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From "What is to be done?", NYRSF #1, September 1988:

"SF is, in our opinion, seriously in need of a frequent publication combining high reviewing standards with a knowledge of the literature, a publication which is suspicious of trends but sympathetic to a continuing evolution of thought and achievement that seems to have been more often referred to than discussed in recent years.
The New York Review of SF aims to become the leading review medium in SF. In addition, we will publish engaging and provocative essays on topics of interest to SF readers, and a variety of special entertainments ..."

The New York Review of Science Fiction is a monthly publication devoted primarily to reviews and essays. A one year subscription is $36.00 (US bulk rate); write to:

    The New York Review of Science Fiction
    Dragon Press
    PO Box 78
    Pleasantville, NY 10570

The NYRSF web page is now online as well.



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Much of the NYRSF information was supplied by Michael J. Cross (mike <at>

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