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Titles Marked With Tag Utopia

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2017-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Diamond and the World Breaker Linda Nagata     science fiction (1), Utopia (1), Mothers and daughters (1)
2017-02-00 NOVEL English Seven Surrenders Ada Palmer     science fiction (1), Utopia (1)
2017-04-04 NOVEL English The Moon and the Other John Kessel     Utopia (1), moon (1)
2016-04-01 SHORTFICTION German Ein Tag in Terrania City Hartmut Kasper     Utopia (1)
2016-10-01 COLLECTION English Of This New World Allegra Hyde     Utopia (1)
2016-05-10 NOVEL English Too Like the Lightning Ada Palmer     science fiction (1), Utopia (1)
2016-12-19 NONFICTION English Utopias and Dystopias in the Fiction of H. G. Wells and William Morris: Landscape and Space Emelyne Godfrey     Utopia (1), dystopia (1)
2015-07-22 NONFICTION English Utopian Literature and Science Patrick Parrinder     criticism (1), Utopia (1)
2013-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Love in the Time of Utopia Zen Cho     Malaysia (1), Utopia (1)
2013-07-00 NOVEL German Nebenweit Heinz Zwack     marriage (1), doppelgänger (1), parallel universe (1), Utopia (1)
2013-05-00 SHORTFICTION German Witzlos nach Talanta Uwe Post     Utopia (1), satire (1)
2010-00-00 NOVEL English The Great Improbability: An Autobiographical Mystery by the People of Earth David Sayre     Utopia (1)
2009-02-00 NOVEL English When We Were One Zaji     Black author (1), fantasy (1), Utopia (1)
2008-07-00 NONFICTION German Das Science Fiction Jahr 2008 Sascha Mamczak and Wolfgang Jeschke     Utopia (1)
2006-02-00 NONFICTION English Women, Space and Utopia 1600-1800 Nicole Pohl     Utopia (1)
2001-00-00 NOVEL English Generica Will Ferguson     Utopia (1), near future (1)
1999-00-00 SHORTFICTION German Cataract Wolfgang Jeschke     time travel (1), Utopia (1)
1999-08-06 ESSAY German Die Sprache der Utopie Cornelia Mannewitz     Utopia (1)
1994-00-00 ESSAY German Hoffen auf Utopia Robert Hector     Utopia (1)
1993-00-00 NOVEL English The Fifth Sacred Thing Starhawk     post apocalypse (1), Utopia (1), dystopia (1)
1991-01-00 CHAPBOOK English City of Truth James Morrow     Utopia (1)
1990-09-00 NOVEL English Pacific Edge Kim Stanley Robinson     near future (1), politics (1), Utopia (1), ecotopia (1), california (1), softball (1)
1986-00-00 ESSAY German Politische Struktur und Machtverhältnisse in der feministischen Utopie Barbara Holland-Cunz     feminism (1), Utopia (1)
1983-00-00 NOVEL German Reisen zu den Enu: die Geschichte eines Schiffbruchs Jakov Lind     Utopia (1)
1982-00-00 NOVEL German Andymon Angela Steinmüller and Karlheinz Steinmüller     Utopia (1)
1979-10-00 NOVEL English A World Between Norman Spinrad     science fiction (1), politics (1), gender wars (1), Utopia (1)
1979-00-00 ANTHOLOGY German Der Planet mit den sieben Masken: Utopische Erzählungen aus Frankreich Bernhard Thieme     science fiction (1), Utopia (1)
1978-00-00 ESSAY English The Eternal Bliss Machine Sam J. Lundwall     Utopia (1)
1978-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Greening of the Green Harry Harrison     Utopia (1)
1975-00-00 SHORTFICTION German Der große Kalos-Prozeß Johanna Braun and Günter Braun     Utopia (1)
1975-00-00 SHORTFICTION Romanian Utopia Gheorghe Săsărman?     Utopia (1)
1974-01-00 ESSAY German Sprüche oder Die Utopie in der Westentasche Wolfgang Jeschke     Utopia (1)
1973-00-00 NOVEL English Left On!: The Glorious Bourgeois Cultural Revolution Harry A. Rositzke     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1971-00-00 NOVEL English The Comforter Dorothy Bryant     Utopia (1), mythology (1)
1968-00-00 SHORTFICTION Bulgarian Сините пеперуди? Павел Вежинов?     first contact (1), Utopia (1), philosophy (1)
1968-00-00 NOVEL German Nabou Günther Krupkat     Utopia (1)
1968-00-00 NOVEL English Past Master R. A. Lafferty     Utopia (1), dystopia (1)
1966-00-00 NOVEL English Journey to the Future C. E. Foster     Utopia (1)
1961-00-00 NOVEL English Metatopia F. N. Ball     Utopia (1)
1961-00-00 NOVEL English Pudoria Tom Pease     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1961-00-00 NOVEL English The Other Side of the Universe Kurt Dreifuss     Utopia (1)
1960-00-00 NOVEL English Alpaca H. L. Hunt     Utopia (1)
1958-00-00 SHORTFICTION French Monsieur Charton René Barjavel     science fiction (1), Utopia (1)
1958-00-00 NOVEL English Utopia (The Volcano Island) – Revised Edition Boris Dimondstein     Utopia (1)
1957-00-00 NOVEL German Die Gelehrtenrepublik: Kurzroman aus den Roßbreiten Arno Schmidt     Utopia (1)
1956-02-00 SHORTFICTION English The Country of the Kind Damon Knight     dystopia (1), first person (1), only humans (1), only Earth (1), near future (1), social commentary (1), Utopia (1)
1951-00-00 NOVEL English Our Coming World A. C. Michaud     Utopia (1)
1950-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Phalanstery of Theleme (excerpt) François Rabelais     Utopia (1)
1948-00-00 NOVEL English Hail Bolonia! Stephen Lister     satire (1), Utopia (1)
1947-00-00 NOVEL English Dry Deluge Kathleen Nott     Utopia (1)
1946-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Abbey of Theleme François Rabelais     Utopia (1)
1946-00-00 NOVEL English The Island Forbidden to Man Muriel Hine     Utopia (1), feminist (1)
1945-00-00 NOVEL Romanian Atlantida: Roman social Tiron Albani     Atlantis (1), Utopia (1)
1944-00-00 NOVEL English John Smith, Emperor S. G. Gallego     Utopia (1)
1943-00-00 NOVEL English Erōne? Chalmers Kearney     Utopia (1)
1943-00-00 NOVEL English Fortress in the Skies: A Tale Peter De Mendelssohn     Utopia (1)
1942-00-00 NOVEL English An Unknown Land Viscount Samuel     Utopia (1)
1939-00-00 NOVEL English The New Industrial Dawn A. T. Churchill     Utopia (1), eugenics (1)
1939-00-00 NOVEL English Why Not Now?: A British Islander's Dream Arthur St. John     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English No Borderland Laura B. Speer and M. Marlow Morris     Utopia (1), lost world (1), Atlantis (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English No Sting, No Honey David Hussey     Utopia (1)
1936-00-00 NOVEL English Our Stranger: A Kinemato-Romance Edgar Meredith     Utopia (1)
1936-00-00 NOVEL English Paradise Found, or Where the Sex Problem Has Been Solved (A Story from South America) C. Wicksteed Armstrong     Utopia (1)
1935-00-00 NOVEL English Martha Brown, M.P.: A Girl of To-Morrow Victoria Cross     Utopia (1)
1935-00-00 NOVEL English When Yvonne Was Dictator Elise Kay Gresswell     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1934-00-00 NOVEL English If Tomorrow Comes Louis Aaron Reitmeister     Utopia (1)
1934-00-00 NOVEL English Me-Phi Bo-Sheth (If the Gods So Decide): An Undated Manuscript Charles M. Bradley     Utopia (1)
1933-00-00 NOVEL English Jim McWhirter W. P. Knowles     Utopia (1)
1933-00-00 NOVEL English The Magnificent Eugenic A. Leslie Howard     Utopia (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English A New Day Dawns: A Brief History of the Altruistic Era (1930 to 2162 A.D.) A.E. 200 Charles Elton Blanchard     Utopia (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English Brave New World Aldous Huxley     science fiction (1), Utopia (1), CBS Radio Workshop (1), dystopia (1), Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection (1), Abebooks: 50 Essential SF Books (1), list NPR Top100 (2011) (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Hidden Kingdom M. Lynn Hamilton     Utopia (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Passionate Calvary: Being an Introduction to the Conquest of England by the Forces of the Unknown and More Particularly to William Bundle, Grocer, Founder of the Peckham Guild of Thought, and King of England Kaye Anthony     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Ten-Year Plan: A Dream of 1940 Stanley Freese     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Year of Regeneration: An Improbable Fiction James Cooper Lawrence     Utopia (1)
1931-00-00 NOVEL English The Academy for Souls John O'Hara Cosgrave     Utopia (1)
1931-00-00 NOVEL English The Richest Man on Earth Test Dalton     Utopia (1)
1929-12-00 SHORTFICTION English Letter of the Twenty-Fourth Century Leslie F. Stone     Utopia (1)
1929-00-00 NOVEL English Robinson the Great: A Political Fantasia on the Problems of To-Day and the Solutions of To-Morrow, Extracted from the Works of Professor Solomon Slack, LL. D., by an Impenitent Politician Ramsay Muir     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1929-00-00 NOVEL English The Time-Journey of Dr. Barton: An Engineering and Sociological Forecast on Present Possibilities John Lawrence Hodgson     Utopia (1), time travel (1)
1926-00-00 NOVEL English The Devil's Henchmen John Oldrey     lost race (1), Utopia (1)
1926-00-00 NOVEL English The Mountain; Or, the Story of Captain Yevan: A Symbolic Drama C. K. Munro     Utopia (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English A War on Poverty: The One War That Can End War Partridge of Sintaluta     Utopia (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English Neutopia E. Richardson     lost world (1), Utopia (1), eugenics (1), telepathy (1)
1924-00-00 NOVEL German Die Insel der großen Mutter oder Das Wunder von Île des Dames: Eine Geschichte aus dem utopischen Archipelagus Gerhart Hauptmann     Utopia (1)
1923-00-00 NOVEL English Men Like Gods H. G. Wells     Anatomy of Wonder 1 Core Collection (1), Utopia (1)
1922-00-00 NOVEL Russian За чертополохомъ? Пётр Краснов?     Utopia (1)
1922-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants J. L. Kennon     Project Gutenberg (1), Utopia (1)
1919-00-00 NOVEL English A New Heaven G. Warren Russell     Utopia (1)
1918-00-00 NOVEL English Beyond the Horizon Fred B. Morrill     Utopia (1)
1918-00-00 NOVEL English Fair Inez; a Romance of Australia Douglas Sladen     Utopia (1)
1916-00-00 NOVEL English Among the Immortals, in the Land of Desire: A Glimpse of the Beyond Mary A. Fisher     Utopia (1)
1916-00-00 NOVEL English Five Generations Hence Lillian B. Jones     Utopia (1)
1915-12-00 NOVEL English Herland Charlotte Perkins Gilman     Librivox (1), Project Gutenberg (1), feminist (1), Utopia (1), lesbian (1)
1914-00-00 NOVEL English Equitania: Or, the Land of Equity Dr. W. O. Henry     Utopia (1)
1913-00-00 COLLECTION English Portland, Oregon, A.D. 1999 and Other Sketches Jeff W. Hayes     Utopia (1)
1913-00-00 NOVEL English The Great Plan Edith Huntington Mason     near future (1), Utopia (1)
1912-00-00 NOVEL English An Individualist's Utopia Joseph Hiam Levy     Utopia (1)
1912-00-00 NOVEL English The Ostrich for the Defense William H. Hile     lost race (1), Utopia (1)
1912-00-00 NOVEL English Utopia Achieved: A Novel of the Future Herman Hine Brinsmade     Utopia (1), near future (1)
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