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Issue Date Title Notes
1 - 5 1965 - 1966 Great Science Fiction Odd numbered issues were subtitled "from Amazing", even numbered "from Fantastic"
6 - 12 1967 - Fall 1968 Great Science Fiction
13 - 17 Win 1969 - Spr 1970 Science Fiction Greats
18 - 21 Sum 1970 - Spr 1971 SF Greats

Publisher: Ultimate Publishing Co.

Editor: Sol Cohen, uncredited. At least two issues [#10 and 11] credited Harry Harrison as the editor, even though Cohen continued to select the stories and compile the issues.

Issues: 21

Binding: Digest


1971 - Spring, No. 21 - - -
1970 - Spring, No. 17 Summer, No. 18 Fall, No. 19 Winter, No. 20
1969 Winter, No. 13 Spring, No. 14 Summer, No. 15 - Winter, No. 16
1968 Winter, No. 9 Spring, No. 10 Summer, No. 11 Fall, No. 12 -
1967 (Winter) No. 6 (Spring) No. 7 - Fall, No. 8 -
1966 (Winter) No. 2 (Spring) No. 3 (Summer) No. 4 (Fall) No. 5 -
1965 - - - (Fall) No. 1 -

Note on dates: According to Mike Ashley's Transformations, the first seven issues have issue numbers only and the issues after that have seasons stated beginning with Fall 1967. Publication dates for all issues were taken from Ray Wysocki's Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird Hero Magazine Checklist and reconciled with Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Weird Fiction Magazine Index: 1890-2006 by Stephen T. Miller & William G. Contento.

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