Most-Reviewed Books (2000)

Updated: Mon Jan 3 12:42:04 CST 2005

 9  Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman      Walter M. Miller, Jr. 
 7  Mars Crossing                                 Geoffrey A. Landis 
 7  Perdido Street Station                        China Miéville 
 6  American Gods                                 Neil Gaiman 
 6  Declare                                       Tim Powers 
 6  The Telling                                   Ursula K. Le Guin 
 5  The Amber Spyglass                            Philip Pullman 
 5  Dervish is Digital                            Pat Cadigan 
 5  Infinity Beach                                Jack McDevitt 
 4  Candle                                        John Barnes 
 4  Ceres Storm                                   David Herter 
 4  The Coming                                    Joe Haldeman 
 4  Cosmonaut Keep                                Ken MacLeod 
 4  Daemonomania                                  John Crowley 
 4  Eater                                         Gregory Benford 
 4  Forests of the Heart                          Charles de Lint 
 4  Look to Windward                              Iain M. Banks 
 4  Oceanspace                                    Allen Steele 
 4  Probability Moon                              Nancy Kress 
 4  Ventus                                        Karl Schroeder 
 4  When the King Comes Home                      Caroline Stevermer 
 4  Zeitgeist                                     Bruce Sterling 
 3  Ashes of Victory                              David Weber 
 3  Blackwater Days                               Terry Dowling 
 3  The Bottoms                                   Joe R. Lansdale 
 3  The Bridge                                    Janine Ellen Young 
 3  The Collapsium                                Wil McCarthy 
 3  Crescent City Rhapsody                        Kathleen Ann Goonan 
 3  Dance of Knives                               Donna McMahon 
 3  The Dragon-Charmer                            Jan Siegel 
 3  The Fountains of Youth                        Brian Stableford 
 3  The Fourth World                              Dennis Danvers 
 3  Galveston                                     Sean Stewart 
 3  Genesis                                       Poul Anderson 
 3  Gilgamesh                                     Stephan Grundy 
 3  Going, Going, Gone                            Jack Womack 
 3  The King's Peace                              Jo Walton 
 3  The Last Hot Time                             John M. Ford 
 3  Marrow                                        Robert Reed 
 3  The Miocene Arrow                             Sean McMullen 
 3  The Prophecy Machine                          Neal Barrett, Jr. 
 3  Revelation Space                              Alastair Reynolds 
 3  Salt                                          Adam Roberts 
 3  Travel Arrangements                           M. John Harrison 
 3  Wheel of the Infinite                         Martha Wells 
 3  Year Zero                                     Brian Stableford 

 5  Vanishing Acts                                Ellen Datlow 
 3  Dark Matter                                   Sheree R. Thomas 
 3  The Treasury of the Fantastic                 David Sandner  and
                                                  Jacob Weisman 
 3  The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror:
      Thirteenth Annual Collection                Ellen Datlow  and
                                                  Terri Windling 
 2  Dark Terrors 5                                Stephen Jones  and
                                                  David Sutton 
 2  Nebula Awards Showcase 2000                   Gregory Benford 

 6  In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories    Terry Bisson 
 5  Stranger Things Happen                        Kelly Link 
 3  As the Sun Goes Down                          Tim Lebbon 
 3  Beluthahatchie and Other Stories              Andy Duncan 
 3  The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke     Arthur C. Clarke 
 3  Immodest Proposals: The Complete Short
      Science Fiction of William Tenn             William Tenn 
 3  Terminal Visions                              Richard Paul Russo 
 3  Travel Arrangements                           M. John Harrison 
 2  Blue Kansas Sky                               Michael Bishop 
 2  Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven              Avram Davidson 
 2  High Cotton                                   Joe R. Lansdale 
 2  Jubilee                                       Jack Dann 
 2  Meet Me at Infinity                           James Tiptree, Jr. 
 2  Night Moves and Other Stories                 Tim Powers 
 2  The Perseids and Other Stories                Robert Charles Wilson 
 2  Redemolished                                  Alfred Bester 
 2  Selected Stories                              Theodore Sturgeon 
 2  Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories    Jane Yolen 
 2  Tales of Old Earth                            Michael Swanwick 
 2  Talking in the Dark                           Dennis Etchison 
 2  Worlds Vast and Various                       Gregory Benford 

 4  Man of Two Worlds                             Julius Schwartz  and
                                                  Brian M. Thomsen 
 2  1984: Selected Letters                        Samuel R. Delany 
 2  Mass: The Art of John Harris                  John Harris  and
                                                  Ron Tiner 
 2  On Writing                                    Stephen King 
 2  Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary
      Fantastic Art                               Cathy Fenner  and
                                                  Arnie Fenner