Most-Reviewed Books (1996)

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11  Idoru                                         William Gibson 
11  Pirates of the Universe                       Terry Bisson 
 9  Holy Fire                                     Bruce Sterling 
 9  Walking the Labyrinth                         Lisa Goldstein 
 8  Ancient Shores                                Jack McDevitt 
 8  Bellwether                                    Connie Willis 
 8  Humpty Dumpty: An Oval                        Damon Knight 
 8  Lunatics                                      Bradley Denton 
 8  Night Sky Mine                                Melissa Scott 
 8  Panda Ray                                     Michael Kandel 
 8  The Tooth Fairy                               Graham Joyce 
 7  City of Golden Shadow                         Tad Williams 
 7  Empire of the Ants                            Bernard Werber 
 7  Excession                                     Iain M. Banks 
 7  Gibbon's Decline and Fall                     Sheri S. Tepper 
 7  Godmother Night                               Rachel Pollack 
 7  Looking for the Mahdi                         N. Lee Wood 
 7  Night Lamp                                    Jack Vance 
 7  The Ringworld Throne                          Larry Niven 
 7  River of Dust                                 Alexander Jablokov 
 7  Spares                                        Michael Marshall Smith 
 7  The Sparrow                                   Mary Doria Russell 
 7  Wildside                                      Steven Gould 
 6  Blue Mars                                     Kim Stanley Robinson 
 6  Celestial Matters                             Richard Garfinkle 
 6  Dradin, in Love                               Jeff VanderMeer 
 6  Exodus From the Long Sun                      Gene Wolfe 
 6  Faraday's Orphans                             N. Lee Wood 
 6  Mainline                                      Deborah Christian 
 6  Oaths and Miracles                            Nancy Kress 
 6  The Other End of Time                         Frederik Pohl 
 6  Silicon Embrace                               John Shirley 
 6  Starborne                                     Robert Silverberg 
 6  The Tranquillity Alternative                  Allen Steele 
 5  Blameless in Abaddon                          James Morrow 
 5  Blueheart                                     Alison Sinclair 
 5  Brand New Cherry Flavor                       Todd Grimson 
 5  The Cockatrice Boys                           Joan Aiken 
 5  Darker Angels                                 S. P. Somtow 
 5  Dreamfall                                     Joan D. Vinge 
 5  Fair Peril                                    Nancy Springer 
 5  Firestar                                      Michael F. Flynn 
 5  The Fortunate Fall                            Raphael Carter 
 5  A Game of Thrones                             George R. R. Martin 
 5  The Golden Compass                            Philip Pullman 
 5  Hogfather                                     Terry Pratchett 
 5  Neverwhere                                    Neil Gaiman 
 5  Signs of Life                                 Cherry Wilder 
 5  Starplex                                      Robert J. Sawyer 
 5  Voyage                                        Stephen Baxter 
 5  War Amongst the Angels                        Michael Moorcock 
 5  Whiteout                                      Sage Walker 
 5  Winter Rose                                   Patricia A. McKillip 
 4  The 37th Mandala                              Marc Laidlaw 
 4  Ancient Echoes                                Robert Holdstock 
 4  Archangel                                     Sharon Shinn 
 4  Armed Memory                                  Jim Young 
 4  Attila's Treasure                             Stephan Grundy 
 4  Automated Alice                               Jeff Noon 
 4  Cetaganda                                     Lois McMaster Bujold 
 4  Children of the Mind                          Orson Scott Card 
 4  Cocaine Nights                                J. G. Ballard 
 4  Cradle of Splendor                            Patricia Anthony 
 4  Dead Things                                   Richard Calder 
 4  Exquisite Corpse                              Poppy Z. Brite 
 4  Feet of Clay                                  Terry Pratchett 
 4  The Golden Key                                Melanie Rawn  and
                                                  Jennifer Roberson  and
                                                  Kate Elliott 
 4  Higher Education                              Jerry Pournelle  and
                                                  Charles Sheffield 
 4  Infinity's Shore                              David Brin 
 4  Inheritor                                     C. J. Cherryh 
 4  The Lost                                      Jonathan Aycliffe 
 4  Memory                                        Lois McMaster Bujold 
 4  Murder in the Solid State                     Wil McCarthy 
 4  One for the Morning Glory                     John Barnes 
 4  Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher
      Columbus                                    Orson Scott Card 
 4  The Pillow Friend                             Lisa Tuttle 
 4  Reclamation                                   Sarah Zettel 
 4  Red Star Rising                               
  [vt Dragonseye]                                 Anne McCaffrey 
 4  Remnant Population                            Elizabeth Moon 
 4  Saturn Rukh                                   Robert L. Forward 
 4  Serial Killer Days                            David Prill 
 4  Shadow of Ashland                             Terence M. Green 
 4  Time Famine                                   Lance Olsen 
 4  The Two Dead Girls                            Stephen King 
 4  The Waterborn                                 J. Gregory Keyes 
 4  Wind From a Foreign Sky                       Katya Reimann 
 4  The Wood Wife                                 Terri Windling 
 3  '48                                           James Herbert 
 3  The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix             Stephen King 
 3  Beggars Ride                                  Nancy Kress 
 3  Blood Brothers                                Steven Barnes 
 3  The Bones of Time                             Kathleen Ann Goonan 
 3  Branch Point                                  Mona Clee 
 3  Cage of Night                                 Ed Gorman 
 3  Chaos Comes Again                             Wilhelmina Baird 
 3  Clouds End                                    Sean Stewart 
 3  Coffey's Hands                                Stephen King 
 3  Cosmic Thunder                                William John Watkins 
 3  The Dark Shore                                A. A. Attanasio (as Adam Lee) 
 3  Desperation                                   Stephen King 
 3  The Drag Queen of Elfland                     Lawrence Schimel 
 3  Enchanter's Glass                             Susan Whitcher 
 3  Endymion                                      Dan Simmons 
 3  Escape Velocity                               Mark Dery 
 3  The Fall of Sirius                            Wil McCarthy 
 3  Ferman's Devils                               Joe Clifford Faust 
 3  First Contact                                 J. M. Dillard 
 3  The Galactic Gourmet                          James White 
 3  Glory's People                                Alfred Coppel 
 3  Hard Questions                                Ian Watson 
 3  Innerverse                                    John DeChancie 
 3  The Jigsaw Woman                              Kim Antieau 
 3  Kings of the High Frontier                    Victor Koman 
 3  Ladylord                                      Sasha Miller 
 3  Little Sister                                 Kara Dalkey 
 3  Luck in the Shadows                           Lynn Flewelling 
 3  Mage Heart                                    Jane Routley 
 3  Memory Seed                                   Stephen Palmer 
 3  Midnight Promises                             Richard T. Chizmar 
 3  The Mines of Behemoth                         Michael Shea 
 3  Moonrise                                      Ben Bova 
 3  Mordred's Curse                               Ian McDowell 
 3  Motherfuckers: The Auschwitz of Oz            David Britton 
 3  The Mouse on the Mile                         Stephen King 
 3  The Regulators                                Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) 
 3  Richter 10                                    Arthur C. Clarke  and
                                                  Mike McQuay 
 3  Royal Assassin                                Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb) 
 3  Ruins                                         Kevin J. Anderson 
 3  Sacrifice of Fools                            Ian McDonald 
 3  Salamander's Fire                             Brian Stableford 
 3  Scenting Hallowed Blood                       Storm Constantine 
 3  Shade and Shadow                              Francine G. Woodbury 
 3  Thunder Mountain                              Uncle River 
 3  Ticktock                                      Dean R. Koontz 
 3  The Unicorn Sonata                            Peter S. Beagle 
 3  Voices of Hope                                David Feintuch 

 6  Intersections: The Sycamore Hill Anthology    John Kessel  and
                                                  Mark L. Van Name  and
                                                  Richard Butner 
 6  War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches          Kevin J. Anderson 
 5  Paragons: Twelve Master Science Fiction
      Writers Ply Their Craft                     Robin Scott Wilson 
 5  Starlight 1                                   Patrick Nielsen Hayden 
 3  Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex                Ellen Datlow 
 3  The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth
      Annual Collection                           Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 2  The Chronicles of the Holy Grail              Mike Ashley 
 2  Discovering Classic Fantasy Fiction           Darrell Schweitzer 
 2  A Nightmare's Dozen: Stories from the Dark    Michael Stearns 
 2  St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers            David Pringle 
 2  The Tale of the Next Great War, 1871-1914     I. F. Clarke 
 2  Twists of the Tale                            Ellen Datlow 
 2  The Williamson Effect                         Roger Zelazny 
 2  Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years       Pamela Sargent 
 2  The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirteenth
      Annual Collection                           Gardner Dozois 

 8  Ribofunk                                      Paul Di Filippo 
 6  The Invisible Country                         Paul J. McAuley 
 6  Killdozer!                                    Theodore Sturgeon 
 6  Over the River and Through the Woods          Clifford D. Simak 
 6  Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities         Mary Rosenblum 
 5  Georgia On My Mind, and Other Places          Charles Sheffield 
 5  None So Blind                                 Joe Haldeman 
 3  All One Universe                              Poul Anderson 
 3  Before...12:01...and After                    Richard A. Lupoff 
 3  Bible Stories for Adults                      James Morrow 
 3  The Book of Lost Places                       Jeff VanderMeer 
 3  The Drag Queen of Elfland                     Lawrence Schimel 
 3  The Exploded Heart                            John Shirley 
 3  Midnight Promises                             Richard T. Chizmar 
 3  S. Fowler Wright's Short Stories              S. Fowler Wright 
 3  Standard Candles: The Best Short Fiction of
      Jack McDevitt                               Jack McDevitt 
 2  The Agonizing Resurrection of Dr.
      Frankenstein & Other Gothic Tales           Thomas Ligotti 
 2  All-American Alien Boy                        Allen Steele 
 2  Burning Your Boats: The Complete Stories      Angela Carter 
 2  Exorcisms and Ecstasies                       Karl Edward Wagner 
 2  Fables and Fantasies                          Brian Stableford 
 2  Mad Amos                                      Alan Dean Foster 
 2  A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire         Don Webb 
 2  The White Papers                              James White 

 6  The Tough Guide to Fantasyland                Diana Wynne Jones 
 3  Aliens and Alien Societies: A Writer's Guide
      to Creating Extraterrestrial Life-Forms     Stanley Schmidt 
 3  The Angle Between Two Walls: The Fiction of
      J. G. Ballard                               Roger Luckhurst 
 3  Cosmic Engineers: A Study of Hard Science
      Fiction                                     Gary Westfahl 
 3  Escape Velocity                               Mark Dery 
 3  Imagined Worlds                               Freeman Dyson 
 3  World-Building: A Writer's Guide to
      Constructing Star Systems and
      Life-Supporting Planets                     Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D. (as Stephen L. Gillett) 
 2  Blood and Volts                               Thom Metzger 
 2  Creating Babylon 5                            David Bassom 
 2  The Faces of Fantasy                          Patti Perret 
 2  Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell    Julie Bell  and
                                                  Nigel Suckling 
 2  Islands in the Sky: The Space Station Theme
      in Science Fiction Literature               Gary Westfahl 
 2  Outposts: Literatures of Milieux              Algis Budrys 
 2  The Psychotronic Video Guide                  Michael J. Weldon 
 2  St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers            David Pringle 
 2  Star Wars: The Galactic Empire - Ships of
      the Fleet                                   Bill Smith 
 2  Star Wars: The Rebel Alliance - Ships of the
      Fleet                                       Bill Smith 
 2  A User's Guide to the Millennium: Essays and
      Reviews                                     J. G. Ballard 
 2  The Work of Stephen King: An Annotated
      Bibliography & Guide                        Michael R. Collings