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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the Helix series. This page may be used for a list of the titles in the series, bibliographic comments or extended notes about the series, or discussion on how to organize and/or record the works in the series. The link above leads to the ISFDB series record for Helix. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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Title: Helix

Editors: William Sanders, Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Note: A number of authors have pulled their stories from the Helix website as a result of a dispute with the editor. Most of those stories can now be found at Transcriptase which also states the authors' case. Sanders's statement on the matter can be found here.

Note: Helix is no longer available on the internet. As a result the data entered here is incomplete. The data for issues 1 through 6 and issue 8 was entered while the site was still active but the story lengths were not entered and there may be other data missing. The data for issues 7, 9, and 10 was entered from short story reviews found the Internet Review of Science Fiction and does not include any essays, poetry, or other data that may have been in those issues. Since there is no primary source for this data no changes should be made to these publications because there is no way to verify the accuracy of such data.

2008 Winter Spring Summer Fall
2007 Winter Spring Summer Fall
2006 - - Summer Fall

Bibliographic Tasks

Task Status
Data Entry Incomplete
Physical Verification Incomplete
Merge titles Incomplete
Cross check reviews Incomplete
Determine canonical names Incomplete
Check for pseudonyms Incomplete
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