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Number of publisher names starting with "ro": 328

Rokkō Shuppan Sha
Road to Babylon Media
Roadkill Press
Roads Publishing
Roadswell Editions
Roadtown Press
Roane Publishing
Roaring Brook Press
Roaring Good Reads
Roaring Lions Productions
Rob J. Hayes
Rob Lopez
Rob Roehm
Rob Roehm and Alex Runions
Rob Weisbach Books
Robaire Ream
Robert & Juanita Coulson
Robert & Juantia Coulson
Robert & Nancy Garcia
Robert A. Harrington
Robert Allot
Robert and Andrew Foulis
Robert Bentley
Robert Bevan
Robert Bonner's Sons
Robert Brothers
Robert Carter
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke and Co.
Robert D. Reed Publishers
Robert Derie
Robert E. Howard Properties
Robert Eggleton (I)
Robert Flynn, III
Robert Forder
Robert Foulis
Robert Frazier
Robert Garcia
Robert Gerstenhaber
Robert H. Barlow
Robert Hale
Robert Hardwicke
Robert Holden
Robert Holdstock
Robert Horsfield
Robert J. Crane
Robert J. Duperre
Robert J. Sawyer
Robert J. Sawyer Books
Robert J. Shores
Robert Kroese
Robert Laffont
Robert M. De Witt
Robert M. McBride & Company
Robert M. Price
Robert M. Stewart
Robert Marin
Robert N. Stephenson
Robert P. Barger
Robert P. Brito
Robert Pelfrey
Robert Penner
Robert Peterson
Robert Richter
Robert Rosenblum
Robert S. Davis
Robert Scott
Robert Silverberg
Robert Speller & Sons
Robert St. John
Robert T. Brooke
Robert T. Garcia
Robert Temple
Robert Tyndall
Robert Vardeman
Robert W. Brady, Jr.
Robert W. Loundes
Robert Weinberg
Robert Willis
Roberto Quaglia
Roberts & Ross Publishing
Roberts & Vinter Ltd.
Roberts Brothers
Roberts Court Reporters
Robertson & Mullens
Robertson and Mullens
Robertson Publishing
Robin Alexander Gregory
Robin Clark
Robin Hood House
Robin Hood Press
Robin Sloan
Robin Wyatt Dunn
Robinson (Germany)
Robinson / Running Press
Robinson and Roberts
Robinson Children's Books
Robkaay Publishing
Robot Binaries & Press Corp
Robot Racers
Robotic Industries Association
Robson Books
Robt. Smith Printing Co.
Robyn Bachar
Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest
Robyn P Murray Hirst
Robyn Peterman
Robyn Wideman
Roc / Dutton NAL
Roc / Dutton New American Library
Roc / Dutton Signet
Roc / Dutton Signet / SFBC
Roc / New American Library
Roc / New American Library / SFBC
Roc / New American Library of Canada
Roc / Penguin
Roc / SFBC
Roc UK
Roca Editorial
Rocco Jovens Leitores
Rock Bottom Books
Rock Castle Publishing
Rock Star
Rock the Boat
Rock Village Publishing
Rockefeller Publishing Group
Rocket 88
Rocket Books
Rocket Hat Industries
Rocket Kapre Books
Rocket Publishing
Rocket Ride Books
Rocket Science Books
Rocket Science Books / Dead Letter Press
Rocket Science Productions
Rocket Tears Press
Rocketeer Press
Rockfic Press
Rockjack Books
Rockport Publishers
Rod Heather
Rodale Books
Rodale Kids
Rodale Press
Rodmell Press
Rodolfo Alonso
ROE Publishing
Roehm's Room Press
Rog Pile
Roger Beacham
Roger Colbath
Roger G. Peyton
Roger Garry
Roger W. Reus
Rogerson Press
Rogner & Bernhard
Rogner & Bernhard bei Zweitausendeins
Rogue Bear Press
Rogue Blades Entertainment
Rogue Cannon Publishing
Rogue Dream Press
Rogue House Publishing
Rogue Phoenix Press
Rogue Planet Press
Rogue Star Press
Roland A. Boole
Roland Swain
Rolando Noel Matos
Role of the Hero Publishing
Rolf Luchs
Roller Printing Co.
Rolley & Reynolds
Rolling Thunder Press
Roloff und Seesslen
Roloff und Seeßlen
Roma J Press
Roman Books
Romance Divine, LLC
Romance Foretold Inc
Romance Lives Forever Books
Romance Management, Inc.
Romance Unbound Publishing
Romancing the Skyze
Romantic Geek Publishing
Romantic Times
Romeo+Juliet Press
Romiley Fan Veterans & Scottish Dancing Society
Ron & Cindy Smith
Ron Sanders
Ronak Publishing
Ronald E. Graham (Publishers) Pty. Ltd.
Ronald E. Graham and John Bangsund
Ronald M. Hahn
Ronald Press
Ronin Books
Ronin Enterprises
Ronin Literario
Ronin LLC
Ronin Publishing
Ronin Publishing (CA)
Ronin Robot Press
Ronnie Levy
Ronnie Sellers Productions
Ronny P. Kaye
Ronsdale Press
Roof Books
Rooglewood Press
Rook Creek Books
Rookhouse Books
Rookie Burwick
Rookpen Publishing
Rookstone Publishing
Rookwood Publishing
Rooster Republic Press
Roots in Myth
Roper & Drowley
RoperPenberthy Publishing Ltd
Rosalie Redd
Rosarium Publishing
Rosdan Press
Rose and Star Press
Rose Dog Books
Rose International Publishing House
Rose Metal Press
Rose Press (California)
Rose Press (UK)
Rose Pressey
Rose Publishing Company
Rose Red Review
Rosebriar Publishing
Rosebud, Inc.
RoseDog Books
Rosemary Edghill
Rosemary Kirstein
Rosemary Pardoe
Rosemill House
Rosemoor Press
Rosen Central
Rosenfeld Media
RoseScribe Media
Rosetta Press
Roseway Publishing
Rosie Oliver
Roslyn Hardy Holcomb
Roslyn Hardy Holcomb and Lisa G. Riley
Ross Harrison
Ross Willard
Rosscott & Jordan
Rosslare Press
ROTA Books
Rotary Club of Jurong Town
Roter Drache
Rothco Press
Rouge Profond
Rough Draft Printing
Rough Edges Press
Rough Guides
Round Table Press
Roundfire Books
Roundtable Publishing
Rourke Publications
Rourke Publishing
Roussan Publishers
Routledge & Kegan Paul
Routledge, Warne and Routledge
Roval Publishing & Digital Services
Roving Press Ltd
Rowan & Ash Artistry
Rowan / Arrow Books
Rowan Publishing
Rowman & Littlefield
Rowohlt Berlin
Rowohlt Digitalbuch
Rowohlt Polaris
Rowohlt Taschenbuch
Roxburgh Publishing
Roxburgh Publishing Co.
Roxburghe Press
Roxbury Park / Lowell House
Roxbury Park / SFBC
Roy A. Squires
Roy A. Squires and Clyde Beck
Roy Glashan's Library
Roy Gray
Roy Publishers
Royal Academy Publications
Royal Blind Society (Australia)
Royal Blind Society of New South Wales.
Royal Blind Society Student and Special Transcriptions
Royal Books
Royal Fireworks Press
Royal Giant
Royal Hawaiian Press
Royal Irish Academy
Royal Middleton Publishing
Royal Publications, Inc.
Royal Society of New Zealand
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind Education Centre
Royce Publishers
Roycroft Wordsmiths
Rozelle Press

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