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Award Category: Best Short Story (Locus Poll Award)

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1 The Day Before the Revolution Ursula K. Le Guin
2 The Hole Man Larry Niven
3 Schwartz Between the Galaxies Robert Silverberg
4 "The Author of the Acacia Seeds" and Other Extracts from the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics (variant of The Author of the Acacia Seeds and Other Extracts from the Journal of the Association of Therolinguistics) Ursula K. Le Guin
5 The Engine at Heartspring's Center Roger Zelazny
6 The Four-Hour Fugue Alfred Bester
7 Cathadonian Odyssey Michael Bishop
8 Enter a Pilgrim Gordon R. Dickson
9 Midnight by the Morphy Watch Fritz Leiber
10 Royal Licorice R. A. Lafferty
11 We Purchased People Frederik Pohl
12 The Stars Below Ursula K. Le Guin
13 Do You Know Dave Wenzel? Fritz Leiber
14 Mysterious Doings in the Metropolitan Museum Fritz Leiber
15 In the House of Double Minds Robert Silverberg
16 The Mountains of Sunset, the Mountains of Dawn Vonda N. McIntyre
17 Willowisp Joseph F. Pumilia
18 Enjoy, Enjoy Frederik Pohl
19 Mute Inglorious Tam C. M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl
1 Croatoan Harlan Ellison
2 The Mother Trip Frederik Pohl
3 Child of All Ages P. J. Plauger
4 Sail the Tide of Mourning Richard A. Lupoff
5 Doing Lennon Gregory Benford
6 Sierra Maestra Norman Spinrad
7 Rogue Tomato Michael Bishop
8 Anniversary Project Joe Haldeman
9 Beyond Grayworld Gregory Benford
10 Find the Lady Nicholas Fisk
11 Catch That Zeppelin! Fritz Leiber
12 All the Charms of Sycorax Alan Brennert
13 Clay Suburb Robert F. Young
14 Shatterday Harlan Ellison
1 Tricentennial Joe Haldeman
2 I See You Damon Knight
3 Custom Fitting James White
4 The Death of Princes Fritz Leiber
5 A Crowd of Shadows Charles L. Grant
6 Seeing Harlan Ellison
7 Paradise Beach Richard Cowper
8 This Tower of Ashes George R. R. Martin
9 Mary Margaret Road-Grader Howard Waldrop
10 Appearance of Life Brian W. Aldiss
11 From A to Z, in the Chocolate Alphabet Harlan Ellison
12 The Never-Ending Western Movie Robert Sheckley
13 Stone Circle Lisa Tuttle
14 An Infinite Summer Christopher Priest
15 The Con Artist P. J. Plauger
1 Count the Clock That Tells the Time Harlan Ellison
2 View from a Height Joan D. Vinge
3 Stone Edward Bryant
4 Virra Terry Carr
5 A Hiss of Dragon Gregory Benford and Marc Laidlaw
6 Cassandra C. J. Cherryh
7 Drink Me, Francesca Richard Cowper
8 A Thousand Deaths Orson Scott Card
9 SQ Ursula K. Le Guin
9 Whores Christopher Priest
11 The Very Slow Time Machine Ian Watson
12 Gotcha! Ray Bradbury
13 A Quiet Revolution for Death Jack Dann
1 The Way of Cross and Dragon George R. R. Martin
2 giANTS Edward Bryant
3 Quietus Orson Scott Card
4 The War Beneath the Tree (variant of War Beneath the Tree) Gene Wolfe
5 Redeemer Gregory Benford
6 Unaccompanied Sonata Orson Scott Card
7 Wave Rider Hilbert Schenck
8 Blood Sisters Joe Haldeman
8 In Trophonius's Cave James P. Girard
10 Daisy, in the Sun Connie Willis
11 The Crate Stephen King
12 Rent Control Walter Tevis
13 The Extraordinary Voyages of Amélie Bertrand Joanna Russ
14 The Exit Door Leads In Philip K. Dick
15 Vernalfest Morning Michael Bishop
16 Red As Blood Tanith Lee
17 The Rooms of Paradise Ian Watson
18 Can These Bones Live? Ted Reynolds
19 All the Birds Come Home to Roost Harlan Ellison
20 "You're Welcome," Said the Robot and Turned to Watch the Snowflakes Alan Ryan
21 The View from Endless Scarp Marta Randall
1 Grotto of the Dancing Deer Clifford D. Simak
2 Bug House Lisa Tuttle
3 Our Lady of the Sauropods Robert Silverberg
4 Window Bob Leman
5 The Last Answer Isaac Asimov
6 The Detective of Dreams Gene Wolfe
7 St. Amy's Tale Orson Scott Card
8 Frozen Journey Philip K. Dick
9 The World Science Fiction Convention of 2080 Ian Watson
10 Prairie Sun Edward Bryant
11 Prime Time Norman Spinrad
12 Secrets of the Heart Charles L. Grant
13 A Sunday Visit with Great-Grandfather Craig Strete
14 Rautavaara's Case Philip K. Dick
15 Men Like Us David Drake
16 Lindsay and the Red City Blues Joe Haldeman
17 The War Beneath the Tree (variant of War Beneath the Tree) Gene Wolfe
18 Child of Darkness P. C. Hodgell
19 The Confession of Hamo Mary C. Pangborn
20 The Fear That Men Call Courage James Patrick Kelly
21 Some of My Best Friends Are Americans François Camoin
22 Antithesis Michael P. Kube-McDowell
23 Spidersong Susan C. Petrey
1 The Pusher John Varley
2 Serpents' Teeth Spider Robinson
3 The Needle Men George R. R. Martin
4 The Only Death in the City C. J. Cherryh
5 Remembering Melody George R. R. Martin
6 The Woman the Unicorn Loved Gene Wolfe
7 Exposures Gregory Benford
8 The Quiet George Florance-Guthridge
9 The Palace at Midnight Robert Silverberg
10 Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile ... S. P. Somtow
11 Executive Clemency Gardner Dozois and Jack C. Haldeman, II
12 The Regulars Robert Silverberg
13 Walk the Ice Mildred Downey Broxon
14 Forever Damon Knight
15 The Shroud Michael McCollum
16 Disciples Gardner Dozois
17 Venice Drowned Kim Stanley Robinson
18 Second Comings - Reasonable Rates Pat Cadigan
19 The Softest Hammer Charles Sheffield
20 The Grown-Up Thomas M. Disch
21 Hinterlands William Gibson
22 The Coming of the Doll Pat Cadigan
23 Mud/Aurora D. D. Storm
24 The Gernsback Continuum William Gibson
25 The Bone Flute Lisa Tuttle
26 Casey's Empire Nancy Kress
27 Altamira Carter Scholz
28 On the Slab Harlan Ellison
1 Sur Ursula K. Le Guin
2 The Boy Who Waterskied to Forever James Tiptree, Jr.
3 Spider Rose Bruce Sterling
4 God's Hooks! Howard Waldrop
5 Melancholy Elephants Spider Robinson
6 Petra Greg Bear
7 A Letter from the Clearys Connie Willis
8 Dr. Bhumbo Singh Avram Davidson
9 The Scourge James White
10 The Man Who Met Picasso Michael Swanwick
11 It Grows on You Stephen King
12 The Sorceress in Spite of Herself Pat Cadigan
12 The Theology of Water Hilbert Schenck
14 The Horror on the #33 Michael Shea
15 Blair House Barry N. Malzberg
16 Ike at the Mike Howard Waldrop
17 Co-Existence David Brin
18 Gianni Robert Silverberg
19 Written in Water Tanith Lee
20 The Garden of the Cognoscenti Michael P. Kube-McDowell
21 Kitemaster Keith Roberts
22 Corridors Barry N. Malzberg
23 The Broken Hoop Pamela Sargent
24 The Comedian Timothy Robert Sullivan
25 Poems to Play in the Piccolo George C. Chesbro
26 The River Styx Runs Upstream Dan Simmons
27 Meet Me at Apogee Bill Johnson
28 What in Solemn Silence Charles L. Grant
1 Beyond the Dead Reef James Tiptree, Jr.
2 The Peacemaker Gardner Dozois
3 Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair Frederik Pohl
4 Servant of the People Frederik Pohl
5 Speech Sounds Octavia E. Butler
6 Spook Bruce Sterling
7 The Geometry of Narrative Hilbert Schenck
8 Wong's Lost and Found Emporium William F. Wu
9 Her Furry Face Leigh Kennedy
10 Brothers Richard Cowper
11 Amanda and the Alien Robert Silverberg
12 Solitario's Eyes Lucius Shepard
13 Needle in a Timestack Robert Silverberg
14 Stone Eggs Kim Stanley Robinson
15 Golden Gate R. A. Lafferty
16 Potential Isaac Asimov
17 Man-Mountain Gentian Howard Waldrop
18 La Ronde Damon Knight
19 Revisions Gordon Eklund
20 Basileus Robert Silverberg
21 The Man Outside O. Niemand
22 $CALL LINK4(CATHY) Cherie Wilkerson
1 Salvador Lucius Shepard
2 The Crystal Spheres David Brin
3 The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything George Alec Effinger
4 A Cabin on the Coast Gene Wolfe
5 Bright Burning Tiger Tanith Lee
6 Ridge Running Kim Stanley Robinson
7 Criticality Frederik Pohl
8 Armageddon Between Sets Edward Bryant
9 The Map Gene Wolfe
10 A Troll and Two Roses Patricia A. McKillip
11 Tourist Trade Robert Silverberg
12 Kitemaster Keith Roberts
13 Dinner Party Gardner Dozois
14 Sunken Gardens Bruce Sterling
15 Bodies Joanna Russ
16 Out of Time Ben Bova
17 At the Embassy Club Elizabeth A. Lynn
18 Fears Pamela Sargent
19 New Rose Hotel William Gibson
20 Heat of Fusion John M. Ford
21 When the Music's Over ... Michael Swanwick
22 Morning Child Gardner Dozois
23 The Affair Robert Silverberg
24 The Gods in Flight Brian W. Aldiss
25 Strangeness, Charm and Spin Kate Wilhelm
26 The Eichmann Variations George Zebrowski
27 On Cannon Beach Marta Randall
28 Helpless, Helpless Howard Waldrop
29 The Scent of Silverdill Richard Cowper
30 Crow James Patrick Kelly
31 Barking Dogs Terence M. Green
1 With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole Harlan Ellison
2 Fermi and Frost Frederik Pohl
3 Snow John Crowley
4 Time's Rub Gregory Benford
5 Dinner in Audoghast Bruce Sterling
6 Mengele Lucius Shepard
7 No Regrets Lisa Tuttle
8 Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Howard Waldrop
9 The Gods of Mars Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
10 "... How My Heart Breaks When I Sing This Song ..." Lucius Shepard
11 Hong's Bluff William F. Wu
12 Tourists Lisa Goldstein
13 Sunrise on Pluto Robert Silverberg
14 Out of All Them Bright Stars Nancy Kress
15 Paper Dragons James P. Blaylock
16 The Transmigration of Philip K. Michael Swanwick
17 Mozart in Mirrorshades Lewis Shiner and Bruce Sterling
18 My Life in the Jungle Jim Aikin
19 The Poplar Street Study Karen Joy Fowler
20 The Great Wall Wayne Wightman
21 The Blind Minotaur Michael Swanwick
21 The War at Home Lewis Shiner
23 The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things Karen Joy Fowler
24 The R Strain Harry Turtledove
25 Heirs of the Perisphere Howard Waldrop
26 The Last Dragon Master A. A. Attanasio
27 The Bob Dylan Tambourine Software & Satori Support Services Consortium, Ltd. Michael Bishop
1 Robot Dreams Isaac Asimov
2 Down and Out in the Year 2000 Kim Stanley Robinson
3 Rat James Patrick Kelly
4 Tangents Greg Bear
5 The Boy Who Plaited Manes Nancy Springer
6 Alien Graffiti (A Personal History of Vagrant Intrusions) Michael Bishop
7 Face Value Karen Joy Fowler
8 Thorn Robert Holdstock
9 Pretty Boy Crossover Pat Cadigan
10 Jeff Beck Lewis Shiner
11 Voyage South from Thousand Willows Lucius Shepard
12 Our Town Kim Stanley Robinson
13 The Lions Are Asleep This Night Howard Waldrop
14 And so to Bed Harry Turtledove
15 Blindsight Robert Silverberg
16 Strangers in Paradise Damon Knight
17 Lo, How an Oak E'er Blooming Suzette Haden Elgin
18 Fair Game Howard Waldrop
19 The Idea Trap George Zebrowski
20 Phone Repairs Nancy Kress
21 Snake-Eyes Tom Maddox
22 Skintwister Paul Di Filippo
23 State of the Art Robert Charles Wilson
24 Sea Change Scott Baker
1 Angel Pat Cadigan
2 The Faithful Companion at Forty Karen Joy Fowler
3 Delta Sly Honey Lucius Shepard
4 In Midst of Life James Tiptree, Jr.
5 The Glassblower's Dragon Lucius Shepard
6 Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers Lawrence Watt-Evans
7 Cassandra's Photographs Lisa Goldstein
8 Forever Yours, Anna Kate Wilhelm
9 Night of the Cooters Howard Waldrop
10 Glass Nancy Kress
11 To Hell with the Stars Jack McDevitt
12 The Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar William S. Burroughs
13 The Pardoner's Tale Robert Silverberg
14 The Little Magic Shop Bruce Sterling
15 Highbrow Neal Barrett, Jr.
16 Schwarzschild Radius Connie Willis
17 Diner Neal Barrett, Jr.
18 The Circular Library of Stones Carol Emshwiller
19 For Thus Do I Remember Carthage Michael Bishop
20 Daemon James Patrick Kelly
21 The Iron Star Robert Silverberg
22 The World Next Door Brad Ferguson
23 Friend's Best Man Jonathan Carroll
24 Lapidary Nights Marta Randall
25 What Bleak Land Robert F. Young
26 Crying in the Rain Tanith Lee
27 Heroics James Patrick Kelly
28 The Alien in the Lake Andrew Weiner
1 Eidolons Harlan Ellison
2 Kirinyaga Mike Resnick
3 Wild, Wild Horses Howard Waldrop
4 The Giving Plague David Brin
5 Youthful Folly Lucius Shepard
6 A Midwinter's Tale Michael Swanwick
7 At the Double Solstice Gregory Benford
8 House of Bones Robert Silverberg
9 Voices of the Kill Thomas M. Disch
10 Our Neural Chernobyl Bruce Sterling
11 Ripples in the Dirac Sea Geoffrey A. Landis
12 The Quiet Monk Jane Yolen
13 The Fort Moxie Branch Jack McDevitt
14 Stairs Neal Barrett, Jr.
15 Slow, Slow Burn George Alec Effinger
16 Last Contact Jack McDevitt
17 Mrs. Shummel Exits a Winner John Kessel
18 Lily Red Karen Joy Fowler
19 The Dead Man's Eyes Robert Silverberg
20 Home Front James Patrick Kelly
21 Moments of Clarity Elissa Malcohn
22 Philippa's Hands Nancy Kress
23 The Circus Horse Amy Bechtel
24 In Memoriam Nancy Kress
25 It Was the Heat Pat Cadigan
26 Stable Strategies for Middle Management Eileen Gunn
27 Dark Night in Toyland Bob Shaw
28 Craps Nancy Kress
29 Dying in Hull David Alexander Smith
30 After the Master Lisa Goldstein
31 Death Is Different Lisa Goldstein
32 The Girl Who Loved Animals Bruce McAllister
33 Transients Carter Scholz
34 The Thing Itself Michael Blumlein
1 Lost Boys Orson Scott Card
2 The Power and the Passion Pat Cadigan
3 Privacy David Brin
4 The Edge of the World Michael Swanwick
5 Boobs Suzy McKee Charnas
6 Dori Bangs Bruce Sterling
7 Dilemma Connie Willis
8 Abe Lincoln in McDonald's James Morrow
9 The Happy Turnip Thomas M. Disch
10 Remaking History Kim Stanley Robinson
11 Bible Stories for Adults, No. 31: The Covenant James Morrow
12 Tales from the Venia Woods Robert Silverberg
13 Mozart on Morphine Gregory Benford
14 Game Night at the Fox and Goose (variant of Game Night at the Fox & Goose) Karen Joy Fowler
15 The Enormous Space J. G. Ballard
16 Computer Friendly Eileen Gunn
17 Soul of the City Michael F. Flynn
18 Unidentified Objects James P. Blaylock
19 The Steel Valentine Joe R. Lansdale
20 Prescience Pat Murphy
21 Alphas Gregory Benford
22 His Powder'd Wig, His Crown of Thornes Marc Laidlaw
23 Mosquito Richard Calder
24 Points of View Kathe Koja
25 Out of Copyright Charles Sheffield
26 Icicle Music Michael Bishop
26 Useful Life Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.
28 "Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty..." He Said. (Page 243) Chet Williamson
28 Malheur Maar Vonda N. McIntyre
30 Steam Engine Time Lewis Shiner
31 Solace Gardner Dozois
32 What Befell Mairiam Algis Budrys
33 Little Worker Paul Di Filippo
34 Kaddish Jack Dann
34 Skin Deep Kathe Koja
1 Bears Discover Fire Terry Bisson
2 Cibola Connie Willis
3 Godspeed Charles Sheffield
4 The First Time K. W. Jeter
5 Zurich Kim Stanley Robinson
6 Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates Pat Murphy
7 Husbands Lisa Tuttle
8 White City Lewis Shiner
9 We See Things Differently Bruce Sterling
10 The Utility Man Robert Reed
11 Axiomatic Greg Egan
12 Missolonghi 1824 John Crowley
13 Designated Hitter Harry Turtledove
14 Lieserl Karen Joy Fowler
15 True Colors Kathe Koja
16 Shore Leave Blacks Nancy Etchemendy
17 Learning to Be Me Greg Egan
18 Midnight News Lisa Goldstein
18 The Cold Cage Ray Aldridge
20 Après Moi Gardner Dozois
21 The Sadness of Detail Jonathan Carroll
22 VRM-547 W. R. Thompson
23 Over Flat Mountain Terry Bisson
24 Arousal Richard Christian Matheson
25 Projects Geoffrey A. Landis
26 Lizard Lust Lisa Tuttle
1 Buffalo John Kessel
2 Daughter Earth James Morrow
3 Vinland the Dream Kim Stanley Robinson
4 In the Late Cretaceous Connie Willis
5 Press Ann Terry Bisson
6 Angels in Love Kathe Koja
7 Division by Zero Ted Chiang
8 Blood Sisters Greg Egan
9 The Dark Karen Joy Fowler
10 Winter Solstice Mike Resnick
11 Dream Cargoes J. G. Ballard
12 Images Joe Haldeman
13 One Perfect Morning, with Jackals Mike Resnick
14 An Outpost of the Empire Robert Silverberg
15 Skinner's Room William Gibson
16 Bright Light, Big City Greg Costikyan
17 True Love K. W. Jeter
18 A Walk in the Sun Geoffrey A. Landis
19 Voices Jack Dann
20 Johnny Come Home Pat Cadigan
21 Dog's Life Martha Soukup
22 Venus Rising on Water Tanith Lee
23 Fidelity Greg Egan
24 Pipes Robert Reed
25 Chui Chai S. P. Somtow
26 Pogrom James Patrick Kelly
1 Even the Queen Connie Willis
2 The Mountain to Mohammed Nancy Kress
3 Graves Joe Haldeman
4 The Last Robot Adam-Troy Castro
5 In Concert Michael Swanwick
6 A Little Night Music Lucius Shepard
6 The Winterberry Nicholas A. DiChario
8 The Lotus and the Spear Mike Resnick
9 The Message from Mars J. G. Ballard
10 In Memoriam Poul Anderson
11 The Hammer of God Arthur C. Clarke
12 The Kennedy Enterprise David Gerrold
13 The Arbitrary Placement of Walls Martha Soukup
14 Fifty Ways to Improve Your Orgasm Pat Cadigan
15 Good Intentions John Varley
16 The Company of Storms Kathe Koja
17 All Vows Esther M. Friesner
18 C-Change Charles Sheffield
19 The Abduction of Bunny Steiner, or a Shameless Lie Thomas M. Disch
20 The Effects of Alienation Howard Waldrop
21 Alfred Lisa Goldstein
21 Steelcollar Worker Vonda N. McIntyre
23 Two Guys from the Future Terry Bisson
24 Planck Zero Stephen Baxter
24 Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies Greg Egan
26 The Rock That Changed Things Ursula K. Le Guin
27 The Round-Eyed Barbarians L. Sprague de Camp
28 The Sound of the River M. Shayne Bell
29 Ship Full of Jews Barry N. Malzberg
1 Close Encounter Connie Willis
2 Mwalimu in the Squared Circle Mike Resnick
3 The Story So Far Martha Soukup
4 The Bone Woman Charles de Lint
5 Martin on a Wednesday Nancy Kress
6 The Battle of Long Island Nancy Kress
7 Feedback Joe Haldeman
8 I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Wood Kathe Koja
9 The Face Ed Gorman
10 Useful Phrases Gene Wolfe
11 Sacred Cow Bruce Sterling
12 The Extra Greg Egan
12 The Good Pup Bridget McKenna
14 The Sri Lanka Position Robert Silverberg
15 The Plot to Save Hitler W. R. Thompson
16 Love Toys of the Gods Pat Cadigan
17 Everything That Rises, Must Converge Michael Armstrong
18 Sinner-Saints Kristine Kathryn Rusch
19 Carriers Brian Stableford
20 "Forever," Said the Duck Jonathan Lethem
20 Sea-Scene, or, Vergil and the Ox-Thrall Avram Davidson
22 Cliffs That Laughed R. A. Lafferty
1 None So Blind Joe Haldeman
2 I Know What You're Thinking Kate Wilhelm
3 Dead Man's Curve Terry Bisson
4 The Changeling's Tale Michael Swanwick
5 Virtual Love Maureen F. McHugh
6 Bible Stories for Adults, No. 20: The Tower James Morrow
7 Mrs. Lincoln's China M. Shayne Bell
8 Unchosen Love Ursula K. Le Guin
9 Manhattan 99 Neal Barrett, Jr.
10 Barnaby in Exile Mike Resnick
11 Understanding Entropy Barry N. Malzberg
12 The Narcissus Plague Lisa Goldstein
13 The Sawing Boys Howard Waldrop
14 Margin of Error Nancy Kress
15 Bloodletting Kate Wilhelm
16 Blinker Jack McDevitt
17 Inspiration Ben Bova
18 Hitler at Nuremberg Barry N. Malzberg
19 Queen of Angels Kathe Koja
20 Jukebox Gifts Dean Wesley Smith
21 The Pandora Probe Jerry Oltion
22 The Mask Michael Swanwick
23 Big Guy James Patrick Kelly
24 The Blood of Angels Stephen Baxter
25 The Fire That Scours Edward Bryant
1 The Lincoln Train Maureen F. McHugh
2 Gossamer Stephen Baxter
3 High Abyss Gregory Benford
4 A Birthday Esther M. Friesner
5 The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker Roger Zelazny
6 Walking Out Michael Swanwick
7 Life on the Moon Tony Daniel
8 The Lens of Time James Gunn
9 There Are No Dead Terry Bisson
10 Olders Ursula K. Le Guin
11 The Day the Aliens Came Robert Sheckley
12 The Age of Innocence Brian Stableford
13 Into the Tunnel! Brian W. Aldiss
14 Home Geoff Ryman
15 Alice's Asteroid G. David Nordley
16 The Beautiful, The Damned Kristine Kathryn Rusch
17 The Promise of God Michael F. Flynn
1 Gone John Crowley
2 Counting Cats in Zanzibar Gene Wolfe
3 The Last Homosexual Paul Park
4 The Dead Michael Swanwick
5 The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective Connie Willis
6 Forget Luck Kate Wilhelm
7 On Sequoia Time Daniel Keys Moran
8 Decency Robert Reed
9 Strings Maureen F. McHugh
10 Appointment in Sinai Ben Bova
11 Community Gardner Dozois
12 A Silurian Tale Steven Utley
13 Columbiad Stephen Baxter
14 Un-Birthday Boy James White
15 Invasion Joanna Russ
16 The Spacetime Pit Stephen Baxter and Eric Brown
17 Breakaway, Backdown James Patrick Kelly
18 First Tuesday Robert Reed
19 Death Do Us Part Robert Silverberg
20 Under Pressure Sarah Zettel
1 Itsy Bitsy Spider James Patrick Kelly
2 Scientifiction Howard Waldrop
3 The 43 Antarean Dynasties Mike Resnick
3 Zemlya Stephen Baxter
5 Get a Grip Paul Park
6 The Wisdom of Old Earth Michael Swanwick
7 On the Inside Robert Silverberg
8 No Planets Strike Gene Wolfe
9 Always True to Thee, in My Fashion Nancy Kress
10 Standing Room Only Karen Joy Fowler
11 The Hand You're Dealt Robert J. Sawyer
12 Glass Earth, Inc. Stephen Baxter
12 Winter Fire Geoffrey A. Landis
14 Gulliver at Home John Kessel
15 An Office Romance Terry Bisson
16 Heart of Whitenesse Howard Waldrop
17 Flash Company Gene Wolfe
18 Orphanogenesis Greg Egan
19 Blooming Ice Robert Reed
1 Maneki Neko Bruce Sterling
2 Radiant Doors Michael Swanwick
3 Mr. Goober's Show Howard Waldrop
4 Moon-Calf Stephen Baxter
5 Dante Dreams Stephen Baxter
6 Wild Minds Michael Swanwick
7 Every Angel Is Terrifying John Kessel
8 First Fire Terry Bisson
9 Whiptail Robert Reed
10 17 Paul J. McAuley
11 The Very Pulse of the Machine Michael Swanwick
12 The Year of the Mouse Norman Spinrad
13 US Howard Waldrop
14 Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation Raphael Carter
15 Microcosmic Dog Michael Swanwick
16 Savior Robert Reed
17 The Stubbornest Broad on Earth Janet Kagan
18 The Wire Continuum Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke
19 Radio Praha Tony Daniel
20 Out of Space, Out of Time David Langford
21 Tiger, Tiger Severna Park
22 Options Hal Clement
23 The Wrapper Gene Wolfe
24 While You Wait Kathy Oltion
1 macs Terry Bisson
2 Ancient Engines Michael Swanwick
3 Scherzo with Tyrannosaur Michael Swanwick
4 Spindrift Stephen Baxter
5 Arthur Sternbach Brings the Curveball to Mars Kim Stanley Robinson
6 People Came from Earth Stephen Baxter
7 The Dynasters: Vol. 1: On the Downs Howard Waldrop
8 Fish in a Barrel Jonathan Carroll
9 Sexual Dimorphism Kim Stanley Robinson
10 Jennifer, Just Before Midnight William Sanders
11 Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz David Marusek
12 Everywhere Geoff Ryman
12 Her Own Private Sitcom Allen Steele
14 Human Bay Robert Reed
15 Smoother Terry Bisson
16 Shiva Barry N. Malzberg
17 Ashes and Tombstones Brian Stableford
18 An Apollo Asteroid Brian W. Aldiss
18 Into the Blue Abyss Geoffrey A. Landis
20 Suicide Coast M. John Harrison
21 Alien TV Paul J. McAuley
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* After the Plague T. Coraghessan Boyle
* At Reparata Jeffrey Ford
* At the Corner of Darwin and Eternity Robert Reed
* Before the Flood Paul J. McAuley
* By Non-Hatred Only W. M. Shockley
* Democritus' Violin G. David Nordley
* Evolution Never Sleeps Elisabeth Malartre
* Freckled Figure
菅浩江?すが ひろえ
Hiroe Suga
* How We Lost the Moon, a True Story by Frank W. Allen Paul J. McAuley
* Hunting Mother Sage Walker
* Kinds of Strangers Sarah Zettel
* Lifework Mary Soon Lee
* Otherness Phillip C. Jennings
* Slow Cold Chick Nalo Hopkinson
* State of Disorder Douglas Smith
* Stealing the Sun Ron Collins
* TCoB Kandis Elliot
* The Girl Detective Kelly Link
* The Girl Who Ate Butterflies M. Rickert
* The View in Nancy's Window Terry Dowling
* Valour Chris Beckett
* Visit the Sins Cory Doctorow
* Written in Blood Chris Lawson
1 The Missing Mass Larry Niven
2 Moon Dogs Michael Swanwick
3 Silver Ghost Stephen Baxter
4 The Royals of Hegn Ursula K. Le Guin
5 Sheena 5 Stephen Baxter
6 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O Michael Swanwick
7 Interstitial Paul J. McAuley
8 Winter Quarters Howard Waldrop
9 The Fantasy Writer's Assistant Jeffrey Ford
10 Lucy Terry Bisson
11 Fenneman's Mouth Andy Duncan
11 The Art of Fugue Charles Sheffield
13 Patient Zero Tananarive Due
14 Our Mortal Span Howard Waldrop
15 The War of the Worlds James P. Blaylock
16 Partial Eclipse Graham Joyce
16 The Mandrake Garden Brian Stableford
18 The Eye in the Heart Tanith Lee
19 Greedy Choke Puppy Nalo Hopkinson
19 The Flyers of Gy: An Interplanetary Tale Ursula K. Le Guin
21 Under the Hill Jane Yolen
22 Reality Check David Brin
23 Madame Bovary, C'est Moi Dan Simmons
24 The Neon Heart Murders M. John Harrison
25 The Reluctant Book Paul Di Filippo
26 Malthusian's Zombie Jeffrey Ford
27 Catching Crumbs from the Table Ted Chiang
27 Fidelity: A Primer Michael Blumlein
29 Snow in Summer Jane Yolen
30 How Beautiful with Banners Michael Bishop
31 The Foster Child William Browning Spencer
32 The Millennium Express Robert Silverberg
33 Steppenpferd Brian W. Aldiss
34 Colours of the Soul Sean McMullen
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Diagram of Rapture James L. Cambias
* A Ghost of an Affair Jane Yolen
* A Serpent in Eden Simon Brown and Alison Tokley
* Antibodies Charles Stross
* Bear Trap Charles Stross
* Birdy Girl Robert Reed
* Chimera 8 Daniel Abraham
* Frank Robert Reed
* Grandma's Jumpman Robert Reed
* Magic, Maples, and Maryanne Robert Sheckley
* Mom and Dad at the Home Front Sherwood Smith
* PauseTime Mary Soon Lee
* The Cure for Everything Severna Park
* The Far Oasis Jeffrey Ford
* The Fire Eggs Darrell Schweitzer
* The Golem Severna Park
* The Last Supper Brian Stableford
* The Rebranding of Billy Bailey Cory Doctorow
* The Sky Tower Barrington J. Bayley
* The Thing About Benny M. Shayne Bell
* The Window
Zoran Živković?Zoran Zivkovic
* Tinkerbell is Dying John Alfred Taylor
* Tuberculosis Bacteria Join UN Joan Slonczewski
* Two Sleepers Ian R. MacLeod
* Upstream James Sallis
* Victims Brian Stableford
1 The Bones of the Earth Ursula K. Le Guin
2 The Dog Said Bow-Wow Michael Swanwick
3 Incognita, Inc. Harlan Ellison
4 The Ghost Pit Stephen Baxter
5 Senator Bilbo Andy Duncan
6 In Glory Like Their Star Gene Wolfe
7 Grey Earth Stephen Baxter
8 Anomalies Gregory Benford
9 Creature Carol Emshwiller
10 The Milk of Human Kindness Brian Stableford
11 Ave de Paso Catherine Asaro
12 Queen Gene Wolfe
13 The Building Ursula K. Le Guin
14 The Shadow Thomas M. Disch
15 Charlie's Angels Terry Bisson
16 Cut Megan Lindholm
16 Unique Visitors James Patrick Kelly
18 His Own Back Yard James P. Blaylock
19 The Honeyed Knot Jeffrey Ford
20 Small Houses James P. Blaylock
21 The Infodict James Van Pelt
22 A Slow Saturday Night at the Surrealist Sporting Club Michael Moorcock
23 Exclusion Daniel Abraham
24 The Black Heart Patrick O'Leary
25 What We Did That Summer Kathe Koja and Barry N. Malzberg
26 The God of Dark Laughter Michael Chabon
27 Little Brother Walter Mosley
28 The Exchange by Nicholas Sporlender, illustrated by Louis Verden Jeff VanderMeer
28 The Ground He Stood On J. R. Dunn
30 Self Portrait, with Melanoma, Final Draft Paul Park
31 Non-Disclosure Agreement Scott Westerfeld
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Aotearoa Cherry Wilder
* As Sweet Daniel Abraham
* Ascent of Man Eric Brown
* Flickering (translation of Scintillements) Ayerdhal
* Green England David Redd
* Interview: On Any Given Day Maureen F. McHugh
* Latency Time Ruth Nestvold
* Marcher Chris Beckett
* Mayhem Tours Michael Kandel
* My Case for Retributive Action Thomas Ligotti
* Our Temporary Supervisor Thomas Ligotti
* Prisoner Exchange Lois Tilton
* Queen of Thieves Michael Thomas
* Refugees from Nulongwe M. Shayne Bell
* Restoring the Balance, 2 Tony Ballantyne
* Russian Vine Simon Ings
* The Carpetmaker's Son (translation of Die Haarteppichknüpfer) Andreas Eschbach
* The Invisible Hand Rolls the Dice Carolyn Ives Gilman
* The Lagan Fishers Terry Dowling
* The Second Question Mat Coward
1 October in the Chair Neil Gaiman
2 Creation Jeffrey Ford
3 Familiar China Miéville
4 The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport Michael Swanwick
5 In Paradise Bruce Sterling
5 The Hunters of Pangaea Stephen Baxter
7 The Hanging Curve Gardner Dozois
8 The Waif Gene Wolfe
9 Social Dreaming of the Frin Ursula K. Le Guin
10 "Hello," Said the Stick Michael Swanwick
11 What I Didn't See Karen Joy Fowler
12 Shields of Mars Gene Wolfe
13 The Seasons of the Ansarac Ursula K. Le Guin
14 Candy Art James Patrick Kelly
15 Her Father's Eyes Kage Baker
16 If Lions Could Speak: Imagining the Alien Paul Park
17 I Saw the Light Terry Bisson
18 Lambing Season Molly Gloss
19 Hunter's Moon Patricia A. McKillip
19 She Sees My Monsters Now Robert Reed
19 The Long Chase Geoffrey A. Landis
22 Droplet Benjamin Rosenbaum
23 Knapsack Poems Eleanor Arnason
24 The Invisible Empire John Kessel
25 Dirty Little War Michael Swanwick
25 The War of the Worldviews James Morrow
27 At Dorado Geoffrey A. Landis
28 Some Other Time Ray Vukcevich
29 Flight Correction Ken Wharton
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Fee, Fie, Foe, et Cetera Gregory Maguire
* Foodstuff Steven Utley
* Geropods Robert Onopa
* Ghost Chocolate Daniel Abraham
* Grubber Neal Barrett, Jr.
* In Father Christmas's Court Tavis Allison
* Incandescent Bliss Howard V. Hendrix
* Leda M. Rickert
* Miles to Go Sheila Finch
* Moira Lois Tilton
* My Flamboyant Grandson George Saunders
* Osmund Considers Timons Esaias
* Tall Tales on the Iron Horse Colin P. Davies
* The Holy Bright Number Andy Duncan
* The Me After the Rock Patrick O'Leary
* The Millennium Party (variant of Millennium Party) Walter Jon Williams
* The Prospect Cards Don Tumasonis
* The Rose in Twelve Petals Theodora Goss
* The Star Watch James Stoddard
* To Become a Warrior Chris Beckett
* Treading the Maze Steven Utley
* What Mattered Was Sleep Patrick O'Leary
1 Closing Time Neil Gaiman
2 Four Short Novels Joe Haldeman
3 Castaway Gene Wolfe
4 The Tale of the Golden Eagle David D. Levine
5 Graylord Man's Last Words Gene Wolfe
6 A Night on the Barbary Coast Kage Baker
7 555 Robert Reed
7 And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Paul Di Filippo
9 Rogue Farm Charles Stross
9 The Hibernators Brian W. Aldiss
11 Calling Your Name Howard Waldrop
12 Flowers from Alice Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross
13 In Fading Suns and Dying Moons John Varley
14 Smoke and Mirrors: Four Scenes from the Post-utopian Future Michael Swanwick
15 June Sixteenth at Anna's Kristine Kathryn Rusch
16 Ancestor Money Maureen F. McHugh
17 Boys Carol Emshwiller
18 D = R x T Howard Waldrop
19 Joe Steele Harry Turtledove
20 The Trentino Kid Jeffrey Ford
21 Deep in the Woods of Grammarie Michael Swanwick
21 Fairy Tale Gardner Dozois
23 The Apocalypse According to Olaf Barth Anderson
24 Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers Cory Doctorow
25 Big Ugly Mama and the Zk Eleanor Arnason
25 Of New Arrivals, Many Johns, and the Music of the Spheres John Kessel
27 Daddy Mention and the Monday Skull Andy Duncan
28 The Beautiful Gelreesh Jeffrey Ford
29 Mother James Patrick Kelly
30 Grey Star Albert E. Cowdrey
30 Wild Thing Charles Coleman Finlay
32 Ej-Es Nancy Kress
33 Birth Days Geoff Ryman
1 Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire Neil Gaiman
2 Pulp Cover Gene Wolfe
3 'Tis the Season China Miéville
4 The Wolf-Man of Alcatraz Howard Waldrop
5 The Annals of Eelin-Ok Jeffrey Ford
6 Faces Joe Haldeman
7 The Last Geek Michael Swanwick
8 My Mother, Dancing Nancy Kress
9 Scout's Honor Terry Bisson
10 The Best Christmas Ever James Patrick Kelly
11 Singing My Sister Down Margo Lanagan
12 All of Us Can Almost ... Carol Emshwiller
13 The Gods of a Lesser Creation William Barton
14 Zora and the Zombie Andy Duncan
15 Luciferase Bruce Sterling
16 Gliders Though They Be Carol Emshwiller
17 The Mission Jack McDevitt
18 Hula Ville James P. Blaylock
19 Strood Neal Asher
20 Synthetic Serendipity Vernor Vinge
21 The Baum Plan for Financial Independence John Kessel
22 Skindancing Liz Williams
23 Oversite Maureen F. McHugh
23 Oversite Maureen F. McHugh
24 Tourism M. John Harrison
25 The Green Glass Sea Ellen Klages
26 Red Hands, Black Hands Chris Roberson
27 Wonderwall Elizabeth Hand
28 Opal Ball Robert Reed
28 The Night Market Holly Black
30 Start the Clock Benjamin Rosenbaum
31 Cold Fires M. Rickert
32 Alone in the House of Mims Barth Anderson
32 Dinosaur Songs Kathleen Ann Goonan
32 Embracing-the-New Benjamin Rosenbaum
35 Zero's Twin A. A. Attanasio
1 Sunbird Neil Gaiman
2 Some Zombie Contingency Plans Kelly Link
3 I Live with You Carol Emshwiller
4 Boatman's Holiday Jeffrey Ford
5 Triceratops Summer Michael Swanwick
6 The Children of Time Stephen Baxter
7 Snowball's Chance Charles Stross
8 Monster Kelly Link
9 Comber Gene Wolfe
10 Angel of Light Joe Haldeman
11 The Great Divorce Kelly Link
12 A Signal from Earth Stephen Baxter
12 The Farmer's Cat Jeff VanderMeer
14 Mason's Rats Neal Asher
15 Helen Remembers The Stork Club Esther M. Friesner
16 The Denial Bruce Sterling
17 Pip and the Fairies Theodora Goss
18 Tk'tk'tk David D. Levine
19 The Two Old Women Kage Baker
20 Giant Land Jeffrey Ford
21 The Second Coming of Charles Darwin James Morrow
22 Best New Horror Joe Hill
23 The Ice-Cream Man James Van Pelt
24 Is There Life After Rehab? Pat Cadigan
25 Twilight States Albert E. Cowdrey
26 Calypso in Berlin Elizabeth Hand
27 A Case of Consilience Ken MacLeod
28 The Fate of Mice Susan Palwick
1 How to Talk to Girls at Parties Neil Gaiman
2 Nano Comes to Clifford Falls Nancy Kress
3 Sob in the Silence Gene Wolfe
4 In the Abyss of Time Stephen Baxter
5 Tin Marsh Michael Swanwick
6 The Way He Does It Jeffrey Ford
7 Impossible Dreams Tim Pratt
8 The American Dead Jay Lake
9 Eight Episodes Robert Reed
10 The Saffron Gatherers Elizabeth Hand
11 Another Word for Map Is Faith Christopher Rowe
12 Killers Carol Emshwiller
12 Killers Carol Emshwiller
13 Chu and the Nants Rudy Rucker
14 The Secret Paths of Rajan Khanna Jeff VanderMeer
15 A Fine Magic Margo Lanagan
16 World of no Return Carol Emshwiller
17 The Cartesian Theater Robert Charles Wilson
17 The House Beyond Your Sky Benjamin Rosenbaum
18 Preemption Charlie Rosenkrantz
19 Taking Good Care of Myself Ian R. MacLeod
20 Under Hell, Over Heaven Margo Lanagan
21 The Age of Ice Liz Williams
22 Cup and Table Tim Pratt
23 Kyle Meets the River Ian McDonald
24 You Have Never Been Here M. Rickert
25 Revelation Albert E. Cowdrey
26 Kin Bruce McAllister
27 Winkie Margo Lanagan
28 To Measure the Earth Jedediah Berry
29 Lighthouse Jack McDevitt and Michael Shara
30 The Small Astral Object Genius James Van Pelt
31 The League of Last Girls Christopher Rowe
32 The Town on Blighted Sea A. M. Dellamonica
1 A Small Room in Koboldtown Michael Swanwick
2 The Last and Only or, Mr. Moscowitz Becomes French Peter S. Beagle
3 Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? Ken MacLeod
4 Tideline Elizabeth Bear
5 Last Contact Stephen Baxter
6 Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse Andy Duncan
7 Art of War Nancy Kress
8 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss Kij Johnson
8 Jesus Christ, Reanimator Ken MacLeod
9 The Dreaming Wind Jeffrey Ford
10 Pirates of the Somali Coast Terry Bisson
11 Barrens Dance Peter S. Beagle
12 The Third Bear Jeff VanderMeer
13 The Drowned Life Jeffrey Ford
14 Always Karen Joy Fowler
15 Artifice and Intelligence Tim Pratt
16 Magic with Thirteen-Year-Old Boys Robert Reed
17 Among Strangers Pat Cadigan
18 Orm the Beautiful Elizabeth Bear
19 Mrs. Zeno's Paradox Ellen Klages
20 Verthandi's Ring Ian McDonald
21 The Ruby Incomparable Kage Baker
22 Memoir of a Deer Woman M. Rickert
23 Osama Phone Home David Marusek
24 Stone and the Librarian William Browning Spencer
25 Sanjeev and Robotwallah Ian McDonald
26 The Manticore Spell Jeffrey Ford
27 Holiday M. Rickert
28 The Lost Boy: A Reporter at Large Maureen F. McHugh
28 Under the Bottom of the Lake Jeffrey Ford
30 Three Days of Rain Holly Phillips
31 Soul Case Nalo Hopkinson
31 Soul Case Nalo Hopkinson
32 By Fools Like Me Nancy Kress
33 Singing of Mount Abora Theodora Goss
34 Fragrant Goddess Paul Park
35 The Lustration Bruce Sterling
36 Electric Rains Kathleen Ann Goonan
37 A Plain Tale from Our Hills Bruce Sterling
38 Graduation Afternoon Stephen King
39 Clockmaker's Requiem Barth Anderson
40 Catherine and the Satyr Theodora Goss
41 Molly and the Red Hat Benjamin Rosenbaum
42 C-Rock City Greg van Eekhout and Jay Lake
1 Exhalation Ted Chiang
2 After the Coup John Scalzi
3 Boojum Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette
4 The Kindness of Strangers Nancy Kress
5 King Pelles the Sure Peter S. Beagle
6 From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled ... Michael Swanwick
7 Private Eye Terry Bisson
9 The Scarecrow's Boy Michael Swanwick
10 Evil Robot Monkey Mary Robinette Kowal
11 A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica (variant of A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antartica) Catherynne M. Valente
12 The Thought War Paul J. McAuley
13 The Goosle Margo Lanagan
14 Fixing Hanover Jeff VanderMeer
15 The Sky That Wraps the World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black Jay Lake
16 Ass-Hat Magic Spider Scott Westerfeld
17 The Dream of Reason Jeffrey Ford
18 Invisible Empire of Ascending Light Ken Scholes
19 The Film-makers of Mars Geoff Ryman
20 The House Left Empty Robert Reed
21 Reader's Guide Lisa Goldstein
22 Fifty Dinosaurs Robert Reed
23 Goblin Music Joan Aiken
24 The Seventh Expression of the Robot General Jeffrey Ford
25 Snatch Me Another Mercurio D. Rivera
1 An Invocation of Incuriosity Neil Gaiman
2 Spar Kij Johnson
3 Useless Things Maureen F. McHugh
4 The Pelican Bar Karen Joy Fowler
5 Going Deep James Patrick Kelly
6 Before My Last Breath Robert Reed
7 Donovan Sent Us Gene Wolfe
8 Narrative of a Beast's Life Cat Rambo
9 The Cinderella Game Kelly Link
10 Blocked Geoff Ryman
11 The Radiant Car Thy Sparrows Drew Catherynne M. Valente
12 A Delicate Architecture Catherynne M. Valente
13 Three Twilight Tales Jo Walton
14 Colliding Branes Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling
15 Escape to Other Worlds with Science Fiction Jo Walton
16 The Motorman's Coat John Kessel
17 Child-Empress of Mars Theodora Goss
18 As Women Fight Sara Genge
18 The Boy Who Cried Wolf Holly Black
20 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Holly Black
21 Ferryman Margo Lanagan
22 Strappado Laird Barron
23 A Story, with Beans Steven Gould
24 Wizard's Apprentice Delia Sherman
25 Dulce Domum Ellen Kushner
26 Edison's Frankenstein Chris Roberson
27 Singing on a Star Ellen Klages
1 The Thing About Cassandra Neil Gaiman
2 The Things Peter Watts
3 Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time Catherynne M. Valente
4 Booth's Ghost Karen Joy Fowler
5 Names for Water Kij Johnson
6 Libertarian Russia Michael Swanwick
7 How to Become a Mars Overlord Catherynne M. Valente
8 For Want of a Nail Mary Robinette Kowal
9 Sleeping Dogs Joe Haldeman
10 A Letter from the Emperor Steve Rasnic Tem
11 The Green Book Amal El-Mohtar
12 The Man with the Knives Ellen Kushner
13 Tonight We Fly Ian McDonald
14 After the Dragon Sarah Monette
15 The Jammie Dodgers and the Adventure of the Leicester Square Screening Cory Doctorow
16 The Taste of Night Pat Cadigan
17 The Exterminator's Want Ad Bruce Sterling
18 Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots Sandra McDonald
19 Sobek Holly Black
20 Elegy for a Young Elk Hannu Rajaniemi
21 Polka Dots and Moonbeams Jeffrey Ford
22 Blue Fire Bruce McAllister
23 Clockwork Fairies Cat Rambo
24 Graffiti in the Library of Babel David Langford
25 A Suitable Present for a Sorcerous Puppet Garth Nix
26 Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain Yoon Ha Lee
27 The Children of Cadmus Ellen Kushner
28 The Cull Robert Reed
29 The Monster's Million Faces Rachel Swirsky
30 The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model Charlie Jane Anders
31 Standard Loneliness Package Charles Yu
32 Fair Ladies Theodora Goss
33 Cold Hands Cassandra Clare
34 Futures in the Memories Market Nina Kiriki Hoffman
35 Love Will Tear Us Apart Alaya Dawn Johnson
36 The Night Train Lavie Tidhar
1 The Case of Death and Honey Neil Gaiman
2 The Paper Menagerie Ken Liu
3 The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees E. Lily Yu
4 The Bread We Eat in Dreams Catherynne M. Valente
5 The Way It Works Out and All Peter S. Beagle
6 "And Weep Like Alexander" Neil Gaiman
7 Tidal Forces Caitlín R. Kiernan
8 The Brave Little Toaster Cory Doctorow
9 The Invasion of Venus Stephen Baxter
10 Valley of the Girls Kelly Link
11 After the Apocalypse Maureen F. McHugh
12 Dolly Elizabeth Bear
13 Attlee and the Long Walk Kage Baker
14 For I Have Lain Me Down on the Stone of Loneliness and I'll Not Be Back Again Michael Swanwick
15 Goodnight Moons Ellen Klages
16 Pug Theodora Goss
17 Ascension Day Alastair Reynolds
18 Daddy Long Legs of the Evening Jeffrey Ford
19 Younger Women Karen Joy Fowler
20 Mulberry Boys Margo Lanagan
21 Smoke City Christopher Barzak
22 The Corpse Painter's Masterpiece M. Rickert
23 The Server and the Dragon Hannu Rajaniemi
24 Slow as a Bullet Andy Duncan
25 The Sandal-Bride Genevieve Valentine
26 Woman Leaves Room Robert Reed
27 Movement Nancy Fulda
28 The Patrician Tansy Rayner Roberts
29 And Go Like This John Crowley
30 Tying Knots Ken Liu
1 Immersion Aliette de Bodard
2 Mono no Aware Ken Liu
3 The Deeps of the Sky Elizabeth Bear
4 Mantis Wives Kij Johnson
5 Elementals Ursula K. Le Guin
6 Great-Grandmother in the Cellar Peter S. Beagle
7 Coming of Age on Barsoom Catherynne M. Valente
8 Blood Drive Jeffrey Ford
9 Valedictorian N. K. Jemisin
10 Scattered Along the River of Heaven Aliette de Bodard
11 Two Houses Kelly Link
12 Goggles (c.1910) Caitlín R. Kiernan
13 A Natural History of Autumn Jeffrey Ford
14 Tyche and the Ants Hannu Rajaniemi
15 Reindeer Mountain Karin Tidbeck
16 One Breath, One Stroke Catherynne M. Valente
17 The Woman Who Fooled Death Five Times Eleanor Arnason
18 Rebecka (translation of Samtal med Rebecka) Karin Tidbeck
19 The Water Thief Alastair Reynolds
20 The Easthound Nalo Hopkinson
21 Antarctica Starts Here Paul McAuley
22 About Fairies Pat Murphy
23 The Education of a Witch Ellen Klages
24 England Under the White Witch Theodora Goss
25 Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream Maria Dahvana Headley
26 Blue Lace Agate Sarah Monette
27 Bricks, Sticks, Straw Gwyneth Jones
28 Nightside on Callisto Linda Nagata
29 Macy Minnot's Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler's Green, the Potter's Garden Paul McAuley
30 In Autotelia M. John Harrison
31 A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight (translation of
百鬼夜行街?Bǎi guǐ yèxíng jiē
Bai gui yexing jie
Xia Jia
32 The Memcordist Lavie Tidhar
33 A Bead of Jasper, Four Small Stones Genevieve Valentine
1 The Road of Needles Caitlín R. Kiernan
2 Some Desperado Joe Abercrombie
3 A Brief History of the Trans-Pacific Tunnel Ken Liu
4 The Science of Herself Karen Joy Fowler
5 The Dead Sea-Bottom Scrolls Howard Waldrop
6 Among Us Robert Reed
7 The She-Wolf's Hidden Grin Michael Swanwick
8 Uncaged Gene Wolfe
9 If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love Rachel Swirsky
10 Night Train to Paris David Gerrold
11 Rosary and Goldenstar Geoff Ryman
12 The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere John Chu
13 Effigy Nights Yoon Ha Lee
14 The Fairy Enterprise Jeffrey Ford
15 The Sounds of Old Earth Matthew Kressel
16 The Wildfires of Antarctica Alan DeNiro
17 Ilse, Who Saw Clearly E. Lily Yu
18 Sing Karin Tidbeck
19 Pathways Nancy Kress
20 The Promise of Space James Patrick Kelly
21 The Master Conjurer Charlie Jane Anders
22 Estella Saves the Village Theodora Goss
23 Soulcatcher James Patrick Kelly
24 Fire Above, Fire Below Garth Nix
25 The Beasts We Want to Be Sam J. Miller
26 The Bees Her Heart, the Hive Her Belly Benjanun Sriduangkaew
1 The Truth About Owls Amal El-Mohtar
2 Covenant Elizabeth Bear
3 Ogres of East Africa Sofia Samatar
4 The Dust Queen Aliette de Bodard
5 In Babelsberg Alastair Reynolds
6 This Chance Planet Elizabeth Bear
7 West to East Jay Lake
8 I Met a Man Who Wasn't There K. J. Parker
9 Invisible Planets Hannu Rajaniemi
10 Passage of Earth Michael Swanwick
11 The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family Usman T. Malik
12 Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying Alice Sola Kim
13 Left Foot, Right Nalo Hopkinson
14 The Unfathomable Sisterhood of Ick Charlie Jane Anders
15 How to Get Back to the Forest Sofia Samatar
16 The Long Haul: From the ANNALS OF TRANSPORTATION, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009 Ken Liu
17 Moriabe's Children Paolo Bacigalupi
18 The Lady and the Fox Kelly Link
19 Someday James Patrick Kelly
20 The Contemporary Foxwife Yoon Ha Lee
21 Amicae Aeternum Ellen Klages
22 Hibbler's Minions Jeffrey Ford
23 The Scrivener Eleanor Arnason
24 The Instructive Tale of the Archaeologist and His Wife Alexander Jablokov
25 Pernicious Romance Robert Reed
26 Combustion Hour Yoon Ha Lee
27 Shay Corsham Worsted Garth Nix
28 Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story Karen Joy Fowler
29 A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide Sarah Pinsker
30 The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile Aliette de Bodard
31 The Tallest Doll in New York City Maria Dahvana Headley
32 Sadness Timons Esaias
33 Cimmeria: From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology Theodora Goss
34 The Walking-Stick Forest Anna Tambour
35 Vladimir Chong Chooses to Die Lavie Tidhar
36 Aberration Genevieve Valentine
1 Cat Pictures Please Naomi Kritzer
2 The Dowager of Bees China Miéville
3 Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers Alyssa Wong
4 Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight Aliette de Bodard
5 Madeleine Amal El-Mohtar
6 Seven Kill Tiger Charles W. Shao
7 Space Raptor Butt Invasion Chuck Tingle
8 The Falls: A Luna Story Ian McDonald
8 The Game of Smash and Recovery Kelly Link
10 City of Ash Paolo Bacigalupi
11 Rates of Change James S. A. Corey
12 Pocosin Ursula Vernon
13 If You Were an Award, My Love S. Harris (I) and Juan Tabo
14 In Blue Lily's Wake Aliette de Bodard
15 Hello, Hello Seanan McGuire
16 The Pyramid of Krakow Michael Swanwick
16 The Winter Wraith Jeffrey Ford
18 The Apartment Dweller's Bestiary Kij Johnson
19 A Murmuration Alastair Reynolds
20 Telling Stories to the Sky Eleanor Arnason
21 The Commuter Thomas A. Mays
22 Today I Am Paul Martin L. Shoemaker
23 The Empress in Her Glory Robert Reed
24 Hold-Time Violations John Chu
25 Asymmetrical Warfare S. R. Algernon
26 Little Sisters Vonda N. McIntyre
27 Wild Honey Paul McAuley
28 The Lily and the Horn Catherynne M. Valente
29 When Your Child Strays from God Sam J. Miller
30 Capitalism in the 22nd Century or A.I.r. Geoff Ryman
31 Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World Caroline M. Yoachim
32 Hairwork Gemma Files
33 Please Undo This Hurt Seth Dickinson
34 Dancy vs. the Pterosaur Caitlín R. Kiernan
35 Two-Year Man Kelly Robson
36 The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill Kelly Robson
37 Calved Sam J. Miller
38 Consolation John Kessel
1 Seasons of Glass and Iron Amal El-Mohtar
2 Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies Brooke Bolander
3 The City Born Great N. K. Jemisin
4 The Story of Kao Yu Peter S. Beagle
5 A Salvaging of Ghosts Aliette de Bodard
6 A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers Alyssa Wong
7 Seven Birthdays Ken Liu
8 That Game We Played During the War Carrie Vaughn
9 Sixteen Questions for Kamala Chatterjee Alastair Reynolds
10 Afrofuturist 419 Nnedi Okorafor
11 Elves of Antarctica Paul McAuley
12 Mika Model Paolo Bacigalupi
13 Things with Beards Sam J. Miller
14 Rager in Space Charlie Jane Anders
15 Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station | Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0 Caroline M. Yoachim
16 Ye Highlands and Ye Lowlands Seanan McGuire
17 Something Happened Here, But We're Not Quite Sure What It Was Paul McAuley
18 Even the Crumbs Were Delicious Daryl Gregory
19 Red Dirt Witch N. K. Jemisin
20 Terminal Lavie Tidhar
21 Because Change Was the Ocean and We Lived by Her Mercy Charlie Jane Anders
22 The Mutants Men Don't See James Alan Gardner
23 The Witch of Orion Waste and the Boy Knight E. Lily Yu
24 The Red Thread Sofia Samatar
25 Not Without Mercy Jeffrey Ford
26 Drowned Lavie Tidhar
26 Whisper Road (Murder Ballad No. 9) Caitlín R. Kiernan
28 The Voice in the Cornfield, the Word Made Flesh Desirina Boskovich
29 Nesters Siobhan Carroll
30 The Line Between the Devil's Teeth (Murder Ballad No. 10) Caitlín R. Kiernan
31 Dispatches from the Cradle: The Hermit - Forty-Eight Hours in the Sea of Massachusetts Ken Liu
32 Shadow's Weave Yoon Ha Lee
33 Ghost Pressure Gemma Files
34 Vulcanization Nisi Shawl
35 The Tale of Mahliya and Mauhub and the White-Footed Gazelle Sofia Samatar
36 Night Journey of the Dragon-Horse (translation of
龙马夜行?Lóngmǎ yèxíng
Longma yexing
Long ma yexing
Xia Jia
37 Only Their Shining Beauty Was Left Fran Wilde
38 Ozymandias Karin Lowachee
39 Left Behind Cat Rambo
39 Webs Mary Anne Mohanraj
41 Under One Roof Sarah Pinsker
42 The Magical Properties of Unicorn Ivory Carlos Hernandez
43 La beauté sans vertu Genevieve Valentine
44 My Body, Herself Carmen Maria Machado
1 The Martian Obelisk Linda Nagata
2 Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™ Rebecca Roanhorse
3 Zen and the Art of Starship Maintenance Tobias S. Buckell
4 Don't Press Charges and I Won't Sue Charlie Jane Anders
5 Fandom for Robots Vina Jie-Min Prasad
6 Starlight Express Michael Swanwick
7 Persephone of the Crows Karen Joy Fowler
8 Dear Sarah Nancy Kress
9 Fire. Elizabeth Hand
10 Carnival Nine Caroline M. Yoachim
11 With Graveyard Weeds and Wolfsbane Seeds Seanan McGuire
12 These Deathless Bones Cassandra Khaw
13 The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom Max Gladstone
14 Sidewalks Maureen McHugh
15 Queen of Dirt Nisi Shawl
16 This Is Our Town John Crowley
17 Run, Rabbit Angela Slatter
18 Worrity, Worrity Andy Duncan
19 Witch Hazel Jeffrey Ford
20 Shoggoths in Traffic Tobias S. Buckell
21 The Old Dispensation Lavie Tidhar
22 The White-Throated Transmigrant E. Lily Yu
23 Mines Eleanor Arnason
24 Waiting Out the End of the World in Patty's Place Cafe Naomi Kritzer
25 I Have Been Drowned in Rain Carrie Vaughn
26 Graverobbing Negress Seeks Employment Eden Royce
27 Probably Still the Chosen One Kelly Barnhill
28 Nine-Tenths of the Law Molly Tanzer
29 Paradox Naomi Kritzer
30 Though She Be But Little C. S. E. Cooney
31 The Fortune of Sparrows Usman T. Malik
32 An Evening with Severyn Grimes Rich Larson
33 The Worldless Indrapramit Das
34 Conversations with an Armory Garth Nix
35 Bodies Stacked Like Firewood Sam J. Miller
36 The Whalebone Parrot Darcie Little Badger
1 The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington Phenderson Djèlí Clark
2 STET Sarah Gailey
3 Firelight Ursula K. Le Guin
4 The Storyteller's Replacement N. K. Jemisin
5 Cuisine des Mémoires N. K. Jemisin
6 A Witch's Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium of Portal Fantasies Alix E. Harrow
7 The Starship and the Temple Cat Yoon Ha Lee
8 The Bookcase Expedition Jeffrey Ford
9 The Court Magician Sarah Pinsker
10 Mother of Invention Nnedi Okorafor
11 The Buried Giant Lavie Tidhar
12 A Fall Counts Anywhere Catherynne M. Valente
13 Mother Tongues S. Qiouyi Lu
14 Kindred Peter Watts
15 The Hydraulic Emperor Arkady Martine
16 Ruby, Singing Fran Wilde
17 Meat and Salt and Sparks Rich Larson
18 Cosmic Spring Ken Liu
19 Blessings Naomi Novik
20 And Yet A. T. Greenblatt
21 The Blue Fairy's Manifesto Annalee Newitz
22 You Can Make a Dinosaur, But You Can't Help Me K. M. Szpara
23 Work Shadow/Shadow Work Madeline Ashby
24 The Heart of Owl Abbas Kathleen Jennings
25 What Gentle Women Dare Kelly Robson
26 You Pretend Like You Never Met Me, and I'll Pretend Like I Never Met You Maria Dahvana Headley
27 Field Biology of the Wee Fairies Naomi Kritzer
28 Waterbirds G. V. Anderson
29 Down Where Sound Comes Blunt G. V. Anderson
30 Yard Dog Tade Thompson
31 The Starfish Girl (variant of "The Starfish Girl") Maureen McHugh
32 Flow Marissa Lingen
33 A Portrait of Salai Hannu Rajaniemi
34 The War of Light and Shadow, in Five Dishes Siobhan Carroll
1 The Bookstore at the End of America Charlie Jane Anders
--- Finalists -------
* A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy Rebecca Roanhorse
* A Catalog of Storms Fran Wilde
* Fisher-Bird T. Kingfisher
* I (28M) Created a Deepfake Girlfriend and Now My Parents Think We're Getting Married Fonda Lee
* It's 2059, and the Rich Kids Are Still Winning Ted Chiang
* Lest We Forget Elizabeth Bear
* The Galactic Tourist Industrial Complex Tobias S. Buckell
* The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear Kelly Link
* Thoughts and Prayers Ken Liu
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