Most-Reviewed Books (2001)

Updated: Mon Jan 3 12:41:47 CST 2005

 6  Appleseed                                     John Clute 
 6  The Chronoliths                               Robert Charles Wilson 
 6  Limit of Vision                               Linda Nagata 
 6  Whole Wide World                              Paul J. McAuley 
 6  The Wooden Sea                                Jonathan Carroll 
 5  Chasm City                                    Alastair Reynolds 
 5  Passage                                       Connie Willis 
 5  The Pickup Artist                             Terry Bisson 
 5  The Secret of Life                            Paul J. McAuley 
 4  The Bone Doll's Twin                          Lynn Flewelling 
 4  Dark Light                                    Ken MacLeod 
 4  Deepsix                                       Jack McDevitt 
 4  The Eyre Affair                               Jasper Fforde 
 4  The Free Lunch                                Spider Robinson 
 4  The Ill-Made Mute                             Cecilia Dart-Thornton 
 4  Psychohistorical Crisis                       Donald Kingsbury 
 4  Ship of Fools                                 Richard Paul Russo 
 3  Borrowed Tides                                Paul Levinson 
 3  The Cassandra Complex                         Brian Stableford 
 3  Celtika                                       Robert Holdstock 
 3  The Curse of Chalion                          Lois McMaster Bujold 
 3  The Dreamthief's Daughter                     Michael Moorcock 
 3  Evening's Empire                              David Herter 
 3  The Graveyard Game                            Kage Baker 
 3  Manifold: Space                               Stephen Baxter 
 3  Nekropolis                                    Maureen F. McHugh 
 3  The Other Wind                                Ursula K. Le Guin 
 3  Probability Sun                               Nancy Kress 
 3  Return to the Whorl                           Gene Wolfe 
 3  The Serpent's Shadow                          Mercedes Lackey 
 3  St. Patrick's Gargoyle                        Katherine Kurtz 
 3  Thief of Time                                 Terry Pratchett 
 3  A Writer's Life                               Eric Brown 

 2  The Other Nineteenth Century                  Avram Davidson  and
                                                  Grania Davis  and
                                                  Henry Wessels 
 2  Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative
      Fiction                                     Al Sarrantonio 
 2  Starlight 3                                   Patrick Nielsen Hayden 
 2  Year's Best Fantasy                           David G. Hartwell  and
                                                  Kathryn Cramer 
 2  Year's Best SF 6                              David G. Hartwell 
 2  The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighteenth
      Annual Collection                           Gardner Dozois 

 4  Quartet                                       George R. R. Martin 
 3  From These Ashes                              Fredric Brown 
 3  Meet Me in the Moon Room: Stories             Ray Vukcevich 
 3  Tales from Earthsea                           Ursula K. Le Guin 
 2  City of Saints and Madmen                     Jeff VanderMeer 
 2  Dossier: A Collection of Short Stories        Stepan Chapman 
 2  Strange Trades                                Paul Di Filippo 
 2  White Space                                   Bruce Boston 

 2  The Spike                                     Damien Broderick