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  1. ISFDB Bug List (40,488 bytes)
    44: ...1 199821] is an author update from "unknown" for "unknown" and crashes with a Python error. (See [[EditBug:...
    282: ...%20Kornbluth C. M. Kornbluth]'s bibliography the "unknown"'s review of Kornbluth/Pohl's ''Space Merchants''...
    284: :''The Space Merchants'' (1975) '''by''' unknown '''and''' Frederik Pohl
  2. Magazines (105,250 bytes)
    3657: | [[Series:The Ultimate Unknown|The Ultimate Unknown]]
    3719: | [[Series:Unknown|Unknown]]
  3. ISFDB Feature List (112,393 bytes)
    314: ... could be straightened out. After all, suppose an unknown Nordhoff and Hall SF or fantasy story turned up i...
  4. What's New from 1997 (9,867 bytes)
    126: * Finally entered all the issues of Unknown. Maybe it only seems like years.
  5. What's New from 1996 (20,232 bytes)
    92: ...complete, so there are still some duplicates and "unknown" dates. The associated short story data (about 75...
    169: ...), 15 issues of Astounding (1948-1950), 1 year of Unknown (1939), the complete line of Avon Science Fiction...
  6. What's New from 2005 (25,664 bytes)
    184: ...and, in languages I don't know, using mathematics unknown to our civilization. I would have miscolored drea...
  7. Rules and standards discussions (126,168 bytes)
    395: ...thors that are popular in their own countries but unknown or less known in the English speaking world). The...
  8. Stabilizing Bibliographic Data (10,514 bytes)
    38: ... blank, and either leave the artist blank or put "Unknown" in the artist field. The "correct" flag in this...
  9. Open Display Bugs (50,374 bytes)
    317: for 1959] shows the editor of "Infinity" as "Unknown-Mags" (which points to a non-existing Author) and...
    332: ...uery) _mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'pubs.pub_publisher' in 'where clause'").
  10. ISFDB Bug List/Archive/Archive01 (36,724 bytes)
    11: * Black Bread the Pirate (unknown)
    12: * Bill the Inventor (unknown)
    13: * Serena and the Sea Serpent (unknown)
  11. Rules and standards discussions/Archive/Archive01 (172,415 bytes)
    252: correctly. There is one notorious issue of ''Unknown'' with a Frank Belknap Long story missing in the ...
    922: where the projected number of installments was unknown. Hmmm. I don't suppose the format should have imp...
  12. Requirements:Author Display (8,933 bytes)
    167: ...e text in bold, between non-bold parenthesis: ('''unknown''')
  13. ISFDB Bug List/Archive/Archive02 (60,387 bytes)
    155: ... I ran an "Advanced Search" on ''Author contains "unknown"''. The first page came up fine, but when I click...
    271: ... original foreign language publication and got an unknown column 'title_xlate' Python error on verification...
    295: OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column 'title_xlate' in 'field list'")
    296: args = (1054, "Unknown column 'title_xlate' in 'field list'")</pre>
  14. Feature:90091 Edition label for publications (16,219 bytes)
    332: ...ters long; (2) Can we make 0000-00-00 display as "unknown" here and elsewhere? [[User:Ahasuerus|Ahasuerus]]...
    341: ...e sort for a publisher's rows would get the later unknown-date printings in the right order though the mix ...
  15. EditBug:10088 Python error on Edit Author mod-screen (3,329 bytes)
    1: ...1 199821] is an author update from "unknown" for "unknown" and crashes with a Python error. (See [[EditBug:...
  16. Banner Art Credits (12,756 bytes)
    74: September 1928], unknown.
    119: January 1939], unknown.
  17. XML:AuthorUpdate (2,691 bytes)
    19: ...te in YYYY-MM-DD format. If the month and day are unknown, YYYY-00-00 should be used.
    20: is known to be dead, but the death date is unknown 0000-00-00 is acceptable.
  18. XML:SeriesUpdate (1,287 bytes)
    34: ...Note>The exact position with the parent series is unknown.</Note>
  19. Rules and standards discussions/Archive/Archive02 (127,057 bytes)
    119: ...he library listing the publisher/title/year with "unknown" for the artist and hopefully some day someone wi...
    236: ...Trek: The Next Generation, 4 Vol. Boxed Set '' by unknown
    237: ... to "Star Trek" adding notes that the authors are unknown.
    239: === Books by "unknown" ===
    241: :Related to this is that I looked at {{a|unknown}} and am tempted to change the author of the Tom ...
  20. Rules and standards discussions/Archive/Archive08 (489,706 bytes)
    436: of conglomerate artist if the actual artist is unknown. It doesn't seem to do a lot of harm and I have f...
    1569: ... best short story would not be entered if he were unknown. What ISFDB user in 2018 would know that such a l...
    2102: have is a secondary source.) If the editor is unknown or is not an SF personality, then use the "Editor...
    2106: ...nown, otherwise use "Editors of Magazine Name" if unknown (instead of "uncredited") and do so for any magaz...
    2142: ...dded volume 1 in {{A|Thomas DePrima}}'s "A Galaxy Unknown" series. It was published by in paperbac...

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