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2018 Rhysling Award

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Award Years for Rhysling Award

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Grand Master Award
--- Finalists -------
* ---- Ann K. Schwader
* ---- LeRoy Gorman
* ---- David Lunde
Long Poem
1 The Mushroom Hunters Neil Gaiman
2 For Preserves Cassandra Rose Clarke
3 Alternate Genders Mary Soon Lee
--- Finalists -------
* A Cleaner Times Square Vanessa Kittle
* A Dream of Milk and Blood Alessandro Manzetti
* Apocalyptic Mass Alessandro Manzetti
* Atop the Crystal Moon Ashley Dioses
* Castaway John C. Mannone
* Chrysopoeia & Isagoge Saba Syed Razvi
* Commentary Track Troy Jollimore
* DAB3 (MOUNT HERMON, 1998) Sara Saab
* Daunted Mary Soon Lee
* Don't Forget the Tinderbox Jennifer Lynn Krohn
* Four Moons John Philip Johnson
* Frida's Monsters Alessandro Manzetti
* Ghosts of 1816 Clay F. Johnson
* Hot Cislyn Smith
* In the Labyrinth Allan Rozinski
* Instructions for Astronauts Michael Janairo
* Just Rosie Kathleen A. Lawrence
* Kindred Spirit F. J. Bergmann
* Let Me In Tonya Liburd
* Little Red Christina Sng
* Little Red: Morning Sally Rosen Kindred
* Looking Back to the Stars Vince Gotera
* Lotus Moon Mary Soon Lee
* Maintenance Call Ken Poyner
* Masques and Mayhem Jennifer Crow
* Moonlight in the Playground Christina Sng
* O Ippos Mari Ness
* On a Dreamland's Moon Ashley Dioses
* Opposition Night Christina M. Rau
* Pre-Raphaelite Girls Adele Gardner and Delbert R. Gardner
* Protestations Against the Idea of Anglicization Cassandra Khaw
* Quietly, on the way to Mars Bronwyn Lovell
* Rapunzel and Medusa Colleen Anderson
* Romance of Possible Contrasts Alison Rumfitt
* Shards of a Fractured Soul Deborah L. Davitt
* She Dreams of Tigers, or Remembers Jen Giacalone
* Signs That the World Might Be Ending, or Making Pink Lemonade E. E. King
* Size 15W Should Do It Tyree Campbell
* Sons of Fire and Clay Jesse Parent
* Starskin, Sealskin Sara Cleto and Shveta Thakrar
* tha may ask thee sen Paul Brookes
* The Android Who Gave Herself Away Rohinton Daruwala
* The Ballad of the de la Poers Adam Bolivar
* The Drum Star (Orion's Ghost) Ryu Ando
* The First Battle of the Puffer War Herb Kauderer
* The Hawthorn Muses Shannon Connor Winward
* The Huntsman Lora Gray
* The Patron Saint of Lost Causes Chris Castro-Rappl
* The Rain That Falls in the Mutant Rain Forest Bruce Boston
* The Raven's Hallow'een Shannon Connor Winward
* The Seal Wife Signe Pike
* The Secret Life of a Toaster Mary Soon Lee
* The Simple Poem Abhishek Sengupta
* The Story of Shen Dho, A Pirate in the Red Flag Fleet, Who Serves Ching Shih Devotedly for Many Years Kendall Evans
* The Trajectory of Culture Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
* The Tree Builder Christina Loraine
* The Woman in the Feathered Mask K. A. Opperman
* Waking Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman
* What Neighbors Do Herb Kauderer
* Whispers & Lies Deborah Elizabeth Whaley
Short Poem
1 Advice to a Six-Year-Old Mary Soon Lee
2 How to Grieve: A Primer for Witches Sara Cleto
3 Gramarye F. J. Bergmann
--- Finalists -------
* "late to work" Julie Bloss Kelsey
* "reanimated" Susan Burch
* "scent of blackened" Greer Woodward
* A Net to Snare a Unicorn Beth Cato
* A Streetcar Named Happily Ever After B. J. Lee
* After Midnight David Clink
* Afterword: Sycorax's Daughters Unveiled Linda D. Addison
* All-Purpose Spell for Banishment Lesley Wheeler
* An Announcement Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman
* Apologies from the Moon Lynne Sargent
* Astro-Archaeologist's Log Vince Gotera
* Astronomers Ace G. Pilkington
* Baalberith Robert Beveridge
* Baba Yaga: Her Almost Origin Story Minadora Macheret
* Beware Juleigh Howard-Hobson
* Birth, Place Brandon O'Brien
* Black Star Adam Bolivar
* Circe's Guests Amelia Gorman
* Cosmovore Searches the Animal Shelter Kristi Carter
* Dark Solstice Cold and Deathly Richard L. Tierney
* Dead Bride Philosophy Sara Tantlinger
* Dear Shotgun City Holly Walrath
* early years of transdimensional travel John Reinhart
* Egress Marge Simon
* End-Times Tables Margarita Tenser
* Endeavour G. O. Clark
* Enthusiasts of Ruin Margaret Wack
* First Date David F. Shultz
* Flowers for Asimov William Shaw
* Giger's Children Saba Razvi
* Goodnight David F. Shultz
* Grand Guignol G. O. Clark
* Guttersnipe WC Roberts
* Hubble's Constant Marian Moore
* In the business of things that don't earn you much Ziad Gadou
* Lycium Barbarum P. S. Cottier
* March Madness Francis W. Alexander
* Medusa in Her Mirror Hillary Lyon
* Messiaen Among The Dinosaurs Tim Jones
* Midwest Wonder Expo Amelia Gorman
* My Little Green Secret Clay F. Johnson
* My Response to Your Mayday Call David Clink and Herb Kauderer
* O Terrible Bird Sandra Kasturi
* One More Attempt at Disaster Preparedness Jeannine Hall Gailey
* Other People's Tragedies Jennifer Crow
* Pine Song, Robin Song, Star Song Holly Lyn Walrath
* Pleiades Jenny Blackford
* Poisoned Apple Ann Thornfield-Long
* Quantum Socks R. Gene Turchin
* Radiant Things A. J. Odasso
* Save Our Souls Karen Bovenmyer
* Save Our Souls Karen Bovenmyer
* Scorpio Jo Walton
* Sea Legs Milo Gallagher
* secret identities Davian Aw
* Shadowfolk John Philip Johnson
* She traveled back in time Terrie Leigh Relf
* Small Town Witches Kate Pentecost
* Some Things Never Change Alan Ira Gordon
* Song of a Changeling Adele Gardner
* Starlight Christina Sng
* Supper with the Sphinx Carolyn Clink
* Surreal Bucket List #3 Bruce Boston
* Syncing Minefields Karen Bovenmyer
* Table of Contents from a Lost Book of Divination Dean Kostos
* The Alchemy of Arsenic Neile Graham
* The Astronaut Nightmare Michael H. Hanson
* The Dead Boy Teaches Me About Godzilla Lana Hechtman Ayers
* The Dead Languages of the Wind David Clink
* The Devil in Boston A. J. Odasso
* The Empty House A. J. Locke
* The Lovers and the Labyrinth Sara Cleto
* The Mushroom Siren K. A. Opperman
* The Mutant Rat Krystal Volney
* The Scratch Inside Your Chest Layla Al-Bedawi
* The Talking River John W. Sexton
* The Witch Woman Alexandra Seidel
* Titan's Magic Islands: Transient Features in the Hydrocarbon Seas Geoffrey A. Landis
* Vaginoplasticine Alison Rumfitt
* Vampirette Kathleen A. Lawrence
* Villain L Azriel Johnson
* Vul Ravin D. L. Myers
* Wayfaring King Beth Cato
* When the Aliens Come to Tea Mary A. Turzillo
* Yellow Spiders John C. Mannone

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