Most-Reviewed Books (1997)

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12  Jack Faust                                    Michael Swanwick 
11  /                                             Greg Bear 
10  To Say Nothing of the Dog                     Connie Willis 
 9  Child of the River                            Paul J. McAuley 
 9  The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich              Fritz Leiber 
 9  Destiny's Road                                Larry Niven 
 9  Diaspora                                      Greg Egan 
 9  Earthquake Weather                            Tim Powers 
 9  Illegal Alien                                 Robert J. Sawyer 
 9  Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman      Walter M. Miller, Jr. 
 8  Days of Cain                                  J. R. Dunn 
 8  Eternity Road                                 Jack McDevitt 
 8  Forever Peace                                 Joe Haldeman 
 8  Foundation's Fear                             Gregory Benford 
 8  The Gift                                      Patrick O'Leary 
 8  God's Fires                                   Patricia Anthony 
 8  Winter Tides                                  James P. Blaylock 
 7  3001: The Final Odyssey                       Arthur C. Clarke 
 7  American Goliath                              Harvey Jacobs 
 7  The Black Sun                                 Jack Williamson 
 7  Corrupting Dr. Nice                           John Kessel 
 7  Donnerjack                                    Roger Zelazny  and
                                                  Jane Lindskold 
 7  The Family Tree                               Sheri S. Tepper 
 7  Finity's End                                  C. J. Cherryh 
 7  Glimmering                                    Elizabeth Hand 
 7  The Great Wheel                               Ian R. MacLeod 
 7  How Few Remain                                Harry Turtledove 
 7  A King of Infinite Space                      Allen Steele 
 7  The Subtle Knife                              Philip Pullman 
 7  The Troika                                    Stepan Chapman 
 7  The White Abacus                              Damien Broderick 
 6  Antarctica                                    Kim Stanley Robinson 
 6  City on Fire                                  Walter Jon Williams 
 6  The Dazzle of Day                             Molly Gloss 
 6  Freedom & Necessity                           Steven Brust  and
                                                  Emma Bull 
 6  The Gaia Websters                             Kim Antieau 
 6  How Like a God                                B. W. Clough (as Brenda Clough) 
 6  Lives of the Monster Dogs                     Kirsten Bakis 
 6  The Night Watch                               Sean Stewart 
 6  Tomorrow and Tomorrow                         Charles Sheffield 
 6  Trader                                        Charles de Lint 
 6  The Wild Road                                 (Jane Johnson and 
                                                    M. John Harrison) (as Gabriel King) 
 5  Alpha Centauri                                William Barton  and
                                                  Michael Capobianco 
 5  The Bell Witch                                Brent Monahan 
 5  Deception Well                                Linda Nagata 
 5  Dogland                                       Will Shetterly 
 5  Dreaming Metal                                Melissa Scott 
 5  Earthling                                     Tony Daniel 
 5  Einstein's Bridge                             John G. Cramer (as John Cramer) 
 5  An Exchange of Hostages                       Susan R. Matthews 
 5  Fool's War                                    Sarah Zettel 
 5  In the Garden of Iden                         Kage Baker 
 5  Lightpaths                                    Howard V. Hendrix 
 5  The Merro Tree                                Katie Waitman 
 5  The Moon and the Sun                          Vonda N. McIntyre 
 5  The Physiognomy                               Jeffrey Ford 
 5  Promised Land                                 Connie Willis  and
                                                  Cynthia Felice 
 5  The Rise of Endymion                          Dan Simmons 
 5  Rose Daughter                                 Robin McKinley 
 5  A Scientific Romance                          Ronald Wright 
 5  The Siege of Eternity                         Frederik Pohl 
 5  Signs of Life                                 M. John Harrison 
 5  Someone to Watch Over Me                      Tricia Sullivan 
 5  Titan                                         Stephen Baxter 
 4  As She Climbed Across the Table               Jonathan Lethem 
 4  Assassin's Quest                              Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb) 
 4  Back in the USSA                              Kim Newman  and
                                                  Eugene Byrne 
 4  Beneath the Gated Sky                         Robert Reed 
 4  Black Wine                                    Candas Jane Dorsey 
 4  Blue Limbo                                    Terence M. Green 
 4  Dry Water                                     Eric S. Nylund 
 4  Expendable                                    James Alan Gardner 
 4  Fear Nothing                                  Dean R. Koontz 
 4  Fog Heart                                     Thomas Tessier 
 4  Frameshift                                    Robert J. Sawyer 
 4  Freeware                                      Rudy Rucker 
 4  In the Land of Winter                         Richard Grant 
 4  Jingo                                         Terry Pratchett 
 4  King's Dragon                                 Kate Elliott 
 4  Lord of the Isles                             David Drake 
 4  Mars Underground                              William K. Hartmann 
 4  Phoenix Café                                  Gwyneth Jones 
 4  Putting Up Roots                              Charles Sheffield 
 4  Reckoning Infinity                            John E. Stith 
 4  The Seraphim Rising                           Elisabeth DeVos 
 4  A Song of Stone                               Iain M. Banks (as Iain Banks) 
 4  Sorcerers of Majipoor                         Robert Silverberg 
 4  The Stars Dispose                             Michaela Roessner 
 4  The Still                                     David Feintuch 
 4  Wizard and Glass                              Stephen King 
 3  The Art of Arrow-Cutting                      Stephen Dedman 
 3  Beneath the Vaulted Hills                     Sean Russell 
 3  The Book of Night with Moon                   Diane Duane 
 3  Burning Bright                                Jay Russell (as J. S. Russell) 
 3  Centuries                                     A. A. Attanasio 
 3  Chimera's Cradle                              Brian Stableford 
 3  The Conjurer Princess                         Vivian Vande Velde 
 3  Deep Secret                                   Diana Wynne Jones 
 3  Double Edge                                   Dennis Etchison 
 3  Fabulous Harbors                              Michael Moorcock 
 3  Final Diagnosis                               James White 
 3  Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn                   Robert Holdstock 
 3  Gravelight                                    Marion Zimmer Bradley 
 3  I Who Have Never Known Men                    Jacqueline Harpman 
 3  Imposter                                      Valerie J. Freireich 
 3  Jed the Dead                                  Alan Dean Foster 
 3  Jovah's Angel                                 Sharon Shinn 
 3  Merlin's Gift                                 Ian McDowell 
 3  Mississippi Blues                             Kathleen Ann Goonan 
 3  Nanotime                                      Bart Kosko 
 3  Opalite Moon                                  Denise Vitola 
 3  Patton's Spaceship                            John Barnes 
 3  Prodigy                                       Jan Clark 
 3  The Reality Dysfunction, Part One: Emergence  Peter F. Hamilton 
 3  The Reality Dysfunction, Part Two: Expansion  Peter F. Hamilton 
 3  Sewer, Gas, and Electric                      Matt Ruff 
 3  A Son of the Rock                             Jack Deighton 
 3  The Widowmaker Reborn                         Mike Resnick 
 3  Wyrm                                          Mark Fabi 

 5  Bending the Landscape: Fantasy                Nicola Griffith  and
                                                  Steve Pagel 
 5  Millennium                                    
  [vt Revelations (US)]                           Douglas E. Winter 
 4  The Best of Interzone                         David Pringle 
 4  Free Space                                    Brad Linaweaver  and
                                                  Edward E. Kramer 
 4  The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth
      Annual Collection                           Gardner Dozois 
 3  Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures         Orson Scott Card  and
                                                  Keith Ferrell 
 3  Black Swan, White Raven                       Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 3  The Horns of Elfland                          Ellen Kushner  and
                                                  Delia Sherman  and
                                                  Donald G. Keller 
 3  Three in Time: Classic Novels of Time Travel  Jack Dann  and
                                                  George Zebrowski  and
                                                  Pamela Sargent 
 3  The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth
      Annual Collection                           Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 2  Dark Terrors 3                                Stephen Jones  and
                                                  David Sutton 
 2  Dark of the Night                             Stephen Jones 
 2  Girls for the Slime God                       Mike Resnick 
 2  The Hastur Cycle                              Robert Price 
 2  Love in Vein II                               Poppy Z. Brite  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg 
 2  Nebula Awards 31                              Pamela Sargent 
 2  Northern Frights 4                            Don Hutchison 
 2  The Science Fiction Century                   David G. Hartwell 
 2  Spec-Lit                                      Phyllis Eisenstein 
 2  Visions of the Fantastic: Selected Essays
      from the Fifteenth International Conference
      on the Fantastic in the Arts                Allienne R. Becker 

 8  Going Home Again                              Howard Waldrop 
 8  Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories       James Patrick Kelly 
 6  A Geography of Unknown Lands                  Michael Swanwick 
 6  His Share of Glory: The Complete Short
      Science Fiction of Cyril M. Kornbluth       C. M. Kornbluth 
 6  Kirinyaga                                     Mike Resnick 
 6  Last Summer at Mars Hill                      Elizabeth Hand 
 6  Vacuum Diagrams                               Stephen Baxter 
 5  Driving Blind                                 Ray Bradbury 
 5  Giant Bones                                   Peter S. Beagle 
 5  One Day Closer to Death                       Bradley Denton 
 5  Slippage                                      Harlan Ellison 
 5  Virtual Unrealities                           Alfred Bester 
 5  Voyages by Starlight                          Ian R. MacLeod 
 4  Black Glass                                   Karen Joy Fowler 
 4  Don't Dream: The Collected Fantasy and
      Horror of Donald Wandrei                    Donald Wandrei 
 4  Extremities                                   Kathe Koja 
 4  Fractal Paisleys                              Paul Di Filippo 
 4  The Pure Product                              John Kessel 
 4  A Second Chance at Eden                       Peter F. Hamilton 
 4  Smoke and Mirrors                             Neil Gaiman 
 3  Lost Pages                                    Paul Di Filippo 
 3  Weird Women, Wired Women                      Kit Reed 
 2  The Annotated H. P. Lovecraft                 H. P. Lovecraft  and
                                                  S. T. Joshi 
 2  The Arbitrary Placement of Walls              Martha Soukup 
 2  Crypt Orchids                                 David J. Schow 
 2  The Door Below                                Hugh B. Cave 
 2  Eating Memories                               Patricia Anthony 
 2  The Forest of Time and Other Stories          Michael F. Flynn (as Michael Flynn) 
 2  The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent        Joe R. Lansdale 
 2  The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories
      and Other Stories                           Gene Wolfe 
 2  Luminous                                      Greg Egan 
 2  The Plenty Principle                          Colin Greenland 
 2  Return to Lankhmar                            Fritz Leiber 
 2  The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche           Peter S. Beagle 
 2  Saul's Death and Other Poems                  Joe Haldeman 
 2  Stealing My Rules                             Don Webb 
 2  Tales of H. P. Lovecraft: Major Works         H. P. Lovecraft 

 7  The Encyclopedia of Fantasy                   John Clute  and
                                                  Paul Le Page Barnett (as John Grant) 
 6  Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of
      Science Fiction Art                         Vincent Di Fate 
 3  Political Science Fiction                     Donald M. Hassler  and
                                                  Clyde Wilcox 
 3  Vance Space                                   Michael Andre-Driussi 
 2  HAL's Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and
      Reality                                     David G. Stork 
 2  Mind Matters: Exploring the World of
      Artificial Intelligence                     James P. Hogan 
 2  The Postmodern Archipelago                    Michael Swanwick 
 2  Reflections and Refractions: Thoughts on
      Science-Fiction, Science, and Other
      Matters                                     Robert Silverberg 
 2  Science Fiction After 1900: From Steam Man
      to the Stars                                Brooks Landon 
 2  Time Travel                                   Paul J. Nahin