Most-Reviewed Books (1995)

Updated: Mon Jan 3 12:43:39 CST 2005

12  Distress                                      Greg Egan 
 9  An Exaltation of Larks                        Robert Reed 
 8  Door Number Three                             Patrick O'Leary 
 8  Expiration Date                               Tim Powers 
 7  The Diamond Age                               Neal Stephenson 
 7  The Prestige                                  Christopher Priest 
 6  Amnesia Moon                                  Jonathan Lethem 
 6  The Ganymede Club                             Charles Sheffield 
 6  The Unnatural                                 David Prill 
 6  Zod Wallop                                    William Browning Spencer 
 5  Brightness Reef                               David Brin 
 5  Chaga                                         
  [vt Evolution's Shore (US 1995)]                Ian McDonald 
 5  Fairyland                                     Paul J. McAuley 
 5  Memento Mori                                  Shariann Lewitt 
 5  The Memory Cathedral                          Jack Dann 
 5  Quasar                                        Jamil Nasir 
 5  Slow River                                    Nicola Griffith 
 5  The Time Ships                                Stephen Baxter 
 4  Assassin's Apprentice                         Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb) 
 4  Becoming Human                                Valerie J. Freireich 
 4  Blood                                         Michael Moorcock 
 4  The Golden Nineties                           Lisa Mason 
 4  Humility Garden                               Felicity Savage 
 4  Maskerade                                     Terry Pratchett 
 4  Primary Inversion                             Catherine Asaro 
 4  Project FarCry                                Pauline Ashwell 
 4  Requiem                                       Graham Joyce 
 4  Resurrection Man                              Sean Stewart 
 4  Sailing Bright Eternity                       Gregory Benford 
 4  Tech-Heaven                                   Linda Nagata 
 4  Testament                                     Valerie J. Freireich 
 4  The Two Georges                               Richard Dreyfuss  and
                                                  Harry Turtledove 
 3  All the Bells on Earth                        James P. Blaylock 
 3  Alvin Journeyman                              Orson Scott Card 
 3  The Bloody Red Baron                          Kim Newman 
 3  The Bohr Maker                                Linda Nagata 
 3  Book of Moons                                 Rosemary Edghill 
 3  The Calcutta Chromosome                       Amitav Ghosh 
 3  Cyberweb                                      Lisa Mason 
 3  Desmodus                                      Melanie Tem 
 3  An Exchange of Gifts                          Anne McCaffrey 
 3  Gaia's Toys                                   Rebecca Ore 
 3  The Godmother's Apprentice                    Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 
 3  Harvest the Fire                              Poul Anderson 
 3  Interesting Times                             Terry Pratchett 
 3  Kamikaze L'Amour                              Richard Kadrey 
 3  The Lions of Al-Rassan                        Guy Gavriel Kay 
 3  Lost in Translation                           Margaret Ball 
 3  The Nano Flower                               Peter F. Hamilton 
 3  The Off Season                                Jack Cady 
 3  Out There in the Darkness                     Ed Gorman 
 3  Past Imperative                               Dave Duncan 
 3  Prisoner's Hope                               David Feintuch 
 3  Rage of a Demon King                          Raymond E. Feist 
 3  Rock of Ages                                  Walter Jon Williams 
 3  Résumé with Monsters                          William Browning Spencer 
 3  Sacrament                                     Clive Barker 
 3  Shadow Man                                    Melissa Scott 
 3  Spyder                                        Norman Partridge 
 3  The Tower of Beowulf                          Parke Godwin 
 3  Whit                                          Iain M. Banks (as Iain Banks) 

 6  Far Futures                                   Gregory Benford 
 6  New Legends                                   Greg Bear  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg 
 5  How to Save the World                         Charles Sheffield 
 3  Chicks in Chainmail                           Esther M. Friesner 
 3  Dark Terrors                                  Stephen Jones  and
                                                  David Sutton 
 3  Women at War                                  Lois McMaster Bujold  and
                                                  Roland J. Green  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg 
 2  Blue Motel: Narrow Houses Volume Three        Peter Crowther 
 2  Cthulhu 2000                                  Jim Turner 
 2  Dark Love                                     Nancy A. Collins  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg  and
                                                  Edward E. Kramer 
 2  Enchanted Forests                             Katharine Kerr  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg 
 2  Fantastic Alice                               Margaret Weis 
 2  Forbidden Acts                                Nancy A. Collins  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg  and
                                                  Edward E. Kramer 
 2  Killing Me Softly                             Gardner Dozois 
 2  The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian
      Ghost Stories                               Richard Dalby 
 2  Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears                   Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 2  Science Fiction Fandom                        Joe Sanders 
 2  Selling Venus                                 Cecilia Tan 
 2  Stranger by Night                             Jeff Gelb  and
                                                  Michael Garrett 

 5  At the City Limits of Fate                    Michael Bishop 
 5  Four Ways to Forgiveness                      Ursula K. Le Guin 
 4  The Secret of This Book                       
  [vt Common Clay (US 1996)]                      Brian W. Aldiss 
 3  Axiomatic                                     Greg Egan 
 3  Microcosmic God                               Theodore Sturgeon 
 3  Seven Tales and a Fable                       Gwyneth Jones 
 3  With All of Love: Selected Poems              James Blish 
 2  Bloodchild and Other Stories                  Octavia E. Butler 
 2  Blue Shifting                                 Eric Brown 
 2  The Detached Retina                           Brian W. Aldiss 
 2  The Final Dream & Other Fictions              Daniel Pearlman 
 2  Miscellaneous Writings                        H. P. Lovecraft 
 2  The Steampunk Trilogy                         Paul Di Filippo 
 2  Tales From the Brothers Grimm and the
      Sisters Weird                               Vivian Vande Velde 
 2  Time Burial                                   Howard Wandrei 

 4  Alien Horizons: The Fantastic Art of Bob
      Eggleton                                    Bob Eggleton  and
                                                  Nigel Suckling 
 4  H. P. Lovecraft: A Life                       S. T. Joshi 
 4  Look at the Evidence                          John Clute 
 3  Science Fiction: The Illustrated
      Encyclopedia                                John Clute 
 2  The Detached Retina                           Brian W. Aldiss 
 2  Science Fiction in the 20th Century           Edward James 
 2  Spectrum II: The Best in Contemporary
      Fantastic Art                               Arnie Fenner  and
                                                  Cathy Burnett 
 2  Stephen R. Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas
      Covenant: Variations on the Fantasy
      Tradition                                   W. A. Senior 
 2  Wordsmiths of Wonder: 50 Interviews with
      Writers of the Fantastic                    Stan Nicholls 
 2  Yours, Isaac Asimov: A Lifetime of Letters,
      by Isaac Asimov                             Isaac Asimov  and
                                                  Stanley Asimov