Annual Page Views and Database Growth


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Annual Page Views

As of 2013-12-19, current lists of most-viewed authors, novels and short fiction can be accessed from the ISFDB Statistics and Top Lists page.

The following snapshots of most-viewed author pages and titles were taken in the past:

Database Growth

In these set of statistics size of each of the following tables (Authors, Titles, etc...) taken with approximately 6 month interval (if backup was available). Creating a chart out of these values, we can see how ISFDB is growing. By first two charts (Titles & Authors) it can be seen that the growth was rather slow until the sample of 01-01-07, after which the growth rate picks up

The strange thing however can be seen on the last chart, which shows approximate number of title added per day, it can be seen that after explosive growth it is leveled off at 350 titles per day in the last two years. There can be two reason for these:

  • The DB is almost complete and only new titles written in the last years are being added and this number is ~350 titles per day.
  • The DB is not complete, but there is some bottleneck (not enough moderators? no new submitters?) that prevents further growth.

Image:StatsTable.jpg Image:Titles.jpg Image:Authors.jpg Image:Awards.jpg Image:Series.jpg Image:Titles_per_Day.jpg

Database Growth for titles with year <1990

In order to understand how much of our database growth rate comes form new written titles and how much from old ones. I am preparing statistics for years <1990. The stats will be only for titles with type 'NOVEL','SHORTFICTION','SERIAL' and only for canonical names (so name variants will not be counted). Here what is coming:

  1. Total number of Authors with at least one title written <1990
  2. Total number of Titles written < 1990
  3. Total number of Titles that got Awards and written < 1990 (to check if the Awards are close to completion)
  4. Total number of Awards awarded <1990
  5. Total number of titles that appeared in Magazines before <1990 (to check if our Magazines contents are close to completion)
  6. Total number of Anthologies & Omnibuses

Here are the scriptsI used to get the numbers, so you could see what exactly was counted in each case. They maybe written simpler to get the statistics, but I just used my existing scripts to get the numbers. Hope they are correct. I am posting preliminary results, but I am still waiting for the missing backup sample from 2012-01-07.

It can be seen that the number of Titles & Authors added for pre 1990 years is growing at accelerated rate, which probably means that we are far from completion even of old SF works.

Image:StatsTable2.jpg Image:Authors1990.jpg Image:AuthorsPerDay1990.jpg Image:Titles1990.jpg Image:TitlesPerDay1990.jpg Image:TitleAwards1990.jpg Image:Awards1990.jpg

Something unusual can be seen here. Apparently around 50 awards were deleted in 2010, perhaps as a result of some cleanup. This probably occurred around the time when the ability to edit awards was implemented.

Image:MagTitles1990.jpg Image:Anth1990.jpg

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