Publisher Doubleday: Books Published in 1966

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Title Date Author/Editor Publication series ISBN/Catalog# Price Pages Format Type Cover Artist Verif
Analog 4 1966-00-00 ed. John W. Campbell     $4.50 xiv+
hc? anth Jim McMullan Checkmark
From Carthage Then I Came 1966-00-00 Douglas R. Mason     $3.95 190 hc? novel  
Twinkle, Twinkle, "Killer" Kane! 1966-00-00 William Peter Blatty       184 hc? novel  
The Fox, the Dog, and the Griffin 1966-00-00 Poul Anderson       62 hc? chap Laszlo Kubinyi  
The Trouble Twisters 1966-00-00 Poul Anderson     $3.95 189 hc? coll Emanuel Schongut Checkmark
Tomorrow's Children 1966-00-00 ed. Isaac Asimov     $4.95 431 hc? anth Emanuel Schongut Checkmark
No Place on Earth 1966-00-00 Louis Charbonneau     $3.95 183 hc? novel Tom Chibbaro Checkmark
The Nevermore Affair 1966-00-00 Kate Wilhelm     $4.50 236 hc? novel Lynn Sweat Checkmark
Nebula Award Stories 1965 1966-00-00 ed. Damon Knight     $4.95 299 hc? anth  
Claret, Sandwiches and Sin 1966-00-00 Madelaine Duke     $3.95 192 hc? novel Lawrence Ratzkin Checkmark
Make Room! Make Room! 1966-00-00 Harry Harrison     $3.95 213 hc? novel  
Earthworks 1966-00-00 Brian W. Aldiss     $3.50 154 hc? novel Margaret Peall , Trevor Heath Checkmark
All About Brother Bird 1966-00-00 Catharine Plummer       239 hc? novel  
Retief's War 1966-00-00 Keith Laumer     $3.95 208 hc? novel John B. Gaughan Checkmark
Collected Editorials from Analog 1966-00-00 John W. Campbell Doubleday Science Fiction   $4.95 xii+
hc? non-fic Ann Crews , Donald Crews Checkmark
Thirty Years That Shook Physics: The Story of Quantum Theory 1966-00-00 George Gamow     $5.95 224 hc? non-fic  
If All the Rebels Die 1966-00-00 Samuel B. Southwell     $5.95 400 hc? novel  
The Revolving Boy 1966-00-00 Gertrude Friedberg Doubleday Science Fiction   $3.95 191 hc? novel Tom Chibbaro  
Beware of the Bouquet 1966-00-00 Joan Aiken     $3.95 216 hc? novel  
The Shoot 1966-00-00 Elleston Trevor     $4.50 234 hc? novel Ray Cruz  
Cities of Wonder 1966-00-00 ed. Damon Knight     C$4.95 252 hc? anth  
No One Hears But Him 1966-00-00 Taylor Caldwell       298 hc? novel  
Capable of Honor 1966-00-00 Allen Drury       xii+
hc? novel  
The Man Who Was Magic: A Fable of Innocence 1966-00-00 Paul Gallico       ix+
hc? novel  
Three Legends 1966-00-00 Paul Gallico       126 hc? coll  
Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1966-00-00 Edgar Allan Poe     $5.95 ix+
hc? coll Checkmark
Hall of Mirrors 1966-00-00 John Rowan Wilson       417 hc? novel  
Best Book of Fairy Tales 1966-00-00 Pauline Rush Evans Her Best Book Series     286 hc? coll Adolph Le Moult Checkmark
Twice Twenty-two 1966-01-00 Ray Bradbury     $4.95 406 hc? omni Joseph Mugnaini  
FROOMB! 1966-01-14 John Lymington     $3.95 187 hc? novel Emanuel Schongut Checkmark
Cities of Wonder 1966-02-00 ed. Damon Knight     $4.50 [xii]+
hc? anth John Rombola Checkmark
The Ninth Galaxy Reader 1966-02-00 ed. Frederik Pohl     $3.95 vii+
hc? anth Howard Bernstein  
The Ninth Galaxy Reader 1966-02-00 ed. Frederik Pohl     C$4.95 vii+
hc? anth Howard Bernstein  
Now Wait for Last Year 1966-03-00 Philip K. Dick     $3.95 214 hc? novel Lawrence Ratzkin Checkmark
The If Reader of Science Fiction 1966-03-00 ed. Frederik Pohl     $4.50 x+
hc? anth Richard Miller Checkmark
The Winged Man 1966-03-00 A. E. van Vogt, E. Mayne Hull     $3.95 190 hc? novel James McMullan Checkmark
I, Robot 1966-03-00 Isaac Asimov     $ 218 hc? coll Johannes Regn Checkmark
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Fifteenth Series 1966-05-13 ed. Edward L. Ferman     $4.50 xiv+
hc? anth Donald Crews , Ann Crews Checkmark
Sibyl Sue Blue 1966-07-00 Rosel George Brown     $3.95 183 hc? novel John Alcorn Checkmark
Earthblood 1966-08-00 Keith Laumer, Rosel George Brown     $4.50 253 hc? novel Wendy Worth Checkmark
S Is for Space 1966-08-00 Ray Bradbury     $3.50 239 hc? coll Joe Mugnaini  
Turning On: Thirteen Stories 1966-08-00 Damon Knight     $3.50 180 hc? coll Donald Crews , Ann Crews Checkmark
Watchers of the Dark 1966-08-00 Lloyd Biggle, Jr.     $4.50 228 hc? novel Emanuel Schongut Checkmark
Nightbirds on Nantucket 1966-08-00 Joan Aiken     $3.25 216 hc? novel Robin Jacques  
S Is for Space 1966-08-00 Ray Bradbury     $4.25 239 hc? coll Joe Mugnaini  
Giles Goat-Boy or, The Revised New Syllabus 1966-08-05 John Barth     $6.95 xxxi+
hc? novel Lorellie Stubbs  
From Earth to Heaven: Seventeen Essays on Science 1966-10-00 Isaac Asimov     $4.50 208 hc? non-fic Rudolph de Harak  
Tomorrow's Children 1966-10-00 ed. Isaac Asimov     $5.70 431 hc? anth Emanuel Schongut  
Science Fiction for People Who Hate Science Fiction 1966-11-00 ed. Terry Carr     $3.95 190 hc? anth Checkmark
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