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K. V. Johansen is a Canadian SF and children's author.




Warlocks of Talverdin (novels)

Torrie Quests (novels)

  • Torrie and the Dragon, 1997
  • Torrie and the Pirate-Queen, 2005 (in Danish as Sørøverdronningen, 2005)
  • Torrie and the Firebird, 2006
  • Torrie and the Snake Prince, 2007

Cassandra Virus (novels)

  • The Cassandra Virus, 2006
  • The Drone War, 2007

Pippin (picture books)

  • Pippin Takes a Bath, 1999 (in French as Au bain, coquine!, 1999)
  • Pippin and the Bones, 2000 (in French as Coquine et son trésor, 2000)
  • Pippin and Pudding, 2001 (in French as Coquine et Pouding, 2001)


  • The Serpent Bride and Other Stories from Medieval Danish Ballads, 1998


  • Highlights in the History of Children's Fantasy, 2004
  • Quests and Kingdoms: A Grown-Up's Guide to Children's Fantasy Literature, 2005

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