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Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
unpublishedQuestion mark NOVEL English The Splendor and Misery of Bodies, of Cities Samuel R. Delany      
unpublishedQuestion mark NOVEL English Voyage Orestes! Samuel R. Delany      
2018-01-05 SHORTFICTION English A Villain Considers His Options James Beamon      
2018-03-31 SHORTFICTION English Adelinde's Last Supper Michelle Mellon     horror (1)
2018-02-10 SHORTFICTION English All the Thief's Men N. R. Larry     paranormal romance (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Alternative™ Tabitha Thompson     horror (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Appreciation Mina Polina     shapeshifting alien (1), horror (1), body horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Black and Deadly Dicey Grenor     horror (1), revenge (1), gods (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-21 NOVEL English Blades of Sorcery Terah Edun     fantasy (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Blood Magnolia Nicole Givens Kurtz     horror (1)
2018-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Bondye Bon Monique L. Desir      
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Bryannah and the Magic Negro Crystal Connor     wishes (1), horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Caretaker Eden Royce      
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Dark Moon's Curse Delizhia Jenkins     vampires (1), horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-01 SHORTFICTION English El Is a Spaceship Melody Maurice Broaddus     science fantasy (1)
2018-04-17 NOVEL English Ghost Boys Jewell Parker Rhodes     ghosts (1), juvenile fantasy (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Here, Kitty! Lawana Holland-Moore     horror (1), monsters (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Labor Pains Kenya Moss-Dyme     curses (1), witchcraft (1), monstrous births (1), horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Left-Hand Tournament R. J. Joseph     horror (1), mind control (1), monsters (1), Monstrous pregamcy (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Return to Me Lori Titus     horror (1), zombies (1), Read18 (1), love potion (1), witchcraft (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Sisters Kai Leakes     horror (1)
2018-02-05 SHORTFICTION English Slipping Into Darkness Milton J. Davis      
2018-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Survival Lies Irette Y. Patterson     ghosts (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Sweet Justice Kenesha Williams     private investigators (1), ghosts (1), horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Tango of a Telltale Heart Sumiko Saulson     horror (1), dogs (1), Ancestors (1), Annwn (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-00 SHORTFICTION English The Best Friend We Never Had Nisi Shawl     space station (1), for-profit prisons (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-00 POEM English The Early Ones Sofia Samatar and Del Samatar      
2018-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Epic of Sakina Shari Paul      
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English The Killer Queen Cinsearae Santiago     horror (1), bees (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-00 POEM English The Knight of the Beak Sofia Samatar and Del Samatar      
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English The Lost Ones Valjeanne Jeffers     werewolf (1), demons (1), urban fantasy (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English The Prizewinner Alledria Hurt     horror (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-00 SHORTFICTION English The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington P. Djèlí Clark     historical fantasy (1), fantasy (1), Read18 (1)
2018-01-23 NOVEL English The Tree Na'amen Gobert Tilahun     urban fantasy (1)
2018-01-00 SHORTFICTION English To Blight a Fig Tree Before It Bears Fruit Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley     Body theft (1), Rejuvenation technology (1), dark science fiction (1), Read18 (1)
2018-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Trisha and Peter Kamika Aziza     horror (1), zombies (1), Read18 (1)
2018-03-07 SHORTFICTION English Where Angels Fear to Tread Michelle Mellon     horror (1)
2018-00-00 SHORTFICTION English With These Hands: An Account of Uncommon Labor Lawana Holland-Moore      
2017-08-00 SHORTFICTION English "Punch God (in the Face)" by The Harmnones Brandon O'Brien      
2017-01-27 SHORTFICTION English 2nd Annual Z-Run Miracle Austin     zombies (1)
2017-01-27 SHORTFICTION English 927 Ghost Trails Miracle Austin      
2017-02-00 SHORTFICTION English A Bargain and an Arrangement Alledria Hurt     horror (1)
2017-05-01 POEM English A Brief Interlude Sumiko Saulson      
2017-11-00 SHORTFICTION English A Cure for Ghosts Eden Royce      
2017-10-10 SHORTFICTION English A Different Frame of Reference Walter Mosley      
2017-03-19 NOVEL English A Haunting in the SWATS Balogun Ojetade      
2017-02-24 SHORTFICTION English A Hero's Diary: Ain't No Love in the City Koran Curtis and Shawn Alleyne     superheroes (1)
2017-02-21 SHORTFICTION English A Little Not Music Lawana Holland-Moore      
2017-01-13 SHORTFICTION English A Long Way from the Ritz Eden Royce     horror (1)
2017-08-00 ESSAY English A Missive from the Last Stall Aurelius Raines, II      
2017-02-15 SHORTFICTION English A Monstrous Journey Mark P. Steele      
2017-01-00 SHORTFICTION English A Paper's Weight Sierra July      
2017-07-11 CHAPBOOK English A Question of Faith Tonya Liburd      
2017-02-21 POEM English A Real Friend Will Let You Break A. J. Locke      
2017-06-00 POEM English A Sister Is a Thought Curving Back on Herself Kiki Petrosino      
2017-12-00 SHORTFICTION English A Third of the Stars of Heaven Cadwell Turnbull      
2017-07-00 SHORTFICTION English Afiya's Song Justin C. Key      
2017-09-12 NOVEL English After the Flare Deji Bryce Olukotun     science fiction (1)
2017-02-07 SHORTFICTION English Ah Been Buked Maurice Broaddus      
2017-10-09 SHORTFICTION English Airswimming Aisha Phoenix     levitation (1)
2017-10-00 NOVEL English Akata Warrior Nnedi Okorafor     young-adult fantasy (1)
2017-01-27 SHORTFICTION English Almost Extinct Miracle Austin      
2017-04-00 SHORTFICTION English An Account of the Land of Witches Sofia Samatar     colonialism (1), exile (1), collective dream (1), fantasy (1)
2017-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Anomalies Lori Titus     science fiction (1)
2017-01-27 SHORTFICTION English App Miracle Austin      
2017-02-21 SHORTFICTION English Asunder Lori Titus     horror (1), auras (1)
2017-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Aunt Dissy's Policy Dream Book Sheree Renée Thomas     horror (1)
2017-01-23 SHORTFICTION English Awakened K. N. Lee     paranormal romance (1), witches (1)
2017-10-00 SHORTFICTION English Banshee Cherrelle Shelton      
2017-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Barbara in the Frame Emmalia Harrington      
2017-01-03 NOVEL English Battle Hill Bolero Daniel José Older     urban fantasy (2), dark fantasy (1), fantasy (1), horror (1), mystery (1)
2017-11-05 SHORTFICTION English Beast Mode Wrath James White      
2017-10-31 NOVEL English Beasts Made of Night Tochi Onyebuchi     young-adult fantasy (1)
2017-09-28 SHORTFICTION English Becoming Tonya R. Moore      
2017-02-24 POEM English Bees in the V-Trap (A Junkless Trunk Story) Rorie Still      
2017-05-03 SHORTFICTION English Belly Speaker Nicole Givens Kurtz     weird west (1)
2017-08-00 SHORTFICTION English Beneath the Briar Patch Craig Laurance Gidney      
2017-09-28 SHORTFICTION English Big Voice Tonya R. Moore      
2017-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Binti: Home Nnedi Okorafor     science fiction (1)
2017-09-00 POEM English Birth, Place Brandon O'Brien      
2017-01-27 SHORTFICTION English Birthday Surprise Miracle Austin      
2017-10-05 NOVEL English Black Borne L. L. Farmer     fantasy (1), demons (1)
2017-00-00 EDITOR English Black Girl Magic Lit Mag - 2017 Kenesha Williams      
2017-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Black Licorice Keith Gaston      
2017-01-00 SHORTFICTION English Black Like Them Troy L. Wiggins      
2017-02-15 ANTHOLOGY English Black Power: The Superhero Anthology Balogun Ojetade     superhero (1)
2017-12-15 NOVEL English Blades of Illusion Terah Edun     fantasy (1)
2017-09-16 NOVEL English Blood of My Blood Montiese McKenzie     paranormal thriller (1)
2017-01-20 SHORTFICTION English Blood Read Eden Royce     horror (1)
2017-04-00 SHORTFICTION English Blood Song Brent Lambert      
2017-01-27 POEM English Bloodsuckers Miracle Austin     horror poetry (1)
2017-10-26 POEM English Blue Light Valjeanne Jeffers      
2017-01-16 SHORTFICTION English BlueBellow Alexis Pauline Gumbs     mirrors (1), ancestral memory (1), mermaids (1)
2017-05-01 SHORTFICTION English Bodies Sumiko Saulson     horror (1)
2017-02-24 SHORTFICTION English Book of the Griot Shawn Alleyne     science fiction (1)
2017-02-21 SHORTFICTION English Born Again RaShell R. Smith-Spears     lesbian (1), vampires (1)
2017-05-16 NOVEL English Bound to the Wolf Artist Arthur     paranormal romance (1), werewolf (1)
2017-01-27 COLLECTION English Boundless Miracle Austin      
2017-05-01 POEM English Breakup, Rinse, Repeat Sumiko Saulson      
2017-02-15 SHORTFICTION English Brianna's Interlude Jeffrey Bolden      
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