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Award Bibliography: Gregory Benford

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Place Year and Award Title Category
Honorable Mentions 1962 Hugo Void Best Amateur Magazine
4 1970 Hugo Deeper Than the Darkness Best Short Story
Nomination 1970 Nebula Deeper Than the Darkness Novelette
14 1971 Locus Best Fan Writer (old)
17 1973 Locus In the Ocean of Night Best Novella
12 1975 Locus Threads of Time Best Novella
8 1975 Locus If the Stars Are Gods Best Novelette
Win 1975 Nebula If the Stars Are Gods Novelette
6 1976 Hugo Doing Lennon Best Short Story
11 1976 Locus Cambridge, 1:58 A.M. Best Novelette
5 1976 Locus Doing Lennon Best Short Story
9 1976 Locus Beyond Grayworld Best Short Story
Nomination 1976 Nebula Doing Lennon Short Story
Nomination 1976 Nebula White Creatures Short Story
4 1977 Locus The Anvil of Jove Best Novella
Finalists 1978 Hugo A Snark in the Night Best Novella
2 1978 Locus In the Ocean of Night Best SF Novel
23 1978 Locus If the Stars Are Gods Best SF Novel
2 1978 Locus A Snark in the Night Best Novella
Nomination 1978 Nebula In the Ocean of Night Novel
11 1979 Locus The Stars in Shroud Best SF Novel
6 1979 Locus In Alien Flesh Best Novelette
12 1979 Locus Starswarmer Best Novelette
5 1979 Locus A Hiss of Dragon Best Short Story
Win 1980 BSFA Timescape Best Novel
5 1980 Locus Redeemer Best Short Story
1 1981 Campbell Memorial Timescape Best Science Fiction Novel
Win 1981 Ditmar Timescape Best International Long Fiction
Nominations Below Cutoff 1981 Hugo Timescape Best Novel
5 1981 Locus Timescape Best SF Novel
Win 1981 Nebula Timescape Novel
11 1982 Locus Swarmer, Skimmer Best Novella
7 1982 Locus Exposures Best Short Story
Nomination 1982 Nebula Swarmer, Skimmer Novella
19 1983 Locus Relativistic Effects Best Novelette
8 1984 Locus Against Infinity Best SF Novel
Nomination 1984 Nebula Against Infinity Novel
Preliminary Nominees 1984 Prometheus Against Infinity Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
6 1985 Locus Across the Sea of Suns Best SF Novel
Preliminary Nominees 1985 Prometheus Across the Sea of Suns Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
Nomination 1986 SF Chronicle Time's Rub Short Story
16 1986 Locus Artifact Best SF Novel
8 1986 Locus To the Storming Gulf Best Novella
4 1986 Locus Time's Rub Best Short Story
2 1987 Locus Heart of the Comet Best SF Novel
9 1987 Locus As Big as the Ritz Best Novella
16 1987 Locus Newton Sleep Best Novella
6 1987 Locus Of Space-Time and the River Best Novelette
11 1987 Locus In Alien Flesh Best Collection
13 1987 Locus Hitler Victorious Best Anthology
38 1987 Locus Timescape All-Time Best SF Novel
33 1987 Locus All-Time Best SF Novelist
56 1987 Locus All-Time Best Novelist (combined)
Nomination 1987 Nebula Newton Sleep Novella
9 1988 Locus Great Sky River Best SF Novel
24 1988 Locus Mandikini Best Novelette
44 1988 Locus All-Time Best Author
7 1988 Locus Best 80's Author
7 1989 Locus At the Double Solstice Best Short Story
Nomination 1989 Nebula Great Sky River Novel
4 1990 Locus Tides of Light Best SF Novel
13 1990 Locus Mozart on Morphine Best Short Story
21 1990 Locus Alphas Best Short Story
4 1990 Locus Alternate Empires Best Anthology
7 1990 Locus Alternate Heroes Best Anthology
3 1992 Locus Matter's End Best Novelette
5 1992 Locus Alternate Wars Best Anthology
5 1993 Locus Alternate Americas Best Anthology
Nomination 1993 Nebula Matter's End Novelette
Withdrawn -- Ineligible 1994 Crook Chiller Compton Crook Award (Balticon - Best 1st Novel)
8 1995 Asimov's Readers' Soon Comes Night Best Novella
Nominations Below Cutoff 1995 Hugo Furious Gulf Best Novel
Nominations Below Cutoff 1995 Hugo Soon Comes Night Best Novella
12 1995 Locus Furious Gulf Best SF Novel
5 1995 Locus Soon Comes Night Best Novella
3 1995 Locus Matter's End Best Collection
Nominations Below Cutoff 1996 Hugo Sailing Bright Eternity Best Novel
Nominations Below Cutoff 1996 Hugo A Worm in the Well Best Novelette
6 1996 Locus Sailing Bright Eternity Best SF Novel
10 1996 Locus A Worm in the Well Best Novelette
3 1996 Locus High Abyss Best Short Story
4 1996 Locus Far Futures Best Anthology
Nomination 1996 Nebula Soon Comes Night Novella
Win 1997 SF Chronicle Immersion Novella
3 1997 Hugo Immersion Best Novella
7 1997 Locus Immersion Best Novella
Preliminary Nominees 1997 Nebula Sailing Bright Eternity Novel
Preliminary Nominees 1997 Nebula A Worm in the Well Novelette
3 1997 Premio Ignotus El tiempo y Cronopaisaje (translation of Time and 'Timescape') Mejor artÝculo - Best Article
9 1998 Locus A Cold Dry Cradle Best Novella
4 1998 Locus Galaxia Best Novelette
13 1998 Locus The New Hugo Winners, Volume IV Best Anthology
6 1999 Locus Cosm Best SF Novel
9 1999 Locus A Dance to Strange Musics Best Novelette
34 1999 Locus All-Time Best Author
13 1999 Locus Best SF/Fantasy Author of the 90's
Preliminary Nominees 1999 Nebula Cosm Novel
12 2000 Locus The Martian Race Best SF Novel
3 2000 Locus A Hunger for the Infinite Best Novelette
Nomination 2000 Prometheus The Martian Race Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
2 2001 Locus Eater Best SF Novel
9 2001 Locus Worlds Vast and Various Best Collection
8 2001 Locus Nebula Awards Showcase 2000 Best Anthology
13 2001 Locus Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science Best Anthology
Nomination 2001 Atheling Time Travel, Times Scapes, and Timescape William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review
2 2002 Analog Mammoth Dawn Best Novelette
8 2002 Locus Anomalies Best Short Story
7 2003 Locus The Clear Blue Seas of Luna Best Novelette
3 2003 Analog The Power of Rotting Plants, or How SF Solved Global Warming Best Fact Article
Nomination 2003 Kurd Lasswitz Prize Eater (translation of Eater) Bestes auslńndisches Werk
9 2004 Locus The Hydrogen Wall Best Novelette
Win 2004 Phoenix Award Phoenix Award
Nomination 2009 Nebula Dark Heaven Novella
1 2011 Analog Smart SETI Best Fact Article
Nominations Below Cutoff 2011 Hugo The Wonderful Future That Never Was Best Related Work
13 2013 Locus Bowl of Heaven Best SF Novel
14 2015 Locus Shipstar Best SF Novel
Finalists 2015 Sturgeon Lady with Fox Best Short Science Fiction
3 2016 Locus The Best of Gregory Benford Best Collection
Nomination 2017 Sidewise The Berlin Project Best Long Form Alternate History
19 2018 Locus The Berlin Project Best SF Novel

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