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Vincent H. O’Neil brings a wealth of life experience to his writing. He has served as a US Army officer, a consultant, a risk manager, an advertiser, and as an apprentice librarian.

A native of Massachusetts, he holds a Bachelor of Science from West Point and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. After writing in his spare time for many years, he won the St. Martin’s Press "Malice Domestic" Writing Competition in 2005.

His award-winning debut novel, Murder in Exile, was the first book in a mystery series featuring the background-checker Frank Cole. It was followed by Reduced Circumstances (2007) Exile Trust (2008) and Contest of Wills, which was released in 2010.

He has also been published in two anthologies. "Finish the Job", his tale of a father-daughter team of art thieves who have some trouble breaking into a museum, is featured in Quarry: Crime Stories by New England Writers from Level Best Books (2009) and his darker story, "Blood Tells", about a money launderer who makes a big decision in a short span of time, appears in Bad Cop - No Donut from Padwolf Publishing (2010)

His newest mystery novel, Death Troupe, is the first book in a theater-based mystery series featuring playwright Jack Glynn and the unusual members of the Jerome Barron Players theater troupe.

Harlequin Worldwide Mystery has released all four of the Frank Cole "Exile" novels in paperback and will be publishing a paperback version of Death Troupe in Match, 2013.

His latest work is a military science fiction novel of survival called Glory Main: A Story of the Sim War, which draws heavily from his experiences as a young infantry officer and paratrooper. It is published under the pen name Henry V. O'Neil.

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