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Issue Date Title
1 - 6 1967 - 1968 Science Fiction Classics
7 - 21 1969 - 1972 Science Fiction Adventure Classics
22 - 24 Jan - May 1973 Science Fiction Adventures
25 - 31 Jul 1973 - Jul 1974 Science Fiction Adventures: Classics
32 - 33 Sep - Nov 1974 Science Fiction Adventures


This all-reprint digest was another attempt by Sol Cohen to exploit the extensive back catalog of Amazing which he purchased from Ziff-Davis in 1965. The first issues were published by Magazine Productions, but soon afterwards the parent company, Ultimate Publishing, was credited. When the eighth issue appeared as Strange Fantasy in Spring 1969, subscribers assumed that it was a simple name change, but after three issues under this name, Science Fiction Adventure Classics re-appeared in the fall, as Issue #8, picking up where it left off. Strange Fantasy continued as a separate title, for another three issues until Fall 1970, making #8-13 the numbering for its six issues. After receiving Issue #8 of Science Fiction Adventure Classics subscribers received in the winter of 1969/1970 Issue #9 of ... Space Adventures. Another name change perhaps? After Issue #11 (Summer 1970) of Space Adventures, no Fall issue appeared. Instead there was a one-off issue titled Science Fiction Classics Annual. Then in Winter 1970 subscribers received Issue #12 of what else but Science Fiction Adventure Classics! Space Adventures would continue to be published for three more issues (Winter [#12], Spring [#13], Summer [#14] 1971) before disappearing forever. Science Fiction Adventure Classics would continue with the same numbering as well. It would be published quarterly for the next year, become bi-monthly in January 1972, and remain so until its last in November 1974. (Most of this summary is based on information in Marshall B. Tymn and Mike Ashley's Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines.)

Issues #1-3 - Magazine Productions
Issues #4-33 - Ultimate Publishing

Issues #1-8 - Herb Lehrman, as "Ralph Adris" in #1-5, and uncredited in #6-8
Issues #9-33 - Sol Cohen, uncredited (He used the pseudonym "Jack Lester" as the publisher in Issues #1-5)

Issues: 30 (skipped 3 numbers, see History for explanation)

Binding: Digest


Note on issue numbering: The first sixteen issues were numbered, but had no volume (#1-19, missing #9-11). Starting with September, 1972 (which would have been #20), issues were not numbered. The last issue, November 1974, would have been #33 if the numbering had been continued. Total run of 30 issues.

1974 January March May July September November
1973 January March May July September November
1972 January (#16) March (#17) May (#18) July (#19) September November
1971 Spring (#13) Summer (#14) Fall (#15)
1970 see Space Adventures (#9-11) Winter (#12)
1969 Winter (#7) see Strange Fantasy (#8-10) Fall (#8)
1968 Spring (#4) Summer (#5) Fall (#6)
1967 (Summer) No. 1 Fall (#2) Winter (#3)

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