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2001 Locus Poll Award

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Best SF Novel
1 The Telling Ursula K. Le Guin
2 Eater Gregory Benford
3 Zeitgeist Bruce Sterling
4 The Coming Joe Haldeman
5 In Green's Jungles Gene Wolfe
6 The Sky Road Ken MacLeod
7 Look to Windward Iain M. Banks
8 Space Stephen Baxter
9 Midnight Robber Nalo Hopkinson
10 Probability Moon Nancy Kress
11 Crescent City Rhapsody Kathleen Ann Goonan
12 The Collapsium Wil McCarthy
13 Marrow Robert Reed
14 The Fountains of Youth Brian Stableford
15 Genesis Poul Anderson
16 The Fresco Sheri S. Tepper
17 Shrine of Stars Paul J. McAuley
18 Ventus Karl Schroeder
19 Candle John Barnes
20 Hunted James Alan Gardner
21 Colony Fleet Susan R. Matthews
22 Revelation Space Alastair Reynolds
23 The Jazz Melissa Scott
23 The Miocene Arrow Sean McMullen
25 Outlaw School Rebecca Ore
26 Mars Crossing Geoffrey A. Landis
27 Distance Haze Jamil Nasir
28 Ashes of Victory David Weber
29 Infinity Beach Jack McDevitt
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* The Memory of Fire George Foy
Best Fantasy Novel
1 A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin
2 Declare Tim Powers
3 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman
4 Perdido Street Station China Miéville
5 Ash: A Secret History (variant of A Secret History) Mary Gentle
6 Galveston Sean Stewart
7 Lord of Emperors Guy Gavriel Kay
8 Forests of the Heart Charles de Lint
9 The Truth Terry Pratchett
10 Fortress of Dragons C. J. Cherryh
11 The Tower at Stony Wood Patricia A. McKillip
John Crowley
13 A Kiss of Shadows Laurell K. Hamilton
14 Winter's Heart Robert Jordan
15 White as Snow Tanith Lee
16 Prophecy: Child of Earth Elizabeth Haydon
17 Ship of Destiny Robin Hobb
18 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling
19 Canyons P. D. Cacek
19 King Kelson's Bride Katherine Kurtz
21 Empire of Unreason J. Gregory Keyes
22 Spindle's End Robin McKinley
22 Year of the Griffin Diana Wynne Jones
24 Knight of the Demon Queen Barbara Hambly
25 The Gate of Fire Thomas Harlan
26 The Grand Ellipse Paula Volsky
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* The Crown of Silence (variant of Crown of Silence) Storm Constantine
* Deadhouse Gates Steven Erikson
* Plumage Nancy Springer
* The Angel and the Sword Cecelia Holland
* The Black Chalice Marie Jakober
* The Glass Harmonica Louise Marley
* The Riddled Night Valery Leith
Best Horror/Dark Fantasy Novel
--- Not on ballot -- Insufficient Nominations -------
* Category Cancelled - Horror Novel Folded into Fantasy Novel category -
Best First Novel
1 Mars Crossing Geoffrey A. Landis
2 Revelation Space Alastair Reynolds
3 Ceres Storm David Herter
4 Wheelers Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart
5 House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski
6 Daughter of the Forest Juliet Marillier
7 The King's Peace Jo Walton
8 Salt Adam Roberts
9 The Glasswrights' Apprentice Mindy L. Klasky
10 Soulsaver James A. Stevens
11 Growing Wings Laurel Winter
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Fire Bringer David Clement-Davies
* The Princess of Dhagabad Anna Kashina
* The Wind Singer William Nicholson
Best Novella
1 Radiant Green Star Lucius Shepard
2 Oracle Greg Egan
3 Path of the Dragon George R. R. Martin
4 Seventy-Two Letters Ted Chiang
5 Blue Kansas Sky Michael Bishop
6 Savior Nancy Kress
7 Fly-By-Night Larry Niven
8 The Ultimate Earth Jack Williamson
9 Reality Dust Stephen Baxter
10 One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings R. Garcia y Robertson
11 Making History Paul J. McAuley
12 Watching Trees Grow Peter F. Hamilton
13 The Retrieval Artist Kristine Kathryn Rusch
14 Great Wall of Mars Alastair Reynolds
15 The Forest Between the Worlds G. David Nordley
16 Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol Elizabeth Hand
17 Heart of Glass William Barton
18 Crux Albert E. Cowdrey
19 Tendeléo's Story Ian McDonald
20 A Place So Foreign Cory Doctorow
21 The Suspect Genome Peter F. Hamilton
22 Naming of Parts Tim Lebbon
23 The Enclave Lois Tilton
24 To Leuchars Rick Wilber
Best Novelette
1 The Birthday of the World Ursula K. Le Guin
2 On the Orion Line Stephen Baxter
3 Snowball in Hell Brian Stableford
4 Bloody Bunnies Bradley Denton
5 The Elephants of Poznan Orson Scott Card
6 The Other Side James P. Blaylock
7 Lincoln in Frogmore Andy Duncan
8 Merlin's Gun Alastair Reynolds
9 The Rift Paul J. McAuley
10 Primes Lewis Shiner
11 Millennium Babies Kristine Kathryn Rusch
12 Chitty Bang Bang Ian R. MacLeod
13 The Pottawatomie Giant Andy Duncan
14 Feel the Zaz James Patrick Kelly
15 Auspicious Eggs James Morrow
16 Wetlands Preserve Nancy Kress
17 The Cloud Man Eleanor Arnason
18 Bird Herding R. Garcia y Robertson
19 The Juniper Tree John Kessel
20 Open Loops Stephen Baxter
20 The Gulf Robert Reed
22 In Shock Joyce Carol Oates
23 Hideaway Alastair Reynolds
24 The Prophet Ugly Robert Reed
25 Hybrid Robert Reed
26 The Dryad's Wedding Robert Charles Wilson
27 Reef Paul J. McAuley
28 Tenebrio Brian Stableford
29 Chanterelle Brian Stableford
30 The Alien Abduction James L. Cambias
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Colder War Charles Stross
* And Still She Sleeps Greg Costikyan
* Chain of Life Steven Utley
* Going After Bobo Susan Palwick
* Jack Daw's Pack Greer Gilman
* Liberty Spin Keith Brooke
* Milo and Sylvie Eliot Fintushel
* Multim in Parvo Michael Kandel
* Romance in Extended Time Tom Purdom
* Sergeant Mother Glory Tom Purdom
* The Despoblado Steven Utley
* The God of Children Richard Parks
* The Noise of Their Joye Tom Purdom
* The Real World Steven Utley
* The Saltimbanques Terry Dowling
* The True Story of Professor Trabuc and His Remarkable Voyages Aboard the Sonde-Ballon De La Mentalité Jim Cowan
* VTV David Marusek
Best Short Story
1 The Missing Mass Larry Niven
2 Moon Dogs Michael Swanwick
3 Silver Ghost Stephen Baxter
4 The Royals of Hegn Ursula K. Le Guin
5 Sheena 5 Stephen Baxter
6 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O Michael Swanwick
7 Interstitial Paul J. McAuley
8 Winter Quarters Howard Waldrop
9 The Fantasy Writer's Assistant Jeffrey Ford
10 Lucy Terry Bisson
11 Fenneman's Mouth Andy Duncan
11 The Art of Fugue Charles Sheffield
13 Patient Zero Tananarive Due
14 Our Mortal Span Howard Waldrop
15 The War of the Worlds James P. Blaylock
16 Partial Eclipse Graham Joyce
16 The Mandrake Garden Brian Stableford
18 The Eye in the Heart Tanith Lee
19 Greedy Choke Puppy Nalo Hopkinson
19 The Flyers of Gy: An Interplanetary Tale Ursula K. Le Guin
21 Under the Hill Jane Yolen
22 Reality Check David Brin
23 Madame Bovary, C'est Moi Dan Simmons
24 The Neon Heart Murders M. John Harrison
25 The Reluctant Book Paul Di Filippo
26 Malthusian's Zombie Jeffrey Ford
27 Catching Crumbs from the Table Ted Chiang
27 Fidelity: A Primer Michael Blumlein
29 Snow in Summer Jane Yolen
30 How Beautiful with Banners Michael Bishop
31 The Foster Child William Browning Spencer
32 The Millennium Express Robert Silverberg
33 Steppenpferd Brian W. Aldiss
34 Colours of the Soul Sean McMullen
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* A Diagram of Rapture James L. Cambias
* A Ghost of an Affair Jane Yolen
* A Serpent in Eden Simon Brown and Alison Tokley
* Antibodies Charles Stross
* Bear Trap Charles Stross
* Birdy Girl Robert Reed
* Chimera 8 Daniel Abraham
* Frank Robert Reed
* Grandma's Jumpman Robert Reed
* Magic, Maples, and Maryanne Robert Sheckley
* Mom and Dad at the Home Front Sherwood Smith
* PauseTime Mary Soon Lee
* The Cure for Everything Severna Park
* The Far Oasis Jeffrey Ford
* The Fire Eggs Darrell Schweitzer
* The Golem Severna Park
* The Last Supper Brian Stableford
* The Rebranding of Billy Bailey Cory Doctorow
* The Sky Tower Barrington J. Bayley
* The Thing About Benny M. Shayne Bell
* The Window
Zoran Živković?Zoran Zivkovic
* Tinkerbell is Dying John Alfred Taylor
* Tuberculosis Bacteria Join UN Joan Slonczewski
* Two Sleepers Ian R. MacLeod
* Upstream James Sallis
* Victims Brian Stableford
Best Collection
1 Tales of Old Earth Michael Swanwick
2 A Saucer of Loneliness Theodore Sturgeon
3 Telzey Amberdon James H. Schmitz
4 Beluthahatchie and Other Stories Andy Duncan
5 Strange Travelers Gene Wolfe
6 Major Ingredients Eric Frank Russell
7 Blue Kansas Sky Michael Bishop
8 Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories Jane Yolen
9 Worlds Vast and Various Gregory Benford
10 High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale Joe R. Lansdale
11 Music of Many Spheres Hal Clement
12 Sailing to Byzantium Robert Silverberg
13 Triskell Tales: 22 Years of Chapbooks Charles de Lint
14 Moon Dogs Michael Swanwick
15 The Perseids and Other Stories Robert Charles Wilson
16 In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories Terry Bisson
17 Selected Stories Theodore Sturgeon
18 Perpetuity Blues and Other Stories Neal Barrett, Jr.
19 In the Stone House Barry N. Malzberg
20 Magic Terror: Seven Tales Peter Straub
21 Mixed Magics: Four Tales of Chrestomanci Diana Wynne Jones
22 Terminal Visions Richard Paul Russo
23 The Death Artist Dennis Etchison
24 Punktown Jeffrey Thomas
25 Travel Arrangements M. John Harrison
26 Kafka Americana Jonathan Lethem and Carter Scholz
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Blackwater Days Terry Dowling
* Tagging the Moon: Fairy Tales from L.A. S. P. Somtow
* The Collected Strange Stories, Volumes I & II Robert Aickman
Best Anthology
1 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection Gardner Dozois
2 The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Thirteenth Annual Collection Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
3 Year's Best SF 5 David G. Hartwell
4 Vanishing Acts Ellen Datlow
5 Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora Sheree R. Thomas
6 Black Heart, Ivory Bones Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
7 The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 2 Frederik Pohl
8 Nebula Awards Showcase 2000 Gregory Benford
9 The Furthest Horizon: SF Adventures to the Far Future Gardner Dozois
10 Arkham's Masters of Horror: A 60th Anniversary Anthology Retrospective of the First 30 Years of Arkham House Peter Ruber
11 Explorers: SF Adventures to Far Horizons Gardner Dozois
12 October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween Richard Chizmar and Robert Morrish
13 Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science Gregory Benford and George Zebrowski
14 Dark Terrors 5 Stephen Jones and David Sutton
15 Star Colonies Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers
16 Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction Nalo Hopkinson
17 A Wolf at the Door and Other Retold Fairy Tales Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
18 The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: Volume 11 Stephen Jones
19 Foursight Peter Crowther
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Aurora Awards Edo van Belkom
* L. Ron Hubbard Presents the Best of Writers of the Future Algis Budrys
Best Non-Fiction
1 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Stephen King
2 Robert A. Heinlein: A Reader's Companion James Gifford
3 Algernon, Charlie, and I: A Writer's Journey Daniel Keyes
4 Jack Vance: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography A. E. Cunningham
5 Science Fiction Culture Camille Bacon-Smith
6 J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Century Tom Shippey
7 Man of Two Worlds: My Life in Science Fiction and Comics Julius Schwartz and Brian M. Thomsen
8 Lord of a Visible World: An Autobiography in Letters H. P. Lovecraft
9 Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature Andrew M. Butler and Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn
10 The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales Jack Zipes
11 The Strange Case of Edward Gorey Alexander Theroux
12 Critical Theory and Science Fiction Carl Freedman
13 French Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Pulp Fiction: A Guide to Cinema, Television, Radio, Animation, Comic Books and Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present Jean-Marc Lofficier and Randy Lofficier
14 American Science Fiction and the Cold War: Literature and Film David Seed
15 Transrealist Fiction: Writing in the Slipstream of Science Damien Broderick
16 At the Foot of the Story Tree: An Inquiry into the Fiction of Peter Straub Bill Sheehan
17 Vast Alchemies: The Life and Work of Mervyn Peake G. Peter Winnington
Best Art Book
1 Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Arnie Fenner and Cathy Fenner
2 Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It Frank Kelly Freas and Laura Brodian Freas
3 Greetings From Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton Bob Eggleton and Nigel Suckling
4 Horror of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History Robert Weinberg
5 Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History Ron Goulart
6 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon and Jules Verne
7 Inner Visions: The Art of Ron Walotsky Ron Walotsky
8 The Art of Rowena Rowena Morrill and Doris Vallejo
9 Dreams: The Art of Boris Vallejo Boris Vallejo
10 The Frank Collection: A Showcase of the World's Finest Fantastic Art Howard Frank and Jane Frank
11 Vertigo Visions: Artwork from the Cutting Edge of Comics Alisa Kwitney
12 A Cosmic Cornucopia Josh Kirby and David Langford
13 Journeyman: The Art of Chris Moore Stephen Gallagher and Chris Moore
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Mass: The Art of John Harris John Harris and Ron Tiner
* Out of Time: Designs for the Twentieth-Century Future Norman Brosterman
* The Lost Thing Shaun Tan
* The Wonderful Edison Time Machine Toby Bluth and Malcolm Willits
Best Editor
1 ---- Gardner Dozois
2 ---- Ellen Datlow
3 ---- Gordon Van Gelder
4 ---- David G. Hartwell
5 ---- Stanley Schmidt
6 ---- David Pringle
7 ---- Terri Windling
8 ---- Patrick Nielsen Hayden
9 ---- Martin H. Greenberg
10 ---- Scott Edelman
11 ---- Stephen Jones
12 ---- Shawna McCarthy
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* ---- Susan Allison
* ---- James P. Baen
* ---- Jennifer Brehl
* ---- Ginjer Buchanan
* ---- Richard Chizmar
* ---- Andy Cox
* ---- Don D'Auria
* ---- Paul Fraser
* ---- James Frenkel
* ---- Laura Anne Gilman
* ---- Anne Groell
* ---- Jennifer Hershey
* ---- Nalo Hopkinson
* ---- Robert K. J. Killheffer
* ---- Warren Lapine
* ---- Pat LoBrutto
* ---- Edward J. McFadden
* ---- Beth Meacham
* ---- Betsy Mitchell
* ---- Kim Mohan
* ---- Andrew I. Porter
* ---- Charles C. Ryan
* ---- Steve Saffel
* ---- Darrell Schweitzer
* ---- George H. Scithers
* ---- Shelly Shapiro
* ---- Ian Randal Strock
* ---- Sheree R. Thomas
* ---- Toni Weisskopf
* ---- Betsy Wollheim
Best Artist
1 ---- Bob Eggleton
2 ---- Michael Whelan
3 ---- Frank Kelly Freas
4 ---- Jim Burns
5 ---- Thomas Canty
6 ---- Don Maitz
7 ---- Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
8 ---- Boris Vallejo
9 ---- Ron Walotsky
10 ---- Donato Giancola
11 ---- Vincent Di Fate
12 ---- David A. Cherry
13 ---- J. K. Potter
14 ---- Luis Royo
15 ---- Alan M. Clark
16 ---- Frank Frazetta
16 ---- Rowena Morrill
18 ---- Stephen Youll
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* ---- Freddie Baer
* ---- Kent Bash
* ---- Jill Bauman
* ---- Julie Bell
* ---- Rick Berry
* ---- Kinuko Y. Craft
* ---- Brad W. Foster
* ---- Dominic Harman
* ---- John Harris
* ---- Teddy Harvia
* ---- Stephen Hickman
* ---- Nicholas Jainschigg
* ---- Bruce Jensen
* ---- Josh Kirby
* ---- Jody Lee
* ---- Chris Moore
* ---- Cliff Nielsen
* ---- John Jude Palencar
* ---- Gary Ruddell
* ---- Barclay Shaw
* ---- Nick Stathopoulos
* ---- Matthew Stawicki
* ---- Darrell K. Sweet
* ---- Shaun Tan
* ---- Taral Wayne
Best Book Publisher/Imprint
1 ---- Tor
2 ---- HarperCollins/Eos Prism
3 ---- Bantam Spectra
4 ---- Baen
5 ---- Del Rey
6 ---- Ace
7 ---- DAW
8 ---- Golden Gryphon
9 ---- NESFA Press
10 ---- Subterranean Press
11 ---- Voyager
12 ---- Gollancz/Millennium
13 ---- St. Martin's
14 ---- Warner Aspect
15 ---- Roc
16 ---- SF Book Club
17 ---- Cemetery Dance
17 ---- Meisha Merlin
19 ---- Pocket
20 ---- Wildside Press
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* ---- Games Workshop/Black Library
* ---- Greenwood Press
* ---- Harcourt
* ---- Houghton Mifflin
* ---- Scholastic
* ---- White Wolf
* ---- Wizards of the Coast
Best Magazine
1 Asimov's Science Fiction Gardner Dozois
2 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Gordon Van Gelder
3 Analog Science Fiction and Fact Stanley Schmidt
4 Interzone David Pringle
5 Realms of Fantasy Shawna McCarthy
6 The New York Review of Science Fiction Kathryn Cramer and David G. Hartwell and Kevin J. Maroney
7 Cemetery Dance Richard Chizmar
8 Science Fiction Chronicle Andrew I. Porter
9 Science Fiction Age Scott Edelman
10 Weird Tales George H. Scithers and Darrell Schweitzer
11 Science Fiction Weekly ( Scott Edelman
12 Spectrum SF Paul Fraser
13 Ansible David Langford
14 Century Robert K. J. Killheffer and Meg Hamel and Jenna Felice
15 Sci Fiction ( Ellen Datlow
16 Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine Marion Zimmer Bradley
17 Amazing Science Fiction Stories Kim Mohan
18 Aboriginal Science Fiction Charles C. Ryan
--- Nominations Below Cutoff -------
* Absolute Magnitude Warren Lapine
* Altair Robert N. Stephenson
* Artemis Ian Randal Strock
* Aurealis: The Australian Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Paul Higgins and Dirk Strasser
* Challenger Guy H. Lillian III
* Challenging Destiny Unknown-Mags
* Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy G. Byrne
* Extrapolation David M. Hassler
* File 770 Mike Glyer
* Foundation Edward James
* Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts Unknown-Mags
* Mimosa Richard Lynch and Nicki Lynch
* Nova Express Lawrence Person
* On-Spec Jena Snyder
* Plokta Alison Scott and Steve Davies and Mike Scott
* Science-Fiction Studies Arthur B. Evans
* SF Commentary Bruce Gillespie
* SFWA Bulletin SFWA
* Speculations Kent Brewster
* Talebones Patrick Swenson and Honna Swenson
* Tangent Online ( Dave Truesdale and Tobias S. Buckell
* The Third Alternative Andy Cox

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