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Date Author(s) Title • Series Reprint? Genre/Tags Type Publisher ISBN Price Pages Binding
2017-06-00 Joe Hill Fireman REPRINT horror Novel Heyne 978-3-453-31834-2 €17.99 960pp tp
2017-06-00 Michael Bishop Other Arms Reach Out to Me: Georgia StoriesGeorgia Stories     Collection Kudzu Planet Productions 978-1-933846-65-1 $17.99 235pp tp
2017-06-01 Daisy Meadows A Fairy Ballet REPRINT   Chapbook Orchard Books (UK) 978-1-4083-4581-8 £3.99 32pp tp
2017-06-01 J. R. R. Tolkien Beren and Lúthien   fantasy Collection Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-1-328-79182-5 $30.00 288pp hc
2017-06-01 Luke Scull Dead Man's SteelThe Grim Company #3 REPRINT fantasy Novel Head of Zeus 978-1-78185-161-6 £8.99 480pp tp
2017-06-01 Frank Herbert Dune MessiahDune #2 REPRINT science fiction, space opera, into-tv Novel Hodder Paperbacks 978-1-4736-5532-4 £9.99 304pp unknown
2017-06-01 Eleanor Farjeon Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep REPRINT   Chapbook Walker Books (UK) 978-1-4063-7325-7 £6.99 96pp pb
2017-06-01 Gavin Chait Lament for the Fallen REPRINT science fiction, dystopia Novel Black Swan 978-1-78416-133-0 £8.99 432pp unknown
2017-06-01 Alan Baxter ObsidianAlex Caine #2 REPRINT urban fantasy, horror Novel Ragnarok Publications 978-1-944760-99-1 $17.95 388pp tp
2017-06-01 Daniel M. Ford StillbrightThe Paladin Trilogy #2   fantasy Novel Santa Fe Writer's Project 978-1-939650-58-0 $17.95 525pp tp
2017-06-01 Naomi Foyle The Blood of the HoopoeThe Gaia Chronicles #3 REPRINT science fiction Novel Jo Fletcher Books 978-1-78206-924-9 £9.99 336pp unknown
2017-06-01 Dave Eggers The Circle REPRINT near future, thriller, into-movie Novel Penguin Books 978-0-241-98122-1 £8.99 512pp unknown
2017-06-01 Franz Kafka The Metamorphosis REPRINT   Chapbook Legend Press 978-1-78719-976-7 £8.99 76pp unknown
2017-06-01 H. G. Wells The Time MachineH. G. Wells' Time Machine Universe REPRINT time travel, inventor, chrononaut, into-movie, Project Gutenberg, Librivox, dystopia, Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection, ipulpfiction, far future, dying earth, The 5-Parsec Shelf, list NPR Top100 (2011), into-tv, cosy catastrophe Novel Ulverscroft Large Print Books 978-1-4448-3303-4 £25.31 162pp unknown
2017-06-01 Dean Koontz The Vision REPRINT   Novel Headline 978-1-4722-4823-7 £8.99 256pp tp
2017-06-01 Ken Liu The Wall of StormsThe Dandelion Dynasty #2 REPRINT fantasy Novel Head of Zeus 978-1-78497-327-8 £8.99 512pp tp
2017-06-01 James Dorr Tombs: A Chronicle of Latter-Day Times of Earth   fantasy, post apocalypse Novel Elder Signs Press 978-1-934501-74-0 $14.95 256pp tp
2017-06-01 Randy Chandler, Cheryl Mullenax Year's Best Hardcore Horror: Volume 2Year's Best Hardcore Horror #2   horror Anthology Comet Press 978-1-936964-62-8 $15.95 380pp tp
2017-06-02 Klaus N. Frick Perry Rhodan Terminus, #4: Kampf um MerkurPerry Rhodan Terminus (magazine)     Magazine Heinrich Bauer #PRTRMNS04 €2.30 68pp digest
2017-06-02 Klaus N. Frick Perry Rhodan, #2911: Riss im LügennetzPerry Rhodan (1. Aufl.)     Magazine Heinrich Bauer #PR1DE2911 €2.10 68pp digest
2017-06-06 Victoria Laurie A Grave PredictionPsychic Eye #14 REPRINT paranormal mystery Novel Berkley Books 978-0-451-47389-9 $7.99 320pp pb
2017-06-06 Tanya Huff A Peace DividedPeacekeeper #2   military sf Novel DAW Books 978-0-7564-1150-3 $26.00 384pp hc
2017-06-06 Mercedes Lackey A Study in SableElemental Masters #11 REPRINT historical fantasy, alternate history Novel DAW Books 978-0-7564-1161-9 $7.99 320pp pb
2017-06-06 G. J. Koch Alexander Outland: Space PirateAlexander Outland #1 REPRINT space opera Novel Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-901-6 $7.99 376pp pb
2017-06-06 Kelley Armstrong BetrayalsCainsville / Omens and Shadows #4 REPRINT urban fantasy, supernatural thriller Novel Vintage Canada 978-0-345-81521-7 C$19.95 416pp tp
2017-06-06 Neil Jordan Carnivalesque REPRINT fantasy Novel Bloomsbury USA 978-1-63286-814-5 $27.00 288pp hc
2017-06-06 Sophie Jaff Crown of StarsThe Nightsong Trilogy #2   horror, thriller Novel Harper 978-0-06-234628-5 $15.99 432pp tp
2017-06-06 Steve Tribe Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time LordsDoctor Who Nonfiction     Nonfiction Harper Design 978-0-06-266686-4 $19.99 160pp hc
2017-06-06 RR Haywood ExecutedExtracted #2   time travel Novel 47North 978-1-61109-932-4 $14.95 396pp tp
2017-06-06 Steven Rowley Lily and the Octopus REPRINT dogs, magical realism Novel Large Print Press 978-1-4328-3792-1 $16.00 tp
2017-06-06 Alexis M. Smith Marrow Island REPRINT near future, thriller, disaster Novel Mariner Books 978-1-328-71034-5 $14.99 272pp tp
2017-06-06 Michael J. Martinez MJ-12: InceptionMJ-12: Majestic-12 #1 REPRINT historical fantasy, superwpoers Novel Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-899-6 $7.99 336pp pb
2017-06-06 Larry Correia Monster Hunter AlphaMonster Hunter International #3 REPRINT urban fantasy Novel Baen 978-1-4814-8272-1 $35.00 432pp hc
2017-06-06 Simon R. Green MoonbreakerSecret History #11   fantasy Novel Ace Books 978-0-451-47695-1 $27.00 336pp hc
2017-06-06 Richard A. Kirk Necessary Monsters   science fantasy Novel Arche Press 978-1-63023-050-0 $18.00 282pp tp
2017-06-06 J. Patrick Black Ninth City BurningNinth City Burning #1 REPRINT alien invasion, science fiction, post apocalypse Novel Ace Books 978-1-101-99146-6 $16.00 544pp tp
2017-06-06 Brendan DuBois Red VengeanceThe Alien Resistance #2   alien invasion Novel Baen 978-1-4814-8249-3 $16.00 320pp tp
2017-06-06 Greg Keyes RevelationsWar for the Planet of the Apes   science fiction Novel Titan Books 978-1-78565-472-5 $7.99 320pp pb
2017-06-06 Cynthia Rylant Sleeping Beauty     Chapbook Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4231-2108-4 $16.99 40pp hc
2017-06-06 David Drake Starliner REPRINT   Novel Baen 978-1-4814-8250-9 $16.00 272pp tp
2017-06-06 Matt D. Wilson Supreme Villainy   supervillains Novel Talos Press 978-1-940456-80-5 $14.99 240pp tp
2017-06-06 Robert Conroy, J. R. Dunn The Day After Gettysburg   alternate history Novel Baen 978-1-4814-8251-6 $25.00 368pp hc
2017-06-06 Abbie Bernstein The DNA of Orphan Black     Nonfiction Titan Books 978-1-78329-796-2 $24.95 208pp tp
2017-06-06 Wendy Webb (I) The End of Temperance Dare   supernatural thriller, gothic Novel Lake Union Publishing 978-1-4778-2411-5 $14.95 336pp tp
2017-06-06 Richard Kadrey The Kill SocietySandman Slim #9   urban fantasy Novel Harper Voyager 978-0-06-247414-8 $25.99 416pp hc
2017-06-06 Catherynne M. Valente The Refrigerator Monologues   superhero Collection Saga Press 978-1-4814-5934-1 $19.99 160pp hc
2017-06-06 James Thurber The Wonderful O REPRINT   Collection Penguin Books (Penguin Classics) 978-0-14-313042-0 $17.00 96pp tp
2017-06-06 David Afsharirad The Year's Best Military & Adventure SF Volume 3The Year's Best Military SF, Space Opera and Adventure SF #3   military sf, space opera Anthology Baen 978-1-4814-8268-4 $16.00 336pp tp
2017-06-06 Rich Horton The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy   fantasy, science fiction Anthology Prime Books 978-1-60701-491-1 $19.95 576pp tp
2017-06-06 Sebastien de Castell Tyrant's ThroneThe Greatcoats #4   fantasy Novel Jo Fletcher Books 978-1-68144-195-5 $26.99 400pp hc
2017-06-06 Melanie Gideon Valley of the Moon REPRINT time travel, time slip Novel Ballantine Books 978-0-345-53930-4 $17.00 416pp tp
2017-06-06 Nancy Holder Wonder WomanWonder Woman   superhero Novel Titan Books 978-1-78565-378-0 $7.99 320pp pb
2017-06-07 Heather Graham Dying BreathKrewe of Hunters - Fourth Series #10 REPRINT paranormal suspense, psychic ability Novel Thorndike Press 978-1-4104-9813-7 $36.99 hc
2017-06-07 John Scalzi The Collapsing EmpireThe Collapsing Empire #1 REPRINT science fiction, space opera Novel Thorndike Press 978-1-4328-3907-9 $30.99 502pp hc
2017-06-07 Heather O'Neill The Lonely Hearts Hotel REPRINT magical realism Novel Thorndike Press 978-1-4328-3890-4 $30.99 653pp hc
2017-06-08 Andrew Pyper The Only Child REPRINT horror Novel Orion 978-1-4091-4920-0 £13.99 304pp tp
2017-06-09 Klaus N. Frick Perry Rhodan, #2912: Der letzte Galakt-TransfererPerry Rhodan (1. Aufl.)     Magazine Heinrich Bauer #PR1DE2912 72+[12]pp digest
2017-06-13 Frederic S. Durbin A Green and Ancient Light REPRINT Alternate World, fantasy, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, historical, legends, military, mythology, war Novel Saga Press 978-1-4814-4223-7 $15.99 320pp tp
2017-06-13 James Corey Babylons AscheThe Expanse #6 REPRINT science fiction, space opera Novel Heyne 978-3-453-31655-3 €14.99 550pp tp
2017-06-13 Jim Crace Continent REPRINT   Collection Ecco / HarperCollins 978-0-06-266240-8 $16.99 160pp tp
2017-06-13 Lilith Saintcrow Cormorant Run   post apocalypse Novel Orbit (US) 978-0-316-27796-9 $15.99 400pp tp
2017-06-13 John Jos. Miller, George R. R. Martin Dead Man's HandWild Cards #7 REPRINT   Novel Tor 978-0-7653-3561-6 $17.99 352pp tp
2017-06-13 Taylor Anderson Devil's DueDestroyermen #12   parallel universe, military sf Novel Ace Books 978-0-451-47065-2 $27.00 496pp hc
2017-06-13 Seanan McGuire Down Among the Sticks and Bones     Chapbook 978-0-7653-9203-9 $17.99 192pp hc
2017-06-13 Bradley W. Schenck Slaves of the Switchboard of DoomRetropolis   science fiction, humorous Novel Tor 978-0-7653-8329-7 $25.99 384pp hc
2017-06-13 Michael Johnston SoleriSoleri Empire #1   fantasy Novel Tor 978-0-7653-8648-9 $27.99 368pp hc
2017-06-13 Simon Kurt Unsworth The Devil's EvidenceThomas Fool #2 REPRINT supernatural thriller, horror Novel Anchor Books 978-0-8041-7293-6 $16.95 400pp tp
2017-06-13 Joyce Carol Oates The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror REPRINT   Collection The Mysterious Press 978-0-8021-2671-9 $16.00 336pp tp
2017-06-13 Stephen S. Power The Dragon Round REPRINT fantasy, dragons Novel Simon & Schuster 978-1-5011-5275-7 $15.99 336pp tp
2017-06-13 Rio Youers The Forgotten Girl   supernatural thriller Novel St. Martin's Press 978-1-250-07239-9 $27.99 352pp hc
2017-06-13 Robert Graves The Golden Fleece REPRINT fantastic adventure Novel Seven Stories Press 978-1-60980-767-2 $19.95 480pp tp
2017-06-13 Jeff Wheeler The Hollow CrownKingfountain #4   fantasy Novel 47North 978-1-5039-4396-4 $14.95 302pp tp
2017-06-13 Nicky Drayden The Prey of Gods   robots, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, gods Novel Harper Voyager 978-0-06-249303-3 $15.99 400pp tp
2017-06-13 Neal Stephenson, Nicole Galland The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.   time travel, fantasy, near future Novel William Morrow 978-0-06-240916-4 $35.00 768pp hc
2017-06-13 Robert Dickinson The Tourist REPRINT time travel Novel Redhook 978-0-316-39945-6 $15.99 384pp tp
2017-06-13 Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Ian Tregillis, Michael Swanwick The Witch Who Came in from the Cold   historical fantasy, cold war Novel Saga Press 978-1-4814-8560-9 $21.99 624pp tp
2017-06-13 Brenda Cooper WildersProject Earth #1   science fiction, robots, post apocalypse Novel Pyr 978-1-63388-265-2 $18.00 350pp tp
2017-06-13 William Shatner, Jeff Rovin Zero-GZero-G / Samuel Lord #1 REPRINT science fiction, near future Novel Simon & Schuster 978-1-5011-1156-3 $16.00 368pp tp
2017-06-14 Sean Stewart Passion Play REPRINT   Novel Dover Publications 978-0-486-81251-9 $14.95 192pp tp
2017-06-14 Homer E. Flint The Devolutionist and The EmancipatrixDr Kinney REPRINT Project Gutenberg, Librivox Collection Dover Publications 978-0-486-81217-5 $9.95 192pp tp
2017-06-14 Eric Frank Russell The Mindwarpers REPRINT   Novel Dover Publications 978-0-486-81447-6 $9.95 160pp tp
2017-06-15 Daniel Polansky A City Dreaming REPRINT urban fantasy, witches Novel Hodder Paperbacks 978-1-4736-3428-2 £8.99 304pp tp
2017-06-15 Becky Chambers A Closed and Common OrbitWayfarers #2 REPRINT space opera, science fiction, artificial intelligence Novel Hodder Paperbacks 978-1-4736-2147-3 £7.99 384pp unknown
2017-06-15 Alastair Reynolds Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds REPRINT   Collection Gollancz 978-1-4732-1636-5 £10.99 784pp tp
2017-06-15 Jeff VanderMeer Borne REPRINT dystopia Novel Fourth Estate 978-0-00-815917-7 £12.99 336pp hc
2017-06-15 Arianne 'Tex' Thompson Dreams of the EatenChildren of the Drought #3 REPRINT weird west, fantasy Novel Solaris 978-1-78108-487-8 £7.99 400pp tp
2017-06-15 Kavita Mudan Finn Game of Thrones     Nonfiction Intellect Ltd. (Fan Phenomena) 978-1-78320-784-8 $29.50 267pp tp
2017-06-15 M. R. James Ghost Stories of an Antiquary REPRINT Librivox, Project Gutenberg, The Seven-League Shelf, Horror: 100 Best Books Collection Collins (Collins Classics) 978-0-00-824209-1 £2.50 304pp unknown
2017-06-15 Mark de Jager Infernal REPRINT fantasy Novel Del Rey (UK) 978-1-78503-335-3 £8.99 384pp tp
2017-06-15 Emma Geen The Many Selves of Katherine North REPRINT science fiction, near future Novel Bloomsbury 978-1-4088-5845-5 £8.99 368pp tp
2017-06-15 Edward Cox The Watcher of Dead TimeThe Relic Guild #3 REPRINT fantasy Novel Gollancz 978-1-4732-0037-1 £9.99 368pp unknown
2017-06-15 Terry Pratchett The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner REPRINT fantasy Collection Corgi 978-0-552-57449-5 £6.99 336pp tp
2017-06-16 Klaus N. Frick Perry Rhodan Terminus, #5: Im SonnenpalastPerry Rhodan Terminus (magazine)     Magazine Heinrich Bauer #PRTRMNS05 €2.30 68pp digest
2017-06-20 Scott Oden A Gathering of Ravens   historical fantasy Novel Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press 978-0-312-37294-1 $27.99 336pp hc
2017-06-20 Laurell K. Hamilton Crimson DeathAnita Blake #25 REPRINT urban fantasy Novel Berkley Books 978-1-101-98774-2 $7.99 720pp pb
2017-06-20 Lise MacTague Five Moons Rising   werewolf, urban fantasy, genetic engineering Novel Bella Books 978-1-59493-537-4 $16.95 240pp tp
2017-06-20 Curtis C. Chen Kangaroo TooKangaroo #2   thriller, moon Novel Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press 978-1-250-08189-6 $27.99 320pp hc
2017-06-20 Yoshiki Tanaka Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 4: Stratagem銀河英雄伝説 (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) #4 REPRINT science fiction Novel Haikasoru 978-1-4215-8497-3 $15.99 272pp tp
2017-06-20 Stephen Graham Jones Mapping the Interior     Chapbook 978-0-7653-9510-8 $10.99 112pp tp
2017-06-20 Jay Kristoff NevernightNevernight #1 REPRINT fantasy, assassin Novel Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Griffin 978-1-250-13213-0 $16.99 464pp tp
2017-06-20 Leanna Renee Hieber Perilous ProphecyStrangely Beautiful #3 REPRINT   Novel Tor 978-0-7653-7744-9 $15.99 320pp tp
2017-06-20 Tappei Nagatsuki Re: ZERO: Starting Life in Another World, Vol. 4Re:ゼロ / Re: ZERO (light novels) #4 REPRINT fantasy Novel Yen On 978-0-316-39842-8 $14.00 240pp tp
2017-06-20 Scott Meyer Run Program   artificial intelligence Novel 47North 978-1-4778-4873-9 $14.95 366pp tp
2017-06-20 William C. Dietz Seek and DestroyAmerica Rising #2   military sf, post apocalypse Novel Ace Books 978-0-425-27872-7 $27.00 336pp hc
2017-06-20 Laura Lam Shattered MindsPacifica (Laura Lam) #2   science fiction Novel Tor 978-0-7653-8207-8 $25.99 400pp hc
2017-06-20 James Morrow The Asylum of Dr. Caligari     Novel Tachyon Publications 978-1-61696-265-4 $14.95 192pp tp
2017-06-20 Ellen Datlow The Best Horror of the Year: Volume NineThe Best Horror of the Year #9   horror Anthology Night Shade Books 978-1-5107-1666-7 $15.99 480pp tp
2017-06-20 Carrie Anne Noble The Gold-Son   historical fantasy, leprechauns Novel Skyscape 978-1-4778-1967-8 $9.99 304pp tp
2017-06-20 Tom Holt The Management Style of the Supreme Beings   fantasy, gods, humorous Novel Orbit (US) 978-0-316-27082-3 $14.99 400pp tp
2017-06-20 James Gunn TransformationRiley and Asha #3   science fiction, transhuman Novel Tor 978-0-7653-8666-3 $26.99 208pp hc
2017-06-20 Shannon Mayer Veiled ThreatRylee Adamson #7 REPRINT urban fantasy Novel Talos Press 978-1-945863-01-1 $7.99 208pp pb
2017-06-20 Angus Watson You Die When You DieWest of West #1   historical fantasy Novel Orbit (US) 978-0-316-31738-2 $15.99 512pp tp
2017-06-22 Bernd Frenz Die Macht der ElfenDie Völkerkriege #2     Novel Fischer Tor 978-3-596-29834-1 €9.99 416pp tp
2017-06-22 Seth Dickinson Die Verräterin: Das Imperium der MaskenThe Traitor Baru Cormorant REPRINT fantasy Novel Fischer Tor 978-3-596-29672-9 €16.99 560pp tp
2017-06-27 Juliet Blackwell A Ghostly LightHaunted Home Renovation #7   paranormal mystery, ghosts Novel Berkley Books 978-1-101-98935-7 $7.99 336pp pb
2017-06-27 Karin Tidbeck Amatka REPRINT   Novel Vintage Books 978-1-101-97395-0 $15.95 224pp tp
2017-06-27 Darynda Jones Eleventh Grave in MoonlightCharley Davidson #11 REPRINT urban fantasy Novel St. Martin's Paperbacks 978-1-250-07822-3 $8.99 352pp pb
2017-06-27 Una McCormack Enigma TalesStar Trek: Deep Space Nine Relaunch   science fiction Novel Pocket Books 978-1-5011-5258-0 $7.99 368pp pb
2017-06-27 Tobias S. Buckell EnvoyHalo REPRINT   Novel Pocket Books 978-1-5011-8094-1 $9.99 400pp tp
2017-06-27 Jason M. Hough Escape VelocityThe Dire Earth #5   science fiction, aliens Novel Del Rey 978-0-553-39134-3 $9.99 432pp tp
2017-06-27 Jason M. Hough Escape VelocityThe Dire Earth #5   science fiction, aliens Novel Titan Books 978-1-78329-530-2 £8.99 400pp tp
2017-06-27 Leanna Renee Hieber Eterna and OmegaThe Eterna Files #2 REPRINT historical fantasy, immortality Novel Tor 978-0-7653-7074-7 $8.99 336pp pb
2017-06-27 Nicholas Sansbury Smith Extinction EdgeExtinction Cycle #2 REPRINT military sf, post apocalypse, genetic engineering, near future Novel Orbit (US) 978-0-316-55803-7 $9.99 320pp tp
2017-06-27 Bryan Thomas Schmidt Galactic Games REPRINT science fiction, sports, games Anthology Baen 978-1-4814-8263-9 $7.99 448pp pb
2017-06-27 Larry Correia, John Ringo GrungeMonster Hunter Memoirs #1 REPRINT urban fantasy Novel Baen 978-1-4814-8262-2 $7.99 432pp pb
2017-06-27 L. E. Modesitt, Jr. LegaciesCorean Chronicles #1 REPRINT fantasy, psychic ability Novel Tor Fantasy 978-0-7653-9717-1 $8.99 608pp pb
2017-06-27 Ronald Malfi Little Girls REPRINT horror, ghosts Novel Pinnacle Books 978-0-7860-4138-1 $9.99 352pp pb
2017-06-27 Desirina Boskovich Never Now Always     Chapbook Broken Eye Books 978-1-940372-27-3 $9.99 tp
2017-06-27 Dan Vyleta Smoke REPRINT historical fantasy, horror Novel Anchor Books 978-1-101-91040-5 $16.95 560pp tp
2017-06-27 Rachel Dunne The Bones of the EarthBound Gods #2   fantasy Novel Harper Voyager 978-0-06-242816-5 $15.99 480pp tp
2017-06-27 Ian Irvine The Fatal GateThe Gates of Good and Evil #2   fantasy Novel Orbit (US) 978-0-316-38690-6 $16.99 608pp tp
2017-06-27 Stephen King The Green Mile REPRINT into-movie, horror, fantasy, paranormal thriller Novel Pocket Books 978-1-5011-6044-8 $9.99 512pp tp
2017-06-27 Carolyn Haines The House of MemoryPluto's Snitch #2   paranormal mystery, ghosts, historical fantasy Novel Thomas & Mercer 978-1-4778-1993-7 $15.95 316pp tp
2017-06-27 Anthony Ryan The Legion of FlameThe Draconis Memoria #2   fantasy Novel Ace Books 978-1-101-98789-6 $28.00 576pp hc
2017-06-27 R. S. Belcher The Queen of SwordsGolgotha #3   historical fantasy, weird west Novel Tor 978-0-7653-9009-7 $25.99 368pp hc
2017-06-27 Nina Allan The Race REPRINT   Novel Titan Books 978-1-78565-046-8 $7.99 400pp pb
2017-06-27 H. G. Wells The Time MachineH. G. Wells' Time Machine Universe REPRINT time travel, inventor, chrononaut, into-movie, Project Gutenberg, Librivox, dystopia, Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection, ipulpfiction, far future, dying earth, The 5-Parsec Shelf, list NPR Top100 (2011), into-tv, cosy catastrophe Novel Alma Classics 978-1-84749-627-0 $8.00 160pp tp
2017-06-27 Yvonne Navarro The Usual SacrificesSupernatural   urban fantasy Novel Titan Books 978-1-78329-856-3 $7.99 320pp pb
2017-06-27 Elizabeth Haydon The Weaver's LamentThe War of the Known World #4 REPRINT fantasy Novel Tor Fantasy 978-0-7653-6032-8 $8.99 384pp pb
2017-06-27 Tad Williams The Witchwood CrownThe Last King of Osten Ard #1   fantasy Novel DAW Books 978-0-7564-1060-5 $30.00 736pp hc
2017-06-27 Steven Barnes Twelve Days   supernatural thriller Novel Tor 978-0-7653-7597-1 $26.99 368pp hc
2017-06-29 Jay Kristoff NevernightNevernight #1 REPRINT fantasy, assassin Novel Harper Voyager (UK) 978-0-00-817998-4 £8.99 480pp tp
2017-06-29 Justin Cronin The City of MirrorsThe Passage #3 REPRINT vampires, near future, horror, science fiction Novel Orion 978-0-7528-8334-2 £9.99 832pp tp
2017-06-30 K. J. Parker Mightier than the Sword     Chapbook Subterranean Press 978-1-59606-817-9 $40.00 136pp hc
2017-06-30 Ben Aaronovitch The Furthest Station     Chapbook Subterranean Press 978-1-59606-833-9 $40.00 144pp hc

Young Adult and Juvenile

Date Author(s) Title • Series Reprint? Genre/Tags Type Publisher ISBN Price Pages Binding
2017-06-01 Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler Dark AgeDefender of the Realm #2   young-adult fantasy, juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Press 978-1-4071-6424-3 £6.99 352pp unknown
2017-06-01 Danielle Paige Dorothy Must Die: Three-Volume SetDorothy Must Die /1,2,3   young-adult fantasy Omnibus HarperCollins 978-0-06-249663-8 $29.97 1104pp tp
2017-06-01 Garth Nix GoldenhandThe Old Kingdom / Abhorsen #5 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Hot Key Books 978-1-4714-0446-7 £7.99 432pp unknown
2017-06-01 E. J. Clarke Night of the FoxRowan Oakwing #2   juvenile fantasy, fairies Novel Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 978-1-5102-0037-1 £6.99 208pp tp
2017-06-01 Shaun Tan Rules of Summer REPRINT picture books for older readers Chapbook Hodder Children's Books 978-1-4449-3412-0 £10.99 48pp unknown
2017-06-01 Chris Hadfield The Darkest Dark REPRINT   Chapbook Macmillan Children's Books 978-1-5098-2409-0 £6.99 48pp tp
2017-06-01 Emily R. King The Hundredth QueenThe Hundredth Queen #1   young-adult fantasy Novel Skyscape 978-1-5039-4365-0 $9.99 300pp tp
2017-06-01 Danny Parker The Plastic PalaceLola's Toy Box #4   juvenile fantasy Novel Hardie Grant Egmont 978-1-76012-439-7 $6.99 96pp tp
2017-06-01 Danny Parker The Treasure TroveLola's Toy Box #3   juvenile fantasy Novel Hardie Grant Egmont 978-1-76012-438-0 $6.99 96pp tp
2017-06-01 Robin Jarvis The Whitby WitchesWhitby #1 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Egmont Books Ltd 978-1-4052-8540-7 £6.99 336pp tp
2017-06-01 Pittacus Lore United as OneLorien Legacies #7 REPRINT young-adult sf Novel Penguin Books 978-0-7181-8489-6 £7.99 352pp unknown
2017-06-06 Ginger Rue Aleca Zamm Is a WonderAleca Zamm #1   juvenile fantasy, time stop Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-7060-5 $6.99 160pp tp
2017-06-06 Ginger Rue Aleca Zamm Is a WonderAleca Zamm #1   juvenile fantasy, time stop Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-7061-2 $16.99 160pp hc
2017-06-06 Ginger Rue Aleca Zamm Is Ahead of Her TimeAleca Zamm #2   juvenile fantasy, time stop Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-7063-6 $6.99 128pp tp
2017-06-06 Ginger Rue Aleca Zamm Is Ahead of Her TimeAleca Zamm #2   juvenile fantasy, time stop Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-7064-3 $16.99 128pp hc
2017-06-06 Danielle Rollins BreakingBurning #2   young-adult sf, mystery, thriller Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-61963-740-5 $17.99 304pp hc
2017-06-06 Erin Hunter Broken PrideBravelands #1   juvenile fantasy, animal fantasy Novel HarperCollins 978-0-06-264202-8 $16.99 336pp hc
2017-06-06 Danielle Rollins BurningBurning #1 REPRINT young-adult fantasy, thriller, psychic ability Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-68119-205-5 $9.99 368pp tp
2017-06-06 Joelle Charbonneau Dividing EdenEden (Joelle Charbonneau) #1   young-adult fantasy Novel HarperTeen 978-0-06-245384-6 $17.99 336pp hc
2017-06-06 Alex Irvine Doctor Strange     Novel Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 978-0-316-27159-2 $12.99 208pp hc
2017-06-06 Wanda Coven Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic PuppyHeidi Heckelbeck #20   juvenile fantasy Novel Little Simon 978-1-4814-9521-9 $5.99 128pp tp
2017-06-06 Gareth Wronski Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy   juvenile sf, pirates, aliens Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-7177-0 $16.99 320pp hc
2017-06-06 John Claude Bemis Lord of MonstersOut of Abaton #2   juvenile fantasy, historical fantasy Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-0741-8 $16.99 320pp hc
2017-06-06 Lindsay Ribar Rocks Fall Everyone Dies REPRINT young-adult fantasy, paranormal mystery Novel Speak / Penguin Books (US) 978-0-14-751761-6 $10.99 352pp tp
2017-06-06 Jennifer Donnelly Sea SpellWaterfire Saga #4 REPRINT young-adult fantasy, juvenile fantasy, mermaids Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-1303-7 $9.99 368pp tp
2017-06-06 A. J. Hartley SteeplejackAlternative Detective #1 REPRINT young-adult fantasy, historical fantasy, action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, Suspense, Alternate World Novel Tor Teen 978-0-7653-8343-3 $11.99 352pp tp
2017-06-06 Ruth Hatfield The Book of ShadowsThe Book of Storms #3 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Henry Holt 978-1-62779-003-1 $16.99 288pp hc
2017-06-06 Brandon T. Snider The Elements of Harmony Volume IIMy Little Pony     Nonfiction Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 978-0-316-43197-2 $17.99 256pp hc
2017-06-06 Charlie Higson The EndThe Enemy #7 REPRINT young-adult horror, zombies Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-3291-5 $9.99 512pp tp
2017-06-06 Dorian Cirrone The First Last Day REPRINT juvenile fantasy, time loop Novel Aladdin 978-1-4814-5814-6 $7.99 240pp tp
2017-06-06 E. D. Baker The Frog Princess ReturnsTales of the Frog Princess #9   juvenile fantasy Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-68119-137-9 $16.99 208pp hc
2017-06-06 John Flanagan The GhostfacesBrotherband Chronicles #6 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Puffin 978-0-14-242728-6 $8.99 416pp tp
2017-06-06 Lauren DeStefano The Girl with the Ghost Machine   ghosts, Juvenile horror Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-68119-444-8 $16.99 224pp hc
2017-06-06 Eve Titus The Great Mouse Detective: Crumbs and Clues CollectionThe Great Mouse Detective /1-5   juvenile fantasy, mice, animal fantasy, mystery Omnibus Aladdin 978-1-4814-7717-8 $29.99 544pp tp
2017-06-06 Skye Melki-Wegner The Hush REPRINT young-adult fantasy, music Novel Sky Pony Press 978-1-5107-1248-5 $17.99 448pp hc
2017-06-06 Jordan Quinn The Kingdom of Wrenly: 3 Books in 1!The Kingdom of Wrenly /1,2,3   juvenile fantasy Omnibus Little Simon 978-1-5344-0934-7 $8.99 368pp pb
2017-06-06 Danielle Vega The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia FloresThe Merciless #2 REPRINT young-adult horror Novel Razorbill 978-1-59514-727-1 $10.99 336pp tp
2017-06-06 Lauren DeStefano The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart REPRINT juvenile fantasy, possession Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-61963-645-3 $7.99 224pp tp
2017-06-06 Kayla Olson The Sandcastle Empire   near future, young-adult sf, thriller Novel HarperTeen 978-0-06-248487-1 $17.99 464pp hc
2017-06-06 Tamara Ireland Stone Time and Time AgainTime Between Us /1,2   young-adult sf, time travel Omnibus Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-8133-3 $11.99 736pp tp
2017-06-06 Gina Damico Wax REPRINT young-adult fantasy, young-adult horror Novel Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-544-93718-5 $9.99 384pp tp
2017-06-13 Chris Colfer An Author's OdysseyThe Land of Stories #5 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 978-0-316-38321-9 $9.99 464pp tp
2017-06-13 H. A. Swain Gifted REPRINT young-adult sf, dystopia Novel Square Fish 978-1-250-11525-6 $10.99 352pp tp
2017-06-13 Winter Morgan Hidden in the ChestUnofficial Minecrafters Academy #5   juvenile sf, video games Novel Sky Pony Press 978-1-5107-1817-3 $7.99 112pp tp
2017-06-13 Diane Stanley Joplin, Wishing   juvenile fantasy, wishes Novel HarperCollins 978-0-06-242370-2 $16.99 272pp hc
2017-06-13 Michelle Knudsen Marilyn's Monster REPRINT   Chapbook Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9301-5 $6.99 40pp tp
2017-06-13 Kathryn Evans More of Me REPRINT young-adult sf, thriller Novel Amulet Books 978-1-4197-2372-8 $17.95 320pp hc
2017-06-13 Greyson Mann Never Say NetherSecrets of an Overworld Survivor #4   juvenile sf, video games Novel Sky Pony Press 978-1-5107-1336-9 $4.99 112pp tp
2017-06-13 Greyson Mann Never Say NetherSecrets of an Overworld Survivor #4   juvenile sf, video games Novel Sky Pony Press 978-1-5107-1334-5 $13.99 112pp hc
2017-06-13 Victoria Schwab Our Dark DuetMonsters of Verity #2   urban fantasy, monsters Novel Greenwillow Books / HarperCollins 978-0-06-238088-3 $17.99 528pp hc
2017-06-13 Robert Venditti Rise of the Robot ArmyMiles Taylor and the Golden Cape #2 REPRINT juvenile sf, superhero Novel Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 978-1-4814-0558-4 $8.99 304pp tp
2017-06-13 Alison Croggon The Bone QueenPellinor #0.5 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-8974-2 $17.99 416pp hc
2017-06-13 Alison Croggon The CrowPellinor #3 REPRINT fantasy, young-adult fantasy Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9445-6 $9.99 528pp tp
2017-06-13 Julie Berry The Emperor's Ostrich   juvenile fantasy Novel Roaring Brook Press 978-1-59643-958-0 $16.99 288pp hc
2017-06-13 Eugene Yelchin The Haunting of Falcon House REPRINT Juvenile horror, ghosts Novel Square Fish 978-1-250-11508-9 $7.99 336pp tp
2017-06-13 Dave Butler The Kidnap PlotExtraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie #1 REPRINT juvenile sf Novel Yearling 978-0-553-51298-4 $7.99 336pp tp
2017-06-13 Alan Gratz The Monster WarThe League of Seven #3 REPRINT young-adult sf, juvenile sf, steampunk Novel Starscape 978-0-7653-3827-3 $10.99 336pp tp
2017-06-13 Alison Croggon The NamingPellinor #1 REPRINT fantasy, horror, young-adult fantasy, young-adult horror Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9443-2 $9.99 512pp tp
2017-06-13 Jaleigh Johnson The Quest to the Uncharted LandsWorld of Solace #3   juvenile fantasy Novel Delacorte Press 978-1-101-93312-1 $16.99 352pp hc
2017-06-13 Alison Croggon The RiddlePellinor #2 REPRINT fantasy, young-adult horror, young-adult fantasy, horror, bards Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9444-9 $9.99 512pp tp
2017-06-13 Jaleigh Johnson The Secrets of SolaceWorld of Solace #2 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Yearling 978-0-385-37651-8 $7.99 400pp tp
2017-06-13 Kate Messner The Seventh Wish REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Bloomsbury USA Children's Books 978-1-68119-431-8 $7.99 256pp tp
2017-06-13 Alison Croggon The SingingPellinor #4 REPRINT fantasy, young-adult fantasy Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9446-3 $9.99 496pp tp
2017-06-13 Tracey Corderoy The Super-Spooky Fright Night!Hubble Bubble REPRINT juvenile fantasy, witches Collection Nosy Crow 978-0-7636-9502-6 $14.99 128pp hc
2017-06-13 Kersten Hamilton The Tick-Tock ManGadgets and Gears #3 REPRINT juvenile fantasy, historical fantasy, steampunk Novel Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 978-0-544-93715-4 $6.99 144pp tp
2017-06-13 Jill Murphy The Worst Witch and the Wishing StarWorst Witch #7 REPRINT juvenile fantasy, witches Novel Candlewick Press 978-0-7636-9466-1 $5.99 208pp tp
2017-06-13 Sarah Ahiers Thief's CunningAssassin's Heart #2   young-adult fantasy, assassins Novel HarperTeen 978-0-06-236383-1 $17.99 416pp hc
2017-06-13 Liv Olteano Thirteen Mercies, Three Kills   young-adult fantasy Novel Harmony Ink Press 978-1-63533-419-7 $6.99 ebook
2017-06-13 Elise Allen, Daryle Conners Troll ControlGabby Duran #2 REPRINT juvenile sf, aliens, trolls Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-2540-5 $7.99 256pp tp
2017-06-20 Joe Ballarini A Babysitter's Guide to Monster HuntingA Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting #1   juvenile fantasy Novel Katherine Tegen Books 978-0-06-243783-9 $13.99 352pp hc
2017-06-20 Alan Zweibel, Adam Mansbach Benjamin Franklin: You've Got MailBenjamin Franklin #2   time travel, juvenile fantasy Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-1305-1 $12.99 224pp hc
2017-06-20 Eric Geron Descendants 2: Junior NovelThe Descendants   juvenile fantasy Novel Disney Press 978-1-4847-9970-3 $10.99 208pp hc
2017-06-20 Wendy Mass GracefulWillow Falls #5 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Turtleback Books 978-0-606-40144-9 $17.20 hc
2017-06-20 Frank Cottrell Boyce Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth REPRINT juvenile fantasy, juvenile sf, humorous Novel Walden Pond Press 978-0-06-264362-9 $16.99 336pp hc
2017-06-20 Bart King The Drake Equation REPRINT juvenile sf, humorous Novel Disney/Hyperion Books 978-1-4847-2554-2 $7.99 320pp tp
2017-06-20 Jordan Quinn The Kingdom of Wrenly Collection #2The Kingdom of Wrenly /5-8   juvenile fantasy Omnibus Little Simon 978-1-4814-9961-3 $23.99 512pp tp
2017-06-27 R. L. Stine Attack of the JackGoosebumps SlappyWorld #2   Juvenile horror Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-06836-8 $6.99 160pp tp
2017-06-27 Daisy Meadows Clare the Caring FairyThe Friendship Fairies #167 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-15770-3 $4.99 80pp tp
2017-06-27 Tui T. Sutherland Escaping PerilWings of Fire #8 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Press 978-0-545-68545-0 $6.99 336pp unknown
2017-06-27 Daisy Meadows Esther the Kindness FairyThe Friendship Fairies #164 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-15767-3 $4.99 80pp tp
2017-06-27 Pittacus Lore Generation OneLorien Legacies Reborn #1   young-adult sf, aliens Novel HarperCollins 978-0-06-249374-3 $18.99 416pp hc
2017-06-27 Troy Cummings March of the VanderpantsThe Notebook of Doom #12   juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic 978-1-338-03452-3 $4.99 96pp tp
2017-06-27 Daisy Meadows Mary the Sharing FairyThe Friendship Fairies #165 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-15768-0 $4.99 80pp tp
2017-06-27 Ron Koertge, Christine Heppermann Maya's StoryBackyard Witch #3   juvenile fantasy, witches Novel Greenwillow Books / HarperCollins 978-0-06-233844-0 $16.99 192pp hc
2017-06-27 Daisy Meadows Mimi the Laughter FairyThe Friendship Fairies #166 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-15769-7 $4.99 80pp tp
2017-06-27 Melissa E. Hurst On Through the NeverThe Edge of Forever #2   time travel, young-adult sf Novel Sky Pony Press 978-1-5107-0761-0 $14.99 272pp tp
2017-06-27 Dan Jolley The Emerald TabletFive Elements #1 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel HarperCollins 978-0-06-241166-2 $6.99 320pp tp
2017-06-27 Erika Johansen The Fate of the TearlingThe Queen of the Tearling #3 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Harper 978-0-06-229044-1 $15.99 496pp tp
2017-06-27 Geronimo Stilton The Ship of SecretsNel Regno della Fantasia / The Kingdom of Fantasy #11 REPRINT juvenile fantasy Novel Scholastic Paperbacks 978-1-338-08880-9 $14.99 320pp hc
2017-06-27 Corey Ann Haydu The Someday Suitcase     Novel Katherine Tegen Books 978-0-06-235275-0 $16.99 304pp hc
2017-06-27 Scott Cawthon, Kira Breed-Wrisley The Twisted OnesFive Nights at Freddy's #2   young-adult horror Novel Scholastic 978-1-338-13930-3 $9.99 304pp tp
2017-06-29 Erika Johansen The Fate of the TearlingThe Queen of the Tearling #3 REPRINT young-adult fantasy Novel Bantam Books (UK) 978-0-85750-249-0 £7.99 380pp unknown


Date Author(s) Title • Series Reprint? Genre/Tags Type Publisher ISBN Price Pages Binding
2017-06-06 Linda O. Johnston Protector WolfAlpha Force #8 REPRINT paranormal romance, shapechangers Novel Harlequin (Harlequin Nocturne) 978-0-373-13988-0 $5.75 304pp pb
2017-06-06 Megan Hart Strangers of the Night REPRINT paranormal romance Collection Harlequin (Harlequin Nocturne) 978-0-373-13989-7 $5.75 304pp pb
2017-06-06 Paige Tyler Wolf HuntSWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #6   paranormal romance, werewolf, urban fantasy Novel Sourcebooks Casablanca 978-1-4926-4234-3 $7.99 352pp pb
2017-06-13 Suzanne Wright Fierce ObsessionsPhoenix Pack #6   werewolf, paranormal romance Novel Montlake Romance 978-1-4778-4875-3 $12.95 304pp tp
2017-06-13 Nalini Singh Silver SilencePsy-Changeling Trinity #1   paranormal romance Novel Berkley Books 978-1-101-98779-7 $27.00 464pp hc
2017-06-20 Christine Feehan Power GameGhostWalkers #13 REPRINT paranormal romance Novel Piatkus 978-0-349-41644-1 £8.99 400pp tp
2017-06-21 Christine Feehan Shadow ReaperShadow (Christine Feehan) #2 REPRINT paranormal romance Novel Thorndike Press 978-1-4104-9802-1 $33.99 hc
2017-06-27 Pat Esden Reach for YouDark Heart #3   fantasy, paranormal romance Novel Kensington Books 978-1-4967-0009-4 $12.95 320pp tp

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