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Award Bibliography: Orson Scott Card

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Place Year and Award Title Category
2 1978 Hugo Ender's Game Best Novelette
1 1978 Campbell for Best New Writer Best New Writer
9 1978 Locus Ender's Game Best Short Fiction
2 1978 Analog Mikal's Songbird Best Novelette
1 1978 Analog Lifeloop Best Short Story
1 1979 Analog Songhouse Best Novella/Novelette
2 1979 Analog Breaking the Game Best Short Story
2 1979 Hugo Mikal's Songbird Best Novelette
3 1979 Locus Mikal's Songbird Best Novelette
8 1979 Locus A Thousand Deaths Best Short Story
Nomination 1979 Nebula Mikal's Songbird Novelette
2 1980 Hugo Songhouse Best Novella
2 1980 Hugo Unaccompanied Sonata Best Short Story
20 1980 Locus A Planet Called Treason Best SF Novel
2 1980 Locus Songhouse Best Novella
3 1980 Locus Quietus Best Short Story
6 1980 Locus Unaccompanied Sonata Best Short Story
Nomination 1980 Nebula Unaccompanied Sonata Short Story
Nomination 1981 Balrog Dragons of Light Collection/Anthology
17 1981 Locus Songmaster Best SF Novel
7 1981 Locus St. Amy's Tale Best Short Story
17 1981 Locus Dragons of Light Best Anthology
Nomination 1981 World Fantasy Dragons of Light Best Anthology/Collection (old)
7 1982 Locus Unaccompanied Sonata and Other Stories Best Single Author Collection
8 1982 Locus Dragons of Darkness Best Anthology
12 1984 Locus Hart's Hope Best Fantasy Novel
Win 1986 SF Chronicle Ender's Game Novel
1 1986 Hugo Ender's Game Best Novel
3 1986 Hugo The Fringe Best Novelette
2 1986 Locus Ender's Game Best SF Novel
2 1986 Locus The Fringe Best Novelette
Win 1986 Nebula Ender's Game Novel
Nomination 1986 Nebula The Fringe Novelette
Nomination 1986 SFBC Ender's War The Science Fiction Book Club's Book of the Year Award
3 1987 Asimov's Readers' Hatrack River Best Novelette
3 1987 Campbell Memorial Speaker for the Dead Best Science Fiction Novel
Win 1987 SF Chronicle Speaker for the Dead Novel
Nomination 1987 SF Chronicle Hatrack River Novelette
1 1987 Hugo Speaker for the Dead Best Novel
4 1987 Hugo Hatrack River Best Novelette
1 1987 Locus Speaker for the Dead Best SF Novel
2 1987 Locus Hatrack River Best Novelette
10 1987 Locus Salvage Best Novelette
Win 1987 Nebula Speaker for the Dead Novel
Nomination 1987 Nebula Hatrack River Novelette
Win 1987 World Fantasy Hatrack River Best Novella
Win 1987 Phoenix Award Phoenix Award
5 1988 Asimov's Readers' Carthage City Best Novella
3 1988 Hugo Seventh Son Best Novel
1 1988 Locus Seventh Son Best Fantasy Novel
6 1988 Locus America Best Novelette
12 1988 Locus Runaway Best Novelette
7 1988 Locus Cardography Best Collection
30 1988 Locus All-Time Best Author
2 1988 Locus Best 80's Author
Win 1988 Mythopoeic Seventh Son Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
Nomination 1988 World Fantasy Seventh Son Best Novel
3 1988 Locus Eye for Eye Best Novella
1 1988 Hugo Eye for Eye Best Novella
2 1988 Asimov's Readers' Eye for Eye Best Novella
1 1989 Asimov's Readers' Dowser Best Novelette
Win 1989 Ditmar Seventh Son Best International Long Fiction
2 1989 Hugo Red Prophet Best Novel
1 1989 Locus Red Prophet Best Fantasy Novel
2 1989 Locus Dowser Best Novelette
Nomination 1989 Mythopoeic Red Prophet Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
Nomination 1989 Nebula Red Prophet Novel
Nomination 1989 SFBC Hatrack River The Science Fiction Book Club's Book of the Year Award
Win 1989 Seiun
Me ni ha Me wo
Me ni wa Me o
Me ni wa Me wo
Me ni ha Me o
(translation of Eye for Eye)
Best Translated Short Story
Win 1989 Kurd Lasswitz Prize Sprecher für die Toten (translation of Speaker for the Dead) Bester ausländischer SF-Roman
2 1990 Asimov's Readers' Pageant Wagon Best Novella
4 1990 Asimov's Readers' Dogwalker Best Novelette
Nomination 1990 SF Chronicle Lost Boys Short Story
3 1990 Hugo Prentice Alvin Best Novel
6 1990 Hugo Dogwalker Best Novelette
2 1990 Hugo Lost Boys Best Short Story
1 1990 Locus Prentice Alvin Best Fantasy Novel
5 1990 Locus Pageant Wagon Best Novella
8 1990 Locus The Originist Best Novella
1 1990 Locus Dogwalker Best Novelette
1 1990 Locus Lost Boys Best Short Story
4 1990 Locus The Folk of the Fringe Best Collection
Nomination 1990 Mythopoeic Prentice Alvin Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
Nomination 1990 Nebula Prentice Alvin Novel
Nomination 1990 Nebula Lost Boys Short Story
1 1991 Hugo How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy Best Non-Fiction Book
1 1991 Locus Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card Best Collection
2 1991 Locus How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy Best Non-Fiction
5 1992 Hugo Xenocide Best Novel
2 1992 Locus Xenocide Best SF Novel
12 1992 Locus Future on Fire Best Anthology
Win 1992 Skylark Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction
9 1993 Locus The Memory of Earth Best SF Novel
2 1993 Locus Lost Boys Best Horror/Dark Fantasy Novel
7 1994 Locus The Call of Earth Best SF Novel
Nomination 1994 Imaginaire Xénocide (translation of Xenocide) Roman étranger
Nomination 1994 Imaginaire Le cycle d'Alvin le faiseur Prix spécial
1 1994 Premio Ignotus El juego de Ender (translation of Ender's Game) Mejor cuento extranjero - Best Foreign Story
Preliminary Nominees 1995 Prometheus Lovelock Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
Nominations Below Cutoff 1996 Hugo Alvin Journeyman Best Novel
1 1996 Locus Alvin Journeyman Best Fantasy Novel
Nomination 1996 Sidewise Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus Best Long Form Alternate History
Nomination 1996 Imaginaire Basilica (translation of The Memory of Earth) Roman étranger
15 1997 Locus Children of the Mind Best SF Novel
15 1998 Locus Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures Best Anthology
9 1998 Locus Ender's Game All-Time Best SF Novel before 1990
26 1998 Locus Alvin Maker (series) All-Time Best Fantasy Novel before 1990
8 1998 Locus All-Time Best SF Novelist
30 1998 Locus All-Time Best Fantasy Novelist
10 1998 Locus All-Time Best Novelist (combined)
Nomination 1998 Imaginaire Le retour (translation of Earthfall) Roman étranger
4 1999 Locus Heartfire Best Fantasy Novel
6 1999 Locus Homebody Best Dark Fantasy/Horror Novel
26 1999 Locus All-Time Best Author
33 1999 Locus All-Time Best Fantasy Author
11 1999 Locus Best SF/Fantasy Author of the 90's
Preliminary Nominees 1999 Prometheus Heartfire Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
Nomination 1999 Kurd Lasswitz Prize Enders Kinder (translation of Children of the Mind) Bestes ausländisches Werk
Nomination 1999 Imaginaire Le trésor dans la boîte (translation of Treasure Box) Traduction
Nomination 1999 Imaginaire pour l'ensemble de son œuvre Prix spécial
Nominations Below Cutoff 2000 Hugo Ender's Shadow Best Novel
Win 2000 Imaginaire Les chroniques d'Alvin le faiseur (série) Roman étranger
5 2000 Locus Ender's Shadow Best SF Novel
7 2000 Locus Enchantment Best Fantasy Novel
10 2000 Locus Vessel Best Novelette
5 2001 Locus The Elephants of Poznan Best Novelette
2 2002 Locus Shadow of the Hegemon Best SF Novel
9 2002 Locus Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century Best Anthology
7 2003 Locus Shadow Puppets Best SF Novel
Nominations Below Cutoff 2003 Locus Empire of Dreams and Miracles Best Anthology
11 2004 Locus The Crystal City Best Fantasy Novel
Nomination 2005 Quill Shadow of the Giant Science fiction/fantasy/horror
6 2006 Locus Shadow of the Giant Best SF Novel
Nomination 2006 Kurd Lasswitz Prize Enders Schatten (translation of Ender's Shadow) Bestes ausländisches Werk
Nomination 2007 Prometheus Empire Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
Nomination 2010 Prometheus Hidden Empire Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian SF Novel
7 2011 Locus Pathfinder Best Young Adult Book
Preliminary Nominees 2012 Gemmell Award The Lost Gate Legend Award
5 2012 Goodreads Shadows in Flight Science Fiction
3 2013 Goodreads Earth Afire Science Fiction
10 2014 Goodreads Earth Awakens Science Fiction
3 2014 Premio Ignotus Cómo escribir ciencia-ficción y fantasía (translation of How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy) Mejor libro de ensayo - Best Nonfiction Book

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