Most-Reviewed Books (1999)

Updated: Mon Jan 3 12:42:20 CST 2005

 7  A Deepness in the Sky                         Vernor Vinge 
 7  The Encyclopedia of Fantasy                   John Clute  and
                                                  Paul Le Page Barnett (as John Grant) 
 6  Dark Cities Underground                       Lisa Goldstein 
 5  Darwin's Radio                                Greg Bear 
 5  The Silicon Dagger                            Jack Williamson 
 4  All Tomorrow's Parties                        William Gibson 
 4  A Civil Campaign                              Lois McMaster Bujold 
 4  Cryptonomicon                                 Neal Stephenson 
 4  Ender's Shadow                                Orson Scott Card 
 4  On Blue's Waters                              Gene Wolfe 
 4  Operation Luna                                Poul Anderson 
 4  The Pure Product                              John Kessel 
 4  Spinners                                      Anthony McCarten 
 4  Teranesia                                     Greg Egan 
 4  The Terrorists of Irustan                     Louise Marley 
 4  Time Future                                   Maxine McArthur 
 4  Waiting                                       Frank M. Robinson 
 3  The Chosen                                    Ricardo Pinto 
 3  The Divided                                   Katie Waitman 
 3  The Divinity Student                          Michael Cisco 
 3  Down There in Darkness                        George Turner 
 3  Dragon's Eye                                  JoŽl Champetier 
 3  Flashforward                                  Robert J. Sawyer 
 3  Foreign Bodies                                Stephen Dedman 
 3  The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon                 Stephen King 
 3  Hour of Judgment                              Susan R. Matthews 
 3  Memoranda                                     Jeffrey Ford 
 3  Precursor                                     C. J. Cherryh 
 3  The Prodigal Sun                              Sean Williams  and
                                                  Shane Dix 
 3  A Red Heart of Memories                       Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
 3  The Red Sky File                              Denise Vitola 
 3  Souls in the Great Machine                    Sean McMullen 
 3  Starfish                                      Peter Watts 
 3  The Stars Asunder                             Debra Doyle  and
                                                  James D. MacDonald 
 3  Tamsin                                        Peter S. Beagle 
 3  Timberjak                                     Don DeBrandt 
 3  Tower of Dreams                               Jamil Nasir 
 3  Violent Stars                                 Phyllis Gotlieb 

 3  Centaurus: The Best of Australian Science
      Fiction                                     David G. Hartwell  and
                                                  Damien Broderick 
 3  The Year's Best Science Fiction: Sixteenth
      Annual Collection                           Gardner Dozois 
 2  Dark Detectives                               Stephen Jones 
 2  Nebula Awards 33                              Connie Willis 
 2  The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 1              Frederik Pohl 
 2  Worlds of Honor                               David Weber 

 7  A Good Old-Fashioned Future                   Bruce Sterling 
 3  Blackwater Days                               Terry Dowling 
 3  The Dragons of Springplace                    Robert Reed 
 3  The Martians                                  Kim Stanley Robinson 
 3  The Robot's Twilight Companion                Tony Daniel 
 3  Seven for the Apocalypse                      Kit Reed 
 3  Sex and Violence in Zero-G                    Allen Steele 
 3  Trio for Slide Rule and Typewriter            Hal Clement 
 2  Elementals                                    A. S. Byatt 
 2  Oracle Lips                                   Storm Constantine 
 2  Perpetuity Blues                              Neal Barrett, Jr. 

 4  Deep Time                                     Gregory Benford 
 2  At the Foot of the Story Tree: An Inquiry
      into the Fiction of Peter Straub            Bill Sheehan 
 2  The Dictionary of Science Fiction Places      Brian Stableford