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Titles Marked With Tag to read 2009

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
2011-00-00 COLLECTION Russian Жила-была женщина, которая хотела убить соседского ребенка? Людмила Петрушевская?      
2010-01-00 COLLECTION English Collected Stories Lewis Shiner      
2009-09-01 NOVEL English A Twisted Ladder Rhodi Hawk     gothic (1)
2009-00-00 OMNIBUS English American Fantastic Tales: The Boxed Set Peter Straub      
2009-10-01 NOVEL English Audrey's Door Sarah Langan      
2009-06-01 NOVEL English Best Served Cold Joe Abercrombie     fantasy (1)
2009-08-11 NOVEL English Big Machine Victor LaValle     horror (1)
2009-08-25 NOVEL English Bitter Angels Sarah Zettel      
2009-08-18 NOVEL English Bleak History John Shirley      
2009-02-00 NOVEL English Breathers: A Zombie's Lament S. G. Browne     zombies (1)
2009-03-24 NOVEL English Buyout Alex Irvine     dystopia (1)
2009-09-29 NOVEL English Child of Fire Harry Connolly     urban fantasy (1)
2009-10-00 NOVEL English Cursed Jeremy C. Shipp      
2009-08-25 NOVEL English Damnable Hank Schwaeble     supernatural thriller (1)
2009-10-27 NOVEL English Decay Inevitable Conrad Williams      
2009-11-06 NOVEL English Destroyer of Worlds Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner     aliens (1), science fiction (1)
2009-02-09 NOVEL English Drood Dan Simmons     horror (1)
2009-10-00 ANTHOLOGY English Eclipse Three: New Science Fiction and Fantasy Jonathan Strahan     original anthology (1)
2009-11-00 NOVEL English Elegy Beach Steven R. Boyett      
2009-02-03 NOVEL English Enclave Kit Reed      
2009-06-09 NOVEL English Far North Marcel Theroux      
2009-04-29 ANTHOLOGY English Federations John Joseph Adams     original anthology (1)
2009-11-01 NOVEL English Finch Jeff VanderMeer     steampunk (1)
2009-08-06 NOVEL English Galileo's Dream Kim Stanley Robinson     historical characters (1), historical (1), Jupiter (1), Renaissance (1), science fiction (1), time travel (1), planetary sentience (1), religion (1), italy (1), science (1), scientists (1), Jovians (1), Io (1), Ganymede (1), Callisto (1), Europa (1), entanglement (1), first contact (1)
2009-09-01 NOVEL English Generation A Douglas Coupland     near future (1), bees (1)
2009-06-00 NOVEL English Hylozoic Rudy Rucker     singularity (1)
2009-02-00 NOVEL English Last Days Brian Evenson      
2009-10-00 NOVEL English Makers Cory Doctorow     Creative Commons (1)
2009-00-00 NOVEL English Mercury Falls Robert Kroese      
2009-01-00 NOVEL English Mind Over Ship David Marusek     near future (1)
2009-02-00 NOVEL English Mortal Coils Eric S. Nylund     young-adult fantasy (1)
2009-10-00 NOVEL English My Dead Body Charlie Huston      
2009-07-00 COLLECTION English Oceanic Greg Egan      
2009-04-02 NOVEL English One Conrad Williams     zombies (1)
2009-09-00 NOVEL English Orbus Neal Asher     science fiction (2), space opera (2)
2009-03-00 NOVEL English Palimpsest Catherynne M. Valente      
2009-03-19 NOVEL English Patient Zero Jonathan Maberry     zombies (1)
2009-06-18 NOVEL English Retribution Falls Chris Wooding     steampunk (1)
2009-08-01 NOVEL English Sandman Slim Richard Kadrey     urban fantasy (1)
2009-12-29 NOVEL English Shades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron Jasper Fforde     alternate history (1), parallel universe (1)
2009-10-27 NOVEL English Shadow Season Tom Piccirilli      
2009-07-00 NOVEL English Slights Kaaron Warren     horror (1)
2009-10-00 NOVEL English Small Miracles Edward M. Lerner     nanotechnology (1)
2009-03-15 NOVEL English Solomon's Grave Daniel G. Keohane     occult horror (1)
2009-09-04 NOVEL English Soulless Gail Carriger     steampunk (2), vampires (1), werewolf (1), humorous (1)
2009-02-00 NOVEL English Steal Across the Sky Nancy Kress      
2009-06-30 NOVEL English The Bone Factory Nate Kenyon      
2009-02-00 NOVEL English The Carbon Diaries 2015 Saci Lloyd     near future (1), young-adult sf (1), eco-thriller (1)
2009-02-24 NOVEL English The Caryatids Bruce Sterling     cloning (1), China (1)
2009-09-00 NOVEL English The Drowning City Amanda Downum      
2009-03-00 NOVEL English The Forest of Hands and Teeth Carrie Ryan     fantasy (1), young-adult fantasy (1), zombies (1)
2009-12-00 CHAPBOOK English The God Engines John Scalzi      
2009-12-31 NOVEL English The Kingdom of Ohio Matthew Flaming     alternate history (1)
2009-05-00 NOVEL English The Magicians Lev Grossman     fantasy (1), into-tv (1), magic school (1)
2009-08-00 ANTHOLOGY English The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF Mike Ashley      
2009-02-00 NOVEL English The Manual of Detection Jedediah Berry      
2009-09-22 NOVEL English The Monstrumologist Rick Yancey     young-adult horror (1), historical fantasy (1)
2009-09-15 NOVEL English The Other Lands David Anthony Durham      
2009-07-00 NOVEL English The Price of Spring Daniel Abraham      
2009-10-27 NOVEL English The Prisoner Carlos J. Cortes      
2009-08-04 NOVEL English The Red Tree Caitlín R. Kiernan      
2009-04-00 NOVEL English The Revolution Business Charles Stross     parallel universe (1)
2009-11-05 NOVEL English The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart Jesse Bullington      
2009-06-30 CHAPBOOK English The Women of Nell Gwynne's Kage Baker     steampunk (1)
2009-03-24 NOVEL English This Is Not a Game Walter Jon Williams      
2009-11-00 NOVEL English Time Travelers Never Die Jack McDevitt     time travel (1)
2009-09-03 NOVEL English Transition Iain M. Banks     time travel (1), science fiction (1)
2009-05-00 NOVEL English Twisted Metal Tony Ballantyne      
2009-11-10 NOVEL English Under the Dome Stephen King     into-tv (1), Maine (1), contemporary (1), small town corruption (1), science fiction (1), bottle episode (1), methamphetine (1)
2009-02-24 NOVEL English Voracious Alice Henderson      
2009-06-09 NOVEL English Warbreaker Brandon Sanderson     fantasy (1)
2009-07-00 COLLECTION English Wireless Charles Stross      
2009-06-00 ANTHOLOGY English Year's Best SF 14 David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer     science fiction (1), 2009 Best Anthology (1)
2009-01-00 NOVEL English Yellow Blue Tibia Adam Roberts     russia (1), recursive sf (1), Allegorical of the Cold War (1)
2007-08-00 NOVEL English Cauldron Jack McDevitt     war with machines (1), science fiction (1)
2007-09-00 NOVEL English John Dies at the End David Wong     zombies (1), horror (1), into-movie (1)
2007-12-00 NOVEL English Monster Hunter International Larry Correia     urban fantasy (1)
1993-00-00 NOVEL Czech Druhé město? Michal Ajvaz     fantasy (1), urban fantasy (1)
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