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My new goals:

Getting at my Edgar Rice Burroughs collection.
Started. I've been in touch with someone publishing something (book maybe?) with all of the Ace and Burroughs variations. (July 2017)
Been through the books I own, annotating my list. Next I'll synch up the ISFDB and figure out what's a verification vs. updated vs. new pub. [Dec 2017]
Starting to verify what I own that has already been entered. [Jan 2018]
Next step is to add what is missing.
Actually reading a lot of my books and probably getting rid of them.
Maybe doing some clean-up from the Wiki Cleanup report.
Merging maps and excerpts that are the same under a single title.
Cross-check Alan Dean Foster website bibliography with ISFDB. Notably "The White Hole" reviews in SFC.
Tracking different English translations of Jules Verne works. Would be nice to identify key differences so the publications can refer to which translation they are from. See translation guide.
Illustrated Classic Editions - inconsistent use of publisher / entry in series / credit for adapter.

My completed goals:

Work my way through the books I expect to retain. My collection of primary verifications is growing. (19 October 2014)
Update - I've got all my own library entered and I'm managing to keep it relatively current, in spite of the books I keep picking up from my volunteer position with an organization that sells books.
Finish entering a number of magazines and fanzines I picked up but won't be keeping.
Update - done. (May 2017)

If you've any interest in Wrebbit puzzles or Canadian postal First Day Covers our paths should cross here or elsewhere.

The big project I'd like to see started is a database of fictional names. I see it as serving the same role as the cast listing in, allowing links, lists and searches. ISFDB seems to provide an ideal reference point for sources. I hope to put enough hours and entries into ISFDB to contribute to such a project. Plus it would give me motivation to re-read all those books I've decided to keep.

Things to track:

73rd on list of Top Contributor's as of Feb 3rd, 2017 with 2361.

72nd as of July 1, 2017 with 2524.
71st as of Oct 22, 2017 with 2572.

Useful links:

Clean up report - notably Series with Numbering Gaps, Series Names That May Need Disambiguation and I'm not sure what the problem is with the Wiki Cleanup reports.

Rules of Acquisition

NewPub rules.

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