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Titles Marked With Tag Project Gutenberg

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2015-06-22 NOVEL English The Steam Man of the Prairies Edward S. Ellis      
2012-11-25 ANTHOLOGY English Astounding Stories of Super-Science, January 1930 Harry Bates     Librivox (1)
2012-12-15 ANTHOLOGY English Futuria Fantasia, Fall 1939 Ray Bradbury      
2012-12-18 ANTHOLOGY English Futuria Fantasia, Spring 1940 Ray Bradbury     Librivox (1)
2012-12-14 ANTHOLOGY English Futuria Fantasia, Summer 1939 Ray Bradbury      
2012-08-07 NOVEL English The Pirate Planet Charles Willard Diffin     telepathy (2), antigravity (1), venus (1), crystal cities (1), true humans (1), force screen (1), Venusian humans (1), rat men (1), mechanical thought reading (1), ballistics (1), romance (1), Atlantis (1), mind reading (1), war (1), aliens (1), military (1), aviation (1), science fiction (1), contemporary (1), interplanetary (1), chemical warfare (1), alien invasion (1), spaceships (1), Thomas J. Winslow (1), Venus . (1), atomics (1)
2010-02-03 ANTHOLOGY English Astounding Stories, July 1931 Harry Bates      
2010-04-28 CHAPBOOK English Chain of Command Stephen Arr      
2010-09-21 CHAPBOOK English Delayed Action Charles V. De Vet      
2010-09-23 CHAPBOOK English New Hire Dave Dryfoos      
2010-01-02 CHAPBOOK English Nor Iron Bars a Cage ... Randall Garrett     Librivox (1)
2010-05-23 NOVEL English The Brain Heinrich Hauser      
2009-11-16 ESSAY English Addenda: ads, blurbs, etc uncredited      
2009-06-22 CHAPBOOK English Arm of the Law Harry Harrison      
2009-04-26 ANTHOLOGY English Astounding Stories of Super-Science, February 1930 Harry Bates     Librivox (1)
2009-10-00 NOVEL English Makers Cory Doctorow     Creative Commons (1)
2009-00-00 CHAPBOOK English The Game of Rat and Dragon Cordwainer Smith      
2009-06-21 CHAPBOOK English The Great Dome on Mercury Arthur Leo Zagat      
2009-03-10 CHAPBOOK English The People of the Crater Andre Norton      
2009-09-12 NOVEL English Two Thousand Miles Below Charles Willard Diffin     hollow earth (1), disintegrating ray (1), heat guns (1), red molemen (1), internal sun (1), yellow molemen (1), Librivox (1)
2009-12-09 NONFICTION English Writings in the United Amateur, 1915-1922 H. P. Lovecraft      
2008-09-01 COLLECTION English Five Sci-Fi Short Stories H. Beam Piper     pgp (1)
2008-04-10 CHAPBOOK English Heist Job on Thizar Randall Garrett      
2008-01-14 CHAPBOOK English Letter of the Law Alan E. Nourse      
2008-05-01 NOVEL English Little Brother Cory Doctorow     young-adult sf (1), near future (1), Young Adult (1), dystopia (1), San Francisco (1), surveillance (1)
2008-01-15 CHAPBOOK English PRoblem Alan E. Nourse      
2008-02-08 CHAPBOOK English The Circuit Riders R. C. FitzPatrick      
2008-01-14 CHAPBOOK English The Coffin Cure Alan E. Nourse      
2008-01-04 CHAPBOOK English The Destroyers Randall Garrett      
2008-06-13 NOVEL English The Fire People Ray Cummings      
2008-01-15 CHAPBOOK English The Highest Treason Randall Garrett      
2008-01-03 CHAPBOOK English The Measure of a Man Randall Garrett      
2008-06-09 COLLECTION English The Mysterious Stranger Mark Twain      
2008-01-14 CHAPBOOK English The Native Soil Alan E. Nourse      
2008-02-06 CHAPBOOK English The Unnecessary Man Randall Garrett      
2007-03-03 CHAPBOOK English A Slave Is a Slave H. Beam Piper      
2007-12-27 CHAPBOOK English Dead Giveaway Randall Garrett      
2007-02-24 CHAPBOOK English Ministry of Disturbance H. Beam Piper      
2007-02-23 CHAPBOOK English Oomphel in the Sky H. Beam Piper     Librivox (1)
2007-09-25 CHAPBOOK English Suite Mentale Randall Garrett      
2007-10-05 NOVEL English The Best Made Plans Everett B. Cole      
2007-02-24 ESSAY English Transcriber's Note & Errata uncredited      
2007-11-20 CHAPBOOK English Viewpoint Randall Garrett      
2006-03-28 CHAPBOOK English Black Heart and White Heart H. Rider Haggard      
2006-06-20 CHAPBOOK English Crossroads of Destiny H. Beam Piper      
2006-07-31 CHAPBOOK English Day of the Moron H. Beam Piper      
2006-08-22 CHAPBOOK English Dearest H. Beam Piper      
2006-05-27 CHAPBOOK English Flight from Tomorrow H. Beam Piper      
2006-04-02 CHAPBOOK English Genesis H. Beam Piper      
2006-04-03 CHAPBOOK English Graveyard of Dreams H. Beam Piper      
2006-07-11 CHAPBOOK English He Walked Around the Horses H. Beam Piper      
2006-06-21 CHAPBOOK English Hunter Patrol H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire      
2006-08-00 CHAPBOOK English Naudsonce H. Beam Piper     Librivox (1)
2006-10-02 CHAPBOOK English Omnilingual H. Beam Piper     Librivox (1)
2006-04-26 CHAPBOOK English Operation R.S.V.P. H. Beam Piper      
2006-08-16 CHAPBOOK English Police Operation H. Beam Piper     Librivox (1)
2006-01-12 SHORTFICTION English Printcrime Cory Doctorow      
2006-07-18 CHAPBOOK English Temple Trouble H. Beam Piper      
2006-05-08 CHAPBOOK English The Answer H. Beam Piper      
2006-06-14 CHAPBOOK English The Edge of the Knife H. Beam Piper      
2006-09-20 CHAPBOOK English The Keeper H. Beam Piper      
2006-07-12 CHAPBOOK English The Mercenaries H. Beam Piper      
2006-07-17 CHAPBOOK English The Return H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire     Librivox (1)
2006-07-15 CHAPBOOK English Time and Time Again H. Beam Piper      
2005-09-20 COLLECTION English Four Weird Tales Algernon Blackwood     Librivox (1)
2005-07-00 NOVEL English Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town Cory Doctorow     fantasy (1)
2005-12-19 CHAPBOOK English The Runaway Skyscraper Murray Leinster     Librivox (1)
2005-00-00 COLLECTION English The Twinkle Tales L. Frank Baum      
2004-03-00 NOVEL English Eastern Standard Tribe Cory Doctorow     science fiction (1)
2004-07-17 COLLECTION English Four Max Carrados Detective Stories Ernest Bramah     Librivox (1)
2004-03-01 COLLECTION English Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu      
2004-03-01 COLLECTION English J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 1 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu      
2004-03-01 COLLECTION English J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 2 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu      
2004-03-01 COLLECTION English J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 3 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu      
2004-06-01 COLLECTION English J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 4 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu      
2004-02-00 CHAPBOOK English The Ghost Ship Richard Middleton      
2004-02-00 NOVEL English The Runaway Asteroid Michael D. Cooper      
2004-01-07 COLLECTION English Three John Silence Stories Algernon Blackwood      
2004-01-09 COLLECTION English Three More John Silence Stories Algernon Blackwood      
2003-02-00 NOVEL English Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow     body backup drive (1), augmented reality (1)
2002-01-00 COLLECTION English Forty-Two Poems James Elroy Flecker      
2002-01-20 COLLECTION English Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories Ambrose Bierce     Librivox (1)
2001-09-01 CHAPBOOK English Aslauga's Knight Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué      
2001-09-00 SHORTFICTION English The Two Captains Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué      
2000-01-00 SHORTFICTION English A Place So Foreign Cory Doctorow      
2000-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Return to Pleasure Island Cory Doctorow      
2000-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Shadow of the Mothaship Cory Doctorow      
1999-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Home Again, Home Again Cory Doctorow      
1998-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Craphound Cory Doctorow     human artifacts (1), alien visitors (1), near future (1), first person (1)
1998-04-01 COLLECTION English Three Ghost Stories Charles Dickens      
1997-02-01 COLLECTION English Four Arthurian Romances Chrétien de Troyes      
1996-04-01 COLLECTION English Mosses from an Old Manse and Other Stories Nathaniel Hawthorne      
1995-07-01 COLLECTION English The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton, Volume 1 Edith Wharton      
1995-08-01 COLLECTION English The Early Short Fiction of Edith Wharton, Volume Two Edith Wharton      
1991-00-00 NOVEL English Shaman Robert Shea      
1990-07-00 CHAPBOOK English Watchbird Robert Sheckley     Librivox (1), into-tv (1)
1989-03-00 NOVEL English The Saracen: Land of the Infidel Robert Shea      
1989-04-00 NOVEL English The Saracen: The Holy War Robert Shea      
1983-00-00 ESSAY English Introduction to Uller Uprising John F. Carr      
1983-00-00 CHAPBOOK English The Lady or the Tiger? Frank R. Stockton      
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