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Award Category: Best Fantasy Novel (Locus Poll Award)

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1 The Silmarillion J. R. R. Tolkien
2 Our Lady of Darkness Fritz Leiber
3 The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Stephen R. Donaldson
4 The Shining Stephen King
5 The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks
6 Sword of the Demon Richard A. Lupoff
7 Heir of Sea and Fire Patricia A. McKillip
8 The Book of Merlyn T. H. White
9 A Spell for Chameleon Piers Anthony
10 The Grey Mane of Morning Joy Chant
11 Cry Silver Bells Thomas Burnett Swann
12 Trey of Swords Andre Norton
13 Queens Walk in the Dusk Thomas Burnett Swann
14 Silver on the Tree Susan Cooper
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* No Award Given This Year -
1 Harpist in the Wind Patricia A. McKillip
2 The Dead Zone Stephen King
3 Tales of Nevèrÿon Samuel R. Delany
4 Castle Roogna Piers Anthony
5 The Merman's Children Poul Anderson
6 Fires of Azeroth C. J. Cherryh
7 Watchtower Elizabeth A. Lynn
8 The Last Enchantment Mary Stewart
9 Malafrena Ursula K. Le Guin
10 Death's Master Tanith Lee
11 The Palace Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
12 The Dancers of Arun Elizabeth A. Lynn
13 Kindred Octavia E. Butler
14 Daughter of the Bright Moon Lynn Abbey
15 The Door Into Fire Diane Duane
16 Sorcerer's Son Phyllis Eisenstein
17 The Drawing of the Dark Tim Powers
1 Lord Valentine's Castle Robert Silverberg
2 The Shadow of the Torturer Gene Wolfe
3 The Wounded Land Stephen R. Donaldson
4 Changeling Roger Zelazny
5 The Northern Girl Elizabeth A. Lynn
6 Split Infinity Piers Anthony
7 The Beginning Place Ursula K. Le Guin
8 The Vampire Tapestry Suzy McKee Charnas
9 Shadowland Peter Straub
10 The Mist Stephen King
11 Ariosto Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
12 Kill the Dead Tanith Lee
13 Thorn Fred Saberhagen
14 Sabella or The Blood Stone Tanith Lee
15 After Dark Manly Wade Wellman
16 A Storm of Wings M. John Harrison
17 The Orphan Robert Stallman
18 Duncton Wood William Horwood
19 All Darkness Met Glen Cook
20 Firelord Parke Godwin
20 Necropolis Basil Copper
22 Master of the Five Magics Lyndon Hardy
1 The Claw of the Conciliator Gene Wolfe
2 Little, Big John Crowley
3 The Changing Land Roger Zelazny
4 The War Hound and the World's Pain Michael Moorcock
5 The Captive Robert Stallman
6 Camber the Heretic Katherine Kurtz
7 The Keep F. Paul Wilson
8 Horn Crown Andre Norton
9 A Sense of Shadow Kate Wilhelm
10 Lycanthia, or The Children of Wolves Tanith Lee
11 Path of the Eclipse Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
12 Delusion's Master Tanith Lee
13 Peregrine: Secundus Avram Davidson
14 Kingdom of Summer Gillian Bradshaw
15 Esbae: A Winter's Tale Linda Haldeman
16 Behind the Wind Patricia Wrightson
17 The Sable Moon Nancy Springer
18 Madwand Roger Zelazny
19 Gryphon in Glory Andre Norton
20 Too Long a Sacrifice Mildred Downey Broxon
21 Cujo Stephen King
22 Blue Adept Piers Anthony
1 The Sword of the Lictor Gene Wolfe
2 The Citadel of the Autarch Gene Wolfe
3 Fevre Dream George R. R. Martin
4 The One Tree Stephen R. Donaldson
5 The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Philip K. Dick
6 Ogre, Ogre Piers Anthony
7 Tempting Fate Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
8 Centaur Aisle Piers Anthony
9 Juxtaposition Piers Anthony
10 Oh, Susannah! Kate Wilhelm
11 Pawn of Prophecy David Eddings
12 The Elfstones of Shannara Terry Brooks
13 The Black Beast Nancy Springer
14 The Swordbearer Glen Cook
15 In Winter's Shadow Gillian Bradshaw
16 In Viriconium M. John Harrison
17 The Delicate Dependency Michael Talbot
18 The Blue Sword Robin McKinley
19 The Bloodwind Charles L. Grant
1 The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley
2 The Anubis Gates Tim Powers
3 The Armageddon Rag George R. R. Martin
4 Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden Jack Vance
5 White Gold Wielder Stephen R. Donaldson
6 Christine Stephen King
7 Pet Sematary Stephen King
8 The Dreamstone C. J. Cherryh
9 Damiano R. A. MacAvoy
10 Neveryóna or: The Tale of Signs and Cities Samuel R. Delany
11 Dragon on a Pedestal Piers Anthony
12 Hart's Hope Orson Scott Card
13 Cugel's Saga Jack Vance
13 The Sword of Winter Marta Randall
15 Tea with the Black Dragon R. A. MacAvoy
16 Magician's Gambit David Eddings
17 The Tree of Swords and Jewels C. J. Cherryh
18 On a Pale Horse Piers Anthony
19 Floating Dragon Peter Straub
20 The Neverending Story (translation of Die unendliche Geschichte) Michael Ende
21 Anackire Tanith Lee
22 The Dragon Waiting John M. Ford
23 Sung in Shadow Tanith Lee
24 'Ware Hawk Andre Norton
25 The Silent Gondoliers William Goldman
26 The Sword Is Forged Evangeline Walton
1 Job: A Comedy of Justice Robert A. Heinlein
2 Damiano's Lute R. A. MacAvoy
3 Raphael R. A. MacAvoy
4 The Talisman Stephen King and Peter Straub
5 The Infinity Concerto Greg Bear
6 Gilgamesh the King Robert Silverberg
7 The Ladies of Mandrigyn Barbara Hambly
8 Enchanters' End Game David Eddings
9 The Businessman: A Tale of Terror Thomas M. Disch
10 Bearing an Hourglass Piers Anthony
11 Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn Piers Anthony
12 Castle of Wizardry David Eddings
13 Mythago Wood Robert Holdstock
14 Who Made Stevie Crye? Michael Bishop
15 Vampire Junction S. P. Somtow
16 Cards of Grief Jane Yolen
17 The Hero and the Crown Robin McKinley
18 Maia Richard Adams
19 Nights at the Circus Angela Carter
20 Brisingamen Diana L. Paxson
21 Moonheart Charles de Lint
22 The Third Book of Swords Fred Saberhagen
23 Fire and Hemlock Diana Wynne Jones
24 Half a Sky R. A. Lafferty
25 The Ceremonies T. E. D. Klein
26 The Bishop's Heir Katherine Kurtz
27 The Beggar Queen Lloyd Alexander
1 Trumps of Doom Roger Zelazny
2 The Book of Kells R. A. MacAvoy
3 Dragonsbane Barbara Hambly
4 The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice
5 Lyonesse: The Green Pearl Jack Vance
6 The King's Justice Katherine Kurtz
7 The Summer Tree Guy Gavriel Kay
8 The Dream Years Lisa Goldstein
9 With a Tangled Skein Piers Anthony
10 Dark of the Moon P. C. Hodgell
11 Silverthorn Raymond E. Feist
12 Mulengro: A Romany Tale Charles de Lint
13 Lovecraft's Book Richard A. Lupoff
14 Brokedown Palace Steven Brust
15 The Damnation Game Clive Barker
16 The Wishsong of Shannara Terry Brooks
17 Wizard of the Pigeons Megan Lindholm
18 In Yana, the Touch of Undying Michael Shea
19 The Last Rainbow Parke Godwin
20 Things Invisible to See Nancy Willard
21 The Song of Mavin Manyshaped Sheri S. Tepper
22 Wings of Flame Nancy Springer
23 The Bronze King Suzy McKee Charnas
24 Marianne, The Magus, and the Manticore Sheri S. Tepper
1 Soldier of the Mist Gene Wolfe
2 Blood of Amber Roger Zelazny
3 IT Stephen King
4 Godbody Theodore Sturgeon
5 Twisting the Rope R. A. MacAvoy
6 The Folk of the Air Peter S. Beagle
7 The Serpent Mage Greg Bear
8 Wizard of the Pigeons Megan Lindholm
9 The Quest for Saint Camber Katherine Kurtz
10 A Darkness at Sethanon Raymond E. Feist
11 The Mirror of Her Dreams Stephen R. Donaldson
12 The Darkest Road Guy Gavriel Kay
13 Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks
14 Homunculus James P. Blaylock
15 Wielding a Red Sword Piers Anthony
16 The Falling Woman Pat Murphy
17 The Dragon in the Sword Michael Moorcock
18 Jinian Star-Eye Sheri S. Tepper
19 New York By Knight Esther Friesner
20 Roma Mater Karen Anderson and Poul Anderson
21 The Hounds of God Judith Tarr
22 The Unconquered Country: A Life History Geoff Ryman
23 Yarrow: An Autumn Tale Charles de Lint
24 The Hungry Moon Ramsey Campbell
25 Dragonsbane Barbara Hambly
26 A Voice for Princess John Morressy
27 Talking Man Terry Bisson
1 Seventh Son Orson Scott Card
2 On Stranger Tides Tim Powers
3 Sign of Chaos Roger Zelazny
4 Weaveworld Clive Barker
5 Lincoln's Dreams Connie Willis
6 Ægypt John Crowley
7 The Witches of Wenshar Barbara Hambly
8 The Grey Horse R. A. MacAvoy
9 Infernal Devices K. W. Jeter
10 Guardians of the West David Eddings
11 A Man Rides Through Stephen R. Donaldson
12 Being a Green Mother Piers Anthony
13 War for the Oaks Emma Bull
14 Bones of the Moon Jonathan Carroll
15 Swan Song Robert R. McCammon
16 The Drawing of the Three Stephen King
17 Land of Dreams James P. Blaylock
18 Strange Toys Patricia Geary
19 Daughter of the Empire Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
20 The Firebrand Marion Zimmer Bradley
21 Never the Twain Kirk Mitchell
22 Darkspell Katharine Kerr
23 Equal Rites Terry Pratchett
24 The Falling Woman Pat Murphy
1 Red Prophet Orson Scott Card
2 The Paladin C. J. Cherryh
3 There Are Doors Gene Wolfe
4 Unicorn Mountain Michael Bishop
5 King of the Murgos David Eddings
6 The Last Coin James P. Blaylock
7 The Story of the Stone Barry Hughart
8 Greenmantle Charles de Lint
9 Lavondyss Robert Holdstock
10 The Dragonbone Chair Tad Williams
10 Wyvern A. A. Attanasio
12 The Healer's War Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
13 Druid's Blood Esther M. Friesner
14 The White Serpent Tanith Lee
15 Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen
15 Wyrd Sisters Terry Pratchett
17 Who's Afraid of Beowulf? Tom Holt
18 The Changeling Sea Patricia A. McKillip
19 The Reindeer People Megan Lindholm
20 Sleeping in Flame Jonathan Carroll
21 The White Raven Diana L. Paxson
22 Walkabout Woman Michaela Roessner
23 Silk Roads and Shadows Susan Shwartz
24 The Nightingale Kara Dalkey
25 Death in the Spirit House Craig Strete
1 Prentice Alvin Orson Scott Card
2 The Stress of Her Regard Tim Powers
3 Soldier of Arete Gene Wolfe
4 Rusalka C. J. Cherryh
5 Dream Baby Bruce McAllister
6 Lyonesse: Madouc Jack Vance
7 White Jenna Jane Yolen
8 The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
9 Sorceress of Darshiva David Eddings
10 A Child Across the Sky Jonathan Carroll
11 Tourists Lisa Goldstein
12 The Fortress of the Pearl Michael Moorcock
13 The Stone Giant James P. Blaylock
14 Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett
15 Snow White and Rose Red Patricia C. Wrede
16 A Heroine of the World Tanith Lee
17 Marianne, the Matchbox, and the Malachite Mouse Sheri S. Tepper
18 Ars Magica Judith Tarr
19 Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light Tanya Huff
20 Apocalypse Nancy Springer
21 Queen's Gambit Declined Melinda M. Snodgrass
22 Arthur Stephen R. Lawhead
23 The Coachman Rat David Henry Wilson
24 Tours of the Black Clock Steve Erickson
25 The Cockroaches of Stay More Donald Harington
1 Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin
2 Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
3 Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay
4 Only Begotten Daughter James Morrow
5 Thomas the Rhymer Ellen Kushner
6 The Eye of the World Robert Jordan
7 The Blood of Roses Tanith Lee
8 Servant of the Empire Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
9 Drink Down the Moon Charles de Lint
10 Rats and Gargoyles Mary Gentle
11 Ghostwood Charles de Lint
12 Moving Pictures Terry Pratchett
13 Dealing with Dragons Patricia C. Wrede
14 Time and Chance Alan Brennert
15 In Between Dragons Michael Kandel
16 Gossamer Axe
Gaèl Baudino?Gael Baudino
17 Chase the Morning Michael Scott Rohan
18 Castleview Gene Wolfe
1 Beauty Sheri S. Tepper
2 The Little Country Charles de Lint
3 Eight Skilled Gentlemen Barry Hughart
4 King of Morning, Queen of Day Ian McDonald
5 The Rainbow Abyss Barbara Hambly
6 The Hereafter Gang Neal Barrett, Jr.
7 Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett
8 Riverrun S. P. Somtow
9 Outside the Dog Museum Jonathan Carroll
10 King of the Dead R. A. MacAvoy
11 Nothing Sacred Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
12 The Sorceress and the Cygnet Patricia A. McKillip
13 The Revenge of the Rose Michael Moorcock
14 Cloven Hooves Megan Lindholm
15 The Magic Spectacles James P. Blaylock
16 The End-of-Everything Man Tom De Haven
17 Flying Dutch Tom Holt
18 Elsewhere Will Shetterly
19 The White Mists of Power Kristine Kathryn Rusch
20 The Architecture of Desire Mary Gentle
21 Illusion Paula Volsky
1 Last Call Tim Powers
2 The Spirit Ring Lois McMaster Bujold
3 Briar Rose Jane Yolen
4 A Song for Arbonne Guy Gavriel Kay
5 Was (variant of 'Was ... ') Geoff Ryman
6 Winds of Change Mercedes Lackey
7 The Magicians of Night Barbara Hambly
8 The Shadow Rising Robert Jordan
9 Domes of Fire David Eddings
10 Small Gods Terry Pratchett
11 Last Refuge Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
12 The Cutting Edge Dave Duncan
13 A Sudden Wild Magic Diana Wynne Jones
14 The Gypsy Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm
15 Forest of the Night S. P. Somtow
16 Flying in Place Susan Palwick
1 The Innkeeper's Song Peter S. Beagle
2 The Iron Dragon's Daughter Michael Swanwick
3 To Green Angel Tower Tad Williams
4 The Thread That Binds the Bones Nina Kiriki Hoffman
5 Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon Lisa Goldstein
6 The Fires of Heaven Robert Jordan
7 Deerskin Robin McKinley
8 Dog Wizard Barbara Hambly
9 Lord of the Two Lands Judith Tarr
10 The Hollowing Robert Holdstock
11 Faery in Shadow C. J. Cherryh
12 The Porcelain Dove Delia Sherman
13 Winter of the Wolf R. A. MacAvoy
14 The Far Kingdoms Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
15 The Cygnet and the Firebird Patricia A. McKillip
16 The Wizard's Apprentice S. P. Somtow
17 Bones of the Past Holly Lisle
18 Skybowl Melanie Rawn
19 The Robin & the Kestrel Mercedes Lackey
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Night in the Lonesome October Roger Zelazny
* The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump Harry Turtledove
1 Brittle Innings Michael Bishop
2 Towing Jehovah James Morrow
3 Lord of Chaos Robert Jordan
4 Finder Emma Bull
5 Memory and Dream Charles de Lint
6 Love & Sleep John Crowley
7 Five Hundred Years After Steven Brust
8 Storm Warning Mercedes Lackey
9 Larque on the Wing Nancy Springer
10 Summer King, Winter Fool Lisa Goldstein
11 Merlin's Wood Robert Holdstock
12 A College of Magics Caroline Stevermer
13 The Warrior's Tale Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
14 The Forest House Marion Zimmer Bradley
15 Slow Funeral Rebecca Ore
16 Shadow of a Dark Queen Raymond E. Feist
17 Temporary Agency Rachel Pollack
18 Rhinegold Stephan Grundy
19 The Dubious Hills Pamela Dean
20 The Ruins of Ambrai Melanie Rawn
1 Alvin Journeyman Orson Scott Card
2 Waking the Moon Elizabeth Hand
3 Fortress in the Eye of Time C. J. Cherryh
4 The Lions of al-Rassan Guy Gavriel Kay
5 Resurrection Man Sean Stewart
6 The Silent Strength of Stones Nina Kiriki Hoffman
7 The Book of Atrix Wolfe Patricia A. McKillip
8 Blood Michael Moorcock
9 Storm Rising Mercedes Lackey
10 City of Bones Martha Wells
11 Crown of Shadows C. S. Friedman
12 Maskerade Terry Pratchett
13 Zod Wallop William Browning Spencer
14 Assassin's Apprentice Robin Hobb
15 Stone of Tears Terry Goodkind
16 The Tower of Beowulf Parke Godwin
17 A Sorcerer and a Gentleman Elizabeth Willey
18 World Without End Sean Russell
19 Harp of Winds Maggie Furey
1 A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin
2 Lunatics Bradley Denton
3 Winter Rose Patricia A. McKillip
4 Blameless in Abaddon James Morrow
5 Royal Assassin Robin Hobb
6 A Crown of Swords Robert Jordan
7 Feet of Clay Terry Pratchett
8 Nadya Pat Murphy
9 The Prestige Christopher Priest
10 The Wood Wife Terri Windling
11 One for the Morning Glory John Barnes
12 Walking the Labyrinth Lisa Goldstein
13 Ancient Echoes Robert Holdstock
14 Clouds End Sean Stewart
15 Northern Lights Philip Pullman
16 Mother of Winter Barbara Hambly
17 Fair Peril Nancy Springer
18 Blood of the Fold Terry Goodkind
19 Firebird Mercedes Lackey
20 The Golden Key Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson
21 The Dragon and the Unicorn A. A. Attanasio
22 Sea Without a Shore Sean Russell
1 Earthquake Weather Tim Powers
2 Jack Faust Michael Swanwick
3 City on Fire Walter Jon Williams
4 Wizard and Glass Stephen King
5 Assassin's Quest Robin Hobb
6 The Moon and the Sun Vonda N. McIntyre
7 Freedom & Necessity Steven Brust and Emma Bull
8 Trader Charles de Lint
9 The Gift Patrick O'Leary
10 Winter Tides James P. Blaylock
11 The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman
12 Rose Daughter Robin McKinley
13 Dogland Will Shetterly
14 King's Dragon Kate Elliott
15 Lord of the Isles David Drake
16 Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn Robert Holdstock
17 Running with the Demon Terry Brooks
18 The Mines of Behemoth Michael Shea
19 My Soul to Keep Tananarive Due
20 The Night Watch Sean Stewart
21 The Stars Dispose Michaela Roessner
22 The Blackgod J. Gregory Keyes
1 A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin
2 Stardust Neil Gaiman
3 Mockingbird Sean Stewart
4 Heartfire Orson Scott Card
5 Fortress of Eagles C. J. Cherryh
6 Newton's Cannon J. Gregory Keyes
7 Song for the Basilisk Patricia A. McKillip
8 Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay
8 Someplace to Be Flying Charles de Lint
10 Dragon's Winter Elizabeth A. Lynn
11 Prince of Dogs Kate Elliott
12 Dark Lord of Derkholm (variant of The Dark Lord of Derkholm) Diana Wynne Jones
13 The One-Armed Queen Jane Yolen
14 Changer Jane Lindskold
15 Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary Pamela Dean
16 The Gilded Chain Dave Duncan
17 The Innamorati Midori Snyder
18 Bhagavati Kara Dalkey
18 The Book of Knights Yves Meynard
20 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J. K. Rowling
1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling
2 The Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett
3 Fortress of Owls C. J. Cherryh
4 Dark Cities Underground Lisa Goldstein
5 Tamsin Peter S. Beagle
6 The Eternal Footman James Morrow
7 Enchantment Orson Scott Card
8 Mr. X Peter Straub
9 A Calculus of Angels J. Gregory Keyes
10 The Marriage of Sticks Jonathan Carroll
11 Dragonshadow Barbara Hambly
12 A Red Heart of Memories Nina Kiriki Hoffman
13 The Rainy Season James P. Blaylock
14 Black Light Elizabeth Hand
15 The Stars Compel Michaela Roessner
16 The Sub: A Study in Witchcraft Thomas M. Disch
17 Saint Fire Tanith Lee
18 The Wild Swans Peg Kerr
19 Sea Dragon Heir Storm Constantine
20 Rhapsody: Child of Blood Elizabeth Haydon
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* The Garden of the Stone Victoria Strauss
* The Serpent and the Grail A. A. Attanasio
* World's End Mark Chadbourn
1 A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin
2 Declare Tim Powers
3 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman
4 Perdido Street Station China Miéville
5 Ash: A Secret History (variant of A Secret History) Mary Gentle
6 Galveston Sean Stewart
7 Lord of Emperors Guy Gavriel Kay
8 Forests of the Heart Charles de Lint
9 The Truth Terry Pratchett
10 Fortress of Dragons C. J. Cherryh
11 The Tower at Stony Wood Patricia A. McKillip
John Crowley
13 A Kiss of Shadows Laurell K. Hamilton
14 Winter's Heart Robert Jordan
15 White as Snow Tanith Lee
16 Prophecy: Child of Earth Elizabeth Haydon
17 Ship of Destiny Robin Hobb
18 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling
19 Canyons P. D. Cacek
19 King Kelson's Bride Katherine Kurtz
21 Empire of Unreason J. Gregory Keyes
22 Spindle's End Robin McKinley
22 Year of the Griffin Diana Wynne Jones
24 Knight of the Demon Queen Barbara Hambly
25 The Gate of Fire Thomas Harlan
26 The Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* The Crown of Silence (variant of Crown of Silence) Storm Constantine
* Deadhouse Gates Steven Erikson
* Plumage Nancy Springer
* The Angel and the Sword Cecelia Holland
* The Black Chalice Marie Jakober
* The Glass Harmonica Louise Marley
* The Riddled Night Valery Leith
1 American Gods Neil Gaiman
2 The Other Wind Ursula K. Le Guin
3 The Curse of Chalion Lois McMaster Bujold
4 The Wooden Sea Jonathan Carroll
5 Thief of Time Terry Pratchett
6 The Onion Girl Charles de Lint
7 Black House Stephen King and Peter Straub
8 From the Dust Returned Ray Bradbury
9 Sea of Silver Light Tad Williams
10 Fool's Errand Robin Hobb
11 The Dreamthief's Daughter Michael Moorcock
12 Smoking Poppy Graham Joyce
13 Mother of Kings Poul Anderson
14 Coldheart Canyon Clive Barker
15 Lirael Garth Nix
16 Past the Size of Dreaming Nina Kiriki Hoffman
17 The Beyond Jeffrey Ford
18 Kushiel's Dart Jacqueline Carey
19 Bold As Love Gwyneth Jones
20 The House in the High Wood Jeffrey E. Barlough
21 Dead Until Dark Charlaine Harris
22 The Shadows of God J. Gregory Keyes
23 The One Kingdom Sean Russell
24 The Hauntings of Hood Canal Jack Cady
25 Lost Gregory Maguire
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Rebel's Cage Kate Jacoby
* The Wounded Hawk Sara Douglass
1 The Scar China Miéville
2 Night Watch Terry Pratchett
3 A Winter Haunting Dan Simmons
4 White Apples Jonathan Carroll
5 Kushiel's Chosen Jacqueline Carey
6 Lost in a Good Book Jasper Fforde
7 Ombria in Shadow Patricia A. McKillip
8 The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque Jeffrey Ford
9 The Fall of the Kings Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman
10 A Fistful of Sky Nina Kiriki Hoffman
11 The Alchemist's Door Lisa Goldstein
12 Voyage of the Shadowmoon Sean McMullen
13 The Facts of Life Graham Joyce
14 The Iron Grail Robert Holdstock
15 The Isle of Battle Sean Russell
16 A Bed of Earth Tanith Lee
17 The Lady of the Sorrows Cecilia Dart-Thornton
18 Castles Made of Sand Gwyneth Jones
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Child of the Prophecy Juliet Marillier
* Evening's Empire David Herter
* The Book of Splendor Frances Sherwood
1 Paladin of Souls Lois McMaster Bujold
2 Monstrous Regiment Terry Pratchett
3 The Light Ages Ian R. MacLeod
4 Wolves of the Calla Stephen King
5 1610: A Sundial in a Grave Mary Gentle
6 The War of the Flowers Tad Williams
7 The Briar King Greg Keyes
8 Lost Boy, Lost Girl Peter Straub
9 Fool's Fate Robin Hobb
10 The Salt Roads Nalo Hopkinson
11 The Crystal City Orson Scott Card
12 The Skrayling Tree Michael Moorcock
13 The Anvil of the World Kage Baker
14 In the Forests of Serre Patricia A. McKillip
15 Sunshine Robin McKinley
16 Midnight Lamp Gwyneth Jones
17 Mortal Suns Tanith Lee
18 The Night Country Stewart O'Nan
1 Iron Council China Miéville
2 The Knight Gene Wolfe
2 The Wizard Gene Wolfe
3 Going Postal Terry Pratchett
4 Song of Susannah Stephen King
5 The Family Trade Charles Stross
6 Alphabet of Thorn Patricia A. McKillip
7 The Last Light of the Sun Guy Gavriel Kay
8 Perfect Circle Sean Stewart
9 Mortal Love Elizabeth Hand
10 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke
11 In the Night Room Peter Straub
12 A Handbook of American Prayer Lucius Shepard
13 The Charnel Prince Greg Keyes
14 Dead Lines Greg Bear
15 Shadowmarch Tad Williams
16 Glass Dragons Sean McMullen
17 One King, One Soldier Alexander C. Irvine
18 The Last Guardian of Everness John C. Wright
19 Dragon's Treasure Elizabeth A. Lynn
20 Murder of Angels Caitlín R. Kiernan
21 The Witches' Kitchen Cecelia Holland
1 Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman
2 A Feast for Crows George R. R. Martin
3 Thud! Terry Pratchett
4 The Hallowed Hunt Lois McMaster Bujold
5 Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town Cory Doctorow
6 The Hidden Family Charles Stross
7 A Princess of Roumania Paul Park
8 Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land John Crowley
9 Fledgling Octavia E. Butler
10 Shaman's Crossing Robin Hobb
11 Od Magic Patricia A. McKillip
12 Glass Soup Jonathan Carroll
13 The House of Storms Ian R. MacLeod
14 The Limits of Enchantment Graham Joyce
15 Snake Agent Liz Williams
16 The Narrows Alexander C. Irvine
17 Knife of Dreams Robert Jordan
18 Orphans of Chaos John C. Wright
1 The Privilege of the Sword Ellen Kushner
2 The Jennifer Morgue Charles Stross
3 Soldier of Sidon Gene Wolfe
4 Three Days to Never Tim Powers
5 The Last Witchfinder James Morrow
6 Shriek: An Afterword Jeff VanderMeer
7 Solstice Wood Patricia A. McKillip
8 Forest Mage Robin Hobb
9 The Vengeance of Rome Michael Moorcock
10 Lisey's Story Stephen King
11 The Thousandfold Thought R. Scott Bakker
11 The Tourmaline Paul Park
13 The Brief History of the Dead Kevin Brockmeier
14 The Blood Knight Greg Keyes
15 Trial of Flowers Jay Lake
16 The Demon and the City Liz Williams
17 The Virtu Sarah Monette
18 Fugitives of Chaos John C. Wright
19 Ilario: The Lion's Eye Mary Gentle
20 Majestrum Matthew Hughes
21 Black Powder War Naomi Novik
21 Temeraire Naomi Novik
21 Throne of Jade Naomi Novik
22 The Lies of Locke Lamora Scott Lynch
1 Making Money Terry Pratchett
2 Ysabel Guy Gavriel Kay
3 Pirate Freedom Gene Wolfe
4 Territory Emma Bull
5 Endless Things John Crowley
6 The White Tyger Paul Park
7 Softspoken Lucius Shepard
8 Ink Hal Duncan
9 In the Cities of Coin and Spice Catherynne M. Valente
10 Whiskey and Water Elizabeth Bear
11 The New Moon's Arms Nalo Hopkinson
12 A Betrayal in Winter Daniel Abraham
13 The Secret History of Moscow Ekaterina Sedia
14 Titans of Chaos John C. Wright
15 Daughter of Hounds Caitlín R. Kiernan
16 The Spiral Labyrinth Matthew Hughes
17 The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss
18 Blood Engines Tim Pratt
19 Bone Song John Meaney
1 Lavinia Ursula K. Le Guin
2 The Dragons of Babel Michael Swanwick
3 An Evil Guest Gene Wolfe
4 The Shadow Year Jeffrey Ford
5 The Bell at Sealey Head Patricia A. McKillip
6 An Autumn War Daniel Abraham
7 The Knights of the Cornerstone James P. Blaylock
8 The Hidden World Paul Park
9 Lord Tophet Gregory Frost
9 Shadowbridge Gregory Frost
10 The Alchemy of Stone Ekaterina Sedia
11 The Ghost in Love Jonathan Carroll
12 The Enchantress of Florence Salman Rushdie
13 The Love We Share Without Knowing Christopher Barzak
14 Memoirs of a Master Forger William Heaney
15 The Engine's Child Holly Phillips
16 Varanger Cecelia Holland
1 The City & The City China Miéville
2 Unseen Academicals Terry Pratchett
3 Drood Dan Simmons
4 Palimpsest Catherynne M. Valente
5 Finch Jeff VanderMeer
6 Green Jay Lake
7 The Revolution Business Charles Stross
8 Canticle Ken Scholes
9 Avilion Robert Holdstock
10 Lifelode Jo Walton
11 The Price of Spring Daniel Abraham
12 The Red Tree Caitlín R. Kiernan
13 Cloud & Ashes: Three Winter's Tales Greer Gilman
14 Madness of Flowers Jay Lake
15 The High City Cecelia Holland
16 Audrey's Door Sarah Langan
17 Spell Games T. A. Pratt
18 Dragon in Chains Daniel Fox (pseudonym)
19 Gears of the City Felix Gilman
20 Last Days Brian Evenson
21 In Great Waters Kit Whitfield
22 The Painting and the City Robert Freeman Wexler
1 Kraken: An Anatomy China Miéville
2 Under Heaven Guy Gavriel Kay
3 The Fuller Memorandum Charles Stross
4 The Sorcerer's House Gene Wolfe
5 Who Fears Death Nnedi Okorafor
6 The Bards of Bone Plain Patricia A. McKillip
7 The Habitation of the Blessed Catherynne M. Valente
8 Horns Joe Hill
9 The Bird of the River Kage Baker
10 A Dark Matter Peter Straub
11 Zoo City Lauren Beukes
12 Changeless Gail Carriger
13 Shades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron Jasper Fforde
14 The Half-Made World Felix Gilman
15 The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet David Mitchell
16 The Desert Spear Peter V. Brett
17 Hespira Matthew Hughes
18 The House of Discarded Dreams Ekaterina Sedia
19 The Wolf Age James Enge
20 The Folding Knife K. J. Parker
21 Jade Man's Skin Daniel Fox (pseudonym)
22 Kings of the North Cecelia Holland
23 The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson
24 A Matter of Blood Sarah Pinborough
1 A Dance with Dragons George R. R. Martin
2 Among Others Jo Walton
3 Snuff Terry Pratchett
4 The Wise Man's Fear Patrick Rothfuss
5 Deathless Catherynne M. Valente
6 The Kingdom of Gods N. K. Jemisin
7 The Magician King Lev Grossman
8 The Heroes Joe Abercrombie
9 The Folded World Catherynne M. Valente
10 The Cold Commands Richard K. Morgan
11 Raising Stony Mayhall Daryl Gregory
12 The Uncertain Places Lisa Goldstein
13 Redwood and Wildfire Andrea Hairston
14 Heartless Gail Carriger
15 Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the D'Urbervilles Kim Newman
16 The Dragon's Path Daniel Abraham
17 The Alchemists of Kush Minister Faust
18 Mr. Fox Helen Oyeyemi
19 Briarpatch Tim Pratt
20 The Fallen Blade Jon Courtenay Grimwood
21 The Hammer K. J. Parker
22 Mistification Kaaron Warren
1 The Apocalypse Codex Charles Stross
2 The Drowning Girl Caitlín R. Kiernan
3 Hide Me Among the Graves Tim Powers
4 The Killing Moon N. K. Jemisin
5 Glamour in Glass Mary Robinette Kowal
6 Red Country Joe Abercrombie
7 Some Kind of Fairy Tale Graham Joyce
8 The King's Blood Daniel Abraham
9 Whispers Under Ground Ben Aaronovitch
10 Worldsoul Liz Williams
11 The Mirage Matt Ruff
12 Sharps K. J. Parker
13 And Blue Skies from Pain Stina Leicht
14 Bullettime Nick Mamatas
15 The Steel Seraglio Linda Carey and Louise Carey and Mike Carey
16 The Troupe Robert Jackson Bennett
17 Boneland Alan Garner
18 Range of Ghosts Elizabeth Bear
19 Crandolin Anna Tambour
1 The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman
2 NOS4A2 Joe Hill
3 The Republic of Thieves Scott Lynch
4 River of Stars Guy Gavriel Kay
5 Doctor Sleep Stephen King
6 The Shining Girls Lauren Beukes
7 Raising Steam Terry Pratchett
8 Sister Mine Nalo Hopkinson
9 The Land Across Gene Wolfe
10 London Falling Paul Cornell
11 Joyland Stephen King
12 Life After Life Kate Atkinson
13 Blood Oranges Kathleen Tierney
14 The Tyrant's Law Daniel Abraham
15 Cold Steel Kate Elliott
16 Necessary Evil Ian Tregillis
17 The Aylesford Skull James P. Blaylock
18 The Violent Century Lavie Tidhar
19 Johnny Alucard Kim Newman
20 American Elsewhere Robert Jackson Bennett
21 The Year of the Ladybird Graham Joyce
23 Between Two Thorns Emma Newman
24 The Village Sang to the Sea: A Memoir of Magic Bruce McAllister
25 Dead Set Richard Kadrey
1 The Goblin Emperor Katherine Addison
2 City of Stairs Robert Jackson Bennett
3 The Mirror Empire Kameron Hurley
4 Steles of the Sky Elizabeth Bear
5 The Magician's Land Lev Grossman
6 Full Fathom Five Max Gladstone
7 The Girls at the Kingfisher Club Genevieve Valentine
8 Revival Stephen King
9 Beautiful Blood Lucius Shepard
10 California Bones Greg van Eekhout
11 The Widow's House Daniel Abraham
12 A Man Lies Dreaming Lavie Tidhar
13 Hawk Steven Brust
14 The Dark Defiles Richard K. Morgan
15 Bathing the Lion Jonathan Carroll
16 The Bees Laline Paull
17 Heirs of Grace Tim Pratt
18 The Winter Boy Sally Wiener Grotta
19 The Boy Who Drew Monsters Keith Donohue
20 Resurrections Roz Kaveney
21 Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson
1 Uprooted Naomi Novik
2 The Fifth Season N. K. Jemisin
3 Karen Memory Elizabeth Bear
4 The House of Shattered Wings Aliette de Bodard
5 Wylding Hall Elizabeth Hand
6 The Buried Giant Kazuo Ishiguro
7 The Philosopher Kings Jo Walton
8 The Annihilation Score Charles Stross
9 Son of the Black Sword Larry Correia
10 The Aeronaut's Windlass Jim Butcher
11 Foxglove Summer Ben Aaronovitch
12 Slade House David Mitchell
13 Finders Keepers Stephen King
14 Empire Ascendant Kameron Hurley
15 Archivist Wasp Nicole Kornher-Stace
16 Beneath London James P. Blaylock
17 A God in Ruins Kate Atkinson
18 Savages K. J. Parker
19 Killing Pretty Richard Kadrey
20 Pacific Fire Greg van Eekhout
21 The Liminal War Ayize Jama-Everett
22 A Net of Dawn and Bones C. Chancy
23 Nightwise R. S. Belcher
1 All the Birds in the Sky Charlie Jane Anders
2 The Obelisk Gate N. K. Jemisin
3 The Wall of Storms Ken Liu
4 The Nightmare Stacks Charles Stross
5 Children of Earth and Sky Guy Gavriel Kay
6 City of Blades Robert Jackson Bennett
7 The Winged Histories Sofia Samatar
8 The Last Days of New Paris China Miéville
9 Necessity Jo Walton
10 Summerlong Peter S. Beagle
11 Cloudbound Fran Wilde
12 Kingfisher Patricia A. McKillip
13 Four Roads Cross Max Gladstone
14 Medusa's Web Tim Powers
15 Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? Paul Cornell
16 The Spider's War Daniel Abraham
17 The Gradual Christopher Priest
18 An Accident of Stars Foz Meadows
19 Breath of Earth Beth Cato
20 The Perdition Score Richard Kadrey
21 Will Do Magic for Small Change Andrea Hairston
22 Masks and Shadows Stephanie Burgis
23 Nameless Matthew Rossi
24 The Last Mortal Bond Brian Staveley
25 The Regional Office Is Under Attack! Manuel Gonzales
26 The Liberation Ian Tregillis
27 A Shadow All of Light Fred Chappell
27 Heartless Matthew Rossi
1 The Stone Sky N. K. Jemisin
2 The Stone in the Skull Elizabeth Bear
3 Spoonbenders Daryl Gregory
4 The House of Binding Thorns Aliette de Bodard
5 The Delirium Brief Charles Stross
6 Jade City Fonda Lee
7 Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr John Crowley
8 The Ruin of Angels Max Gladstone
9 City of Miracles Robert Jackson Bennett
10 Horizon Fran Wilde
11 An Unkindness of Magicians Kat Howard
12 The River Bank Kij Johnson
13 The Heart of What Was Lost Tad Williams
14 Creatures of Will and Temper Molly Tanzer
15 Quillifer Walter Jon Williams
16 The Beautiful Ones Silvia Moreno-Garcia
17 A Tyranny of Queens Foz Meadows
17 Exit West Mohsin Hamid
19 Corpselight Angela Slatter
20 Blackthorne Stina Leicht
1 Spinning Silver Naomi Novik
2 The Mere Wife Maria Dahvana Headley
3 European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman Theodora Goss
4 Foundryside Robert Jackson Bennett
5 Lies Sleeping Ben Aaronovitch
6 The Monster Baru Cormorant Seth Dickinson
7 The Wonder Engine T. Kingfisher
8 Deep Roots Ruthanna Emrys
9 Ahab's Return: or, The Last Voyage Jeffrey Ford
10 Creatures of Want and Ruin Molly Tanzer
11 Summerland Hannu Rajaniemi
12 Frankenstein in Baghdad (translation of
فرانكشتاين في بغداد?Frānkištāyn fī Baġdād
Fraankishtaayn fii Baghdaad
Ahmed Saadawi
13 Red Waters Rising Laura Anne Gilman
14 The Phoenix Empress K Arsenault Rivera
15 Temper Nicky Drayden
16 Fire Dance Ilana C. Myer
17 Latchkey Nicole Kornher-Stace
18 Dreadful Company Vivian Shaw
19 Melmoth Sarah Perry
20 Salvation's Fire Justina Robson
1 Middlegame Seanan McGuire
--- Finalists -------
* A Brightness Long Ago Guy Gavriel Kay
* Dead Astronauts Jeff VanderMeer
* Gods of Jade and Shadow Silvia Moreno-Garcia
* Jade War Fonda Lee
* Ninth House Leigh Bardugo
* Storm of Locusts Rebecca Roanhorse
* The Iron Dragon's Mother Michael Swanwick
* The Raven Tower Ann Leckie
* The Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern
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