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Titles Marked With Tag philip k dick award finalist

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2014-11-30 NOVEL English Elysium Jennifer Marie Brissett     science fiction (1)
2014-09-02 NOVEL English Maplecroft Cherie Priest     historical fantasy (1), horror (1)
2014-05-00 ANTHOLOGY English Reach for Infinity Jonathan Strahan     original anthology (1), science fiction (1)
2014-06-14 NOVEL English The Book of the Unnamed Midwife Meg Elison     post apocalypse (1), dystopia (1)
2014-08-26 NOVEL English The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter Rod Duncan     steampunk (1), alternate history (1), Female Detective (1), fantasy (1), circus (1), Gender Roles (1), humour (1), mystery (1)
2012-00-00 NOVEL Finnish Teemestarin kirja Emmi Itäranta     dystopia (1)
2011-08-00 NOVEL English A Soldier's Duty Jean Johnson     space opera (1), science fiction (1), precognition (1), military sf (1)
2011-10-11 COLLECTION English After the Apocalypse: Stories Maureen F. McHugh      
2011-05-31 NOVEL English Deadline Seanan McGuire     zombies (1)
2011-06-00 NOVEL English Degrees of Freedom Simon Morden     science fiction (1), artificial intelligence (1), near future (1), london (1)
2011-04-00 NOVEL English Equations of Life Simon Morden     near future (1), alternate history (1), cyberpunk (1), london (1)
2011-11-15 NOVEL English The Other Matthew Hughes      
2011-08-30 NOVEL English The Postmortal Drew Magary     near future (1), immortality (1)
2011-05-00 NOVEL English Theories of Flight Simon Morden     alternate history (1), near future (1), cyberpunk (1), london (1)
2010-02-20 NOVEL English Chill Elizabeth Bear      
2010-04-10 NOVEL English Song of Scarabaeus Sara Creasy     science fiction (1), terraforming (1)
2010-01-19 NOVEL English State of Decay James Knapp      
2010-08-03 NOVEL English The Reapers are the Angels Alden Bell     zombies (1), morality (1), meaning of life (1), adolescent protagonist (1), female protagonist (1), survival (1), Southern gothic (1), zombie apocalypse (1), near future (1)
2010-04-30 NOVEL English The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack Mark Hodder     steampunk (1)
2010-12-01 NOVEL English Yarn Jon Armstrong      
2009-08-25 NOVEL English Bitter Angels Sarah Zettel      
2009-04-00 NOVEL English Centuries Ago and Very Fast Rebecca Ore      
2009-02-24 COLLECTION English Cyberabad Days Ian McDonald     india (1)
2009-03-00 NOVEL English Prophets S. Andrew Swann     science fiction (1)
2009-10-23 NOVEL English The Company Man Robert Jackson Bennett      
2009-11-06 NOVEL English The Devil's Alphabet Daryl Gregory     science fiction (1)
2009-10-27 NOVEL English The Prisoner Carlos J. Cortes      
2009-04-00 NOVEL English The Repossession Mambo Eric Garcia     science fiction (1), noir (1)
2008-12-18 NOVEL Japanese ハーモニー? 伊藤計劃?      
2008-03-00 NOVEL English Emissaries from the Dead Adam-Troy Castro     science fiction (2), mystery (2), artificial intelligence (2)
2008-10-00 ANTHOLOGY English Fast Forward 2 Lou Anders      
2008-04-00 NOVEL English Judge Karen Traviss     science fiction (1), space opera (1)
2008-08-00 NOVEL English Plague War Jeff Carlson      
2008-04-01 NOVEL English Terminal Mind David Walton      
2008-08-00 NOVEL English Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait K. A. Bedford     time travel (1), mystery (1)
2007-04-00 NOVEL English Ally Karen Traviss     science fiction (1), space opera (1)
2007-02-00 NOVEL English From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain Minister Faust      
2007-02-00 NOVEL English Grey Jon Armstrong      
2007-05-00 NOVEL English Saturn Returns Sean Williams     science fiction (1)
2007-08-00 NOVEL English Undertow Elizabeth Bear     science fiction (1)
2006-12-00 NOVEL English Carnival Elizabeth Bear     science fiction (1)
2006-09-15 NOVEL English Catalyst Nina Kiriki Hoffman      
2006-03-00 NOVEL English Gradisil Adam Roberts      
2006-08-00 NOVEL English Idolon Mark Budz     science fiction (1)
2006-03-00 NOVEL English Mindscape Andrea Hairston      
2006-11-00 NOVEL English Nova Swing M. John Harrison     space opera (1), science fiction (1), 2-award-winner (1)
2006-06-00 NOVEL English Spin Control Chris Moriarty     artificial intelligence (2), genetic engineering (2), cloning (1), science fiction (1)
2005-04-00 NOVEL English Cagebird Karin Lowachee     science fiction (1)
2005-10-00 NOVEL English Living Next Door to the God of Love Justina Robson     science fantasy (1), romance (1), science fiction (1)
2005-05-31 NOVEL English To Crush the Moon Wil McCarthy     science fiction (1)
2005-09-00 NOVEL English War Surf M. M. Buckner      
2004-09-00 NOVEL English Air Geoff Ryman     science fiction (1), 2-award-winner (1)
2004-00-00 NOVEL English Apocalypse Array Lyda Morehouse      
2004-10-00 NOVEL English Banner of Souls Liz Williams     science fiction (1), Japan (1)
2004-03-00 NOVEL English City of Pearl Karen Traviss     science fiction (1), Allegorical of the Falklands War (1), space opera (1)
2004-03-00 NOVEL English Cowl Neal Asher     time travel (3), science fiction (1), far future (1)
2004-10-00 NOVEL English Life Gwyneth Jones     science fiction (1)
2004-07-00 NOVEL English Recursion Tony Ballantyne     artificial intelligence (1)
2004-09-00 COLLECTION English Stable Strategies and Others Eileen Gunn      
2004-08-00 NOVEL English The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad Minister Faust      
2003-12-00 NOVEL English Clade Mark Budz      
2003-08-00 NOVEL English Dante's Equation Jane Jensen     Benjamin Bathurst (1)
2003-02-00 NOVEL English Hyperthought M. M. Buckner      
2003-04-00 NOVEL English Natural History Justina Robson     science fiction (1)
2003-10-00 NOVEL English Spin State Chris Moriarty     artificial intelligence (1), female main character (1), lesbian (1), transhuman (1), hard sf (1), quantum physics (1)
2003-00-00 NOVEL English Steel Helix Ann Tonsor Zeddies      
2002-00-00 NOVEL English Altered Carbon Richard Morgan     cloning (2), action-adventure (2), noir (2), science fiction (2), mind cloning (1), sleeve (1), envoy (1), into-tv (1)
2002-04-00 NOVEL English Empire of Bones Liz Williams     science fiction (1), aliens (1), india (1)
2002-00-00 ANTHOLOGY English Leviathan 3 Jeff VanderMeer and Forrest Aguirre      
2002-02-00 NOVEL English Maximum Ice Kay Kenyon      
2002-07-00 COLLECTION English Report to the Men's Club Carol Emshwiller      
2002-07-00 NOVEL English The Mount Carol Emshwiller     science fiction (1)
2002-04-00 NOVEL English The Scar China Miéville     steampunk (2), fantasy (1), new weird (1), dolphin (1), Kurd Laßwitz Award: Best Foreign Novel (1)
2002-04-00 NOVEL English Warchild Karin Lowachee      
2001-04-00 NOVEL English Compass Reach Mark W. Tiedemann      
2001-00-00 NOVEL English Divine Intervention Ken Wharton      
2001-06-00 NOVEL English In the Company of Others Julie E. Czerneda     science fiction (1)
2001-07-00 COLLECTION English Meet Me in the Moon Room Ray Vukcevich      
2001-01-00 NOVEL English Ship of Fools Richard Paul Russo     science fiction (1), generation ship (1), horror (1)
2001-07-00 NOVEL English The Ghost Sister Liz Williams      
2000-05-00 NOVEL English Broken Time Emily Devenport      
2000-08-00 NOVEL English Call From a Distant Shore Stephen L. Burns      
2000-00-00 NOVEL English Evolution's Darling Scott Westerfeld      
2000-03-00 NOVEL English Midnight Robber Nalo Hopkinson     nanotechnology (1), science fiction (1), planetary colonization (1)
2000-09-00 NOVEL English The Bridge Janine Ellen Young      
1999-00-00 NOVEL English Code of Conduct Kristine Smith      
1999-03-00 ANTHOLOGY English Not of Woman Born Constance Ash      
1999-08-00 NOVEL English Silver Screen Justina Robson     nanotechnology (1)
1999-00-00 NOVEL English Tower of Dreams Jamil Nasir      
1999-10-00 NOVEL English Typhon's Children Ann Tonsor Zeddies      
1999-06-00 NOVEL English When We Were Real William Barton      
1998-02-00 NOVEL English 253 Geoff Ryman      
1998-00-00 NOVEL English Brown Girl in the Ring Nalo Hopkinson     Young Adult (1), fantasy (1), science fantasy (1)
1998-08-00 COLLECTION English Lost Pages Paul Di Filippo      
1998-04-01 NOVEL English Slaughtermatic Steve Aylett      
1997-01-00 NOVEL English Acts of Conscience William Barton      
1997-04-00 NOVEL English An Exchange of Hostages Susan R. Matthews     science fiction (1)
1997-11-00 NOVEL English Carlucci's Heart Richard Paul Russo      
1997-11-00 NOVEL English Mother Grimm Catherine Wells      
1997-08-00 NOVEL English Opalite Moon Denise Vitola      
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