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Titles Marked With This Tag:

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2010-04-20 CHAPBOOK English Blockade Billy Stephen King     non-genre (1)
2010-04-20 SHORTFICTION English Blockade Billy Stephen King     non-genre (1), Team manager (1), murderer (1), story within a story (1), Catcher (1), first person point of view (1), New Jersey (1), Big league baseball (1)
2010-04-20 INTERIORART English Blockade Billy Alex McVey     non-genre (1)
2006-01-01 ANTHOLOGY English The Hard Stuff Bonnie Edwards and Sunny and Karin Tabke     non-genre (1)
2006-05-23 SHORTFICTION English Unrequited Kimberly Dean     non-genre (1)
2004-12-00 NONFICTION English Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan     non-genre (1)
2003-05-00 COLLECTION French Conversations avec la Mort
Léa Silhol?Lea Silhol
    horror (1), fantasy (1), SF (1), non-genre (1), urban fantasy (1)
2000-00-00 COLLECTION English Bottled in Blonde: The Peter Kane Detective Stories Hugh B. Cave     non-genre (1)
1999-00-00 NONFICTION English Killer Art; Art That Has Maimed, Killed or Caused General Destruction Through the Centuries Lynn Powers     non-genre (1)
1999-00-00 NOVEL English The Business Iain M. Banks     business (1), non-genre (1)
1999-03-01 NONFICTION English Weird Crimes and Servants of Satan Seabury Quinn     non-genre (1)
1998-00-00 ANTHOLOGY English Past Poisons Maxim Jakubowski     non-genre (1)
1998-00-00 ANTHOLOGY English The Mammoth Book of New Erotica Maxim Jakubowski     non-genre (1)
1996-12-01 NONFICTION English Great Careers for People Interested in Working with Their Hands Julie E. Czerneda     non-genre (1)
1996-00-00 NONFICTION English Longer Views Samuel R. Delany     non-genre (1)
1995-00-00 NONFICTION English How to Solve a Murder: The Forensic Handbook Michael Kurland     non-genre (1)
1992-00-00 COLLECTION English Bridal Gown Shroud Adele Olivia Gladwell     non-genre (1)
1991-00-00 NONFICTION English Lloyd Alexander Jill P. May     non-genre (1)
1991-00-00 NONFICTION English Lloyd Alexander: A Bio-Bibliography James S. Jacobs and Michael O. Tunnell     non-genre (1)
1989-00-00 NONFICTION English The Berlin Airlift Scott Westerfeld     non-genre (1)
1986-00-00 NONFICTION English Little Wilson and Big God Anthony Burgess     non-genre (1)
1985-00-00 NONFICTION English Flame into Being: The Life and Work of D.H. Lawrence Anthony Burgess     non-genre (1)
1982-08-00 OMNIBUS English A Fine and Private Place / The Madman Theory Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee and Jack Vance     non-genre (1)
1981-00-00 NONFICTION English Lloyd Alexander, Evangeline Walton Ensley, Kenneth Morris: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography Robert H. Boyer and Kenneth J. Zahorski     non-genre (1)
1981-03-00 NONFICTION English Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.     non-genre (1)
1976-00-00 NONFICTION English Winston-Salem in History: Industry and Commerce, 1766-1896 Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1974-00-00 NONFICTION English The Story of Moore County: Two Centuries of a North Carolina Region Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1973-08-01 NONFICTION English I'll Tell Them I Remember You William Peter Blatty     non-genre (1)
1973-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Dumbell Murder Case Thomas M. Disch     non-genre (1)
1973-00-00 NONFICTION English The Kingdom of Madison: A Southern Mountain Fastness and Its People Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1973-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Two-Sided Triangle Charles Naylor     non-genre (1)
1972-00-00 NONFICTION English Great Cities of the Ancient World L. Sprague de Camp     non-genre (1)
1971-00-00 NONFICTION English Practical Politics 1972 Frederik Pohl     non-genre (1)
1969-00-00 NONFICTION English The California Feeling Peter S. Beagle     non-genre (1)
1965-00-00 NONFICTION English I See by My Outfit Peter S. Beagle     non-genre (1)
1962-00-00 NONFICTION English The County of Moore, 1847-1947: A North Carolina Region's Second Hundred Years Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1960-00-00 NONFICTION English My Love Affair with Music Lloyd Alexander     non-genre (1)
1960-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Picnic Stuart Palmer (1905-1968)     non-genre (1)
1960-00-00 NONFICTION English Tiberius Frederik Pohl     non-genre (1)
1959-00-00 NONFICTION English The County of Warren, North Carolina, 1586-1917 Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1959-00-00 NONFICTION English They Took Their Stand: The Founders of the Confederacy Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1957-00-00 NONFICTION English Fastest on the River: The Great Race Between the "Natchez" and the "Robert E Lee" Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1956-00-00 NONFICTION English My Five Tigers Lloyd Alexander     non-genre (1)
1956-00-00 NONFICTION English Rebel Boast: First at Bethel, Last at Appomattox Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1949-00-00 NONFICTION English Giant in Gray;: A Biography of Wade Hampton of South Carolina Manly Wade Wellman     non-genre (1)
1946-11-16 ESSAY English The Lucky Ones James Tiptree, Jr.     non-genre (1)
1941-00-00 NONFICTION English The China of Chiang K'ai-shek: A Political Study Cordwainer Smith     non-genre (1)
1938-00-00 NONFICTION English Government in Republican China Fritz Morstein Marx and Cordwainer Smith     non-genre (1)
1935-00-00 ESSAY English Rattenbury and Stoner F. Tennyson Jesse     non-genre (1)
1915-00-00 NOVEL English Abu the Dawn-Maker Perley Poore Sheehan     non-genre (1)
1915-00-00 NOVEL English The Red Stain Achmed Abdullah     Google Books (1), non-genre (1)
1910-00-00 NONFICTION English Famous Impostors Bram Stoker     non-genre (1)
1894-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Autobiography of a Boy (excerpt) George Slythe Street     non-genre (1)
1894-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Green Carnation (excerpt) Robert Hichens     non-genre (1)
1894-09-06 SHORTFICTION English The Lord of the Dynamos H. G. Wells     non-genre (1)
1892-07-00 SHORTFICTION English The Beach of Falesá Robert Louis Stevenson     non-genre (1)
1884-00-00 SHORTFICTION English À Rebours (Against the Grain) (excerpt) Joris-Karl Huysmans     non-genre (1)
1877-10-00 SHORTFICTION English A Lodging for the Night Robert Louis Stevenson     non-genre (1)
1869-00-00 ESSAY English Culture and Anarchy (excerpt) Matthew Arnold     non-genre (1)
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