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Number of publisher names starting with "br": 209

BrașovQuestion mark
Braḥ Rāj PaṇṇālâyQuestion mark
Brabantia Nostra
Bracken Books
Brad Blake
Brad Strickland
Bradan Press
Bradbury & Evans
Bradbury Press
Bradbury, Agnew, & Co.
Bradford M. Day
Bradford Peck
Bradford Press
Bradford Tatum
Bradwell Books
Brain In A Jar Books
Brain Lag
Brain Mill Press
Brainstorm Publications
Bramble Press
Bramblewood Press
Brambling Books
Bramhall House
Bran Dougal
Bran's Head Books
Branch & Vine Publishers
Branches / Scholastic
Brand Nu Words
Branden Books
Branden Press
Brandenburgh & Co.
Brandon Books
Brandon Grein
Brandon House
Brandon West
Brandywyne Books
Brane Science Fiction
Branner og Korch
Brasília Editora
Brassey's Defence Publishers
Braun Haus Media
Brava / Kensington Publishing Corp.
Brava / Kensington Publishing Corp. / BCE
Bravado Publishing
Brave Luck Books
Brave New Books
Bravin Publishing LLC
Brazen Snake Books
Brazos Press
Breakaway Books
Breaking Fate Publishing
Breakneck Books
Breakneck Media
Breakwater Books
Breakwater Harbor Books
Breath of Life
Breathing Books
Breathless Press
Breed, Butler & Co.
Breedwell Press
Breese Books
Breitenbush Books
Breitkopf i Härtel
Brenda W. Clough
Bret Taylor
Bretwalda Books
Brewer & Warren
Brewin Books
Brian D. Anderson
Brian Daley
Brian Niemeier
Briar Ridge Books
Briarwood Publications
Brick Cave Media
Brick City Publishing
Brick Tower Press
Bride of Chaos
Bridge House Publishing
Bridge Publications
Bridge Publications / BCE
Bridge Publications / SFBC
Bridge World Magazine, Inc.
Bridges to the Sound Pub. Corp.
BridgeWater Books
Bridgeway Books
Brief Candle Press
Brigham Distributing
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University Press
Brighid's Fire Books
Brighid's Fire Books / Wahmpreneur Publishing
Bright Mountain Books
Bright Pen
Bright Sky Press
Brighter Books Publishing House
Brighter Brains
Brighton Publishing
Brill Academic Publishers
Brilliance Audio
Brilliant Books
Brimstone Press
Brimstone Press (UK)
Brindle & Glass
Brindley & Wright
Bring Bruce Bayside Fund
Brinkmann & Bose
Brio Press
Briona Glen Publishing
Bristol Classical Press
Bristol Park Books
Bristol Phoenix Press
British American Publishing
British and Colonial Publishing Company
British Book Centre
British Book Service
British Columbia News Co.
British Columbia Science Fiction Association
British Film Institute
British Interplanetary Society
British Library, Historical Print Editions
British Publishers Guild / Bodley Head
British Science Fiction Association
British Technical and General Press
Broad Reach Publishing
Broadman & Holman Publishers
Broadman Press
Broadsword Books / Shirtsleeve Press
Broadview Press
Broadwater Publishing
Broadway Books
Broadway Books / SFBC
Broadway Paperbacks
Broadway Publishing Co.
Brock Publishing Co.
Brockhampton Press
Broke Robot Books
Broken Angels
Broken Eye Books
Broken Mirrors Press
Broken Moon Press
Broken Ocean Entertainment
Broken River Books
Broken Umbrella Press
Brolga Publishing
Bronson Press
Bronwynn Press
Brook Street Press
Brookline Books
Brooks & Snodgrass
Brooks Air Force Base, Tex.
Brother Maynard Publishing
Brown and Company
Brown Barn Books
Brown Books Publishing Group
Brown Dog Arts
Brown Printing Co.
Brown Street Press
Brown University
Brown University Science Fiction Union
Brown Walker Press
Brown, Langham and Co.
Brown, Watson
Brown-Eyed Dreams
Browndeer Press
Browndeer Press / Harcourt
Browne & Howell Company
Browne and Nolan
Brownstone Books
Brubaker, Ford & Friends
Bruce & Bruce
Bruce Blake & Best Bitts Productions
Bruce Gillespie
Bruce Goldberg
Bruce Humphries
Bruce Kaplan
Bruce Merchant
Bruce Publishing
Bruce Publishing Co.
Bruin Books
Brunauer Press
Brunner Fact & Fiction
Bruno Mondadori
Brunswick Galaxy Press
Bryan Cassiday
Bryan VanUnen

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