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Number of publisher names starting with "ca": 326

Cable Publishing
Caboodle Books Limited
Cacahuete Press
Cacanadadada Press
Cacoethes Publishing
Cadell and Davies
Cadmus Books
Cadmus Press
Cadmus Press (Japan)
Cadno Books
Cadogan Guides
Cadre One
Caedmon Records
Caermaen Books
CAF Publishing
Café Press
Caffeine Nights Publishing
Caffin Press
Caitlyn Dlouhy Books / Atheneum
Cajun Coyote Media
Calabash Press
Calamari Press
Calara Press
Calder & Boyars
Calder and Boyars
Calder Publications Ltd
Calderwood Books
Caldwell Press
Calga Publications
Calga Publishers
Caliber Press
Caliburn Press
Calico Chapter Books
Califia Press
California Coldblood Books
Calinda B
Calla Editions
Callaway & Kirk
Calliope Press
Caltex Press
Calumet Editions
Calvin F. S. Thomas
Calvin House
Calypso Publishing
Calyx Books
Cambpell Hill Publishing
Cambria Books
Cambria Press
Cambrian House
Cambrian Publications
Cambrian Publications & Permeable Press
Cambridge Book Review Press
Cambridge Books
Cambridge Harvard University Press
Cambridge House Press
Cambridge Press US
Cambridge Scholars Press
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge: At the University Press
Camden House
Camden Park Press
Camel Press
Camelot Books and Gifts
Camelot Publishing Company
Cameron + Company
Camille Cazedessus
Camille Cazedessus, Jr.
Camille R. Cazedessus, Jr.
Camion blanc
Camp Press
Campaign Press Publications
Campbell Hill Publishing
Campion Books
Campus Editions
Campus Press (New Zealand)
Can of Worms Kids Press
Can Sanat
Canaan-Star Publishing
Canadian Science Fiction Association
Canary Press
Canaveral Press
Canberra Press
Canberra Science Fiction Society
Candace J. Thomas
Candace Mountain
Candace Sams
Candar Publishing Company
Candice Stauffer
Candid Reader
Candle Books
Candle Star Press
Candlelight Press
Candlemark & Gleam
Candlewick Entertainment
Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
Candlewick Press
Candlewick Press / SFBC
Candlewick Studio
Candlewood Books
CandleWood Young Adult
Candy Jar Books
CandyCane Press / Ideals Publications
Cane Hill
Canfield Press
Canon Press
Canonbridge LLC
Canongate Books
Canongate Kelpies
Canongate U.S.
Canta Libre
Canterbury Classics
Canterbury Classics / Thunder Bay Press
Canterbury House Publishing
Canterbury Press
Canticle Press
Cantina Publishing
Cantrell Media Company
Canyon Press
CAPA-alpha #472
Capital City Comix
Capital intelectual
Capitol Book Company
Capitol Hill Press
Caple Books
Cappelen Damm
Cappella Books
Capra Press
Capricious Publications
Capricorn Books
Capricorn Books / G. P. Putnam's Sons
Capricorn Literary
Capricorn Press
Capricorn Publishing
Capricornica Publications
Capriquarius Press
Capstone Young Readers
Captiva Press
Captive Quill Press
Captured Press
Capuchin Classics
Capulet Entertainment
Car Illustrated
Cara Carnes
Cara Wylde
Carcanet Press
Carcosa House
Cardigan Street Publishers
Cardinal / Pocket Books
Cardinal Books
Carey & Hart
Carey & Lea
Carey, Lea & Blanchard
Carey, Lea and Blanchard
Cargo Cult Press
Carina Press
Carina Wilder
Carl Stephenson
Carl Wilhelm Ettinger
Carl's Books
Carla Smith Publishing
Carlen & Carlen Ltd.
Carleton University Press
Carlo Signorelli (Italy)
Carlton Books
Carlton House
Carlton Press
Carlux Publishing
Carlyle Books
Carlyle Communications
Carlyle House
Carmot Press
Carnal Desires Publishing
Carnelian Press
Carnets Nord
Carnifex Press
Carnival of Glee Creations
Caroba Publishing
Carol A. Strickland
Carol Hughes
Carol Matas
Carol Paperbacks / Carol Publishing Group
Carole Nomarhas
Carolrhoda Books
Carolrhoda Lab
Carolyn Crane
Carolyn Jewel
Carolyn O'Neal
Carousel Science Fiction
Carousel Star
Carpenter Press
Carphology Collective
Carrick & Evans
Carrie Ann Ryan
Carrigan Publishing
Carriglea Books
Carrion Blue 555
Carroll & Brown Publishers
Carroll & Graf
Carroll & Graf / BOMC
Carroll & Graf / QPBC
Carroll & Graf / SFBC
Carroll & Nicholson
Carrollton Clark
Carruth Bay Press
Carsten Schmitt + Andreas Schweitzer
Cartaphilus Könyvkiadó
Cartea Noastră?
Cartea Românească?
Cartea Rusă?
Carter and Bradley Publishing
Cartoon Network Books
Cartouche Press
Cartwheel Books
Carus Corporation
Carus Publishing
Carwood Publishing Co.
Caryn Larrinaga
Casa de las Américas
Casa Editrice Bietti
Casa Editrice Galassia
Casa Editrice La Tribuna
Cascade Books
Cascade Mountain Publishing
Cascade View Publishing
Cascais Camara Municipal
Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.
Casey Lane
Casey Swanson
Casperian Books LLC
Cassava Republic Press
Cassell & Company
Cassell Australia
Cassell Petter and Galpin
Cassell Publishing Company
Castalia House
Castalia Publishing Company
Castillo International
Castle Books
Castle Books / Orchid Publishing Co.
Castle Keep Press
Castle Oak Publishing
Castle Press
Castlefin Press
Castringham Hall
Castrum Press
Cat and Mouse Press
Cat's Cradle Press
Cat's Head Press
Catacombs Press
Catalan Communications
Catallaxy Media
Catalyst Game Labs
Catalyst Press
Catbird Press
Catbrother Publishing
Cate Dean
Catelyn Winona
Caterpillar Press
Cathay Books
Cathedral Classics
Catherine Bybee
Catherine Cruzan
Catherine Spangler
Catholic Truth Society
Catholic Way Publishing
Cathryn Cade
Cathryn Fox
Cathy Ashford
Catlord Press
Cats, Dogs and Other Worldly Creatures Books
CatsCurious Press
Catseye Books
Catspaw Printers
Cauldron Press
Cauldron Publications
Cauliay Publishing & Distribution
Causeway Books
Cavalier Publishing
Cavalo de Ferro
Cavanagh Publishing
Cavatica Publishing
Caveat Corner Books
Cavern Press
Caxton Co.
Caxton House
Cayme Press
Cazador de ratas

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