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Documentation for the template: Author Image Data-CC3



This template is to be placed on the image description page of a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 licensed photograph of a person (author, editor, or the like).


Call this template as:

{{Author Image Data-CC3
|Name=<Name of author> (person shown in picture)
|NameId=<id of author> (only required for names with characters that break Template:A)
|Photographer=<Person who took the picture>
|Source=<where did we get the image from>
|Publication=<Where and when was this image published>
|Details=<Required attribution>

All parameter names have an initial capital letter. Case is significant in a parameter name. The order of the parameters is not significant, but the order above is suggested, as it is the order of use within the template.

Note: In all the above examples, when a parameter is shown in angle brackets, like:


then the parameter, and the angle brackets, should be replaced by the value of the parameter. For example: Title=<TITLE> should become Title=The Name of the Book (or whatever the name might be).

Parameter definitions

Parameter Description Default
Name Should specify the name of the person whose image is being displayed. Required Field
NameId The record number of the person. Used to link to person's summary page via the record number when person's name has characters (single quotes, non-ASCII) that cause linking by name to fail. In order for this field to work, the "Name" field also has to be filled in. Defaults to unused.
Photographer Should specify the name of the person who took the pictureIf omitted, defaults to "Unknown".
Source Website or publication where the image was obtained, or name or handle of user who scanned the image. If omitted, defaults to "Unknown".
Publication Publication where and when this image was published. If multiple publications are known, specify the first.If omitted, defaults to "Unknown".
Details The attribution required by Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0 licenseIf omitted, defaults to "None specified".


For a usage example, see the example page.

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