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Title Date Author/Editor Publication series ISBN/Catalog# Price Pages Format Type Cover Artist Verif
Floor Games 2003-01-00 H. G. Wells   3690     ebook? non-fic  
The Chronicles of Clovis 2003-01-01 Saki   3688 $0.00   ebook? coll  
The Fall of the Niebelungs 2003-01-01 Margaret Armour, unknown   3636     ebook? novel  
Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle 2003-02-01 Victor Appleton   3777     ebook? novel  
Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice 2003-02-01 Victor Appleton   3734     ebook? novel  
A Journey to the Interior of the Earth 2003-02-01 Jules Verne   3748     ebook? novel  
The Valley of Fear 2003-02-01 Arthur Conan Doyle   3776     ebook? novel  
The Jewel of Seven Stars 2003-02-01 Bram Stoker   3781     ebook? novel  
Orlando Furioso 2003-02-01 Ludovico Ariosto   3747     ebook? novel  
Undine 2003-02-01 Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué   3714     ebook? chap  
Love Eternal 2003-02-01 H. Rider Haggard   3709     ebook? novel  
Dot and the Kangaroo 2003-02-01 Ethel C. Pedley   3703     ebook? novel  
The Secret Power 2003-03-01 Marie Corelli   3831     ebook? novel  
The Master of the World 2003-03-01 Jules Verne   3809     ebook? novel  
Robur the Conqueror 2003-03-01 Jules Verne   3808     ebook? novel  
Septimius Felton; or, the Elixir of Life 2003-04-22 Nathaniel Hawthorne   7372     ebook? novel  
The Garden of Survival 2003-05-00 Algernon Blackwood   4046 $0.00   ebook? novel  
The Monikins: A Tale 2003-05-01 James Fenimore Cooper   4092     ebook? novel  
Atlantis: the Antediluvian World 2003-05-01 Ignatius Donnelly   4032     ebook? non-fic  
Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle 2003-07-01 Victor Appleton   4230     ebook? novel  
Tom Swift and His Wireless Message 2003-07-01 Victor Appleton   4227     ebook? novel  
The Master-Christian; A Question of the Time 2003-07-01 Marie Corelli   4285     ebook? novel  
The Life Everlasting 2003-07-01 Marie Corelli   4251     ebook? novel  
Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley 2003-07-01 Lord Dunsany   4282 $0.00   ebook? novel  
First and Last Things: A Confession of Faith and Rule of Life 2003-07-01 H. G. Wells   4225 $0.00   ebook? non-fic  
American Fairy Tales 2003-08-00 L. Frank Baum   4357     ebook? coll  
The Sea Fairies 2003-08-01 L. Frank Baum   4358     ebook? novel  
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution 2003-08-01 P. Kropotkin   4341     ebook? non-fic  
The British Barbarians 2003-08-01 Grant Allen   4340     ebook? novel  
Can Such Things Be? 2003-08-01 Ambrose Bierce   4366     ebook? coll  
A Romance of Two Worlds 2003-08-01 Marie Corelli   4394     ebook? novel  
Vendetta: A Story of One Forgotten 2003-08-01 Marie Corelli   4360 $0.00   ebook? novel  
Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone 2003-10-01 Victor Appleton   4532     ebook? novel  
The Descent of Man and Other Stories 2003-10-01 Edith Wharton   4519     ebook? coll  
Tales of Men and Ghosts 2003-10-01 Edith Wharton   4514     ebook? coll  
Beowulf 2003-10-12 uncredited   9701 $0.00   ebook? novel  
A Voyage to the Moon: With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians 2003-11-01 George Tucker (1775-1861)   10005 $0.00   ebook? novel Checkmark
Carmilla 2003-11-01 J. Sheridan LeFanu   10007 $0.00   ebook? chap Checkmark
An Antarctic Mystery 2003-11-01 Jules Verne   10339 $0.00   ebook? novel Checkmark
Tom Swift and His Great Search Light 2003-11-01 Victor Appleton   4635     ebook? novel  
Tom Swift in Captivity 2003-11-01 Victor Appleton   4608     ebook? novel  
The Mystery 2003-11-01 Samuel Hopkins Adams, Stewart Edward White   10008     ebook? novel  
Lady Into Fox 2003-11-01 David Garnett (I)   10337     ebook? chap  
The House on the Borderland 2003-11-01 William Hope Hodgson   10002     ebook? novel  
Across the Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked Record 2003-11-01 Percy Greg   10165     ebook? novel  
Angel Island 2003-11-01 Inez Haynes Gillmore   4637     ebook? novel  
The Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales 2003-11-01 Richard Garnett   10095     ebook? coll  
The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck: A Comedy of Limitations 2003-11-01 James Branch Cabell   10041     ebook? novel  
Nonsense Novels 2003-11-03 Stephen Leacock   4682     ebook? coll  
Faery Tales of Weir 2003-11-04 Anna McClure Sholl   9952 $0.00   ebook? coll  
Wylder's Hand 2003-11-05 J. Sheridan Le Fanu   9983 $0.00   ebook? novel Checkmark
The Open Door, and the Portrait 2003-11-11 Margaret O. Wilson Oliphant   10052     ebook? coll  
Old Lady Mary 2003-11-11 Margaret O. Wilson Oliphant   10049     ebook? chap  
The Little Pilgrim: Further Experiences 2003-11-11 Margaret O. Wilson Oliphant   10051     ebook? chap  
The Evil Guest 2003-12-01 J. Sheridan LeFanu   10377 $0.00   ebook? novel Checkmark
Trips to the Moon 2003-12-01 Lucian   10430 $0.00   ebook? coll Checkmark
Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories 2003-12-01 Frances Hodgson Burnett   10466     ebook? coll  
The Green Mouse 2003-12-01 Robert W. Chambers   10441 $0.00   ebook? novel Checkmark
Tom Swift in the City of Gold 2003-12-01 Victor Appleton   4711     ebook? novel  
The Hohenzollerns in America: With The Bolsheviks in Berlin and Other Impossibilities 2003-12-01 Stephen Leacock   4781     ebook? coll  
The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig' 2003-12-01 William Hope Hodgson   10542     ebook? novel  
Topsy-Turvy 2003-12-01 Jules Verne   10547     ebook? novel  
The Little House in the Fairy Wood 2003-12-01 Ethel Cook Eliot   10463     ebook? chap  
A Tale of a Tub 2003-12-01 Jonathan Swift   4737     ebook? non-fic  
The World's Greatest Books: Vol. I: Fiction 2003-12-01 ed. Arthur Mee, J. A. Hammerton   10471     ebook? anth  
The Wolf's Long Howl 2003-12-01 Stanley Waterloo   10391     ebook? coll  
The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander 2003-12-02 Frank R. Stockton   10368 $0.00   ebook? novel  
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