Most-Reviewed Books (1998)

Updated: Mon Jan 3 12:42:39 CST 2005

12  Ports of Call                                 Jack Vance 
11  Cosm                                          Gregory Benford 
 8  The Alien Years                               Robert Silverberg 
 8  Darwinia                                      Robert Charles Wilson 
 8  Deepdrive                                     Alexander Jablokov 
 8  Dinosaur Summer                               Greg Bear 
 8  Tea From an Empty Cup                         Pat Cadigan 
 7  Aftermath                                     Charles Sheffield 
 7  Brown Girl in the Ring                        Nalo Hopkinson 
 7  Distraction                                   Bruce Sterling 
 7  Earth Made of Glass                           John Barnes 
 7  Girl in Landscape                             Jonathan Lethem 
 7  Inherit the Earth                             Brian Stableford 
 7  Inhuman Beings                                Jerry Jay Carroll 
 7  Moonseed                                      Stephen Baxter 
 7  Starfarers                                    Poul Anderson 
 7  Vast                                          Linda Nagata 
 6  Bloom                                         Wil McCarthy 
 6  Full Tide of Night                            J. R. Dunn 
 6  The Golden Globe                              John Varley 
 6  Halfway Human                                 Carolyn Ives Gilman 
 6  The Iron Bridge                               David Morse 
 6  Irrational Fears                              William Browning Spencer 
 6  King Rat                                      China Miéville 
 6  Maximum Light                                 Nancy Kress 
 6  Mission Child                                 Maureen F. McHugh 
 6  Moonfall                                      Jack McDevitt 
 6  Prisoner of Conscience                        Susan R. Matthews 
 6  Proxies                                       Laura J. Mixon 
 6  Six Moon Dance                                Sheri S. Tepper 
 6  White Light                                   William Barton  and
                                                  Michael Capobianco 
 5  The Cassini Division                          Ken MacLeod 
 5  The Centurion's Empire                        Sean McMullen 
 5  The Children Star                             Joan Slonczewski 
 5  Children of God                               Mary Doria Russell 
 5  Commitment Hour                               James Alan Gardner 
 5  Cythera                                       Richard Calder 
 5  Dawn Song                                     Michael Marano 
 5  Dreaming in Smoke                             Tricia Sullivan 
 5  Driving Blind                                 Ray Bradbury 
 5  Factoring Humanity                            Robert J. Sawyer 
 5  Flesh and Gold                                Phyllis Gotlieb 
 5  Foundation and Chaos                          Greg Bear 
 5  Heartfire                                     Orson Scott Card 
 5  Mind Changer                                  James White 
 5  Mockingbird                                   Sean Stewart 
 5  Newton's Cannon                               J. Gregory Keyes 
 5  Noir                                          K. W. Jeter 
 5  O Pioneer!                                    Frederik Pohl 
 5  Outpost                                       Scott Mackay 
 5  Parable of the Talents                        Octavia E. Butler 
 5  Playing God                                   Sarah Zettel 
 5  Secret Realms                                 Tom Cool 
 5  The Shapes of Their Hearts                    Melissa Scott 
 5  Standing Wave                                 Howard V. Hendrix 
 5  Stinger                                       Nancy Kress 
 4  253                                           Geoff Ryman 
 4  Accidental Creatures                          Anne Harris 
 4  Armageddon Summer                             Jane Yolen  and
                                                  Bruce Coville 
 4  Bag of Bones                                  Stephen King 
 4  The Boss in the Wall: A Treatise on the
      House Devil                                 Avram Davidson  and
                                                  Grania Davis 
 4  Carpe Jugulum                                 Terry Pratchett 
 4  The Extremes                                  Christopher Priest 
 4  Fire Angels                                   Jane Routley 
 4  Hand of Prophecy                              Severna Park 
 4  Heaven's Reach                                David Brin 
 4  Helm                                          Steven Gould 
 4  The High House                                James Stoddard 
 4  A Hunger in the Soul                          Mike Resnick 
 4  The Innamorati                                Midori Snyder 
 4  Inversions                                    Iain M. Banks 
 4  Kissing the Beehive                           Jonathan Carroll 
 4  Komarr                                        Lois McMaster Bujold 
 4  Moonwar                                       Ben Bova 
 4  Psycho Shop                                   Alfred Bester  and
                                                  Roger Zelazny 
 4  River of Blue Fire                            Tad Williams 
 4  Rogue Star                                    Michael F. Flynn 
 4  Sailing to Sarantium                          Guy Gavriel Kay 
 4  The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV
      Science Fiction                             Roger Fulton  and
                                                  John Gregory Betancourt 
 4  Second Coming Attractions                     David Prill 
 4  Shards of a Broken Crown                      Raymond E. Feist 
 4  Slaughtermatic                                Steve Aylett 
 4  Stardust                                      Neil Gaiman 
 4  The Sum of All Men                            
  [vt The Runelords (US)]                         David Farland 
 4  Virus Clans                                   Michael Kanaly 
 4  War in Heaven                                 David Zindell 
 3  Ahmed and the Oblivion Machine                Ray Bradbury 
 3  The Alleluia Files                            Sharon Shinn 
 3  The Blood Jaguar                              Michael H. Payne 
 3  Blood Roses                                   Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 
 3  The Book of Knights                           Yves Meynard 
 3  Brute Orbits                                  George Zebrowski 
 3  Burnt Offerings                               Laurell K. Hamilton 
 3  Carnivores of Light and Darkness              Alan Dean Foster 
 3  The Castle of the Winds                       Michael Scott Rohan 
 3  Circuit of Heaven                             Dennis Danvers 
 3  The Death of the Necromancer                  Martha Wells 
 3  The Double                                    Don Webb 
 3  Dragon's Winter                               Elizabeth A. Lynn 
 3  Dust                                          Charles Pellegrino 
 3  Exile's Return                                Kate Jocoby 
 3  Fine Prey                                     Scott Westerfield 
 3  The First Immortal                            James Halperin 
 3  For the Time Being                            Marie Desjardin 
 3  Frenzetta                                     Richard Calder 
 3  Galilee                                       Clive Barker 
 3  The Gilded Chain                              Dave Duncan 
 3  The Godmother's Web                           Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 
 3  The Heavenward Path                           Kara Dalkey 
 3  Icefalcon's Quest                             Barbara Hambly 
 3  Island in the Sea of Time                     S. M. Stirling 
 3  Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary                Pamela Dean 
 3  Kirinya                                       Ian McDonald 
 3  Lethal Exposure                               Kevin J. Anderson  and
                                                  Doug Beason 
 3  Lost Pages                                    Paul Di Filippo 
 3  MIR                                           Alexander Besher 
 3  Masque                                        F. Paul Wilson  and
                                                  Matthew J. Costello 
 3  Nimisha's Ship                                Anne McCaffrey 
 3  One of Us                                     Michael Marshall Smith 
 3  Prince of Dogs                                Kate Elliott 
 3  Queen of Demons                               David Drake 
 3  Ship of Magic                                 Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb) 
 3  Signal to Noise                               Eric S. Nylund 
 3  The Silent                                    Jack Dann 
 3  Silk                                          Caitlín R. Kiernan 
 3  Starswarm                                     Jerry Pournelle 
 3  Vengeance Moon                                (Linda Reames Fox and 
                                                    Joyce Cottrell) (as Jocelin Foxe) 

 7  The Good Old Stuff                            Gardner Dozois 
 6  The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fifteenth
      Annual Collection                           Gardner Dozois 
 5  The Best of Crank!                            Bryan Cholfin 
 4  Nebula Awards 32                              Jack Dann 
 4  Starlight 2                                   Patrick Nielsen Hayden 
 4  The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eleventh
      Annual Collection                           Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 3  Future on Ice                                 Orson Scott Card 
 3  The Reel Stuff                                Martin H. Greenberg  and
                                                  Brian Thomsen 
 3  Year's Best SF 3                              David G. Hartwell 
 2  Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction        Nicola Griffith  and
                                                  Steve Pagel 
 2  Going Postal                                  Gerard Daniel Houarner 
 2  The Playboy Book of Science Fiction           Alice K. Turner 
 2  Three in Space: Classic Novels of Space
      Travel                                      Jack Dann  and
                                                  George Zebrowski  and
                                                  Pamela Sargent 
 2  Warrior Princesses                            Elizabeth Ann Scarborough  and
                                                  Martin H. Greenberg 

 8  The Avram Davidson Treasury                   Avram Davidson 
 6  Beaker's Dozen                                Nancy Kress 
 4  The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures  R. Garcia y Robertson 
 3  Beyond the Wall of Sleep                      R. Andrew Heidel 
 3  The Perfect Host                              Theodore Sturgeon 
 3  Traces                                        Stephen Baxter 
 3  User Friendly                                 Spider Robinson 
 2  Apostrophes and Apocalypses                   John Barnes 
 2  Burning Sky                                   Rachel Pollack 
 2  Cold Tomorrows                                Bruce Boston 
 2  A Coven of Vampires                           Brian Lumley 
 2  The Explanation and Other Good Advice         Don Webb 
 2  First Contacts: The Essential Murray
      Leinster                                    Murray Leinster 
 2  Frankensteins and Foreign Devils              Walter Jon Williams 
 2  Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!                             Poul Anderson  and
                                                  Gordon R. Dickson 
 2  Metal Sushi                                   David Conway 
 2  An Ornament to His Profession                 Charles L. Harness 
 2  Pixel Juice                                   Jeff Noon 
 2  Reave the Just and Other Tales                Stephen R. Donaldson 
 2  This Impatient Ape                            Steven Utley 
 2  Time Pieces                                   Michael Bishop 

 8  The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of               Thomas M. Disch 
 5  The Twinkling of an Eye: My Life as an
      Englishman                                  Brian W. Aldiss (as Brian Aldiss) 
 4  The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV
      Science Fiction                             Roger Fulton  and
                                                  John Gregory Betancourt 
 2  All I Needed to Know About Filmmaking I
      Learned from The Toxic Avenger              Lloyd Kaufman 
 2  Arthur C. Clarke & Lord Dunsany: A
      Correspondence                              Keith Allen Daniels 
 2  Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines    Frank M. Robinson  and
                                                  Lawrence Davidson 
 2  St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic
      Writers                                     James Pringle 
 2  Treks Not Taken                               Steven R. Boyett