ISFDB Top Books by Year

50 Le Revenant de Fomalhaut Jean-Louis Trudel 2002
225 The Scar China Miéville 159 The Separation Christopher Priest 155 The Years of Rice and Salt Kim Stanley Robinson 147 Light M. John Harrison 141 Kiln People David Brin 116 Hominids Robert J. Sawyer 112 Ombria in Shadow Patricia A. McKillip 109 The Storm Weaver and the Sand Sean Williams 100 A Scattering of Jades Alexander C. Irvine 100 Bones of the Earth Michael Swanwick 100 The Power of UN Nancy Etchemendy 99 Solitaire Kelley Eskridge 99 A Song for Arbonne Guy Gavriel Kay 97 Warchild Karin Lowachee 94 Permanence Karl Schroeder 86 Transcension Damien Broderick 85 Night Watch Terry Pratchett 85 Echoes of Earth Sean Williams and Shane Dix 81 A Winter Haunting Dan Simmons 80 Summerland Michael Chabon 72 The Mount Carol Emshwiller 71 Probability Space Nancy Kress 70 Salt Fish Girl Larissa Lai 70 From a Buick 8 Stephen King 70 Fitcher's Brides Gregory Frost 70 The Hour Before Dark Douglas Clegg 70 The Gift Alison Croggon 70 Blue Silence Michelle Marquardt 68 Ruled Britannia Harry Turtledove 63 House of the Scorpion Nancy Farmer 60 The Red Church Scott Nicholson 60 The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque Jeffrey Ford 59 The Fall of the Kings Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman 58 A Fistful of Sky Nina Kiriki Hoffman 55 The Facts of Life Graham Joyce 51 Lion's Blood Steven Barnes 51 Angel of Ruin Kim Wilkins 51 The Wounded Hawk Sara Douglass 50 la Tour des rêves Jamil Nasir 50 le Roi d'août Michel Pagel 50 Devlin's Luck Patricia Bray 50 Castles Made of Sand Gwyneth Jones 50 Les Transfigurés Du Centaure Jean-Louis Trudel 50 In the Garden of Empress Cassia Gabrielle Wang 50 The Hand of Glory Sophie Masson 50 The White Body of Evening A. L. McCann 2001
185 Passage Connie Willis 179 The Chronoliths Robert Charles Wilson 156 The Other Wind Ursula K. Le Guin 151 The Curse of Chalion Lois McMaster Bujold 138 Lirael Garth Nix 105 The Music of Razors Cameron Rogers 96 Black House Stephen King and Peter Straub 95 From the Dust Returned Ray Bradbury 88 The Secret of Life Paul J. McAuley 86 Dark Light Ken MacLeod 86 In the Company of Others Julie E. Czerneda 85 The Kappa Child Hiromi Goto 85 The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold 80 Eyes of the Calculor Sean McMullen 79 Alien Taste Wen Spencer 74 Chasm City Alastair Reynolds 73 Feed M. T. Anderson 71 Ship of Fools Richard Paul Russo 70 The Blues Ain't Nothin' Tina L. Jens 70 Riverwatch Joseph Nassise 70 Fallen Dragon Peter F. Hamilton 70 Terraforming Earth Jack Williamson 65 Kushiel's Dart Jacqueline Carey 65 The Wooden Sea Jonathan Carroll 64 The Ghost Sister Liz Williams 63 Divine Intervention Ken Wharton 63 Nekropolis Maureen F. McHugh 62 The Onion Girl Charles de Lint 61 Ill Met by Moonlight Sarah A. Hoyt 56 Smoking Poppy Graham Joyce 55 Probability Sun Nancy Kress 54 Appleseed John Clute 54 Coldheart Canyon Clive Barker 52 Past the Size of Dreaming Nina Kiriki Hoffman 51 Point of Dreams Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett 50 When Alice Lay Down with Peter Margaret Sweatman 50 The Severed Wing Martin J. Gidron 50 The Willow Files, Vol. 2 Yvonne Navarro 50 The Night Class Tom Piccirilli 50 Psychohistorical Crisis Donald Kingsbury 50 The Ropemaker Peter Dickinson 50 les Abîmes d'Autremer Danielle Martinigol 50 les Démons du Roi-Soleil J. Gregory Keyes 50 les Ombres de Wielstadt Pierre Pevel 50 Ordinary Horror David Searcy 50 Threshold Caitlín R. Kiernan 50 This Side of Paradise Steven Layne 50 Beatnik Rutabagas from Beyond the Stars Quenin Dodd 50 Candle Iron Sally Odgers 50 The Other Face of Janus Louise Katz 50 The Dark Imbalance Sean Williams and Shane Dix 2000
375 American Gods Neil Gaiman 299 Perdido Street Station China Miéville 192 Midnight Robber Nalo Hopkinson 174 Declare Tim Powers 151 Calculating God Robert J. Sawyer 128 Galveston Sean Stewart 127 Mars Crossing Geoffrey A. Landis 120 A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin 120 Jumping Off the Planet David Gerrold 117 Revelation Space Alastair Reynolds 101 The Telling Ursula K. Le Guin 100 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling 100 House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski 96 Lord of Emperors Guy Gavriel Kay 96 Forests of the Heart Charles de Lint 95 The Miocene Arrow Sean McMullen 89 Cosmonaut Keep Ken MacLeod 85 The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club Brian A. Hopkins 82 The Fresco Sheri S. Tepper 74 Infinity Beach Jack McDevitt 68 Genesis Poul Anderson 68 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman 61 The King's Peace Jo Walton 60 Salt Adam Roberts 59 Dance of Knives Donna McMahon 57 Growing Wings Laurel Winter 57 The Tower at Stony Wood Patricia A. McKillip 57 Crescent City Rhapsody Kathleen Ann Goonan 56 The Collapsium Wil McCarthy 51 Wild Life Molly Gloss 51 The Glass Harmonica Louise Marley 51 Murphy's Gambit Syne Mitchell 51 The Snow Queen Eileen Kernaghan 50 The Children's War J. N. Stroyar 50 Deadliest of the Species Michael Oliveri 50 The Traveling Vampire Show Richard Laymon 50 Forge of the Elders L. Neil Smith 50 The Quantum Rose Catherine Asaro 50 Aria of the Sea Dia Calhoun 50 Kirith Kirin Jim Grimsley 50 Rex Eugene Epstein and Kathleen Duey and Robert Gould 50 Demain, les étoiles Jean-Louis Trudel 50 The Resurrectionists Kim Wilkins 50 Son of the Shadows Juliet Marillier 1999
286 A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge 199 Darwin's Radio Greg Bear 163 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling 145 Mr. X Peter Straub 141 The Sky Road Ken MacLeod 135 A Civil Campaign Lois McMaster Bujold 125 Teranesia Greg Egan 116 Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson 113 Tamsin Peter S. Beagle 105 Silent Children Ramsey Campbell 105 Sea As Mirror Tess Williams 91 A Red Heart of Memories Nina Kiriki Hoffman 91 Silver Screen Justina Robson 87 Minions of the Moon Richard Bowes 85 Wither (John Passarella and Joe Gangemi) (as J. G. Passarella) 85 A Dark Victory Dave Luckett 85 Aramaya Jane Routley 76 The Green Mile Stephen King 72 The Divinity Student Michael Cisco 71 The Annunciate Severna Park 71 Run Douglas E. Winter 66 Dark Cities Underground Lisa Goldstein 66 Starfish Peter Watts 64 Code of Conduct Kristine Smith 62 Daughter of the Forest Juliet Marillier 61 Precursor C. J. Cherryh 60 The Conqueror's Child Suzy McKee Charnas 59 A Calculus of Angels J. Gregory Keyes 59 The Marriage of Sticks Jonathan Carroll 55 The Rainy Season James P. Blaylock 52 Bios Robert Charles Wilson 52 Flashforward Robert J. Sawyer 51 The Silk Code Paul Levinson 51 A Prayer for the Dying Stewart O'Nan 51 The Veiled Web Catherine Asaro 50 The Folk Keeper Franny Billingsley 50 The Wild Swans Peg Kerr 50 Adam's Fall Sean Desmond 50 The Game of Worlds Roger MacBride Allen 50 The Dark Side of Nowhere Neal Shusterman 50 I Was a 6th Grade Alien Bruce Coville 50 Flesh and Silver Stephen L. Burns 50 Indigo Graham Joyce 50 Thursday's Child Sonya Hartnett 1998
192 Brown Girl in the Ring Nalo Hopkinson 160 Someplace to be Flying Charles de Lint 150 Bag of Bones Stephen King 145 Parable of the Talents Octavia E. Butler 138 Distraction Bruce Sterling 135 Mockingbird Sean Stewart 131 The Cassini Division Ken MacLeod 125 Dawn Song Michael Marano 116 Darwinia Robert Charles Wilson 113 The Golden Globe John Varley 112 Silk Caitlín R. Kiernan 108 The High House James Stoddard 107 Dinosaur Summer Greg Bear 99 Factoring Humanity Robert J. Sawyer 98 King Rat China Miéville 98 Children of God Mary Doria Russell 95 The Extremes Christopher Priest 88 Mission Child Maureen F. McHugh 88 Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay 85 Samiva de Frée Francine Pelletier 85 The Resurrected Man Sean Williams 85 The Centurion's Empire Sean McMullen 79 Galilee Clive Barker 77 Moonfall Jack McDevitt 71 Dark Lord of Derkholm Diana Wynne Jones 70 Halfway Human Carolyn Ives Gilman 70 The Ivory Trail Victor Kelleher 70 Into the Dark Victor Kelleher 70 The Night is for Hunting John Marsden 66 The Innamorati Midori Snyder 64 Flesh and Gold Phyllis Gotlieb 61 Song for the Basilisk Patricia A. McKillip 61 Irrational Fears William Browning Spencer 60 The Iron Bridge David Morse 58 Dragon's Winter Elizabeth A. Lynn 58 Starfarers Poul Anderson 51 Brute Orbits George Zebrowski 51 Dreaming in Smoke Tricia Sullivan 50 The Antelope Wife Louise Erdrich 50 Resurrection Day Brendan DuBois 50 The Book of Knights Yves Meynard 50 le Futurs mystères de Paris Roland C. Wagner 50 Alien Dreams Larry Segriff 50 Foreign Devils Christine Harris 50 Fire Angels Jane Routley 1997
180 Forever Peace Joe Haldeman 135 To Say Nothing of the Dog Connie Willis 134 Jack Faust Michael Swanwick 131 The Rise of Endymion Dan Simmons 130 Black Wine Candas Jane Dorsey 126 Trader Charles de Lint 121 Earthquake Weather Tim Powers 112 The Moon and the Sun Vonda N. McIntyre 110 Fog Heart Thomas Tessier 106 Lives of the Monster Dogs Kirsten Bakis 106 Signs of Life M. John Harrison 100 City on Fire Walter Jon Williams 100 The Infernal Kim Wilkins 100 The White Abacus Damien Broderick 97 The Art of Arrow-Cutting Stephen Dedman 94 The Gift Patrick O'Leary 93 Frameshift Robert J. Sawyer 86 A Clash of Kings George R. R. Martin 85 How Few Remain Harry Turtledove 85 Drawn to the Grave Mary Ann Mitchell 85 A Dark Winter Dave Luckett 85 Singing the Dogstar Blues Alison Goodman 84 My Soul to Keep Tananarive Due 78 Corps-machines et rêves d'anges Alain Bergeron 77 The Merro Tree Katie Waitman 74 The Troika Stepan Chapman 71 Pilgrim Sara Douglass 70 The Symbiotic Fascination Charlee Jacob 70 Hungry Eyes Barry Hoffman 70 Time on My Hands: A Novel with Photographs Peter Delacorte 70 Coeur de fer Joël Champetier 70 Illegal Alien Robert J. Sawyer 70 Shade's Children Garth Nix 70 Zones Damien Broderick and Rory Barnes 66 An Exchange of Hostages Susan R. Matthews 62 Diaspora Greg Egan 59 Titan Stephen Baxter 58 Waking Beauty Paul Witcover 56 Rose Daughter Robin McKinley 54 King's Dragon Kate Elliott 54 Eternity Road Jack McDevitt 51 The Family Tree Sheri S. Tepper 50 The Physiognomy Jeffrey Ford 50 Bigger Than Death Nancy Etchemendy 50 Children of the Dusk Janet Berliner and George Guthridge 50 The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye A. S. Byatt 50 The Great Wheel Ian R. MacLeod 50 le cycle du Multimonde (la Musicienne de l'aube, les Lagunes du temps, Cyberpark & Mission en mémoire morte) Christian Grenier 50 F.A.U.S.T. Serge Lehman 50 The Broken Blade Ann Marston 50 Mike Gonzo and the UFO Terror Bill Crider 50 Glimmering Elizabeth Hand 50 Light Errant Chaz Brenchley 1996
241 Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 201 The Sparrow Mary Doria Russell 194 Starplex Robert J. Sawyer 143 Holy Fire Bruce Sterling 135 Memory Lois McMaster Bujold 122 A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin 120 Godmother Night Rachel Pollack 116 The Tooth Fairy Graham Joyce 113 The 37th Mandala Marc Laidlaw 108 Voyage Stephen Baxter 107 Excession Iain M. Banks 100 Winter Rose Patricia A. McKillip 99 Darker Angels S. P. Somtow 99 Shadow of Ashland Terence M. Green 96 The Pillow Friend Lisa Tuttle 87 The House on Nazareth Hill Ramsey Campbell 86 Crota Owl Goingback 86 Dead Heat Del Stone, Jr. 86 Desperation Stephen King 85 Reclamation Sarah Zettel 85 The Stone Canal Ken MacLeod 85 Metal Fatigue Sean Williams 80 Celestial Matters Richard Garfinkle 77 A Crown of Swords Robert Jordan 75 The Wood Wife Terri Windling 71 Spares Michael Marshall Smith 70 Exquisite Corpse Poppy Z. Brite 70 The Hellfire Club Peter Straub 70 The Dark Edge Richard Harland 70 Winter Simon Brown 66 Cetaganda Lois McMaster Bujold 63 Looking for the Mahdi N. Lee Wood 60 Nadya Pat Murphy 59 One for the Morning Glory John Barnes 53 Wildside Steven Gould 52 Fair Peril Nancy Springer 51 Kings of the High Frontier Victor Koman 51 Whiteout Sage Walker 51 The Scarlet Rider Lucy Sussex 50 For Want of a Nail...; If Burgoyne Had Won at Saratoga Robert J. Sobel 50 Papa, j'ai remonté le temps! Raymond Milési 50 The Message K. A. Applegate 50 Eye to Eye Catherine Jinks 50 Greylands Isobelle Carmody 1995
318 The Time Ships Stephen Baxter 290 The Diamond Age Neal Stephenson 223 The Terminal Experiment Robert J. Sawyer 180 Fairyland Paul J. McAuley 155 Sacrament Clive Barker 150 The Safety of Unknown Cities Lucy Taylor 146 The Prestige Christopher Priest 135 Sabriel Garth Nix 123 Slow River Nicola Griffith 121 Expiration Date Tim Powers 114 Requiem Graham Joyce 100 Resurrection Man Sean Stewart 97 All the Bells on Earth James P. Blaylock 97 The Silent Strength of Stones Nina Kiriki Hoffman 92 Chaga Ian McDonald 89 Assassin's Apprentice Megan Lindholm (as Robin Hobb) 87 The Memory Cathedral Jack Dann 85 The Star Fraction Ken MacLeod 85 Mirrorsun Rising Sean McMullen 80 La Rose du désert Yves Meynard 70 The Unknown Soldier Sean Williams and Shane Dix 67 Brightness Reef David Brin 67 Invader C. J. Cherryh 66 The Bloody Red Baron Kim Newman 66 Distress Greg Egan 64 Shadow Man Melissa Scott 63 Lame Esther Rochon 62 Metropolitan Walter Jon Williams 61 The Book of Atrix Wolfe Patricia A. McKillip 61 The Calcutta Chromosome Amitav Ghosh 60 Blood Michael Moorcock 59 Primary Inversion Catherine Asaro 56 Zod Wallop William Browning Spencer 56 Becoming Human Valerie J. Freireich 56 The Lions of Al-Rassan Guy Gavriel Kay 53 Stone of Tears Terry Goodkind 52 Headcrash Bruce Bethke 51 Making History Stephen Fry 51 The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein Theodore Roszak 51 The Bohr Maker Linda Nagata 51 Résumé with Monsters William Browning Spencer 51 Alvin Journeyman Orson Scott Card 50 Les Guerillers Monique Wittig 50 Zombie Joyce Carol Oates 50 The Winds of Mars H. M. Hoover 50 The Night Room E. M. Goldman 50 Star Hatchling Margaret Bechard 50 Shape-Changer Bill Brittain 50 The Gatekeepers Daniel Graham, Jr. 50 The Broken Wheel Kerry Greenwood 50 Mirror, Mirror Hillary Bell 50 Deucalion Brian Caswell 50 Enchanter & Starman: The Axis Trilogy Sara Douglass 1994
235 Brittle Innings Michael Bishop 204 Mother of Storms John Barnes 200 Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 183 Towing Jehovah James Morrow 183 Permutation City Greg Egan 171 Waking the Moon Elizabeth Hand 125 Pasquale's Angel Paul J. McAuley 122 Temporary Agency Rachel Pollack 119 Mysterium Robert Charles Wilson 118 Gun, with Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem 109 The Dolphins of Pern Anne McCaffrey 106 North Wind Gwyneth Jones 101 Mirror Dance Lois McMaster Bujold 100 Grave Markings Michael A. Arnzen 100 Only Forward Michael Marshall Smith 94 From the Teeth of Angels Jonathan Carroll 93 Beggars and Choosers Nancy Kress 87 End of an Era Robert J. Sawyer 86 Trouble and Her Friends Melissa Scott 81 Genetic Soldier George Turner 80 Lord of Chaos Robert Jordan 79 Remake Connie Willis 75 Larque on the Wing Nancy Springer 72 Queen City Jazz Kathleen Ann Goonan 71 The Stars Are Also Fire Poul Anderson 71 The Furies Suzy McKee Charnas 68 Dead in the Water Nancy Holder 66 Feersum Endjinn Iain M. Banks 65 Insomnia Stephen King 64 Manuscrit trouvé dans un secrétaire Daniel Sernine 63 Love & Sleep John Crowley 63 Near Death Nancy Kilpatrick 61 Storm Warning Mercedes Lackey 60 Caldé of the Long Sun Gene Wolfe 60 The Quorum Kim Newman 59 The Engines of God Jack McDevitt 55 Summer of Love Lisa Mason 51 Strange Angels Kathe Koja 50 Owl in Love Patrice Kindl 50 Something Rich and Strange Patricia A. McKillip 50 Fires of Eden Dan Simmons 50 Arago Laurent Genefort 50 The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm Nancy Farmer 50 Dun Lady's Jess Doranna Durgin 50 La Mémoire du lac Joël Champetier 1993
206 Ammonite Nicola Griffith 201 Moving Mars Greg Bear 168 Drawing Blood Poppy Z. Brite 143 Virtual Light William Gibson 121 The Innkeeper's Song Peter S. Beagle 106 The Iron Dragon's Daughter Michael Swanwick 98 Hard Landing Algis Budrys 87 Cold Allies Patricia Anthony 85 The Throat Peter Straub 85 The Giver Lois Lowry 81 The Thread That Binds the Bones Nina Kiriki Hoffman 80 The Drylands Mary Rosenblum 78 Vurt Jeff Noon 72 The Porcelain Dove Delia Sherman 72 Parable of the Sower Octavia E. Butler 70 In the Garden of Dead Cars Sybil Claiborne 70 Growing Up Weightless John M. Ford 65 Crashcourse Wilhelmina Baird 65 Elvissey Jack Womack 62 Deerskin Robin McKinley 59 Lord of the Two Lands Judith Tarr 58 The Hollowing Robert Holdstock 58 Glory Season David Brin 57 Blackburn Bradley Denton 57 The Fires of Heaven Robert Jordan 56 Ring of Swords Eleanor Arnason 56 The Element of Fire Martha Wells 54 The Broken God David Zindell 53 Afterage Yvonne Navarro 53 The Cygnet and the Firebird Patricia A. McKillip 51 Fossil Hunter Robert J. Sawyer 51 Nobody's Son Sean Stewart 50 Glimpses Lewis Shiner 50 Damia's Children Anne McCaffrey 50 Pallas L. Neil Smith 50 Crown of Dalemark Diana Wynne Jones 50 The Kingdom of Kevin Malone Suzy McKee Charnas 50 The Golden Lucius Shepard 50 The 5th Sacred Thing Starhawk 50 les Chasse-marée Alain Grousset 50 Star Fleet Academy: Worf's First Adventure Peter David 50 The Destiny Makers George Turner 50 Aztec Century Christopher Evans 50 The Long Lost Ramsey Campbell 1992
290 Doomsday Book Connie Willis 265 Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 223 China Mountain Zhang Maureen F. McHugh 194 A Fire Upon the Deep Vernor Vinge 155 Anno Dracula Kim Newman 151 Briar Rose Jane Yolen 137 Last Call Tim Powers 127 Fire in the Mist Holly Lisle 123 Far-Seer Robert J. Sawyer 105 Lost Futures Lisa Tuttle 94 Snow Crash Neal Stephenson 85 Children of the Night Dan Simmons 85 Chronoreg Daniel Sernine 83 A Million Open Doors John Barnes 78 Hearts, Hands and Voices Ian McDonald 74 Passion Play Sean Stewart 71 Jumper Steven Gould 65 Correspondence Sue Thomas 64 The Tale of the Body Thief Anne Rice 64 Was Geoff Ryman 62 Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede Bradley Denton 56 Crystal Line Anne McCaffrey 56 Steel Beach John Varley 53 Sideshow Sheri S. Tepper 51 Fools Pat Cadigan 50 Sineater Elizabeth Massie 50 Blood of the Lamb Thomas F. Monteleone 50 The Multiplex Man James P. Hogan 50 Through the Heart Richard Grant 50 Knight's Wyrd Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald 50 le Fils du concierge de l'Opéra François Coupry 50 Demain, une oasis Ayerdhal 50 Mining the Oort Frederik Pohl 50 River Rats Caroline Stevermer 50 Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! Pamela F. Service 50 Quarantine Greg Egan 50 Brother to Dragons Charles Sheffield 50 Dark Sister Graham Joyce 1991
219 Stations of the Tide Michael Swanwick 215 Barrayar Lois McMaster Bujold 193 All the Weyrs of Pern Anne McCaffrey 190 The Little Country Charles de Lint 170 Bone Dance Emma Bull 165 Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress 162 The Cipher Kathe Koja 122 Boy's Life Robert R. McCammon 120 Summer of Night Dan Simmons 110 Synners Pat Cadigan 109 Outside the Dog Museum Jonathan Carroll 99 Raft Stephen Baxter 93 Brain Child George Turner 92 Moonwise Greer Ilene Gilman 90 Sarah Canary Karen Joy Fowler 86 Beauty Sheri S. Tepper 86 White Queen Gwyneth Jones 85 Imajica Clive Barker 85 He, She and It Marge Piercy 83 The Architecture of Desire Mary Gentle 82 Eternal Light Paul J. McAuley 81 King of Morning, Queen of Day Ian McDonald 77 The Dark Beyond the Stars Frank M. Robinson 72 Prodigal Melanie Tem 71 Orbital Resonance John Barnes 70 The Paper Grail James P. Blaylock 70 La Taupe et la Dragon Joël Champetier 64 The M.D. Thomas M. Disch 63 Xenocide Orson Scott Card 63 Blood Price Tanya Huff 61 Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett 59 Ground Ties Jane S. Fancher 58 Mojo and the Pickle Jar Douglas Bell 58 The Summer Queen Joan D. Vinge 56 The Sorceress and the Cygnet Patricia A. McKillip 55 Needful Things Stephen King 51 The Elvenbane Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey 51 Wilderness Dennis Danvers 51 Fallen Angels Michael F. Flynn and Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle 51 Reefsong Carol Severance 50 Elsewhere Will Shetterly 50 The Gilda Stories Jewelle Gomez 50 le Rêve de Lucy Yves Coppens and Pierre Pelot and Tanino Liberatore 50 le Temps du twist Joël Houssin 50 My Teacher Glows in the Dark Bruce Coville 1990
245 The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons 196 In the Country of the Blind Michael F. Flynn 179 Only Begotten Daughter James Morrow 179 The Difference Engine William Gibson and Bruce Sterling 170 Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin 164 Golden Fleece Robert J. Sawyer 150 Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay 139 The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold 135 Take Back Plenty Colin Greenland 128 Thomas the Rhymer Ellen Kushner 122 Lost Souls Poppy Z. Brite 105 Good Omens Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett 105 Earth David Brin 103 Redshift Rendezvous John E. Stith 97 Mary Reilly Valerie Martin 93 Queen of Angels Greg Bear 93 Rats and Gargoyles Mary Gentle 92 The Interior Life Dorothy J. Heydt (as Katherine Blake) 90 The Quiet Pools Michael P. Kube-McDowell 70 Winterlong Elizabeth Hand 70 Pacific Edge Kim Stanley Robinson 70 Use of Weapons Iain M. Banks 70 Nuits blemes Daniel Sernine 67 Gossamer Axe Gaèl Baudino 61 In the Net of Dreams Wm. Mark Simmons 50 The Revelation Bentley Little 50 Mine Robert R. McCammon 50 Haroun and the Sea of Stories Salman Rushdie 50 The Witching Hour Anne Rice 50 Magic's Price Mercedes Lackey 50 Secret Matter Toby Johnson 50 Invitation to the Game Monica Hughes 50 Midnight Sun Ramsey Campbell 50 Histoire de la princesse et du dragon Élisabeth Vonarburg 1989
218 Hyperion Dan Simmons 185 Carrion Comfort Dan Simmons 150 Prentice Alvin Orson Scott Card 147 The Child Garden Geoff Ryman 143 Sunglasses After Dark Nancy A. Collins 128 A Child Across the Sky Jonathan Carroll 126 The Boat of a Million Years Poul Anderson 120 The Stress of Her Regard Tim Powers 113 A Fire in the Sun George Alec Effinger 85 Subterranean Gallery Richard Paul Russo 85 Farewell Horizontal K. W. Jeter 84 Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light Tanya Huff 80 Moon Dance S. P. Somtow 75 Servant of the Empire Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts 72 On My Way to Paradise Dave Wolverton 70 In a Dark Dream Charles L. Grant 70 Gypsies Robert Charles Wilson 65 Soldier of Arete Gene Wolfe 64 Geek Love Katherine Dunn 63 Midnight Dean R. Koontz 63 Orbital Decay Allen Steele 62 Laying the Music to Rest Dean Wesley Smith 62 The Wolf's Hour Robert R. McCammon 61 White Jenna Jane Yolen 61 The Gate of Ivory Doris Egan 59 Twistor John G. Cramer (as John Cramer) 58 Grass Sheri S. Tepper 56 The Renegades of Pern Anne McCaffrey 56 The Steerswoman Rosemary Kirstein 55 Child of Saturn Teresa Edgerton 51 Being Alien Rebecca Ore 50 Solomon's Knife Victor Koman 50 Somewhere in the Night Jeffrey N. McMahan 50 Lake of the Sun Wynne Whiteford 50 The Shining Falcon Josepha Sherman 50 Pyramids Terry Pratchett 50 L'Oiseau de feu (Tome 1) Jacques Brossard 50 West of January Dave Duncan 50 Argentine Joël Houssin 1988
186 Cyteen C. J. Cherryh 184 Mona Lisa Overdrive William Gibson 179 Islands in the Net Bruce Sterling 155 Red Prophet Orson Scott Card 114 Unicorn Mountain Michael Bishop 112 The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris 106 Dragonsdawn Anne McCaffrey 104 Falling Free Lois McMaster Bujold 98 The Gold Coast Kim Stanley Robinson 97 The Last Coin James P. Blaylock 94 The Drive-In Joe R. Lansdale 88 The City, Not Long After Pat Murphy 81 Walkabout Woman Michaela Roessner 80 Desolation Road Ian McDonald 79 Koko Peter Straub 79 Sheepfarmer's Daughter Elizabeth Moon 76 Moon of Ice Brad Linaweaver 75 Lavondyss Robert Holdstock 75 The Influence Ramsey Campbell 74 Four Hundred Billion Stars Paul J. McAuley 71 The Healer's War Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 70 The Queen of the Damned Anne Rice 70 Le Traversier Esther Rochon 66 Wetware Rudy Rucker 64 Prelude to Foundation Isaac Asimov 63 Stinger Robert R. McCammon 62 Dragon Prince Melanie Rawn 61 Becoming Alien Rebecca Ore 61 The Empire of Fear Brian Stableford 60 Deserted Cities of the Heart Lewis Shiner 60 Neverness David Zindell 58 The Dragonbone Chair Tad Williams 57 Resurrection, Inc. Kevin J. Anderson 56 Fool on the Hill Matt Ruff 53 Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen 53 The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West Mary Stanton 50 Carmen Dog Carol Emshwiller 50 The Suiting Kelley Wilde 50 Those Who Hunt the Night Barbara Hambly 50 The Changeling Sea Patricia A. McKillip 50 Goldenboy Michael Nava 50 Skiptrace Antoinette Azolakov 50 Striped Holes Damien Broderick 50 Unquenchable Fire Rachel Pollack 50 Temps mort Charles Montpetit 1987
215 Seventh Son Orson Scott Card 203 The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien 156 When Gravity Fails George Alec Effinger 155 Drowning Towers George Turner 143 The Urth of the New Sun Gene Wolfe 140 War for the Oaks Emma Bull 135 The Uplift War David Brin 133 Life During Wartime Lucius Shepard 132 Ægypt John Crowley 114 Lincoln's Dreams Connie Willis 105 On Stranger Tides Tim Powers 103 Swan Song Robert R. McCammon 101 Watchmen Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 93 The Forge of God Greg Bear 88 Replay Ken Grimwood 85 Misery Stephen King 85 Grainne Keith Roberts 84 Liege-Killer Christopher Hinz 72 A Man Rides Through Stephen R. Donaldson 70 Mindplayers Pat Cadigan 70 Memory Wire Robert Charles Wilson 70 Time Pressure Spider Robinson 65 Strange Toys Patricia Geary 64 Weaveworld Clive Barker 60 After the Zap Michael Armstrong 60 Great Sky River Gregory Benford 58 Swordspoint Ellen Kushner 57 Memoirs of an Invisible Man H. F. Saint 55 Memories Mike McQuay 51 Dawn Octavia E. Butler 50 Woman on the Edge of Time Marge Piercy 50 The Manse Lisa Cantrell 50 The Jehovah Contract Victor Koman 50 Jack, the Giant Killer Charles de Lint 1986
230 Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card 229 The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood 165 Count Zero William Gibson 135 A Hidden Place Robert Charles Wilson 128 The Ragged Astronauts Bob Shaw 120 Soldier of the Mist Gene Wolfe 115 It Stephen King 111 The Falling Woman Pat Murphy 105 Marooned in Realtime Vernor Vinge 95 The Hercules Text Jack McDevitt 81 This is the Way the World Ends James Morrow 77 The Folk of the Air Peter S. Beagle 75 The Doomsday Effect Thomas T. Thomas (as Thomas Wren) 72 The Mirror of Her Dreams Stephen R. Donaldson 70 Blood of Amber Roger Zelazny 70 Shards of Honor Lois McMaster Bujold 70 Queen of the States Josephine Saxton 69 Homunculus James P. Blaylock 69 In Conquest Born C. S. Friedman 63 The Cross-Time Engineer Leo Frankowski 59 The Hungry Moon Ramsey Campbell 58 The Game of Fox and Lion Robert R. Chase 56 The Darkest Road Guy Gavriel Kay 51 A Door into Ocean Joan Slonczewski 50 Perfume Patrick Suskind 50 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll 50 Bard III: The Wild Sea Keith Taylor 50 The Wandering Fire Guy Gavriel Kay 1985
209 Ender's Game Orson Scott Card 200 The Postman David Brin 150 Blood Music Greg Bear 143 Helliconia Winter Brian W. Aldiss 116 Free Live Free Gene Wolfe 88 The Damnation Game Clive Barker 85 Schismatrix Bruce Sterling 81 Emprise Michael P. Kube-McDowell 75 The Remaking of Sigmund Freud Barry N. Malzberg 73 Dragonsbane Barbara Hambly 73 Infinity's Web Sheila Finch 71 Kiteworld Keith Roberts 68 Contact Carl Sagan 67 Song of Kali Dan Simmons 64 The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice 60 Saraband of Lost Time Richard Grant 60 The Dream Years Lisa Goldstein 59 Footfall Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle 59 Cuckoo's Egg C. J. Cherryh 58 Dark of the Moon P. C. Hodgell 58 Always Coming Home Ursula K. Le Guin 56 Eon Greg Bear 56 Mulengro Charles de Lint 53 The Warrior Who Carried Life Geoff Ryman 51 The Memory of Whiteness Kim Stanley Robinson 50 Killashandra Anne McCaffrey 50 The Cybernetic Samurai Victor Milán 50 Trumps of Doom Roger Zelazny 50 A Judgement of Dragons Phyllis Gotlieb 50 Spinneret Timothy Zahn 1984
428 Neuromancer William Gibson 172 The Wild Shore Kim Stanley Robinson 165 Emergence David R. Palmer 146 Green Eyes Lucius Shepard 143 The Integral Trees Larry Niven 128 Mythago Wood Robert Holdstock 118 The Ceremonies T. E. D. Klein 114 Job: A Comedy of Justice Robert A. Heinlein 111 Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers 102 Them Bones Howard Waldrop 100 Bridge of Birds Barry Hughart 94 Frontera Lewis Shiner 85 The Summer Tree Guy Gavriel Kay 85 Illywhacker Peter Carey 70 Damiano's Lute R. A. MacAvoy 67 Cards of Grief Jane Yolen 64 The Talisman Stephen King and Peter Straub 64 Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand Samuel R. Delany 59 The Final Encyclopedia Gordon R. Dickson 56 The Alchemists Geary Gravel 56 The Practice Effect David Brin 55 The Game Beyond Melissa Scott 53 Elleander Morning Jerry Yulsman 51 The Hero and the Crown Robin McKinley 51 The Peace War Vernor Vinge 50 The Wasp Factory Iain M. Banks (as Iain Banks) 50 The Beast of Heaven Victor Kelleher 1983
243 Tea with the Black Dragon R. A. MacAvoy 227 Startide Rising David Brin 189 The Anubis Gates Tim Powers 124 Helliconia Summer Brian W. Aldiss 121 Tik-Tok John Sladek 115 The Armageddon Rag George R. R. Martin 100 The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley 99 Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden Jack Vance 95 Millennium John Varley 85 Yesterday's Men George Turner 83 The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica John Calvin Batchelor 70 Thor's Hammer Wynne Whiteford 70 The Tempting of the Witchking Russell Blackford 70 The Blackcollar Timothy Zahn 65 A Rumor of Angels Marjorie B. Kellogg (as M. Bradley Kellogg) 64 Floating Dragon Peter Straub 63 The Void Captain's Tale Norman Spinrad 63 The Robots of Dawn Isaac Asimov 61 The Dragon Waiting John M. Ford 61 Pet Sematary Stephen King 60 Against Infinity Gregory Benford 56 Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern Anne McCaffrey 50 The Rainbow Cadenza J. Neil Schulman 50 When Voiha Wakes Joy Chant 50 The War for Eternity Christopher Rowley 50 Incarnate Ramsey Campbell 50 Songs from the Drowned Lands Eileen Kernaghan 50 les Semeurs d'abîmes Serge Brussolo 1982
276 The Citadel of the Autarch Gene Wolfe 174 No Enemy But Time Michael Bishop 170 Foundation's Edge Isaac Asimov 162 Helliconia Spring Brian W. Aldiss 156 Courtship Rite Donald Kingsbury 149 The One Tree Stephen R. Donaldson 95 2010: Odyssey Two Arthur C. Clarke 94 Friday Robert A. Heinlein 76 The Pride of Chanur C. J. Cherryh 75 Nifft the Lean Michael Shea 70 The Wandering Unicorn Manuel Mujica Lainez 70 Cat Karina Michael G. Coney 65 Fevre Dream George R. R. Martin 64 Lady of Light Diana L. Paxson 63 The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Philip K. Dick 61 God Stalk P. C. Hodgell 61 The Crystal Singer Anne McCaffrey 56 Hawkmistress! Marion Zimmer Bradley 52 In Viriconium M. John Harrison 50 Voyage from Yesteryear James P. Hogan 50 Software Rudy Rucker 50 The Firelings Carol Kendall 50 The Blue Sword Robin McKinley 50 l'Orbe et la Roue Michel Jeury 1981
317 The Sword of the Lictor Gene Wolfe 316 Little, Big John Crowley 290 The Claw of the Conciliator Gene Wolfe 150 The Many-Colored Land Julian May 116 Radix A. A. Attanasio 97 Cujo Stephen King 93 The Affirmation Christopher Priest 89 Downbelow Station C. J. Cherryh 77 Camber the Heretic Katherine Kurtz 64 The War Hound and the World's Pain Michael Moorcock 61 The Keep F. Paul Wilson 60 Centaur Aisle Piers Anthony 57 Project Pope Clifford D. Simak 57 The Divine Invasion Philip K. Dick 56 Delusion's Master Tanith Lee 52 Journey Behind the Wind Patricia Wrightson 51 The Sable Moon Nancy Springer 50 The Man Who Loved Morlocks David Lake 1980
265 The Shadow of the Torturer Gene Wolfe 230 Timescape Gregory Benford 205 The Snow Queen Joan D. Vinge 185 The Wounded Land Stephen R. Donaldson 158 Riddley Walker Russell Hoban 134 Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Frederik Pohl 128 Lord Valentine's Castle Robert Silverberg 121 The Orphan Robert Stallman 95 Firestarter Stephen King 95 The Vampire Tapestry Suzy McKee Charnas 94 Shadowland Peter Straub 92 Ariosto Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 91 Kill the Dead Tanith Lee 90 Roderick John Sladek 85 The Dreaming Dragons Damien Broderick 83 Firelord Parke Godwin 71 Wild Seed Octavia E. Butler 70 Dragon's Egg Robert L. Forward 69 The Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven 61 The Beginning Place Ursula K. Le Guin 58 The Mist Stephen King 57 Wizard John Varley 52 At the Eye of the Ocean Hilbert Schenck 52 A Storm of Wings M. John Harrison 50 An Enemy of the State F. Paul Wilson 50 The Probability Broach L. Neil Smith 50 To Wake the Dead Ramsey Campbell 50 Dawn Dean McLaughlin 1979
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