ISFDB Top Short Stories by Year

55 The Seasons of the Ansarac Ursula K. Le Guin 2002
185 Madonna of the Maquiladora Gregory Frost 170 The Wild Girls Ursula K. Le Guin 146 Breathmoss Ian R. MacLeod 141 Bronte's Egg Richard Chwedyk 141 Stories for Men John Kessel 140 Creation Jeffrey Ford 135 A Year in the Linear City Paul Di Filippo 128 Halo Charles Stross 106 Liking What You See: A Documentary Ted Chiang 94 The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport Michael Swanwick 92 The Political Officer Charles Coleman Finlay 85 October in the Chair Neil Gaiman 81 Router Charles Stross 80 Singleton Greg Egan 77 Lambing Season Molly Gloss 75 The Human Front Ken MacLeod 74 Knapsack Poems Eleanor Arnason 72 The Essayist in the Wilderness William Browning Spencer 71 Over Yonder Lucius Shepard 65 With Caesar in the Underworld Robert Silverberg 64 Seven Wild Sisters Charles de Lint 64 She Sees My Monsters Now Robert Reed 63 In Paradise Bruce Sterling 58 "Hello," Said the Stick Michael Swanwick 57 What I Didn't See Karen Joy Fowler 54 The Weight of Words Jeffrey Ford 52 Presence Maureen F. McHugh 52 If Lions Could Speak: Imagining the Alien Paul Park 52 Veritas Robert Reed 52 The Potter of Bones Eleanor Arnason 50 The Tain China Miéville 50 les Nuits de Leningrad Graham Joyce 50 À n'importe quel prix Jamil Nasir 50 Death and Suffrage Dale Bailey 50 Falling onto Mars Geoffrey A. Landis 50 King of All and the Metal Sentinel Deborah Biancotti 50 La Guerre sans temps Sylvie Bérard 50 Ineluctable Robert J. Sawyer 50 Walk to the Full Moon Sean McMullen 50 Calling Into Silence Bryn Neuenschwander 2001
340 Coraline Neil Gaiman 204 The Diamond Pit Jack Dann 185 Hell Is the Absence of God Ted Chiang 184 The Dog Said Bow-Wow Michael Swanwick 178 The Chief Designer Andy Duncan 154 Undone James Patrick Kelly 151 Lobsters Charles Stross 134 Eternity and Afterward Lucius Shepard 125 The Days Between Allen Steele 113 Stealing Alabama Allen Steele (as Allen M. Steele) 110 May Be Some Time B. W. Clough (as Brenda W. Clough) 108 Slow Life Michael Swanwick 105 Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's Adam-Troy Castro 101 El Dia De Los Muertos Brian A. Hopkins 100 My Work Is Not Yet Done Thomas Ligotti 99 In Spirit Pat Forde 98 Isabel of the Fall Ian R. MacLeod 93 The Ghost Pit Stephen Baxter 86 The Finder Ursula K. Le Guin 85 The Bones of the Earth Ursula K. Le Guin 85 Fast Times at Fairmont High Vernor Vinge 85 Absolute Uncertainty Lucy Sussex 83 Cut Megan Lindholm 80 Old MacDonald Had a Farm Mike Resnick 80 Tower of Wings Sean McMullen 78 The Hunters of Pangaea Stephen Baxter 74 Creature Carol Emshwiller 70 Details China Miéville 70 Nearly People Conrad Williams 70 Within Twilight Chris McMahon 65 deck.halls@boughs/holly Connie Willis 63 Into Greenwood Jim Grimsley 62 New Light on the Drake Equation Ian R. MacLeod 61 The Return of Spring Shane Tourtellotte 58 Karuna, Inc. Paul Di Filippo 57 Have Not Have Geoff Ryman 57 The Measure of All Things Richard Chwedyk 56 Look Away Stephen L. Burns 55 Computer Virus Nancy Kress 53 The Caravan from Troon Kage Baker 51 The Prospect Cards Don Tumasonis 51 Pavane for a Prince of the Air Elizabeth Hand 50 Vita Brevis, Ars Longa Julian West 50 Queen for a Day Albert E. Cowdrey 50 Empire William Sanders 50 The Misfit Child Grows Fat on Despair Tom Piccirilli 50 Louise's Ghost Kelly Link 50 His Own Back Yard James P. Blaylock 50 Retour au foyer Christopher Priest 50 Synesthésie Olivier Paquet 50 Goblin City Lights Simon Clark 50 Souvenirs De Lumi`re Daniel Sernine 50 Left Foot on a Blind Man Julie E. Czerneda 50 Tashi and the Haunted House Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble 50 Oracle Kim Westwood 50 Making Waves Lena DeTar 50 Jake, Me, and the Zipper Rajnar Vajra 2000
212 Radiant Green Star Lucius Shepard 189 The Ultimate Earth Jack Williamson 177 Seventy-Two Letters Ted Chiang 170 A Roll of the Dice Catherine Asaro 164 The Elephants on Neptune Mike Resnick 155 On the Orion Line Stephen Baxter 150 The Man on the Ceiling Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem 140 Kaddish for the Last Survivor Michael A. Burstein 127 Moon Dogs Michael Swanwick 114 Oracle Greg Egan 114 Sheena 5 Stephen Baxter 109 Heart of Glass William Barton 105 The Pottawatomie Giant Andy Duncan 105 Cleopatra Brimstone Elizabeth Hand 100 Millennium Babies Kristine Kathryn Rusch 94 The Fantasy Writer's Assistant Jeffrey Ford 92 Redchapel Mike Resnick 91 Lincoln in Frogmore Andy Duncan 90 Savior Nancy Kress 86 The Saltimbanques Terry Dowling 85 The Birthday of the World Ursula K. Le Guin 85 Different Kinds of Darkness David Langford 85 The Taranth Stone Ron Collins 85 The Retrieval Artist Kristine Kathryn Rusch 83 Feel the Zaz James Patrick Kelly 75 First to the Moon! Stephen Baxter and Simon Bradshaw 70 Whispers Rick Kennett and Paul Collins 70 Rotten Times Robert Hood 65 Agape Among the Robots Allen Steele 65 Silver Ghost Stephen Baxter 64 Tendeléo's Story Ian McDonald 64 Generation Gap Stanley Schmidt 63 Blue Kansas Sky Michael Bishop 62 The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O Michael Swanwick 62 The Suspect Genome Peter F. Hamilton 59 Path of the Dragon George R. R. Martin 58 The Royals of Hegn Ursula K. Le Guin 56 The Gravity Mine Stephen Baxter 56 Fly-By-Night Larry Niven 53 Auspicious Eggs James Morrow 52 Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol Elizabeth Hand 51 The Bird Catcher S. P. Somtow 51 Goddesses Linda Nagata 51 The Cure for Everything Severna Park 51 The Woman of Endor Sue Isle 51 Interstitial Paul J. McAuley 51 The Cloud Man Eleanor Arnason 51 One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings R. Garcia y Robertson 50 Nucleon David D. Levine 50 Think Tank Mark Dunn 50 Reconstructing Amy Tim Lebbon 50 In These Final Days of Sales Steve Rasnic Tem 50 The Missing Mass Larry Niven 50 Onion Caitlín R. Kiernan 50 Children of Winter Eric Brown 50 La Danse des esprits Douglas Smith 50 Cafe on Callisto Jackie French 50 Dreamwalker Isobelle Carmody and Steven Wollman 50 Sleight of Hand Simon Haynes 50 The Weatherboard Spaceship Adam Browne 50 Conquering Europa Mark Jacobsen 50 Stones of Significance David Brin 1999
191 Hunting the Snark Mike Resnick 189 The Chop Girl Ian R. MacLeod 170 The Wedding Album David Marusek 168 The Astronaut from Wyoming Adam-Troy Castro and Jerry Oltion 166 Stellar Harvest Eleanor Arnason 166 The Executioners' Guild Andy Duncan 164 macs Terry Bisson 157 Crocodile Rock Lucius Shepard 155 Ancient Engines Michael Swanwick 144 Scherzo with Tyrannosaur Michael Swanwick 144 The Winds of Marble Arch Connie Willis 110 Son Observe the Time Kage Baker 109 Hothouse Flowers Mike Resnick 101 Written in Blood Chris Lawson 101 Reality Check Michael A. Burstein 97 The Naming of Parts Tim Lebbon 97 A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Gardner Dozois 95 Daddy's World Walter Jon Williams 95 Jennifer, Just Before Midnight William Sanders 95 10 to 16 to 1 James Patrick Kelly 93 Dapple: A Hwarhath Historical Romance Eleanor Arnason 90 How to Make Unicorn Pie Esther M. Friesner 90 Argonautica Walter Jon Williams 87 Forty, Counting Down Harry Turtledove 86 White Tim Lebbon 85 The Emperor's Old Bones Gemma Files 85 The First and Final Game Deborah Biancotti 85 The Devotee Stephen Dedman 83 Leningrad Nights Graham Joyce 82 The Secret History of the Ornithopter Jan Lars Jensen 80 Border Guards Greg Egan 77 The Queen of Erewhon Lucy Sussex 77 Human Bay Robert Reed 71 Down Here in the Garden Tia V. Travis 71 Mr. Dark's Carnival Glen Hirshberg 71 Living Trust L. Timmel Duchamp 70 Halloween Street Steve Rasnic Tem 70 Riding the Bullet Stephen King 70 No Story in It Ramsey Campbell 70 The Entertainment Ramsey Campbell 70 That Old Black Graffiti Robert Hood 70 The Boy Who Didn't Yearn Margo Lanagan 67 The Window Judith Berman 59 Sexual Dimorphism Kim Stanley Robinson 59 Arthur Sternbach Brings the Curveball to Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 58 A Hero of the Empire Robert Silverberg 56 Everywhere Geoff Ryman 55 A Martian Romance Kim Stanley Robinson 53 Twenty-One, Counting Up Harry Turtledove 52 Sky Eyes Laurel Winter 52 Democritus' Violin G. David Nordley 52 The Giftie James E. Gunn (as James Gunn) 51 The Cost of Doing Business Leslie What 51 Orphans of the Helix Dan Simmons 51 Smart Alec Kage Baker 51 The Transformation of Martin Lake Jeff VanderMeer 51 Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz, Yurek Rutz David Marusek 50 Gone Jack Ketchum 50 Huddle Stephen Baxter 50 Monsieur Boum-Boum Jeanne Faivre D'arcier 50 Hunting the Slarque Eric Brown 50 Souvenirs du Saudade Express Éric Gauthier 50 Stream of Consciousness Robert J. Sawyer 50 The Queen's Notice Margo Lanagan 50 The World According to Kipling (A Plain Tale from the Hills) Geoffrey Maloney 50 Infinite Monkey Damien Broderick 50 Repeating Patterns Beth Adele Long 1998
234 Echea Kristine Kathryn Rusch 223 Story of Your Life Ted Chiang 221 The Summer Isles Ian R. MacLeod 221 Oceanic Greg Egan 197 Aurora in Four Voices Catherine Asaro 170 Taklamakan Bruce Sterling 151 Radiant Doors Michael Swanwick 127 Lovestory James Patrick Kelly 121 Maneki Neko Bruce Sterling 120 Five Days in April Brian A. Hopkins 117 The Eye of God Mary Rosenblum 102 The Very Pulse of the Machine Michael Swanwick 100 Zwarte Piet's Tale Allen Steele 91 Wild Minds Michael Swanwick 88 Waiting for the End Robert Silverberg 87 Jumping Off the Planet David Gerrold 86 Whiptail Robert Reed 86 The Stubbornest Broad on Earth Janet Kagan 85 The Dead Boy at Your Window Bruce Holland Rogers 85 La Cenerentola Gwyneth Jones 83 Steamship Soldier on the Information Front Nancy Kress 81 Get Me to the Church on Time Terry Bisson 79 Moon-Calf Stephen Baxter 77 Radio Praha Tony Daniel 72 Lost Girls Jane Yolen 71 Dragonfly Ursula K. Le Guin 70 Reading the Bones Sheila Finch 70 Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue Kim Newman 70 Tall One K. D. Wentworth 67 Time Gypsy Ellen Klages 65 The Boss in the Wall Avram Davidson and Grania Davis 65 The Hedge Knight George R. R. Martin 65 Craphound Cory Doctorow 62 Every Angel is Terrifying John Kessel 62 Building the Building of the World Robert Reed 58 17 Paul J. McAuley 56 The Year of the Mouse Norman Spinrad 55 US Howard Waldrop 53 Dante Dreams Stephen Baxter 53 Starfall R. Garcia y Robertson 52 Divided by Infinity Robert Charles Wilson 51 Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation by K. N. Sirsi and Sandra Botkin Raphael Carter 51 Approaching Perimelasma Geoffrey A. Landis 51 Ancestral Voices Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick 50 The Specialist's Hat Kelly Link 50 After Shock F. Paul Wilson 50 Mad Dog Summer Joe R. Lansdale 50 The Emperor's New Clothes Hans Christian Andersen 50 Thirteen Ways to Water Bruce Holland Rogers 50 The Wire Continuum Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke 50 The Song My Sister Sang Stephen Laws 50 Hockey's Night in Canada Edo van Belkom 50 Atrax Sean Williams and Simon Brown 50 In the Gardens and the Graves Marissa Lingen 1997
270 "...Where Angels Fear to Tread" Allen Steele 201 The 43 Antarean Dynasties Mike Resnick 195 The Undiscovered William Sanders 183 Itsy Bitsy Spider James Patrick Kelly 173 Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream James Alan Gardner 160 We Will Drink a Fish Together... Bill Johnson 140 Coppola's Dracula Kim Newman 135 Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff Peter Straub 134 Loose Ends Paul Levinson 133 Get a Grip Paul Park 132 The Hand You're Dealt Robert J. Sawyer 131 Lethe Walter Jon Williams 115 Moon Six Stephen Baxter 114 The Planck Dive Greg Egan 105 The Word Ramsey Campbell 100 The Truth About Weena David Lake 99 Everything's Eventual Stephen King 91 Winter Fire Geoffrey A. Landis 90 Ecopoiesis Geoffrey A. Landis 87 The Funeral March of the Marionettes Adam-Troy Castro 86 Dust Motes P. D. Cacek 86 Standing Room Only Karen Joy Fowler 85 Merlusine Lucy Sussex 78 Newsletter Connie Willis 77 Izzy and the Father of Terror Eliot Fintushel 75 House of Dreams Michael F. Flynn 70 The Zombies of Madison County Douglas E. Winter 70 Fortune and Misfortune Lisa Goldstein 70 What Would You Do for Love John Shirley 70 As Above, So Below Brian Hodge 70 The Marsh Runners Paul Brandon 70 To Avalon Jane Routley 70 Queen of Soulmates Sean McMullen 70 Lucent Carbon Russell Blackford 64 Reasons to Be Cheerful Greg Egan 63 One Good Juror Mary Rosenblum and James Sarafin 58 Scientifiction Howard Waldrop 58 Messengers of Chaos G. David Nordley 57 Echoes Alan Brennert 56 Marrow Robert Reed 56 Zemlya Stephen Baxter 56 The Golden Keeper Ian R. MacLeod 55 No Planets Strike Gene Wolfe 55 Blood and Judgment John Brunner 54 Beluthahatchie Andy Duncan 54 Always True to Thee, in My Fashion Nancy Kress 52 Quinn's Deal L. Timmel Duchamp 51 In the Furnace of the Night James Sarafin 50 Streetcar Dreams Richard Bowes 50 Rat Food Edo van Belkom and David Nickle 50 The Big Blow Joe R. Lansdale 50 Calcutta, seigneur des nerfs Poppy Z. Brite 50 Déchiffrer la trame Jean-Claude Dunyach 50 Dead Blue Lucy Taylor 50 Face of God Barb Galler-Smith 50 War Birds Stephen Baxter 50 Wageslaves Christopher Fowler 50 Une lettre de ma mère Yves Meynard 50 A Positive Kaaron Warren 50 Jenny Come to Play Terry Dowling 50 A Walk-On Part in the War Stephen Dedman 50 Wormholes Emily Thornbury 50 Already in Heaven Brian Plante 50 Trial by Ordeal Grey Rollins 50 Starsong Timothy Zahn 1996
227 Beauty and the Opéra or The Phantom Beast Suzy McKee Charnas 221 Age of Aquarius William Barton 220 Blood of the Dragon George R. R. Martin 211 The Flowers of Aulit Prison Nancy Kress 176 Gas Fish Mary Rosenblum 164 The Land of Nod Mike Resnick 157 Mountain Ways Ursula K. Le Guin 155 Time Travelers Never Die Jack McDevitt 148 Gone John Crowley 138 Primrose and Thorn Bud Sparhawk 134 Decency Robert Reed 131 Abandon in Place Jerry Oltion 130 Bicycle Repairman Bruce Sterling 108 The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective Connie Willis 104 Un-Birthday Boy James White 100 The Sword of God Russell Blackford 100 Niagara Falling Janeen Webb and Jack Dann 95 The Dead Michael Swanwick 93 The Miracle of Ivar Avenue John Kessel 89 Chrysalis Robert Reed 86 Bellwether Connie Willis 86 The Copyright Notice Case Paul Levinson 85 Thirteen Phantasms James P. Blaylock 85 Underbed Graham Masterton 85 Brimstone and Salt S. P. Somtow 85 The Cost to Be Wise Maureen F. McHugh 85 The Red Tower Thomas Ligotti 85 Borderline Leanne Frahm 74 Breakaway, Backdown James Patrick Kelly 70 The Elizabeth Complex Karen Joy Fowler 70 Five Fucks Jonathan Lethem 70 Erase/Record/Play: A Drama for Print John M. Ford 70 Hell Hath Enlarged Herself Michael Marshall Smith 70 The Ichneumon and the Dormeuse Terry Dowling 64 Kilroy Was Here Jack Cady 63 The Dog's Story Eleanor Arnason 62 On Sequoia Time Daniel Keys Moran 62 The Edge of the Universe Terry Bisson 62 The Three Labors of Bubba Bud Webster 57 Community Gardner Dozois 57 A Dry, Quiet War Tony Daniel 55 After a Lean Winter Dave Wolverton 51 Foreign Devils Walter Jon Williams 51 Peking Man Robert J. Sawyer 51 The Peacock Throne Charles Sheffield 51 Appointment in Sinai Ben Bova 50 A City in Winter Mark Helprin 50 Sister Emily's Lightship Jane Yolen 50 Cram John Shirley 50 The Symmetry of Duty Louise Rowder 50 Above It All Robert J. Sawyer 50 A Crab Must Try Barrington J. Bayley 50 Dancing About Architecture Martin Simpson 50 Lamente-toi, Sagesse! Jean-Louis Trudel 50 The Twist in the Tale Ruth Starke 50 Lest We Forget David Kirtley 50 Living It Is the Best Revenge Ian Randal Strock 1995
250 Think Like a Dinosaur James Patrick Kelly 240 The Lincoln Train Maureen F. McHugh 225 When the Old Gods Die Mike Resnick 223 Bibi Mike Resnick and Susan Shwartz 173 The Death of Captain Future Allen Steele 150 Fault Lines Nancy Kress 150 A Woman's Liberation Ursula K. Le Guin 144 Radio Waves Michael Swanwick 140 Home for Christmas Nina Kiriki Hoffman 134 Luminous Greg Egan 131 Mortimer Gray's "History of Death" Brian Stableford 130 TeleAbsence Michael A. Burstein 121 The Perseids Robert Charles Wilson 119 Must and Shall Harry Turtledove 114 A Birthday Esther M. Friesner 106 Immersion Gregory Benford 106 Life on the Moon Tony Daniel 105 Angel Thing Petrina Smith 100 Chatting with Anubis Harlan Ellison 99 Ether OR Ursula K. Le Guin 94 A Man of the People Ursula K. Le Guin 89 We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy David Marusek 86 Fish Tank Gregory Bennett 85 Loop Douglas E. Winter 85 More Tomorrow Michael Marshall Smith 85 Green Monkey Dreams Isobelle Carmody 82 Walking Out Michael Swanwick 82 The Good Rat Allen Steele 82 In Forests Afloat Upon the Sea Daniel Hatch 78 Human History Lucius Shepard 78 Da Vinci Rising Jack Dann 70 The Chronology Protection Case Paul Levinson 70 A Map of the Mines of Barnath Sean Williams 70 From Whom All Blessings Flow Stephen Dedman 69 TAP Greg Egan 65 Wang's Carpets Greg Egan 62 The Hunger and Ecstasy of Vampires Brian Stableford 61 I, Iscariot Michael Bishop 59 Across the Darkness Geoffrey A. Landis 57 The Ant-Men of Tibet Stephen Baxter 56 The Age of Innocence Brian Stableford 51 A Portrait of My Grandfather Doug Larsen 50 The Grass Princess Gwyneth Jones 50 Brigantia's Angels Stephen Baxter 50 Metalica P. D. Cacek 50 Lifeboat on a Burning Sea Bruce Holland Rogers 50 The Bars on Satan's Jailhouse Norman Partridge 50 Schrödinger's Fridge Ian Gunn 50 Équinoxe Yves Meynard 50 Passing the Bone Sean Williams 50 Olympia Francis Payne 50 Harvest Bay Karen Attard 50 He Believed in Probablity Dylan Otto Krider 1994
285 Forgiveness Day Ursula K. Le Guin 258 None So Blind Joe Haldeman 249 Cocoon Greg Egan 235 Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge Mike Resnick 200 The Martian Child David Gerrold 181 The Singular Habits of Wasps Geoffrey A. Landis 168 The Matter of Seggri Ursula K. Le Guin 160 Last Summer at Mars Hill Elizabeth Hand 157 Nekropolis Maureen F. McHugh 147 Cri de Coeur Michael Bishop 136 Melodies of the Heart Michael F. Flynn 134 I Know What You're Thinking Kate Wilhelm 120 Understanding Entropy Barry N. Malzberg 119 Barnaby in Exile Mike Resnick 117 Dead Man's Curve Terry Bisson 109 Solitude Ursula K. Le Guin 99 Virtual Love Maureen F. McHugh 97 The Lovers Eleanor Arnason 96 Haunted Humans Nina Kiriki Hoffman 93 A Little Knowledge Mike Resnick 90 The Changeling's Tale Michael Swanwick 86 Death and the Librarian Esther M. Friesner 81 Mrs. Lincoln's China M. Shayne Bell 77 Dedication Eric Choi 70 Entropy Leanne Frahm 66 Via Roma Robert Silverberg 65 Adaptation Connie Willis 62 Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone Ian McDonald 61 Unchosen Love Ursula K. Le Guin 61 Another Story Ursula K. Le Guin 60 Yaguara Nicola Griffith 59 The Last Time Lucius Shepard 57 The Narcissus Plague Lisa Goldstein 57 The Hole in the Hole Terry Bisson 55 Fan Geoff Ryman 55 The Last Plague Gregory Bennett 55 Our Lady of Chernobyl Greg Egan 53 Symphony for Skyfall Rick Cook and Peter L. Manly 52 The God Who Slept with Women Brian W. Aldiss 52 Inspiration Ben Bova 52 Remains of Adam A. A. Attanasio 51 The Temptation of Dr. Stein Paul J. McAuley 51 The Fragrance of Orchids Sally McBride 50 The Man in the Black Suit Stephen King 50 Under the Crust Terry Lamsley 50 The Box Jack Ketchum 50 Cafe Endless: Spring Rain Nancy Holder 50 The Scent of Vinegar Robert Bloch 50 l'Une rêve et l'autre pas Nancy Kress 50 Dans l'abîme Serge Lehman 50 The Safety of Unknown Cities Lucy Taylor 50 Black Sun Douglas E. Winter 50 Driftglider Jeffrey Osier 50 The Double Felix Paul Di Filippo 50 L'Homme qui fouillait la lumière Alain Bergeron 50 The Cinderella Project Shannon Fowler 50 Digital Music Alan Gordon 50 Bubba Pritchert and the Space Aliens Bud Webster 1993
294 The Night We Buried Road Dog Jack Cady 270 Death on the Nile Connie Willis 232 Mefisto in Onyx Harlan Ellison 203 Wall, Stone, Craft Walter Jon Williams 190 Dancing on Air Nancy Kress 169 Into the Miranda Rift G. David Nordley 162 Georgia on My Mind Charles Sheffield 159 England Underway Terry Bisson 150 The Good Pup Bridget McKenna 146 Mwalimu in the Squared Circle Mike Resnick 135 Death in Bangkok Dan Simmons 123 Deep Eddy Bruce Sterling 110 The Franchise John Kessel 105 Down in the Bottomlands Harry Turtledove 95 The Shadow Knows Terry Bisson 92 The Story So Far Martha Soukup 85 Entropy's Bed at Midnight Dan Simmons 85 The Dog Park Dennis Etchison 80 An American Childhood Pat Murphy 79 Martin on a Wednesday Nancy Kress 77 The Battle of Long Island Nancy Kress 77 Close Encounter Connie Willis 73 Inn Connie Willis 71 Cold Iron Michael Swanwick 70 Some Strange Desire Ian McDonald 64 Flashback Dan Simmons 61 The Beauty Addict Ray Aldridge 60 One Morning in the Looney Bin Maggie Flinn 57 Darker Angels S. P. Somtow 57 Cush Neal Barrett, Jr. 52 A Defense of the Social Contracts Martha Soukup 51 Fox Magic Kij Johnson 51 The Arrival of Truth Kristine Kathryn Rusch 51 White Room Stephen L. Burns 50 The Lodger Fred Chappell 50 I Hear the Mermaids Singing Nancy Holder 50 Chemistry James Patrick Kelly 50 Une Katherine Quenot 50 Beast George Alec Effinger 50 Catalyst Leanne Frahm 50 Just Like Old Times Robert J. Sawyer 50 Sister Alice Robert Reed 1992
260 Danny Goes to Mars Pamela Sargent 250 Even the Queen Connie Willis 235 Barnacle Bill the Spacer Lucius Shepard 192 Protection Maureen F. McHugh 165 Suppose They Gave a Peace... Susan Shwartz 165 The Nutcracker Coup Janet Kagan 154 The Arbitrary Placement of Walls Martha Soukup 150 This Year's Class Picture Dan Simmons 140 Stopping at Slowyear Frederik Pohl 135 The Mountain to Mohammed Nancy Kress 130 Graves Joe Haldeman 126 The Territory Bradley Denton 126 The Winterberry Nicholas A. DiChario 115 Cleon the Emperor Isaac Asimov 110 Alfred Lisa Goldstein 101 Naming the Flowers Kate Wilhelm 100 True Faces Pat Cadigan 91 The Lotus and the Spear Mike Resnick 90 Uh-Oh City Jonathan Carroll 88 In Memoriam Poul Anderson 88 In the Stone House Barry N. Malzberg 88 Grownups Ian R. MacLeod 87 All Vows Esther M. Friesner 77 Steelcollar Worker Vonda N. McIntyre 73 City of Truth James Morrow 70 Seeing Andrew Weiner 70 Farm Wife Nancy Kilpatrick 70 The July Ward Sharon N. Farber (as S. N. Dyer) 64 Into Darkness Greg Egan 63 Thebes of the Hundred Gates Robert Silverberg 60 Innocents Ian McDonald 58 Synthesis Mary Rosenblum 56 Breakfast Cereal Killers R. Garcia y Robertson 55 Dust Greg Egan 50 The Ghost Village Peter Straub 50 The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance Joe R. Lansdale 50 Accident d'amour Wildy Petoud 50 Black Ice Barbara Delaplace 50 Closer Greg Egan 50 Night Shift Sister Nicholas Royle 50 Base de negociation Jean Dion 50 Love, Dad Jeffery D. Kooistra 50 Poles Apart G. David Nordley 1991
235 Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress 232 The Gallery of His Dreams Kristine Kathryn Rusch 158 Jack Connie Willis 132 In the Late Cretaceous Connie Willis 115 Vinland the Dream Kim Stanley Robinson 115 A Walk in the Sun Geoffrey A. Landis 110 One Perfect Morning, with Jackals Mike Resnick 107 The Ragthorn Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth 107 Gold Isaac Asimov 106 Dispatches from the Revolution Pat Cadigan 105 The Happy Man Jonathan Lethem 98 Understand Ted Chiang 91 Press Ann Terry Bisson 87 Miracle Connie Willis 85 Ma Qui Alan Brennert 85 Gate of Faces Ray Aldridge 85 Song of a Dry River Mike Resnick 83 And Wild for to Hold Nancy Kress 73 Dog's Life Martha Soukup 70 Colour Michael Moorcock 65 Matter's End Gregory Benford 65 Contact Jerry Oltion and Lee Goodloe 63 Black Glass Karen Joy Fowler 61 Fetish Edward Bryant 59 The Dark Karen Joy Fowler 59 Our Lady of the Harbour Charles de Lint 59 A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations Kim Stanley Robinson 57 The Better Boy James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers 57 Dream Cargoes J. G. Ballard 55 What Continues, What Fails... David Brin 52 Winter Solstice Mike Resnick 50 The Somewhere Doors Fred Chappell 50 Lady Madonna Nancy Holder 50 The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves David Morrell 50 All Dracula's Children Dan Simmons 50 M'éveiller à nouveau près de toi, mon amour Alain Dorémieux 50 Bad Timing Molly Brown 50 The Dark Land Michael Marshall Smith 50 Breaking Ball Michael Skeet 50 The Cold Solution Don Sakers 50 Ode to Joy Dean McLaughlin 1990
370 Bears Discover Fire Terry Bisson 228 The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman 220 The Manamouki Mike Resnick 202 Bully! Mike Resnick 168 Bones Pat Murphy 162 Buffalo John Kessel 159 Cibola Connie Willis 153 Griffin's Egg Michael Swanwick 144 Tower of Babylon Ted Chiang 136 A Short, Sharp Shock Kim Stanley Robinson 130 Godspeed Charles Sheffield 117 A Braver Thing Charles Sheffield 111 The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk Dafydd ab Hugh 108 Mr. Boy James Patrick Kelly 103 Weatherman Lois McMaster Bujold 100 Naught for Hire John E. Stith 98 Over the Long Haul Martha Soukup 90 Stephen Elizabeth Massie 90 Fool to Believe Pat Cadigan 89 VRM-547 W. R. Thompson 86 Bwana Mike Resnick 75 The Caress Greg Egan 70 Designated Hitter Harry Turtledove 65 The Shobies' Story Ursula K. Le Guin 63 Lion Time in Timbuctoo Robert Silverberg 62 Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates Pat Murphy 58 The All-Consuming Lucius Shepard and Robert Frazier 58 My Advice to the Civilized John Barnes 57 Axiomatic Greg Egan 54 Lieserl Karen Joy Fowler 54 Skull City Lucius Shepard 52 The Utility Man Robert Reed 52 Outnumbering the Dead Frederik Pohl 51 Learning to Be Me Greg Egan 50 A Midsummer Night's Dream Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess 50 The Illusionist Steven Millhauser 50 The Calling David B. Silva 50 While the Gate is Open Sean McMullen 50 The Original Dr. Shade Kim Newman 50 The Man Who Drew Cats Michael Marshall Smith 50 Ici, des tigres Élisabeth Vonarburg 50 A Niche Peter Watts 50 Muffin Explains Teleology to the World at Large James Alan Gardner 50 The Safe-Deposit Box Greg Egan 50 Getting the Bugs Out Janet Kagan 1989
209 The Mountains of Mourning Lois McMaster Bujold 178 The Father of Stones Lucius Shepard 177 Boobs Suzy McKee Charnas 169 Dori Bangs Bruce Sterling 150 Lost Boys Orson Scott Card 150 Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another Robert Silverberg 149 For I Have Touched the Sky Mike Resnick 144 At the Rialto Connie Willis 144 Great Work of Time John Crowley 142 The Edge of the World Michael Swanwick 135 On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks Joe R. Lansdale 135 A Touch of Lavender Megan Lindholm 119 Tiny Tango Judith Moffett 114 Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man Megan Lindholm 106 Dogwalker Orson Scott Card 105 A Dozen Tough Jobs Howard Waldrop 90 A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned Edward Bryant 84 Apartheid, Superstrings and Mordecai Thubana Michael Bishop 84 Everything But Honor George Alec Effinger 83 The Price of Oranges Nancy Kress 81 Fast Cars Kristine Kathryn Rusch 81 Time Out Connie Willis 80 Labyrinth Lois McMaster Bujold 75 Computer Friendly Eileen Gunn 70 The Power and the Passion Pat Cadigan 69 The Loch Moose Monster Janet Kagan 63 Sisters Greg Bear 63 Pageant Wagon Orson Scott Card 61 Dilemma Connie Willis 58 In Another Country Robert Silverberg 51 Surrender Lucius Shepard 51 The True Nature of Shangri-La Kim Stanley Robinson 51 Soul of the City Michael F. Flynn 50 Eat Me Robert R. McCammon 50 The Quiet Redemption of Andy the House Terry Dowling 50 In Translation Lisa Tuttle 50 Carpe Diem Eileen Kernaghan 50 Windwagon Smith and the Martians Lawrence Watt-Evans 50 The Happy Dead Amy Bechtel 1988
235 The Last of the Winnebagos Connie Willis 228 Schrödinger's Kitten George Alec Effinger 225 The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter Lucius Shepard 200 Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance Howard Waldrop 172 Ripples in the Dirac Sea Geoffrey A. Landis 170 Kirinyaga Mike Resnick 143 The Function of Dream Sleep Harlan Ellison 125 Journals of the Plague Years Norman Spinrad 124 Peaches for Mad Molly Steven Gould 122 Surfacing Walter Jon Williams 111 The Skin Trade George R. R. Martin 96 The Hob Judith Moffett 88 The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians Bradley Denton 86 Mrs. Shummel Exits a Winner John Kessel 86 Glacier Kim Stanley Robinson 85 Dowser Orson Scott Card 82 The Fort Moxie Branch Jack McDevitt 82 Our Neural Chernobyl Bruce Sterling 77 A Midwinter's Tale Michael Swanwick 74 Stairs Neal Barrett, Jr. 70 The Color Winter Steven Popkes 70 The Devil's Arithmetic Jane Yolen 64 The Giving Plague David Brin 60 The Circus Horse Amy Bechtel 60 Sanctuary James White 59 Voices of the Kill Thomas M. Disch 56 Dark Night in Toyland Bob Shaw 52 The Earth Doth Like a Snake Renew James Tiptree, Jr. 50 Orange is for Anguish, Blue for Insanity David Morrell 50 Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge James Morrow 50 Eidolons Harlan Ellison 50 My Lady Tongue Lucy Sussex 50 Fruiting Bodies Brian Lumley 50 Survie sur Mars Joël Champetier 50 Sleeping in a Box Candas Jane Dorsey 50 We Are for the Dark Robert Silverberg 1987
270 Rachel in Love Pat Murphy 209 Angel Pat Cadigan 200 Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight Ursula K. Le Guin 200 The Secret Sharer Robert Silverberg 179 The Blind Geometer Kim Stanley Robinson 162 Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers Lawrence Watt-Evans 146 The Evening and the Morning and the Night Octavia E. Butler 145 Forever Yours, Anna Kate Wilhelm 115 Dinosaurs Walter Jon Williams 115 Eye for Eye Orson Scott Card 113 Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus Neal Barrett, Jr. 108 Mother Goddess of the World Kim Stanley Robinson 100 The Pear-Shaped Man George R. R. Martin 98 The Faithful Companion at Forty Karen Joy Fowler 95 Friend's Best Man Jonathan Carroll 93 Flowers of Edo Bruce Sterling 91 Dream Baby Bruce McAllister 88 Cassandra's Photographs Lisa Goldstein 87 The Forest of Time Michael F. Flynn (as Michael Flynn) 85 Night They Missed the Horror Show Joe R. Lansdale 85 The Boy Who Came Back from the Dead Alan Rodgers 85 The Gift Pat Forde 75 Love Sickness Geoff Ryman 70 Pamela's Get David J. Schow 70 Shades Lucius Shepard 65 The Circular Library of Stones Carol Emshwiller 57 Fugue State John M. Ford 57 To Hell with the Stars Jack McDevitt 55 On the Border Lucius Shepard 55 Yanqui Doodle James Tiptree, Jr. 53 Night of the Cooters Howard Waldrop 52 Winter's Tale Connie Willis 52 Anasazi Dean Ing 50 The Deep End Robert R. McCammon 50 The Last Elephant Terry Dowling 50 For As Long As You Burn Terry Dowling 50 Leaks Steve Rasnic Tem 50 The Love Song of Laura Morrison Jerry Oltion 1986
215 R & R Lucius Shepard 214 Hatrack River Orson Scott Card 200 Robot Dreams Isaac Asimov 172 Gilgamesh in the Outback Robert Silverberg 169 Escape from Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson 164 Tangents Greg Bear 144 Pretty Boy Crossover Pat Cadigan 128 The Boy Who Plaited Manes Nancy Springer 123 Rat James Patrick Kelly 115 Thor Meets Captain America David Brin 113 Permafrost Roger Zelazny 111 Aymara Lucius Shepard 106 Spice Pogrom Connie Willis 97 Eifelheim Michael F. Flynn 90 The Lions Are Asleep This Night Howard Waldrop 90 Surviving Judith Moffett 72 The Girl Who Fell into the Sky Kate Wilhelm 65 Down and Out in the Year 2000 Kim Stanley Robinson 60 The Prisoner of Chillon James Patrick Kelly 59 The Glass Flower George R. R. Martin 58 Dydeetown Girl F. Paul Wilson 56 Voice in the Dark Jack McDevitt 55 Windows Ian Watson 54 Chance Connie Willis 52 Newton Sleep Gregory Benford 52 Jeff Beck Lewis Shiner 50 Red Light David J. Schow 50 The Man Who Lost Red Terry Dowling 50 The Olympic Runner Dennis Etchison 50 La Carte du tendre Élisabeth Vonarburg 50 Phreak Encounter Roger MacBride Allen 1985
199 The Winter Market William Gibson 165 Paladin of the Lost Hour Harlan Ellison 165 Portraits of His Children George R. R. Martin 165 The Only Neat Thing to Do James Tiptree, Jr. 153 Paper Dragons James P. Blaylock 150 Sailing to Byzantium Robert Silverberg 129 Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson 115 Fermi and Frost Frederik Pohl 113 24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai Roger Zelazny 100 The Fringe Orson Scott Card 99 The Jaguar Hunter Lucius Shepard 95 Snow John Crowley 95 Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Howard Waldrop 92 The Gorgon Field Kate Wilhelm 90 The Scapegoat C. J. Cherryh 85 Hong's Bluff William F. Wu 77 Rockabye Baby S. C. Sykes 76 Loaves and Fishes George R. R. Martin 69 Out of All Them Bright Stars Nancy Kress 59 The Gods of Mars Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann and Michael Swanwick 59 Green Days in Brunei Bruce Sterling 59 The Plague Star George R. R. Martin 57 Dinner in Audoghast Bruce Sterling 53 Kitemistress Keith Roberts 53 The Road Not Taken Harry Turtledove 51 The Slovo Stove Avram Davidson 51 Flight Peter Dickinson 50 Nadelman's God T. E. D. Klein 50 With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole Harlan Ellison 50 The Bullet That Grows in the Gun Terry Dowling 50 Kaeti and the Hangman Keith Roberts 50 Cube Root David Langford 50 The Forbidden Clive Barker 50 Yadjine et la Mort Daniel Sernine 50 A Touch Beyond Stephen L. Burns 1984
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