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Number of publisher names starting with "ma": 534

منشورات مرسوم،?Manshūrāt Marsūm
Mākaro Press?Makaro Press
Maṭba Fath al-Karīm?Matba Fath al-Karim
Maarten Muntinga
Maatkare Books
Maatschappij voor Goede en Goedkoope Lectuur
Mabash Books
Mabel Collins
Macabre Cadaver Publications
Macabre House
Macabre Ink
Macabre, Inc.
MacAdam / Cage Publishing
MacAdam / Cage Publishing / SFBC
MacDaniel Publishing Company
Macdonald & Co.
Macdonald and Jane's
Macdonald Children's Books
Macdonald Futura
MacDonald Warne Media
Macdonald Young Books Ltd
Macfadden Books
MacGibbon & Kee
Mackinac Island Press
Maclaren & Co.
Maclay & Associates
Maclear & Marcus
MacLehose Press
MacLehose Press / Quercus
Macmillan / BOMC
Macmillan / Pan Macmillan Australia
Macmillan / Papermac
Macmillan / SFBC
Macmillan and Co.
Macmillan Audio
Macmillan Audio Books
Macmillan Australia
Macmillan Books for Young Readers
Macmillan Caribbean
Macmillan Children's Books
Macmillan Children's Books / Macmillan UK
Macmillan Digital Audio
Macmillan Education
Macmillan Education Australia
Macmillan New Writing
Macmillan of Canada
Macmillan UK
Macmillan Young Listeners
Macmillian Audio
MacMurray & Beck
Maco Magazine Corporation
Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co.
Macrae Smith Co.
Macrae-Smith Company
Macro Books
Macro Development Center
Macro Publishing Group
Macrone & Co.
Mad Cow Press
MAD Design
Mad Fish
Mad Hornet Publications
Mad Mason Press
Mad Norwegian Press
Mad Scientist Journal
Mad Yak Press
Made for Success and Blackstone Audio
Madeleine Puljic
MadHat Press
Madison Johns
Madison Park Press / SFBC
Madison Science Fiction Group
MaDley Publishing
Madness Books
Madras Press
Madrona Press
Maecenas Könyvkiadó
Maecenas Press-Random House
Maer Wilson
Maerska Publishing
Maestro Publishing Group
Mafdet Press
Magabook / Galaxy Publishing Corp.
Magabook, Inc.
Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Magazine Productions
Magazine Publishers
Magdalene Press
Mage Publictions
Magellan Books
MageSpell Press
Maggie Books
Maggie Hogarth
Maggie L. Wood
Maggie McNeill
Magic Attic Press
Magic Blanket Tales
Magic Carpet Books
Magic Carpet Books / Harcourt
Magic City Fantasy Club of Birmingham, Alabama
Magic Hat Books
Magic Image Filmbooks
Magic Isle Press
Magic Number Books
Magic Pen Press
Magic Quill Press
Magic Realist Press
Magic Toy Books
Magic Valley Publishers
Magic Wagon
Magic Wagon-Calico Chapter Books
Magic World Media
Magic, Murder, and Mayhem Books
Magical Press
Magical Scrivener Press
Magicblood Media Corp.
Magna / John Curley
Magna Large Print Books
Magna Print
Magnelist Publications, Ltd.
Magnetic Lion Productions
Magnetic Press
Magnetik Ink
Magnoff Publishing
Magnolia Books
Magnolia Leaf Press
Magnum (Canada)
Magnum / Prestige
Magnum Books
Magnum Books / Methuen Paperbacks
Magnum Books / Prestige Books
Magnum Easy Eye Books / Lancer Books
Magnus Books
Magpie Books
Magpie Ink
Magread Limited
Magyar Élet
Magyar Könyvklub
Mahalia Levey
Maia Press Limited
Main Road Books
Main Street Books / Doubleday
Main Street Rag
Maine Stream Publishing
Mainland Book Cafe
Mainstay Ministries
Mainstream Digital
Mainstream Publishers
Mainstream Publishing
Mainstreet Publishing
Maison de la Fiction
Maison Quantin
Maisonneuve & Larose
Majestic Distribution
Major Books
MajorVision International
MAKE Literary Productions
Makena Press
Maker Media
Malachite Quills Publishing
Malawi Writers Union
Malcolm Willits & Earl Kemp
Malcolm Willits & Jim Bradley
Malcolm Willits and Jim Bradley
Maldek House
Malevolent Books
Malevolent Press
Malhavoc Press
Malian Press
Malibu Books for Children
Malibu Graphics
Malicious Press
Malison Lexicon
Mallard Press
Mallinson Rendel
Malter Co.
Malvern Enterprises
MAM TOR Publishing Ltd
Mamillan and Co.
Mammoth / Egmont Books Ltd
Mammoth / Mandarin Paperbacks / Octopus
Mammoth / Mandarin Paperbacks / Reed International
Mammoth / Reed (UK)
Mammoth / Teens Mandarin
Mammoth Australia / Octopus
Mammoth Australia / Reed Books Australia
Man av Skugga Förlag
Man In Babylon Publishing
Managansett Press
Management Development Publishers
Manawaker Studio
Manchester Publications
Manchester University Press
Manciple Press
Mandala Publishing
Mandarin / Reed Books Australia
Mandarin Australia
Mandel Vilar Press
Mandevilla Press
Mandinam Press
Mandorla Publishing
Mandrake of Oxford
Mandrake Press
Mandy (Al-Aswad) Steinmetz
Mandy Rosko
Mango Press
Manhattan Fiction Publications
Manhattan Publishing House
Manhattan Theraputic Co.
Manhattanville Press
Manic D Press
Manitoba / Les Belles Lettres
Mankind Publishing Company
Manly P. Hall
Mann Publishers
Manor Books
Manta Books
Mantle Lane Press
Mantler Publishing
Mantra Press
Manuscript Press
Manvis Publications
Many Books
Many Worlds Press
ManyWorlds Press
Maple Creek Press
Maple Tree Press
Mapletree Pub. Co.
Maravilla Publishing
Marble Arch Records (UK)
Marc A. Cerasini
Marc A. Michaud
Marc Fingal
Marc Gielens
Marc-Michel Rey
Marcap Council
Marcel Americo Jodat-Danbrani
Marcel Dekker
March Brothers
March Hamilton Media
March Hare Books
Marchand de Feuilles
Marcher Lord Hinterlands
Marcher Lord Press
Marcianus F. Rossi
Marco Aurélio Paz
Marcus Fridberg
Maren Sell
Margaret Ferguson Books
Margaret Hamilton Books
Margaret Hamilton Books / Scholastic Australia
Margaret K. McElderry / Atheneum
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Margaret K. McElderry Books / SFBC
Margaret L. Carter
Margaret Weis Productions
Margent Press
Marguerite Krause
Mari Mancusi
Maria Zube
Marian Wood / G. P. Putnam's Sons
Marianna Roberg
Marie Hall
Marie Kliková
Marie Treanor
Marietta Publishing
Marietta Publishing / Meisha Merlin
Marilyn Malin
Marilyn Peake
Marina Fontaine
Mariner Books
Mariner Books / Houghton Mifflin
Mariner Books / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mariner Press
Mario Acevedo
Mário de Aguiar
Mario Zecca
Mario's Book
Marion and Co.
Marion Boyars
Marion Boyers
Marion E. Zimmer
Marion G. Harmon
Marion Lloyd Books
Marion Margaret Press
Marion McChesney
Marion von Schröder
Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust
Marion Zimmer Bradley Living Trust
Marion Zimmer Bradley Ltd
Marisa Chenery
Marissa Doyle
Marissa Farrar
Maritime Review
Marjorie Bowen
Mark A. Feldman & John A. Taylor
Mark A. Rivera
Mark Bailey
Mark Beech
Mark Carew & Associates
Mark E. Lacy
Mark Finn
Mark Freeman Enterprises
Mark G. Brewer
Mark Gardner
Mark Goulden Ltd
Mark Hall
Mark Hodder
Mark Lamb
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lukens
Mark Lumby
Mark Macleod / Hodder Headline Australia
Mark Macleod / Random House Australia
Mark McClelland
Mark Rainey
Mark Rathbun
Mark Rich
Mark Rich and Rebecca S. Marcus
Mark Sesin
Mark Souza
Mark V. Ziesing
Mark Valentine
Mark-Well Publishing
Market Books
Marlon / Brendow
Marlon MacAllister
Marlowe & Company
Maroli SP Imprints
Maroon Lagoon Publishing
Marsden Manson
Marshall B. Tymn
Marshall Baker Books
Marshall Brothers Ltd.
Marshall Cavendish
Marshall Cavendish Children
Marshall Cavendish Editions / Marshall Cavendish International
Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
Marshall Cavendish Partworks
Marshall Jones
Marshall, Russell and Co.
Martec Publishing Group Ltd.
Martha McBryar
Martha Wells
Martian Lit
Martian Migraine Press
Martin and Lawrence Press
Martin Claret
Martin International in association with Era Publications
Martin Lester
Martin Maasai Llc
Martin Millar
Martin Noble Editorial
Martin Publishing Co.
Martin Secker
Martin Secker & Warburg
Martin Sisters Publishing
Martin, Smith and Adams
Martínez Roca
Martino Fine Books
Martins Fontes
Martinus Publishing
Martyn Croft
Martyn, Allestry & Dicas
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics Group
Marvelous Spirit Press
Marwalk Publications
Mary Anne Mohanraj
Mary Brock Jones
Mary Brown
Mary E. Spock
Mary Glasgow Magazines
Mary Martel
Mary Thomas Publishing
MaryJanice Davidson
Maryland Writers' Association
Masaya Okada
Mascherato Publishing
Mascot Books
Mascot Publishing Co.
Mase Publishing
Masked Fox Productions
Maskew Miller Longman
Mason Crest Publishers
Mason Engel
Mason Marshall Press
Masque Books
Masquerade Books
Masquerade Books / Rhinoceros
Masquerade Books / Rhinoceros Publications
Masquerade Publishing
Massachusetts Convention Fandom Inc.
Massacre Publishing
Master Classic
Master Point Press
Master Publications
Masterpiece Classics
Masterpiece Library
Masterwork Books
Mastication Publications
Math Paper Press
Mathematical Association of America
Mathematical Shapes
Mathew & Son Limited
Mathew Allan Garcia
Mathew Carey
Mathew D. Hargreaves
Mathew Lownes
Mathews and Leigh, Strand
Mathias Publishing
Mathis, Van Nort & Co.
Mathom House
Matrix Digital Publishing
Matt & Debbie Cowens
Matt Cowens
Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw Publications
Matterhorn Press
Matthes & Seitz
Matthew Dennion
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Joseph Harrington
Matthew M. Bartlett
Matthew Mather ULC
Matthew S. Cox
Matthew W. Quinn
Maunsel & Company
Maunsel & Company, Ltd.
Maureen O. Betita
Maurice Dreyfous
Maurice W. Moe
Maurice Z. Ingher
Mauve Square Publishing
Max Avalon / Zharmae
Max Bollinger
Max Crime
Max Goschen
Max Milo
Max Parrish
Max Reinhardt
MaxEdDal Publications
Maxton Publishers
Maxwell MacMillan Canada
Maxx Publishing
May December Publications
May Fair Books
Maya Banks
Maya V. Jameson
Mayapple Press
Mayfair Books
Mayfair Games
Mayfair Publishing
Mayfield Books
Mayflower / Dell
Mayflower / Granada
Mayflower Books
Mayflower Books / SFBC
Mayflower Presses
Mayfly Productions
Mayhaven Publishing
Mayhew Publishing Co.
Maynard Sims Productions
Maynard, Merrill, & Co.
Maypole Publishing
Maypole Publishing Limited
Maze Horror Publishing
Mazel Freedom Press

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