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Titles Marked With Tag criticism

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2018-06-15 NONFICTION English Classic Horror Anne DeLong     horror (1), criticism (1)
2018-01-15 NONFICTION English Mars Abides: Ray Bradbury's Journeys to the Red Planet Dave Creek     mars (1), criticism (1)
2018-04-14 NONFICTION English Modern Science Fiction James E. Gunn     criticism (1)
2018-10-26 NONFICTION English Prometheus to the Martians Thomas Lombardo     criticism (1)
2017-08-28 NONFICTION English Affect, Emotion, and Children's Literature: Representation and Socialisation in Texts for Children and Young Adults Elizabeth Bullen and Kristine Moruzi and Michelle J. Smith     criticism (1)
2017-02-07 NONFICTION English Celestial Empire: The Emergence of Chinese Science Fiction Nathaniel Isaacson     criticism (1)
2017-03-01 NONFICTION English Critical Survey of Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature Paul Di Filippo     criticism (1)
2017-01-01 NONFICTION English Isaac Asimov M. Keith Booker     criticism (1)
2017-02-28 NONFICTION English Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James Patrick J. Murphy     criticism (1)
2017-09-19 NONFICTION English Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction Grady Hendrix     horror (1), criticism (1)
2017-02-09 NONFICTION English Pentecostal Modernism: Lovecraft, Los Angeles, and World-Systems Culture Philip Barnard and Stephen Shapiro     criticism (1)
2017-09-01 NONFICTION English Posthuman Blackness and the Black Female Imagination Kristen Lillvis     criticism (1)
2017-09-29 NONFICTION English Romancing the Zombie: Essays on the Undead as Significant "Other" Jessica K. Richards and Ashley Szanter     zombies (1), criticism (1)
2017-02-27 NONFICTION English Saving the World Through Science Fiction: James Gunn, Writer, Teacher and Scholar Michael R. Page     criticism (1)
2017-02-23 NONFICTION English Science Fiction Criticism: An Anthology of Essential Writings Rob Latham     criticism (1)
2017-04-11 NONFICTION English The Children's Ghost Story in America Sean Ferrier-Watson     ghosts (1), criticism (1)
2017-04-06 NONFICTION English The English Short Story in Canada: From the Dawn of Modernism to the 2013 Nobel Prize Reingard M. Nischik     criticism (1)
2017-10-20 NONFICTION English The Heroes of Tolkien David Day     criticism (1)
2017-05-19 NONFICTION English Wells Meets Deleuze: The Scientific Romances Reconsidered Michael Starr     criticism (1)
2017-01-02 NONFICTION English Xena and the Heroine's Journey: Symbols, Archetypes, and Deeper Meaning Valerie Estelle Frankel     criticism (1)
2017-03-17 NONFICTION English Zombie Cinema Ian Olney     zombies (1), criticism (1)
2016-12-11 NONFICTION English Altermundos: Latin@ Speculative Literature, Film, and Popular Culture Cathryn Josefina Merla-Watson and B. V. Olguin     criticism (1)
2016-11-01 NONFICTION English Architects of Tomorrow: Volume II Don D'Ammassa     criticism (1)
2016-12-18 NONFICTION English Dancing with the Doctor: Dimensions of Gender in the New Doctor Who Universe Lorna Jowett     criticism (1)
2016-07-12 NONFICTION English Discworld and Philosophy Nicolas Michaud     criticism (1)
2016-12-01 NONFICTION English Driven to Madness with Fright: Further Notes on Horror Fiction S. T. Joshi     criticism (1)
2016-05-16 NONFICTION English H. G. Wells's Perennial Time Machine Danièle Chatelain and Patrick Parrinder and George E. Slusser     criticism (1)
2016-12-06 NONFICTION English Historicising Transmedia Storytelling: Early Twentieth-Century Transmedia Story Worlds Matthew Freeman     criticism (1)
2016-10-07 NONFICTION English Imagining Urban Futures: Cities in Science Fiction and What We Might Learn from Them Carl Abbott     criticism (1)
2016-12-15 NONFICTION English Like Clockwork: Steampunk Pasts, Presents, and Futures Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall     steampunk (1), criticism (1)
2016-12-17 NONFICTION English Steampunk and Nineteenth-Century Digital Humanities: Literary Retrofuturisms, Media Archaeologies, Alternate Histories Roger Whitson     alternate history (1), steampunk (1), criticism (1)
2016-04-04 NONFICTION English Terraforming: Ecopolitical Transformations and Environmentalism in Science Fiction Chris Pak     terraforming (1), criticism (1)
2016-11-01 NONFICTION English The Child to Come: Life after the Human Catastrophe Rebekah Sheldon     criticism (1), post apocalypse (1)
2016-10-23 NONFICTION English The Last Midnight: Essays on Apocalyptic Narratives in Millennial Media Leisa A. Clark and Amanda Firestone and Mary F. Pharr     criticism (1)
2016-12-05 NONFICTION English The X-Files Theresa L. Geller     criticism (1)
2016-02-28 NONFICTION English Understanding William Gibson Gerald Alva Miller, Jr.     criticism (1)
2016-04-07 NONFICTION English Women of Ice and Fire Anne Gjelsvik and Rikke Schubart     criticism (1)
2015-01-29 NONFICTION English Alien Imaginations: Science Fiction and Tales of Transnationalism Ulrike Küchler and Silja Maehl and Graeme Stout     criticism (1)
2015-04-30 NONFICTION English Architects of Tomorrow: Volume I Don D'Ammassa     criticism (1)
2015-05-07 NONFICTION English Classic Horror Films and the Literature That Inspired Them Ron Backer     criticism (1)
2015-05-13 NONFICTION English Fantastic Transmedia: Narrative, Play and Memory Across Science Fiction and Fantasy Storyworlds Colin B. Harvey     criticism (1)
2015-06-08 NONFICTION English Fantasy and Science Fiction Medievalisms: From Isaac Asimov to A Game of Thrones Helen Young     criticism (1)
2015-09-22 NONFICTION English Frederik Pohl Michael R. Page     criticism (1)
2015-05-09 NONFICTION English How to Live Forever: Science Fiction and Philosophy Stephen R. L. Clark     criticism (1)
2015-09-25 NONFICTION English How Zombies Conquered Popular Culture: The Multifarious Walking Dead in the 21st Century Kyle William Bishop     zombies (1), criticism (1)
2015-06-27 NONFICTION English Lois McMaster Bujold Edward James     criticism (1)
2015-08-19 NONFICTION English Medicine and Ethics in Black Women's Speculative Fiction Esther L. Jones     criticism (1)
2015-10-09 NONFICTION English Monsters and Monstrosity from the Fin de Siecle to the Millennium: New Essays Rebecca A. Brown and Sharla Hutchison     criticism (1), monsters (1)
2015-07-13 NONFICTION English Monstrous Bodies: The Rise of the Uncanny in Modern Japan Miri Nakamura     Japan (1), criticism (1)
2015-05-22 NONFICTION English New Ray Bradbury Review, Number 4 Jonathan R. Eller     criticism (1)
2015-08-24 NONFICTION English Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness Helen Young     criticism (1)
2015-07-01 NONFICTION English Science Fiction Theology: Beauty and the Transformation of the Sublime Alan P. R. Gregory     criticism (1)
2015-04-24 NONFICTION English Space and the Postmodern Fantastic in Contemporary Literature: The Architectural Void Patricia García     criticism (1)
2015-03-31 NONFICTION English Suicide and Contemporary Science Fiction Carlos Gutiérrez-Jones     suicide (1), criticism (1)
2015-03-30 NONFICTION English Talking to the Gods: Occultism in the Work of W. B. Yeats, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and Dion Fortune Susan Johnston Graf     criticism (1), occult (1)
2015-04-27 NONFICTION English Techno-Orientalism: Imagining Asia in Speculative Fiction, History, and Media Betsy Huang and Greta A. Niu and David S. Roh     criticism (1)
2015-06-02 NONFICTION English The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams Carol Zaleski and Philip Zaleski     criticism (1)
2015-09-24 NONFICTION English The Philosophy of Science Fiction: Henri Bergson and the Fabulations of Philip K. Dick James Burton     criticism (1)
2015-05-27 NONFICTION English The Politics of the Hunger Games Jamey Heit     criticism (1)
2015-01-12 NONFICTION English The Science Fiction of Phyllis Gotlieb Dominick Grace     criticism (1)
2015-08-31 NONFICTION English The Transhuman Antihero: Paradoxical Protagonists of Speculative Fiction from Mary Shelley to Richard Morgan Michael Grantham (academic)     criticism (1), transhuman (1)
2015-01-08 NONFICTION English The Tropes of Fantasy Fiction Gabrielle Lissauer     criticism (1)
2015-01-04 NONFICTION English The World According to Philip K. Dick Alexander Dunst and Stefan Schlensag     criticism (1), Philip K. Dick (1)
2015-03-04 NONFICTION English Tolkien's Intellectual Landscape E. L. Risden     criticism (1), Tolkien (1)
2015-07-22 NONFICTION English Utopian Literature and Science Patrick Parrinder     criticism (1), Utopia (1)
2014-07-07 NONFICTION English Anatomy of a Robot: Literature, Cinema, and the Cultural Work of Artificial People Despina Kakoudaki     robots (1), criticism (1)
2014-04-01 NONFICTION English Battle Royale Slam Book: Essays on the Cult Classic by Koushun Takami uncredited     criticism (1)
2014-09-25 NONFICTION English Black and Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction Isiah Lavender, III     criticism (1)
2014-05-22 NONFICTION English Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase: Contemporary North American Dystopian Literature Gisèle M. Baxter and Brett Josef Grubisic and Tara Lee     dystopia (1), criticism (1)
2014-05-30 NONFICTION English Desiring Dragons: Creativity, Imagination and the Writer's Quest Kevan Manwaring     criticism (1)
2014-07-16 NONFICTION English Detective Fiction and the Ghost Story: The Haunted Text Michael Cook     criticism (1), ghosts (1)
2014-04-15 NONFICTION English Greg Egan Karen Burnham     criticism (1)
2014-11-28 NONFICTION English Imaginative Realms: Essays on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Allan Weiss     criticism (1)
2014-05-07 NONFICTION English Joss Whedon's Names Valerie Estelle Frankel     criticism (1)
2014-02-26 NONFICTION English Journeys into Darkness: Critical Essays on Gothic Horror James Goho     horror (1), gothic (1), criticism (1)
2014-12-19 NONFICTION English Philosophy and Terry Pratchett Jacob Held and James South     criticism (1)
2014-08-30 NONFICTION English Ray Bradbury Unbound Jonathan R. Eller     criticism (1), Ray Bradbury (1)
2014-07-31 NONFICTION English Religion in Science Fiction: The Evolution of an Idea and the Extinction of a Genre Steven Hrotic     religion (1), criticism (1)
2014-04-05 NONFICTION English Rhapsody: Notes on Strange Fictions Hal Duncan     criticism (1)
2014-03-11 NONFICTION English Space and Place in the Hunger Games: New Readings of the Novels Deidre Anne Evans Garriott and Whitney Elaine Jones and Julie Elizabeth Tyler     criticism (1)
2014-01-02 NONFICTION English Stories about Stories: Fantasy & the Remaking of Myth Brian Attebery     criticism (1)
2014-10-03 NONFICTION English Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination Dale Townshend     gothic (1), criticism (1)
2014-12-18 NONFICTION English The Bloomsbury Introduction to Popular Fiction Christine Berberich     criticism (1)
2014-10-22 NONFICTION English The Monomyth in American Science Fiction Films: 28 Visions of the Hero's Journey Donald E. Palumbo     criticism (1)
2014-09-15 NONFICTION English The Poet and the Vampyre: The Curse of Byron and the Birth of Literature's Greatest Monsters Andrew McConnell Stott     criticism (1), vampires (1), biography (1)
2014-01-16 NONFICTION English The Science Fiction Dimensions of Salman Rushdie Yael Maurer     criticism (1)
2014-04-30 NONFICTION English The Twilight of the Gothic? Vampire Fiction and the Rise of the Paranormal Romance: 1991-2012 Joseph Crawford     vampires (1), gothic (1), criticism (1)
2014-06-23 NONFICTION English The Vampire in Science Fiction Film and Literature Paul Meehan     vampires (1), criticism (1)
2014-05-20 NONFICTION English Tolkien and the Modernists: Literary Responses to the Dark New Days of the 20th Century Theresa Freda Nicolay     criticism (1)
2014-06-09 NONFICTION English Tolkien's Sacramental Vision: Discerning the Holy in Middle Earth Craig Bernthal     Tolkien (1), criticism (1)
2014-01-16 NONFICTION English What Makes This Book So Great Jo Walton     criticism (1)
2013-04-30 NONFICTION English After Dracula: The 1930s Horror Film Alison Peirse     horror (1), criticism (1), horror films (1)
2013-07-02 NONFICTION English Beyond the Cyborg: Adventures with Donna Haraway Margret Grebowicz and Helen Merrick     criticism (1), cyborg (1)
2013-07-09 NONFICTION English Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jennifer K. Stuller     criticism (1)
2013-03-06 NONFICTION English Doctor Who in Time and Space: Essays on Themes, Characters, History and Fandom, 1963-2012 Gillian I. Leitch     criticism (1)
2013-04-24 NONFICTION English Girls Transforming: Invisibility and Age-Shifting in Children's Fantasy Fiction Since the 1970s (Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy) Sanna Lehtonen     girls (1), invisibility (1), criticism (1)
2013-09-12 NONFICTION English Gothic Fiction and the Invention of Terrorism: The Politics and Aesthetics of Fear in the Age of the Reign of Terror Joseph Crawford     gothic (1), criticism (1)
2013-05-28 NONFICTION English H. P. Lovecraft's Dark Arcadia: The Satire, Symbology and Contradiction Gavin Callaghan     criticism (1), H. P. Lovecraft (1), non-fiction (1)
2013-10-16 NONFICTION English Lord Dunsany, H.P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury: Spectral Journeys William F. Touponce     criticism (1)
2013-07-15 NONFICTION English Parabolas of Science Fiction Brian Attebery and Veronica Hollinger     criticism (1)
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