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Titles Marked With Tag literary fantasy

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2017-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Brom Ottessa Moshfegh     literary fantasy (1)
2017-05-08 NOVEL English Dr. Edith Vane and the Hares of Crawley Hall Suzette Mayr     literary fantasy (1)
2017-09-30 COLLECTION English God, the Moon, and Other Megafauna Kellie Wells     literary fantasy (1)
2017-03-09 SHORTFICTION English How We Remember You Kuzhali Manickavel     childhood (1), memory (1), literary fantasy (1), india (1)
2017-06-13 NOVEL English The Changeling Victor LaValle     literary fantasy (1)
2017-09-05 NOVEL English The Last to See Me M Dressler     ghosts (1), literary fantasy (1)
2016-06-01 COLLECTION English But You Scared Me the Most and Other Short Stories John Manderino     literary fantasy (1)
2016-06-02 COLLECTION English Fen Daisy Johnson     literary fantasy (1), surrealism (1)
2016-02-02 NOVEL English The High Mountains of Portugal Yann Martel     magical realism (1), literary fantasy (1)
2016-06-14 NOVEL English The Insides Jeremy P. Bushnell     urban fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2016-06-14 NOVEL English The Mermaid's Secret Katie Schickel     literary fantasy (1)
2016-03-10 NOVEL English The Trees Ali Shaw     post apocalypse (1), literary fantasy (1)
2016-08-04 NOVEL English To Be Continued James Robertson     literary fantasy (1), surrealism (1), frogs (1), humorous (1)
2016-01-05 NOVEL English Travelers Rest Keith Lee Morris     literary fantasy (1), horror (1)
2016-05-21 COLLECTION English Two Travelers Sarah Tolmie     literary fantasy (1)
2016-03-08 COLLECTION English What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours Helen Oyeyemi     magical realism (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-11-10 COLLECTION English A Wild Swan and Other Tales Michael Cunningham     literary fantasy (1), retold fairy tales (1)
2015-03-03 NOVEL English Above Us Only Sky Michele Young-Stone     literary fantasy (1)
2015-03-19 NOVEL English Acts of the Assassins Richard Beard     historical fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1), secret history (1)
2015-03-17 NOVEL English Beast Charming Jenniffer Wardell     dragons (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-03-10 NOVEL English Dead Boys Gabriel Squailia     literary fantasy (1)
2015-02-24 NOVEL English Dorothy Parker Drank Here Ellen Meister     literary fantasy (1), ghosts (1)
2015-02-03 COLLECTION English Get in Trouble Kelly Link     literary fantasy (1)
2015-03-17 COLLECTION English How To Carry Bigfoot Home Chris Tarry     literary fantasy (1)
2015-09-15 COLLECTION English Only the Animals Ceridwen Dovey     animal fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-03-03 NOVEL English The Buried Giant Kazuo Ishiguro     historical fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-03-03 NOVEL English The Cake House Latifah Salom     ghosts (1), thriller (1), gothic (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-04-23 NOVEL English The Gracekeepers Kirsty Logan     circus (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-08-04 NOVEL English The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster Scott Wilbanks     time travel (1), literary fantasy (1)
2015-01-27 NOVEL English The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac Sharma Shields     literary fantasy (1)
2015-02-10 COLLECTION English The Thing About Great White Sharks and Other Stories Rebecca Adams Wright     literary fantasy (1)
2015-01-06 NOVEL English Wildalone Krassi Zourkova     literary fantasy (1)
2014-12-01 COLLECTION English An Address in Havana: Domicilio habanero María Elena Llana     literary fantasy (1)
2014-03-25 NOVEL English Bad Teeth Dustin Long     literary fantasy (1)
2014-08-14 NOVEL English Black Dog Summer Miranda Sherry     ghosts (1), literary fantasy (1), South Africa (1)
2014-02-27 NOVEL English Boy, Snow, Bird Helen Oyeyemi     literary fantasy (1), retold fairy tales (1)
2014-06-27 NOVEL English Eleanor Jason Gurley     literary fantasy (1)
2014-09-23 NOVEL English Into the Silence: The Fishing Story America Hart     literary fantasy (1)
2014-03-04 ANTHOLOGY English King David and the Spiders from Mars Tim Lieder     horror (1), literary fantasy (1)
2014-05-06 NOVEL English Magnificent Vibration Rick Springfield     literary fantasy (1)
2014-04-01 COLLECTION English Otherwise Fables Oscar Mandel     literary fantasy (1)
2014-04-10 COLLECTION English Paradise and Elsewhere Kathy Page     literary fantasy (1)
2014-05-06 NOVEL English The Bees Laline Paull     animal fantasy (1), bees (1), literary fantasy (1)
2014-05-13 NOVEL English The Boy in His Winter Norman Lock     literary fantasy (1)
2014-02-13 NOVEL English The Dead Wife's Handbook Hannah Beckerman     ghosts (1), literary fantasy (1)
2014-12-30 NOVEL English The Dress Shop of Dreams Menna van Praag     literary fantasy (1)
2014-08-19 COLLECTION English The Family Unit and Other Fantasies Laurence Klavan     contemporary fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2014-04-15 NOVEL English The Mayflies Sara Veglahn     literary fantasy (1)
2014-05-06 NOVEL English The Memory Garden M. Rickert     literary fantasy (1), witches (1)
2014-11-06 NOVEL English The Murdstone Trilogy Mal Peet     literary fantasy (1)
2014-03-04 NOVEL English The Weirdness Jeremy P. Bushnell     humorous (1), literary fantasy (1)
2014-09-30 NOVEL English The Wonder of All Things Jason Mott     literary fantasy (1)
2014-00-00 NOVEL German Vor dem Fest Saša StanišićQuestion mark     literary fantasy (1)
2014-09-23 NOVEL English Whatever Lola Wants George Szanto     gods (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-02-01 COLLECTION English An Emporium of Automata D. P. Watt     horror (1), weird (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-03-22 COLLECTION English Cosmo Spencer Gordon     literary (1), satire (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-04-20 COLLECTION English Defeated Dogs Quentin S. Crisp     literary fantasy (1)
2013-04-19 NOVEL English Every Boy Should Have a Man Preston L. Allen     literary fantasy (1)
2013-04-01 NOVEL English Fairy Godmothers, Inc. Jenniffer Wardell     literary fantasy (1), humorous (1)
2013-02-21 NOVEL English Farewell, Dorothy Parker Ellen Meister     literary fantasy (1), ghosts (1)
2013-03-00 NOVEL English Goldenland Past Dark Chandler Klang Smith     literary fantasy (1), circus (1), historical fantasy (1)
2013-02-26 COLLECTION English In Search of and Others Will Ludwigsen     literary fantasy (1), weird (1)
2013-06-18 NOVEL English In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods Matt Bell     literary fantasy (1)
2013-05-07 NOVEL English Montaro Caine Sidney Poitier     metaphysical fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-00-00 NOVEL Spanish Muerte súbita Álvaro Enrigue     surrealism (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-03-06 NOVEL English Oranges: A Journey Rosalie Marsh     literary fantasy (1)
2013-01-10 NOVEL English Rage Is Back Adam Mansbach     time travel (1), literary fantasy (1), urban fantasy (1)
2013-01-29 NOVEL English Scent of Darkness Margot Berwin     literary fantasy (1)
2013-01-01 NOVEL English The Case John Fraser     literary fantasy (1)
2013-04-04 NOVEL English The House at the End of Hope Street Menna van Praag     literary fantasy (1)
2013-06-25 NOVEL English The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells Andrew Sean Greer     time travel (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-11-26 NOVEL English The Land Across Gene Wolfe     literary fantasy (1)
2013-04-02 NOVEL English The Mermaid of Brooklyn Amy Shearn     literary fantasy (1), urban fantasy (1), mermaids (1)
2013-04-30 NOVEL English The Powers Valerie Sayers     literary fantasy (1), historical fantasy (1)
2013-08-27 NOVEL English The Returned Jason Mott     literary fantasy (1)
2013-08-20 NOVEL English Three Souls Janie Chang     historical fantasy (1), ghosts (1), China (1), literary fantasy (1)
2013-09-10 COLLECTION English Tomorrowland Joseph Bates     literary fantasy (1)
2012-07-00 NOVEL English Communion Town Sam Thompson     literary fantasy (1)
2012-04-24 NOVEL English Differential Equations Julian Iragorri and Lou Aronica     literary fantasy (1)
2012-00-00 NOVEL Swedish Havsmannen Carl-Johan Vallgren     mermaids (1), literary fantasy (1)
2012-12-31 NOVEL English Mad Gods and Englishmen: A Fantasy Ian Armer     literary fantasy (1)
2012-05-00 COLLECTION English Metro Winds Isobelle Carmody     young-adult fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1)
2012-00-00 NOVEL French Oniromaque Jacques Boireau     dreams (1), alternate history (1), literary fantasy (1)
2012-05-10 NOVEL English Snake Ropes Jess Richards     literary fantasy (1)
2012-08-23 COLLECTION English The Stone Thrower Adam Marek     literary fantasy (1)
2011-00-00 NOVEL Russian ПисьмовникQuestion mark Михаил ШишкинQuestion mark     time travel (1), literary fantasy (1)
2011-03-30 NOVEL English The Tattoo Pan Bouyoucas     literary fantasy (1)
2011-12-09 OMNIBUS French Œuvres romanesques complètes: II Boris Vian     literary fantasy (1)
2010-09-10 OMNIBUS French Œuvres romanesques complètes: I Boris Vian     literary fantasy (1)
2009-03-22 COLLECTION English Lucky Hans and Other Merz Fairy Tales Kurt Schwitters     surrealism (1), literary fantasy (1)
2009-06-11 NOVEL Spanish Rabia Sergio Bizzio     literary fantasy (1)
2007-00-00 NOVEL Russian БиблиотекарьQuestion mark Михаил ЕлизаровQuestion mark     literary fantasy (1)
2007-03-01 NOVEL English The Raw Shark Texts Steven Hall     fantasy (1), thriller (1), literary fantasy (1)
2006-00-00 COLLECTION Swedish Pappersväggar John Ajvide Lindqvist     horror (1), literary fantasy (1), zombies (1)
2006-09-00 NOVEL English The Children's Hospital Chris Adrian     literary fantasy (1)
2004-00-00 NOVEL Spanish El bosque de los Pigmeos Isabel Allende     literary fantasy (1)
2003-00-00 NOVEL Japanese ヘルQuestion mark 筒井康隆Question mark     literary fantasy (1)
2003-10-30 NOVEL English Mr Golightly's Holiday Salley Vickers     religious fantasy (1), literary fantasy (1), god (1)
2000-00-00 NOVEL English A Trip to the Stars Nicholas Christopher     literary fantasy (1)
2000-10-00 SHORTFICTION French Ubu cocu ou l'Archéoptéryx (fragments of the second version of Ubu cocu) Alfred Jarry     literary fantasy (1)
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