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Number of publisher names starting with "th": 809

Thacker, Spink and Co.
Thadd Presley Presents
Thames & Hudson
Thames and Hudson
Thames Bank Publishing Co.
Thames Magnet
Thames Methuen
Thames River Press
Tharsis Books
That Painted Horse Press
That Ridge, Inc.
That's That Chapbooks
The 1985 World Fantasy Convention
The 1998 World Fantasy Convention and Robinson
The A. S. F. A. E. Society
The Adroit Journal
The Albatross
The Alchemy Press
The Aldiss Appreciation Society
The Alexandria Gazette
The Amalgamated Press
The American Geographical Society
The American Jewish Committee
The American Mercury
The American Patriots Society
The Anna C. Reifsnider Book Company
The Anthem Series
The Archer Press
The Argus Co.
The ARRA Printers
The Art of Persuasion Group
The Aryan Theosophical Press
The Ascent Agency
The Aspen Press
The Aspire Company
The Aswang Press
The Athlone Press
The Atlantic Council
The Atlas Press
The Audient Void
The August Derleth Society
The Austin Publishing Company
The Australian Literature Review
The Author
The Author Realm
The Author's Press
The Avalon Company
The Avram Davidson Society
The Awkward Robots
The Baltimore Science Fiction Society & The Washington Science Fiction Association
The Banner
The Banshee
The Barmaray Co., Inc.
The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box
The Bear Press
The Bearded Scribe Press
The Beaufort Press
The Beechhurst Press
The Bellerophon Network, Inc.
The Ben Jonson Memorial Fundraiser
The Berryhill Co.
The Big Hand Books
The Birchbark Press of Karacharovo
The Birmingham Science Fiction Group
The Black Coast Press
The Black Library (France)
The Blood Review
The Blue Moon Papers
The Blue Sky Press
The Blue Sky Press / Scholastic
The Blueboy Library
The Bob Liddil Group
The Bodleian Library
The Bodleian Society, New York
The Bodley Head
The Bokanalia Foundation
The Book Club (UK)
The Book Club of California
The Book Company
The Book Nymph Publishing
The Book Reality Experience
The Book Service
The Book Supply Co.
The Bookfellows
The Bookshop of Doom
The Borough Press
The Bow-Knot Publishing Co.
The Bowen Press
The Bowen-Merrill Company
The British Fantasy Society
The British Interplanetary Society
The British Library
The British Library Publishing Division
The British Psychological Society
The Britons Publishing Co.
The Brooklyn Company, Inc.
The Brooligan Press
The Brothers Uber
The Buffalo Fantasy League
The Buffalo Fantasy League & W. Paul Ganley
The Burroughs Bibliophiles
The Burrows Bros. Co.
The Burrows Brothers Company
The Business Bourse
The Butterick Publishing Co.
The C. M. Clark Publishing Co.
The Caryldale Library
The Casanova Society
The Castania Group
The Cavalier Publishing Co.
The Caxton Printers
The Cenotaph Corporation
The Centropic Oracle
The Century Co.
The Century Press
The Cerebrescope Company
The Chakat's Den
The Charlton Company
The Chemical Pub. Co.
The Children's Book Club
The Christopher Publishing House
The Cicerone Publishing Co.
The Cimmerian Press
The Classic Press
The Classic Print
The Clayton Magazines, Inc.
The Clockwork Foundry
The Coach House Press
The Colophon Club
The Columbian Press
The Committee To Publish FOSFAX
The Computer Lab
The Consortium
The Copper Pig Writers' Society
The Cornhill Publishing Company
The Cosmopolitan Press
The Cosmopolitan Publishing Company
The Cosmos Store
The Council of Four
The Country Life Press
The Craftsman Press
The Crime Corporation
The Criterion Collection
The Crossing Press
The Crossover Alliance
The Curtis Publishing Company
The Da Costas Printing and Publishing House
The Dark Man Press
The Dead Regime
The Delinquent
The Denker Publishers
The Design Group Press
The Detention Committee
The Devon-Adair Co
The Dial Press
The Dial Press / BCE
The Dial Press / SFBC
The Dial Press/James Wade
The Dial Press/James Wade / SFBC
The Dial Publishing Company
The Diamond Press
The Dimsdale Press
The Dishes Are Done, Man!
The Disinformation Company
The Do-Not Press
The Dome Press
The Donning Company
The Donning Company / SFBC
The Doppelganger Press
The Doppelganger Society
The Drabblecast
The Dracular Press
The Dragon Press
The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine
The Easton Press
The Echo Library
The Ed Greenwood Group
The Ed Verse
The Edge
The Edge Press
The Editorium
The Educational Press
The Educational Publisher / Biblio Publishing
The Electronic Book Company
The Ellis Press
The Elmfield Press
The Emeth Publishers
The Equitable Publishing Co
The Esperanto Publishing Co.
The Essene Publishing Co.
The Evangelical Press
The Experex Press
The Experimenter Publishing Company
The Fairytale Factory
The Fan Club, Inc.
The Fantasy Writers Asylum
The Feminist Press
The Fiction Studio
The Fiction Works
The Five Mile Press
The Florida Institute of Technology Society for Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Fokker D-LXIX Press
The Folio Society
The Found Poetry Review
The Four Quarters Press
The Four Seas Co.
The Frangopuloid Press
The Frank A. Munsey Company
The Franklin Library
The Free Press
The Free Press / Simon & Schuster
The Friday Project
The Frogmore Press
The Fugl Group
The Futile Press
The Future Fire
The Gaffa Press
The Galleon Press
The George Grove Project Ltd
The Ghost Story Society
The Gnostic Press
The Golden Dog Press
The Golden Gate Publishers
The Golden Hind Press
The Goldsmith Publishing Co.
The Golem
The Gorham Press
The Gothic Society
The Grace Publishing Group
The Grafton Press
The Graphic
The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers
The Green Lady Press
The Greenwich Workshop Press
The Gregg publishing company
The Grey Forest
The Greystones Press
The Grolier Society
The Grumpy Dragon
The Guaranteed Partnership
The Guiding Star Publishing House
The Hall Publishing Co.
The Harlan Ellison Record Collection
The Harrow Press
The Hartwood Publishing Group
The Harvard Lampoon
The Harvill Press
The Haunted Press
The Haunted River
The Haworth Positronic Press
The Heretic Publishing
The Hermit's Grove`
The High Street Publishing Company
The History Press
The History Press Ltd
The Hobson Book Press
The Holdridge Foundation for the Advancement of Social Sciences
The Hollis Media Group
The Home Publishing Company
The Homeless Moon
The Horror Express
The Horror Society
The Horror Zine
The Horror Zine Books
The House of Books
The House of Grant (Canada)
The House of Murky Depths
The House of York
The Hyperion Press
The Ilium Press
The Illustrated Press, Inc.
The Imaginary Book Company
The Independent Press
The Independent Publishing Co.
The Industrial Exchange
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Interstitial Arts Foundation
The Ivy Press
The James A. McCann Company
The James Branch Cabell Society
The Jesus Solution Media
The Jeune Hopkins Co.
The Johannesburg Review of Books
The Johns Hopkins University Press
The Journeyman Press
the Judge Pub. Co.
The Jump Hub
The Juno Society
The Kaner Publishing Company
The Langley Press
The Langtail Press
The Large Print Book Company
The Last Line
The Last Stand
The League of Arabic SciFiers
The Leisure Circle
The Leisure Circle / BCE
The Leonard Scott Publication Co.
The Liberty Publishing Company
The Library of America
The Library of the Dark
The Lighthouse Press
The Lilliput Press
The Lion Press Ltd
The Literary Cinema Company Limited
The Literary Guild
The Literary Guild of America
The Little Museum of Dublin
The Little Red Hen Community Press
The LORE Firm
The Lorian Association
The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles
The Lucasfilm Fan Club Inc.
The Ludgate Monthly Limited
The Lyons Press
The Macaulay Company
The Macmillan Company
The Madriax Press
The Magic Factory
The Marion Press
The Martyn Publishing House
The Masters Review
The Maverick Press
The Mayne Press
The McClure Company
The McClure Publications, Inc.
The Media Campus
The Meredith Miller Memorial Internet Project
The Merlin Press Ltd
The Mershon Company
The Metaphysical Publishing Co.
The Metropolitan Press
The Middle Way
The Midnight Press
The Midnight Writers
The Midwest Company
The Mill House Press
The Minerva Center
The Ministry of Whimsy Press
The Minter Co.
The Misfit Press
The MIT Press
The Modern Language Association of America
The Molecule Syndicate
The Monsters Next Door
The Moon Factor
The Moravian Press
The Morning Herald
The Morning Star Press
The Morning Star Press / Ballantine Books
The Murder Room
The Mysterious Press
The Mystery League
The Mythopoeic Press
The Mythopoeic Society
The Natal Witness, Ltd.
The National Council of Teachers of English
The National Fantasy Fan Federation
The National Library of New Zealand
The National Writers Press
The Nazca Plains Corporation
The Neale Publishing Co.
The Neale Publishing Company
The Neely Co.
The Nekromantikon
The New Age Press
The New Curiosity Shop
The New International Library, Inc.
The New Press
The New York Public Library
The New-Church Press
The Nightmare Express
The Noble Group
The Non-Profit Press
The Noonday Press
The Novel Fox
The Number One Son Publishing Company
The Nutmeg Point District Mail
The O'Brien Press
The Occult Book Concern
The Official Fan Club
The Official Star Trek Fan Club of Canada
The Order of Loving Service
The Oriole Press
The Orion Press
The Orkney Press Ltd
The Other Traveller
The Outbound Press
The Overcast
The Overlook Press
The Overlook Press / BCE
The Overlook Press / SFBC
The Oz Press
The P.T.I. Book Depot
The Pack Press
The Page Company
The Painted Raven
The Paradigm Group
The Patchwork Press
The Pegana Press
The Penguin Press
The Penny Dreadful Company
The Pennyroyal Press
The Pentland Press
The People's Ink
The Peppertree Press
The Permanent Press
The Perseus Press
The Philadelphia Corporation
The Philadelphia Record
The Philip K. Dick Society
The Physical Culture Publishing Co.
The Planet
The Platonist Press
The Pocket Library
The Poet's Press
The Poetry Foundation
The Poets Press
The Polaris Co.
The Polytechnic
The Pontine Press
The Popular Library
The Portland Science Fiction Society
The Postcard Partnership
The Premier Press / Moffat, Yard and Company
The Press Bureau
The Press of Case Western Reserve University
The Preston Speculative Fiction Group
The Price-McGill Co.
The Printshop Co.
The Projection Box
The Prufrock Press
The Pulp Collector Press
The Purple Mouth Press
The Pymander Press LLC
The Q and C Co.
The Quiet Press
The Quip Publishing Co.
The Raccoon's Bookshelf
The Ramsay Head Press
The Raven Books
The Raven Books & Raven Happy Hour
The Reader's Chair
The Reader's Digest Asociation
The Reckless / Candlemark & Gleam
The Red Button Press
The Red Star News Company
The Religous Tract Society
The Repository of Imagination
The Republican Press Association
The Retreat Series, LLC
The Review of Reviews Co.
The Reviewer
The Richards Press
The Ridgway Company
The Right Hand
The RoadRunner Press
The Robert Clark Co.
The Robert E. Howard Foundation
The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press
The Robins Nest Books
The Robot Cowgirl Press
The Robson Press
The Rooster and The Pig Publishing, Inc.
The Rose Press
The Roxburgh Publishing Company
The Royal Publisher of Oz
The Roycrofters
The Rural Publishing Corp.
The Rusty Toque
The Ryerson Press
The S.S. McClure Co.
The Salafar Press
The Samphire Press
The Sandstar Group
The Saturday Evening Post Co.
The Scholartis Press
The Schuldt-Gathmann Co.
The Schulte Publishing Co.
The Science Fiction Association
The Science Fiction Book Club (UK)
The Science Fiction Foundation
The Science Fiction Show
The Science Fiction Syndicate
The Science-Fiction Association
The Scienceers
The Scientific Book Club
The SciFi Collective
The Scowrers and Molly Maguires of San Francisco and The Trained
The Second Renaissance Foundation
The Shakespeare Press
The Shallow End of Infinity
The Shaw Fund
The Short Anthology
The Short Stories Co.
The Shortstory Publishing Co.
The Sign Of The Centaur
The Singularity
The Sirius Book Company
The Smart Set Co.
The Smith
The Smith-Brooks Printing Company
The Snappy Turtle Publishing Company
The Socialist League
The Sockdolager
The Sons of the Vine
The Spellbinders
The Spiral Press for the Imprint Society
The Spuzzum Press & Nuclear Cheese Wuncler Press
The Squane's Press
The Squeeze Press
The Stars Our Destination
The Stars Our Destination / SFBC
The Stephen King Horror Library
The STF Corporation
The Stone Press
The Story Plant
The Story Vault
The Story-Press Corporation
The Strange Company
The Stratford Company
The Stray Branch
The Sturgeon Project
The Sundial Press
The Swan River Press
The SYLE Press
The Syndicate
The Tabard Inn Press
The Tamawaca Press
The Tantivy Press and A.S. Barnes & Co.
The Tears Corporation/Creation
The Technical Publishing Company Limited
The Temenos Academy
The Tenth Muse Books
The Theosophical Publishing Company Limited
The Theosophical Publishing House Ltd
The Timeless Press
The Toby Press
The Tomorrow Project UK & Arc
The Toon Studio Press
The Toronto News Company
The Tucker Publishing Co.
The Tule Publishing Group
The Typosium Publishers
The Unifont Company, Inc.
The University of Adelaide Library
The University of Arizona Press
The University of Missouri
The University of Texas at Brownsville
The University of Utah Press
The Unnamed Press
The Utopia Company
The Utopia Publishing Company
The Valley Press
The Van Der Elst Press
The Vancouver Sun / Mediasat
The Viking Press
The Viking Press / BCE
The Viking Press / SFBC
The Villon Society
The Virginia Edition
The Walter Scott Publishing Co.
The Wapshott Press
The Washington Pastime, LLC
The Way Things Are Publications
The Wenborne-Sumner Company
The Westbourne Press
The Whitaker and Ray Co.
The Wild Harp & Company
The Wild Rose Press
The Wings Press
The Wishing Shelf Press
The Wishing Shelf Publishing House
The Wiz Kids of Oz
The Wizard Press
The Woburn Press
The Women's Press
The Wooden Eagle Press
The Wooden Pen Press
The World Syndicate Publishing Company
The Write Conclusion
The Write Edge
The Writer Books
The Writer Inc.
The Writer's Coffee Shop
The Writer, Inc.
The Writers Cafe Press
The Writers' Collective
The Writing Network
The Writing Shop
The Writing Show
The Written Wyrd
The Wyrdsmiths
The X Press
The XX. Century Pub. Co.
The Youth & Beauty Brigade
Thea Atkinson & Rebecca Hamilton
Thea Harrison
Theaker's Paperback Library
Theater 61 Press
Theatre Communications Group
Theatre of Decay Publications
Thebes Publishing
TheEbookSale Publishing
Theia / Hyperion
Thel Books
TheLegend Publishing
Theme Park Press
Thendara House
Theo. Gaus' Sons
Theobald and Scott
Theod. Martens
Theodor Weicher
Theodore Roszak
Theogony Books
Theophania Publishing
Theophilus Books
Theosophical Publishing House
Theosophical Publishing Society
Theosophical University Press
Theosophist Office
There By Candlelight Press
Theresa Snyder
Theta Books
Theta Press
Theytus Books
Thief Media
Thievin' Kitty Publications
Thingamajig, Inc.
Things Asian Press / Global Directions
Things in the Well Publications / Oz Horror Con
Thinking Ink Press
Third Axe Media
Third Axe Publishing
Third Broom On The Left Press
Third Cove Press
Third Crow Press
Third Day Books
Third Eye
Third Flatiron Publishing
Third Man Books
Third Millennium Publishing
Third Person Press
Third Place Press
Third Press
Third Side Press
Third Street Press
Third World Publishing Co.
Thirsty Bird Productions
Thirteen Green Publications
Thirteen O'Clock Press
Thirteen Pages Press
Thirteen Press
This Is Horror
This Week
This Week In Bible Prophecy
Thistle Publishing
Thistleburr Publishing
Thistledown Press
Thistlesdown Press
Thistlewood Publishing
Thoemmes Continuum
TholianWeb Productions
Thomas & Andrews
Thomas & Denes Kovacs
Thomas & Mercer
Thomas Allen
Thomas and Evans Printing Co.
Thomas Archer
Thomas B. Mosher
Thomas Bennet
Thomas Benton
Thomas Bird Mosher
Thomas Bouregy & Co
Thomas Burleigh
Thomas C. Lothian
Thomas Cautley Newby
Thomas Constable and Co.
Thomas De La Rue & Co.
Thomas Deprima
Thomas Dobson
Thomas Downey, Jr. and Co.
Thomas Dunne Books / SFBC
Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Griffin
Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Minotaur
Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press / SFBC
Thomas East
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Hailes Lacy
Thomas Hamilton & Co.
Thomas Harris
Thomas Hodgkins
Thomas Hodgson
Thomas Hubbard
Thomas Hurst
Thomas Incorporated
Thomas J. DePrima
Thomas Keul
Thomas Kovacs
Thomas Langton
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Publishing
Thomas Loring
Thomas Lownds
Thomas Marcinko
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson & Sons
Thomas Nelson / SFBC
Thomas Nelson Australia
Thomas Owen (I)
Thomas P. Zukauskas
Thomas Roycroft
Thomas Seltzer
Thomas Sweet
Thomas T. Beeler Publisher
Thomas T. Thomas
Thomas Tegg and Co.
Thomas Thurston Thomas
Thomas Whittaker
Thomas Y. Crowell
Thomas Yoseloff
Thomas, Andrews & Butler
Thomas-Jacob Publishing, LLC
Thompson & Thomas
Thomson Gale
Thorndike / Chivers
Thorndike Press
Thornock Int'l Productions Inc
Thornton Butterworth
Thornwall Press
Thorp Springs Press
Thorpe & Porter
Thorpe and Porter
Thought Catalog
Thousand Faces Publishing
Thrall of Darkness
Threat Quality Press
Three Bears Pub
Three Bobs Press
Three Continents Press
Three Crow Press
Three Crows Books
Three Elephants Limited
Three Hands Press
Three Kings Publishing
Three Legged Fox Books
Three Midgets
Three Moons Media
Three Points Publishing
Three Ravens
Three Rivers Press
Three Rivers Press / SFBC
Three Rooms Press
Three Sirens Press
Three Star Books
Three Stones Publications
Three Swans Publishing
Three Thirty A.M. Publishing
Three Towers Press
Three-Lobed Burning Eye
Three-Stones Publications
Threshold Editions
Thriller Book Club
Thriller Novel Classic / Novel Selections, Inc.
Thrilling Wonder
Thrive Christian Press
Thrust Books
Thrust Publications
Thumbprint / Angus & Robertson / HarperCollins (Australia)
Thumbtack Books
Thunder Bay Press
Thunder foot Publishing
Thunder Mountain Productions
Thunder Pear Publishing
Thunder Valley Press
Thunder's Mouth Press
Thunder's Mouth Press / SFBC
Thunder's Shadow
Thunderchild Publishing
Thunderdome Press
Thunderfoot Publishing
Thunderstorm Books
Thunderune Publishing
ThunderWords Press
Thursday Night Press, Ltd.
Thursday Publishing
Thurston Howl Publications

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