From Here! Gordon R. Woodcock
5 The Inner Five George W. Harper
1 The Blivit in the B-Ring Richard C. Hoagland
2 Xenology: The New Science of Asking, "Who's Out There?" David Brin
3 To the Stars! Gordon R. Woodcock
4 Science and Creation Poul Anderson
5 Flattening Spacetime Robert L. Forward
1 The Deadly Thing at 2.4 Kiloparsecs David Brin
2 Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt Christopher P. Dunn
3 Axes, Saws, and Alphabets Margaret R. Bishop
4 Xenopsychology Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
5 The Galaxy Before Man Thomas Donaldson
1 Just How Dangerous Is the Galaxy? David Brin
2 The Postdiluvian World Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
3 Russians to Mars James E. Oberg
4 The Lost Dimensions of Reality John Gribbin
5 Hot Rocks and Water Richard Patrick Terra
1 The Long Stern Chase: A Speculative Exercise Rick Cook
2 The Curious Case of the Humanoid Face--On Mars Richard C. Hoagland
3 A Little More Pollution, Please! George W. Harper
4 Making Star Trek Real James R. Powell and Charles Pellegrino
5 Fermi Paradox--The Final Solution? Duncan Lunan
1 Nanotechnology Eric Drexler and Chris Peterson
2 Memetics and the Modular Mind: Modeling the Development of Social Movements H. Keith Henson
3 Moonbase Orientation Manual I: Transport and Manufacturing Ben Bova
3 Moonbase Orientation Manual II: Research and Recreation Ben Bova
4 Universe—The Ultimate Artifact ? Richard D. Meisner
5 Cheap But Not Dirty: Proposal for a Spaceplane Dan DeLong and Tom Pace
1 An Introduction to Psychohistory (Part 1 of 2) (variant of An Introduction to Psychohistory) Michael F. Flynn
1 An Introduction to Psychohistory (Part 2 of 2) (variant of An Introduction to Psychohistory) Michael F. Flynn
2 Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The Interdict Hypothesis Martyn J. Fogg
3 24th Century Medicine Thomas Donaldson
4 Building a Better Biosphere Greg Stec
5 Laughing All the Way to Orbit Wilfred C. Smith and G. Harry Stine
1 The Ape-Man Within Us L. Sprague de Camp
2 Zero Gravity and the Immune System: A Challenge to Man's Survival in Space Dr. J. Kevin Steele
3 On Building an Earth-Like Planet Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 Hypermedia and the Singularity Marc Stiegler
5 The Economics of Interstellar Commerce Warren Salomon
1 Sixty Astounding Years Michael F. Flynn
2 New Hopes for a Very Old Disease: Cancer Therapies for the 1990s Dr. J. Kevin Steele
2 Where Buffalo Roam ... John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin
4 Nuclear Rocketry using Indigenous Propellants: The Key to the Solar System Robert Zubrin
4 Scientific Diversions Margaret L. Silbar
6 Taking the Shuttle to the Moon Chris Vuille, Ph.D.
7 Fire, Brimstone - And Maybe Life? Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
1 The Mote in NASA's Eye Charles Sheffield
2 Mars Direct: A Proposal for the Rapid Exploration and Colonization of the Red Planet David A. Baker and Robert M. Zubrin
3 Global Catastrophes amd Mass Extinctions Jeff Hecht
4 Hydrogen Time Marc Davenport
4 Whatever Happened to the Little Ice Age? John Gribbin
6 Once and Future Mars Martyn J. Fogg
1 The Demon Under Hawaii Geoffrey A. Landis
2 Manufacturing Magic Arlan Andrews
3 Chicxulub: The Smoking K-T Gun? Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 The Magnetic Sail Robert M. Zubrin
5 A Visit to SupraJupiter Paul Birch
1 Single Stage to Infinity! Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr.
2 Fat-Eating Logic Bombs and the Vampire Worm Michael F. Flynn and Edward Rietman
3 Comes the Revolution ... G. Harry Stine
4 Goat Island L. Sprague de Camp
5 Is AIDS an Autoimmune Disease? Dr. J. Kevin Steele
1 The Rooster Crows at White Sands G. Harry Stine
2 The Bug, the Mouse, and Chapter 24 Charles L. Harness
3 Return to the Moon Buzz Aldrin and Aleta Jackson
4 How to Find a Starship Robert M. Zubrin
5 Multiple Comet Strikes on Jupiter Peter L. Manly
1 A Handful of Heresies Charles Sheffield
2 Fact-Free Science James P. Hogan
3 The Martian Frontier Robert M. Zubrin
4 Faster-Than-Light Robert L. Forward
5 Black Horse: One Stop to Orbit Mitchell Burnside Clapp and Robert M. Zubrin
5 The Artemis Project: Selling the Moon Gregory Bennett
1 The Coming of the Money Card: Boon or Bane? Ian Randal Strock
2 Prospectus Tom Ligon
3 Population, the Demographic Transition, and "Biological Imperatives" Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
3 Trapped Between Damnations: The True Meaning of the Population Crisis Thomas A. Easton
4 Will They Let the Spaceships Fly? G. Harry Stine
5 The Future of Computers Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
1 Cosmological Darwinism Richard D. Meisner
2 Paradigm Shifty Things Jeffery D. Kooistra
3 Just How "Average" is the Solar System? Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 Biology at the Extremes Mark S. Lesney
5 Cold Fusion: The "Miracle" is No Mistake Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
1 The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor Tom Ligon
2 Pathfinder Journal: Adventures in the Mars Business Geoffrey A. Landis
3 Near-Term Nanotechnology Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 Sex in Space: The Fantasy and the Reality H. G. Stratmann
5 Biological Hazards and Medical Care in Space H. G. Stratmann and G. David Nordley
1 Beamriders G. David Nordley
1 Planets X Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
2 Unresources Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
3 Diamond Ether, Nanotechnology, and Venus Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 Tricorders, Yactograms, and the Future of Analytical Chemistry Richard A. Lovett
1 Slowboat to the Stars! Ben Bova
2 Limits to Evolution Ashley J. R. Carter
3 Interstellar Navigation John G. Hemry
4 Summer's Lease J. R. Dunn
5 The Patent Wars John D. Trudel
1 Up in Smoke: How Mt. St. Helens Blasted Conventional Scientific Wisdom Richard A. Lovett
2 He Who Carried the Moon Dean McLaughlin
3 When Light Speed Isn't Fast Enough: Creating Superluminal Supercomputers Dr. Casimer DeCusatis
4 Stemming the Tide of Aging and Disease Kyle Kirkland
5 Water, Pink Salt, and Cold Dry Gullies: Halobacteria and the Case for Life on Mars Geoffrey A. Landis
1 Galactic Society Robert Zubrin
2 A Question of Immortality William Sims Bainbridge, Ph.D.
3 Beyond the Periodic Table: Artificial Atoms and Programmable Matter Wil McCarthy
4 The Tell-Tale Brain Kyle Kirkland
5 Are We Afraid of a Little Fire? Exploring Space May Require Nuclear Rockets Dr. Steven D. Howe
1 If a Tree Falls... or, The Secret History of Global Environmental Catastrophe Catherine H. Shaffer
2 Isaac Was Right: N Equals One Ben Bova
3 The Power of Rotting Plants, or How SF Solved Global Warming Gregory Benford and Martin I. Hoffert and Robert A. Metzger
4 Moving Beyond "Life As We Know It": Astrobiology Takes On "Earthist-Centricity" Richard A. Lovett
5 The Search for Extraterrestrial Oceans Richard A. Lovett
1 Open Minds, Open Source Eric S. Raymond
2 Fat Mice, Eating Machines, and Biochemical Treason Richard A. Lovett, Ph.D.
3 The Fifth Biorevolution Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
4 The Transience of Memory: We Really Can Remember It for You Wholesale Richard A. Lovett
5 Forensic Seismology: The Big Science of Minor Shake-Ups Richard A. Lovett
1 Mission to Utah: A Science Fiction Writer's Adventures at the Mars Society Desert Research Station Wil McCarthy
2 The Prehistory of Global Climate Change Richard A. Lovett
3 Big Brother Inc: Surveillance, Security and the US Citizen Laura M. Kelley
4 Gene Doping and Other Olympic Scandals of the (Not-So-Distant) Future Richard A. Lovett
5 Where Are They? Thomas Donaldson
1 The Great Sumatran Earthquakes of 2004-5 Richard A. Lovett
2 From Fimbulwinter to Dante's Hell: The Strange Saga of Snowball Earth Richard A. Lovett
3 Solar System Commuter Trains: MagBeam Plasma Propulsion Kathy Ferguson and James Grayson
4 Pollution, Solutions, Elution, and Nanotechnology Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
5 Floatworlds Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D.
1 The Ice Age That Wasn't Richard A. Lovett
2 De Revolutione Scientarium In "Media Tempestas" Michael F. Flynn
3 After Gas: Are We Ready for the End of Oil? Richard A. Lovett
4 The Search for the World's First Equestrians Richard A. Lovett
5 Beyond This Point Be RFIDs Edward M. Lerner
1 The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor Revisited Tom Ligon
2 The 3D Trainwreck: How 3D Printing Will Shake Up Manufacturing Thomas A. Easton
3 Nuclear Autumn: The Consequences of a "Small" Nuclear War Richard A. Lovett
3 The Challenge of the Anthropic Universe Carl Frederick
5 Here Be There Dragons: The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and Other Mysteries of an Explored Planet Richard A. Lovett
1 From Atlantis to Canoe-Eating Trees: Geomythology Comes of Age Richard A. Lovett
2 Geology, Geohistory, and "Psychohistory": The (Continuing) Debate Between Uniformitarians and Catastrophists Richard A. Lovett
3 Plate Tectonics, Goldilocks, and the Late Heavy Bombardment: Why Earth Isn't Mars or Venus Richard A. Lovett
4 The Psychology of Space Travel Nick Kanas, M.D.
5 Futuropolis: How NASA Plans to Create a Permanent Presence on the Moon Michael Carroll
1 Tips for the Budget Time-Traveler Shane Tourtellotte
2 Visit to the Forgotten Planet: What Scientists are Learning as MESSENGER Prepares to Orbit Mercury Richard A. Lovett
3 Phantom Science: The Facts Behind "Phantom Sense" Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross
4 What's in a Kiss? The Wild, Wonderful World of Philematology Richard A. Lovett
5 Take Off Your Hat: You're In the Presence of Culture Stephen R. Balzac
1 Smart SETI Gregory Benford and James Benford
2 Lost in Space? Follow the Money Edward M. Lerner
3 Say What? Ruminations About Language, Communications, and Science Fiction Edward M. Lerner
4 Before You Get to String Theory C. W. Johnson
5 Poisons, Temperature, and Climate Change: Will Global Warming Make Everything Else Worse? Richard A. Lovett
1 Faster Than a Speeding Photon: The Why, Where, and (Perhaps) How of Faster-Than-Light Technology Edward M. Lerner
2 Is the Moon a Babel Fish? John Gribbin
3 The Day the Sun Exploded Richard A. Lovett
4 Planets (Oops, Planetoids) X, Y, Z, and W: What the Kuiper Belt Teaches About the Dawn of the Solar System Richard A. Lovett
5 The Earth Dies Screaming: Radiation Threats From Beyond Adrian L. Melott
1 The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown and Down-and-Dirty Mud-Wrassle Michael F. Flynn
2 The Golden Age Comes to Seattle: Is Asteroid Mining Really Part of Our Near Future? Richard A. Lovett
3 Alien Worlds: Not in Kansas Any More Edward M. Lerner
4 Galactic Cannibalism: Who's on the Menu H. G. Stratmann
5 Alien Aliens: Beyond Rubber Suits Edward M. Lerner
1 Lockstep: A Possible Galactic Empire Karl Schroeder
2 Saturn's "Jet-Propelled" Moon and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Richard A. Lovett
2 Spanking Bad Data Won't Make Them Behave Michael F. Flynn
3 Alien AWOLs: The Great Silence Edward M. Lerner
3 The Probability and Nature of an Interstellar Information-Trading Community Mark H. Shellans
1 Challenges of Manned Interstellar Travel: An Overview Nick Kanas, M.D.
2 Five Wagers on What Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe Will Be Like Steven L. Peck
3 New Horizons at Pluto: The Grand Tour Finally Completed Richard A. Lovett
4 Brain Hacking: The Legal, Social, and Scientific Ramifications of the Latest (Very Real) Mind-Reading Technologies Richard A. Lovett
5 Orbits to Order Stanley Schmidt
1 Energy for the Future: Solar-Derived Fuels, Artificial Leaves, and Electricity-Eating Microbes that Poop Out Gasoline Richard A. Lovett
2 Dawn Comes to the Asteroid Belt: What NASA's 9-Year Mission Is Learning About One of Science Fiction's Favorite Realms Richard A. Lovett
3 A Mind of Its Own: Part I: Artificial Intelligence Edward M. Lerner
3 A Mind of Its Own: Part II: Superintelligence Edward M. Lerner
4 Human 2.0: Being All We Can Be Part 1 Edward M. Lerner
4 Human 2.0: Being All We Can Be Part II Edward M. Lerner
5 Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel (Part I) Edward M. Lerner
5 Here We Go Loopedy Loop: A Brief History of Time Travel (Part II) Edward M. Lerner
1 The Quest for the 2:00 Marathon Richard A. Lovett
2 Alien Archaeology: Searching for the Fingerprint of Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations Michael Carroll
3 Sustainability Lab 101: Cuba as a Simulation of Possible Futures Stanley Schmidt
4 Fatal Starlight Paul Fisher
5 Rendezvous with a Comet: How ESA's Rosetta Mission Is Decoding Ancient Planetary Mysteries Richard A. Lovett
1 In Defense of the Planet Marianne Dyson
2 Hell is Other Planets Julie Novakova
3 Alien Biochemistry: Embracing the Carbon Chauvinist Jay Werkheiser
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* Taming the Genie: How Fear of the Atom Threatens Our Future C. Stuart Hardwick
* The Science Behind The Quantum Magician
Derek Künsken?Derek Kunsken
Derek Kuensken
1 The Venus Sweet Spot: Floating Home John J. Vester
2 Do We Still Need NASA? The Agency and Its Future in the Era of Commercial Space C. Stuart Hardwick
3 Building a Gravitational Wave Transmitter Gregory Benford and Albert Jackson
1 Space Dust: How an Asteroid Altered Life on Earth...Millions of Years Before the Dinosaurs Richard A. Lovett
2 Veiling the Earth Gregory Benford
3 Big Smart Objects Gregory Benford and Larry Niven
1 Constructing a Habitable Planet Julie Novakova
2 Possible Signs of Life on Venus David L. Clements
3 Return to the Golden Age: Why Venus Might Actually Once Have Been Habitable Richard A. Lovett
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