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Title: Sirius

Sirius was most important SF Magazine in Former Yugoslavia and Croatia. It was continously published from 1976 till 1989. The name of brightest Star was given to the Magazine by Author Damir Mikuličić, who was also one of Editors in first Years of publishing. Sirius was publishing Stories from whole World, giving also possibility to many Authors out of former Yugoslavia, to appear on Scene. As Magazine it also respected other unwritten Rules of modern Culture Magazines, by having Editor's Preface, Essays, Discussions about Stories, SF Books and Magazines Exchange. It reached run of 40.000 copies and became well known in European SF Scene, which caused in 2 Awards from European Science Fiction Society in 1980 and 1984.

It is widely considered as most important Magazine during Golden Age of Yugoslavian and Croatian Science Fiction (70s and 80s).


Vjesnik, Zagreb


Borivoj Jurković from Nr. 1 to 101
Milivoj Pašiček from Nr. 102 to 127
Hrvoje Prčić from Nr. 128 to 164


Issues: (Most recent year first)

19.. - ? - - - -
19.. - ? - - - -

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