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Title: Startling Stories

Publisher: Better Publications, Inc.


Note: Many issues of the magazine do not specifically credit an editor. In such cases the credit is based on a secondary source.

Issues: 99


From Tuck's Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy:

      This magazine was the first companion to Thrilling WOnder Stories;
     its policy was to publish long novels (as listed later), plus an exceptional
     older short story in the "Hall of Fame" section. The reprints were quite
     successful, but many were abridged, even appearing in the abridged form
     when used in the anthology From Off This World (Margulies & Friend, 1949).
    This success with reprints caused companions Fantastic Story Quarterly
    (later Fantastic Story Magazine) and Wonder Story Annual to
    appear, essentially as reprint magazines. The reprints were then dropped from
    Startling from Nov. 1950.
      The cover artists were H. V. Brown to May 1940, then E, K, Bergey for most
    to 1952; Emsh(willer) and Popp also painted many covers.
      After a good beginning, the magazine became somewhat juvenile in the early
    1940's. The S. Merwin built up Startling and Thrilling Wonder
    to be the best general-type science fiction magazines in the field. From
    its first issue until Mar 1953 it ran a magazine review department,
    and was the first professional magazine ever to do so.
      Startling finished as the last magazine in the Standard chain. The
    anthology The Best From Startling Stories (S. Mines, 1953) was
    selected from both this magazine and Thrilling Wonder.


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Most of the information on this page was supplied by Dan Kurdilla, with the following exceptions: The May39, Jul39, Sep39, Nov39, Mar41, Jul41, Jan42, May42, Jul42, Nov42, Fall43, Sum45, Win46, Spring46, Fall46 were reconstructed from the Day Index. The Sep49 issue was supplied by Johan Elzer.

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