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Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
1987-00-00 COLLECTION English Nerilka's Story & The Coelura Anne McCaffrey      
1986-02-00 NOVEL English A Door into Ocean Joan Slonczewski     water (1)
1986-00-00 NOVEL English A Hidden Place Robert Charles Wilson      
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English A Place to Stay for a Little While Jim Aikin      
1986-05-00 SHORTFICTION English Against Babylon Robert Silverberg      
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English Alien Graffiti (A Personal History of Vagrant Intrusions) Michael Bishop      
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English And so to Bed Harry Turtledove      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English As Big as the Ritz Gregory Benford      
1986-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Aymara Lucius Shepard      
1986-02-00 NOVEL English Black Genesis L. Ron Hubbard      
1986-12-00 SHORTFICTION English Blindsight Robert Silverberg      
1986-01-00 COLLECTION English Blue Champagne John Varley     moon (1), transhuman (1)
1986-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Born from the Beast Vance Aandahl      
1986-04-00 COLLECTION English Burning Chrome William Gibson     cyberpunk (1)
1986-07-00 COLLECTION English Callahan's Secret Spider Robinson      
1986-05-00 SHORTFICTION English Chance Connie Willis      
1986-08-00 NOVEL English Chanur's Homecoming C. J. Cherryh     science fiction (1)
1986-04-00 NOVEL English Circuit Melinda M. Snodgrass      
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Close Encounter With the Deity Michael Bishop      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Cold Light Ian Watson      
1986-05-00 SHORTFICTION English Collision James Tiptree, Jr.      
1986-12-00 SHORTFICTION English Covenant of Souls Michael Swanwick      
1986-02-00 NOVEL English Dad's Nuke Marc Laidlaw      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Down and Out in the Year 2000 Kim Stanley Robinson     science fiction (1), music (1), Washington, DC (1), near future (1), poverty (1)
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Dream in a Bottle Jerry Meredith and D. E. Smirl      
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Dydeetown Girl F. Paul Wilson      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Eifelheim Michael F. Flynn      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Elephant Susan Palwick      
1986-05-00 NOVEL English Enigma Michael P. Kube-McDowell      
1986-09-00 SHORTFICTION English Escape from Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson     nepal (1), Kathmandu (1)
1986-00-00 NOVEL English Escape Plans Gwyneth Jones      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Face Value Karen Joy Fowler      
1986-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Fair Game Howard Waldrop      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Fiddling for Waterbuffaloes S. P. Somtow     Thailand (1)
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Fill It With Regular Michael Shea      
1986-02-00 SHORTFICTION English Fire Zone Emerald Lucius Shepard      
1986-10-00 NOVEL English Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov     science fiction (1), space opera (1)
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English Galileo Complains Carter Scholz      
1986-07-00 SHORTFICTION English Gilgamesh in the Outback Robert Silverberg     fantasy (1)
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Good Night, Sweethearts James Tiptree, Jr.      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Grave Angels Richard Kearns      
1986-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Hatrack River Orson Scott Card      
1986-03-00 NOVEL English Heart of the Comet David Brin and Gregory Benford     science fiction (1)
1986-03-00 NOVEL English Homunculus James P. Blaylock     steampunk (2)
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Hotel Mind Slaves Ronald Anthony Cross      
1986-07-00 COLLECTION English Howard Who? Howard Waldrop      
1986-03-00 COLLECTION English In Alien Flesh Gregory Benford      
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Into Gold Tanith Lee      
1986-09-00 NOVEL English IT Stephen King     horror (3), into-tv (2), Fear (1), into-movie (1)
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Jeff Beck Lewis Shiner      
1986-04-00 OMNIBUS English Lear's Daughters William B. Rossow and Marjorie B. Kellogg      
1986-07-00 NOVEL English Lifter Crawford Kilian     young-adult sf (1), levitation (1)
1986-09-00 SHORTFICTION English Listening to Brahms Suzy McKee Charnas      
1986-02-00 SHORTFICTION English Lo, How an Oak E'er Blooming Suzette Haden Elgin      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Long, Long Ago R. Chetwynd-Hayes      
1986-00-00 NOVEL English Marooned in Realtime Vernor Vinge     nanotechnology (1), science fiction (1)
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Newton Sleep Gregory Benford      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Night Moves Tim Powers      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Our Town Kim Stanley Robinson     class society (1), human sculpture (1), art (1), science fiction (1), Carthage (1)
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Pain Whitley Strieber      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Permafrost Roger Zelazny      
1986-12-00 SHORTFICTION English Phone Repairs Nancy Kress      
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Pretty Boy Crossover Pat Cadigan      
1986-03-00 NOVEL English Queen of the States Josephine Saxton     science fiction (1)
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English R & R Lucius Shepard      
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English Rat James Patrick Kelly      
1986-08-00 NOVEL English Rebels' Seed F. M. Busby      
1986-12-00 SHORTFICTION English Red Light David J. Schow      
1986-11-00 COLLECTION English Robot Dreams Isaac Asimov      
1986-12-15 SHORTFICTION English Robot Dreams Isaac Asimov      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Sallie C. Neal Barrett, Jr.      
1986-03-00 NOVEL English Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future Mike Resnick     revolution (1), science fiction (1), far future (1)
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Sea Change Scott Baker      
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Skintwister Paul Di Filippo      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Snake-Eyes Tom Maddox      
1986-10-00 NOVEL English Soldier of the Mist Gene Wolfe      
1986-03-00 NOVEL English Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card     space opera (1), interstellar travel (1), artificial intelligence (1), far future (1), space colony (1), science fiction (1), Kurd La▀witz Award: Best Foreign Novel (1)
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Spice Pogrom Connie Willis      
1986-09-00 NOVEL English Star of Gypsies Robert Silverberg      
1986-03-00 SHORTFICTION English Still Life David Garnett      
1986-00-00 NOVEL English Strangers Dean R. Koontz      
1986-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Strangers in Paradise Damon Knight      
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English Surviving Judith Moffett      
1986-10-00 NOVEL English Talking Man Terry Bisson      
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Tangents Greg Bear     science fiction (1), mathematics (1)
1986-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo John Varley      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English Tattoos Jack Dann      
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English The Arcevoalo Lucius Shepard      
1986-07-00 NOVEL English The Architect of Sleep Steven R. Boyett      
1986-09-00 SHORTFICTION English The Barbarian Princess Vernor Vinge      
1986-06-00 SHORTFICTION English The Beautiful and the Sublime Bruce Sterling      
1986-11-00 SHORTFICTION English The Big Dish John Berryman      
1986-08-00 SHORTFICTION English The Blind Geometer Kim Stanley Robinson     near future (1), espionage (1), Washington, DC (1), mathematics (1), blindness (1)
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English The Boy Who Plaited Manes Nancy Springer      
1986-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Brains of Rats Michael Blumlein     horror (1), biology (1), contemporary (1), first person (1)
1986-00-00 NOVEL English The Bridge Iain M. Banks     Kurd La▀witz Award: Best Foreign Novel (1)
1986-05-00 NOVEL English The Coming of the Quantum Cats Frederik Pohl      
1986-12-00 NOVEL English The Crystal Empire L. Neil Smith     alternate history (1)
1986-07-00 NOVEL English The Doomsday Effect Thomas T. Thomas      
1986-10-00 SHORTFICTION English The End of the Whole Mess Stephen King     into-tv (1)
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